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Best Dash Cams 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best dash camGetting Caught in a Car accident can end up being a nightmare. Even if no one is injured, the blame game resists, “You Braked so hard” “You Cut me Off” “See you in court”.

If you do not want to go through any such situation then you must install a dash cam in your car as soon as possible.

A dashboard camera will obviously not help you avoiding crashes, but will definitely save some money for you and will help you after a car crash.

With insurance fraud on the increase, onboard video could prove who’s to blame for an accident” – The Guardian

So if you have made your mind a get one for your car, then our reviews for the best dash cams will certainly help you in finalizing that one dash camera, which would suit perfectly to your needs and budget.

Best Dash Cam 2018 – Quick Look

Below you will get to see the in-depth reviews for all of the dash cams you just had a quick look at. Starting from $50 to $200 we have lined up dash cams for customers in every segment, so you need not worry even if you are low on budget. For better understanding on How to choose a Dash cam and how they can be helpful to you, check out our Buyer’s Guide at the end of the post.

1. Falcon Zero Touch Pro – Best Dash Cam 2018

Falcon zero touch pro dash camFalcon is a renowned brand when it’s coming to designing dash cams, and the 4″ touch pro with no doubt deserves to be at the top spot in our countdown.

The Zero Touch Pro covers all the technical features of the other dash cameras available in the market, plus it also comes with a unique feature which happens to be a  4 ” touchscreen display [Generally a dash cam comes with 2.7″ or 3 “inch display].

The manufacturers have used some real premium material for the design, which gives it a brilliant finish. The overall design is very similar to a smartphone , making it very compact to hold and monitor videos

This dash cam comes with a 1080p HD Display which produces soothing picture quality. So even if you have not plugged it into your laptop, you can still clearly see the minute details like a License plate, registration number of a car or a sign name on the road right on the display.

The camera also comes featured along with the 170-degree aspherical glass lens and 3.0MP CMOS sensor that can capture up to 30 frames per second. Remember 170 degree is the widest angle any dash cam could offer and you are getting that with Zero touch pro.

Everyone knows that storage is an important part of any car camera and manufacturer have added plenty of storage in this one. It has 64Gb of internal space with an option to add another 64Gb via a SD card that would be more than enough even for a very long trip. However with the Loop recording technology that comes with it, you are never going to face any storage problem.

It also has the option for multi-vehicle use and is it comes with 2 docking stations. For convenience, you can set up one of the docking station in the main car and the other one in the additional car or the car you do not use regularly, and just like that you are good to switch the dash camera easily between both the cars.

If your previous car camera didn’t performed well in low lighting condition or during the night time then the falcon touch pro will keep you worry free, as it preloaded with HD night vision feature that record exceptionally clear videos even during night time or in low lightening weather conditions.


  • 4″ Touch Screen Display with 1080p video recording
  • Includes option to use Sd card upto 64 GB
  • Comes with Loop recoding technology
  • Comes with 170 degree WDR and Anti-Drain technology.


  • No Cons


None of the dash cam in the market  offers a 4″ touch display with so many excellent features on top. We highly recommend you to go for it if you are planning to change your old car camera. This one comes with some new technology as compared to other dash cams, making it a perfect dash cam in every sense, but also not to keep you in darkness you would have to invest a few extra dollars for it.

2. REXING V1 – Excellent Design with FHD Display

Rexing V1 car cameraIt’s classy, it’s unique and most important it is the most preferred dash cam by users, here we are reviewing Rexing V1 FHD Dash camera for you.

On a closer look, you will find it quite different from other available dash cams, and that is the thing why people are going crazy for it.

Rexing is quite a popular and old brand when it comes to car cameras, and does a very well job every time. This one is a budget-oriented dash camera from the company that has so many reasons to be loved.

If you are going to compare it with Falcon Zero touch pro, then it will outstand in some of the parts like external storage addition and number of lenses, but for someone who is more into extra stylish dash cams would prefer Falcon over Rexing V1. But someone who is looking to get a good car camera and also saves some bucks should keep an eye on Rexing V1.

  • Wide Dynamic Range Technology to capture complete font view up to 170 degrees .
  • Full 1080p HD display with pristine video quality
  • Loop recording [ Automatically overwrites the old videos with the new videos ]
  • Discreet Design
  • 128Gb Expandable Storage
  • Accident auto-detection feature for auto locking and auto-saving of videos[ G-Sensor ].  

For the first time, we had a look at it, we were blown away by its unique design, plus the specifications that come with it are exactly what a good dash cam should come with.

This dash cam not only comes with great features but also has a very reasonable price tag which will not make a dent in your bank account, and this is the reason why it is preferred by so many users.

170 degree 6 layers lens with wide dynamic range technology helps to capture Full HD 1080p videos, making it super easy to even read the license plate, company name and sign on the car, which is very useful when you meet with an accident and crave hard to prove yourself right.

For those who are wondering if this cheap dash cam comes with loop recording, for them, Yes it does. Loop recording not only let your record videos in the loop of 3,5 or 10 minutes but also makes you worry less about the storage problem. As soon the camera gets out of storage the advanced technology automatically starts deleting the old useless recording to make room for the new videos

Rexing V1 does have G-Sensor which helps in autosaving and locking in case you met with an accident, and to be very honest, buying any camera without G-Sensor is useless, it is one of the most important things in any car camera.

Low Light Performance: We have to mention a review on this as this is one of the most important features where most of the dash cam fails to perform well. Luckily exing V1 does an excellent job here. Whether the days are cloudy or you are using them at night time, the video quality comes out exceptionally great in every condition, all thanks to enhanced night vision technology it comes with.


  • Equipped with G-Sensor and Loop recording technology
  • 1080P FHD resolution @ 30frames per second
  • Up to 128 GB expandable storage.
  • Enhanced night vision technology


  • No Cons


With the provided 1080p Full High Definition display, the rexing V1 dash cam records a crystal clear view from the windscreen. Its discrete design is a complementary factor for the users, as you do not get to see such a design from other dash cam manufacturers. But the best thing about it is its price. At the pice at which you are getting it, we would say it as a steal deal

3. KD Links X1 – Best Front and Rear Dash Cam

You should not take risks with your running insurance over your car when you have a safety measure available beforehand. Just submit the video proof and get yourself free from hassles. Like other dash cams in the list of best dash cams, this dash cams also comes with the feature of an auto turn on as soon the ignition is turned on.

This dash cam comes with the feature of an auto turn on as soon the ignition is turned on. Now, for people who have a tendency to forgot things (actually we all have that), this comes as a life-saving feature as it automatically starts recording as soon as you turn on the keys.

Kd links X1 car records videos at 30 frames per second with resolution up to 1920 x 1080p, ending up giving a clear and detailed video. The videos recorded are sharp and are easy to monitor right from the screen provided to it, no need to plugin to Laptop or PC during easy situations.

The cam uses 6 glass F1.6 lenses which are commonly used by every high-end manufacturer making it tough competitors for the ruling manufacturers.

It also comes equipped with G sensors to immediately save videos when your car meet with some crash and accidents, plus it also has emergency lock feature which gets activated with a crash so that no one gets access to the recording except you, a very important feature if someone has eyes on diluting the records.

What's Special in KD Links X1 Dash Cam?
  • Built in a suction cup to avoid the use of extra cables, which makes the whole setup hassle-free.
  • Supreme Quality GPS technology manufactured in Japan
  • Professional  Video playing application for both Windows and Mac users with advanced features.
  • Excellent support team to help you with any minor and major issues.
  • 360-degree revolving body making it a front and a rear dash cam.

If you are looking for a camera that can record audio alongside with the audio, then KD Link X1 would be the best for you. It is a good contender to the previously reviewed Rexing V1, but in terms of GPS technology and the installation process, we would recommend KD Links X1. Not to forget, for the extra price you pay as compared to rexing, you do get the 360-degree revolving feature.


  • Excellent GPS technology
  • Dedicated video playing application for Windows and Mac, build by the company itself
  • Maximum storage up to 128Gb
  • 360-degree revolving camera for rear view recording.


  • Comes with an 8 Gb Sd card ( we recommend you to buy at least a 32 Gb memory card along with it)


The dash cam supports up to 128GB storage and the installation process is super easy, even if you get stuck at a point, then there is an excellent support team sitting to help you out. Though the price tag is bit high, the interesting features like  360-degree recording make it stand out of the crowd.

4. Wheel Witness HD Pro – With Powerful Ambarella Processor

Wheel Witness HD Pro dashboard cameraComing in from the popular brand in the industry, Wheel Witness pro HD had easily made it to the list. It comes in with super HD 1296P resolution same as the z-edge car dash camera and is super easy to install.

Almost every other dash cam comes with a 1080p resolution (which is good), but this one is pretty special. The manufacturer went an extra mile there and have provided the resolution of 1296P, which is not a very big upgrade, but something like that for a dash cam is pretty useful.

We are glad that it does not feature the traditional Novatek processor, rather comes with a powerful advanced Ambarella A7 processor, which effortlessly perform the motion capturing and smooth video recording. 3.0″inch LCD does the tasks smoothly and in case you find it small just plug into your laptop.

There is no upgrade in terms of the display size and it comes with a 3.0″inch LCD , that is good to monitor the minute details like number plate.

Like other popular dash cams, Wheel witness pro also comes with loop recording, so that you do not have to worry about the storage part. Also as a good gesture, you get a 16GB Sd card for free if you order it through Amazon, which is not too much storage, but since its free, we can not complain about that. Other than that the package includes three mounts to be used in multiple cars or if the one breaks down after some time.

The 170-degree lens also comes Packed with WDR Technology, which helps in capturing wide-angle videos along with the ability to control the exposure, compensate light and dark spots during one shot in the frame.

The dash cam comes along with a 450 Mah Lithium battery which is a very good battery capacity, and is slightly better than most of its competitors.


  • 2304x1296p resolution clear recording
  • Captures up to 30 frames per second
  • Powerful Ambarella A7 Processor
  • Motion detector WDR and Night Capture.


  • The instruction manual is little difficult to understand


The Gps stuff works great on this dash cam including other features as well. The display is said to be 2k, but we didn’t find it to be a really 2k display, however, it is still clear as compared to a normal HD display. The price not abnormal and you truly get what you pay for.

5. REXING S300

Rexing S300 dash camIf you compare this dash cam with our top competitors then it might not perform that well but it has got some really excellent features like superior night vision which makes it a decent dash cam.

The Rexing S300 can record video up to 1920x1080P resolution and can capture up to 30 frames per second, ultimately giving you a clear and superior video and image quality.

The display of the camera would not be loved by most of the people. The manufacturer has added a 2.7″ screen, which is smaller as compared to to other cameras, but is still good to watch the recorded videos.

The overall design is sleek and lightweight and the buttons added are quite large and easy to operate.

Other common features include the 170-degree lens capable of loop recording, f2.4 5 glass lens , G sensor and unique WDR system that records videos with more shadowing and highlights.

The customer service as always is awesome from Rexing, we told you that in case of Rexing V1 and we would say that again. If you ever had a problem with customer support of the previous company, then you are never going to face any similar issues with Rexing.

What is not right?

  • Use of Novatek processor where all the leading manufacturers have switched to Ambarella A7 processors.
  • It does not come with GPS, if you are the one having GPS on top of your priority list then don’t go for it.


  • Superior night vision image sensors
  • Slim and lightweight ergonomic design with easy to operate buttons
  • Unique WDR system which record videos with extra highlighting.
  • Supports upto 128gb of storage


  • No usb file transfer option
  • No GPS technology


Along with it, you get an excellent support, the company in their listing states that all the inquiries would be responded withing 24 hours, so that would end up being a plus point for users buying it. However when it comes to features then it might look a little weak as compared to similar dash cams as it misses GPS technology and comes with a small screen.

6. ITRUE X3 – With Beautiful Design and Leather Finish

Itrue X3 dash board cameraItrue X3 is one of the most beautiful car camera anyone could ever see. On the top, it comes with excellent features, great design and some other solid reasons to get featured here.

The dash cam comes with endless loop recording that means you do not have to touch it again to delete useless recording until and unless you actually need to take it down to get some proof. We here suggest you not to go with any dash cam that does not come with the “Loop Recording feature”, it is completely a waste of time checking the storage now and then and then making room for the next videos to record and again the process gets repeated after few days.

Itrue X3 comes with excellent night vision, 170 Degree 6 layers lens glasses and can records up to Full HD 1080P videos at the rate of 30 frames per second. Though everything looks similar to other dash cams, what we like is how the manufacturer placed the actual camera into the body, giving it a look of a normal Digital SLR.

The videos recorded at 1080p are very bright and clear and record good quality of sounds along with it. The camera starts automatically with the ignition and suction mount that comes with it is excellent in terms of quality, plus is very easy to move from one vehicle to other.

It has a unique front surface with leather covering on top that provides excellent grip and feels to hands. The design and feel is what makes is different from its competitors, despite the fact that it has very similar features to them

The storage capacity is low and it can only support up to 32GB of external storage. Like other top dash cams, Itrue X3 also support auto start as soon as the ignition is turned on. The dash cam also supports G-sensors that autosaves the video when the car experiences a crash or collision.

There is no any major downside other than the storage part. A dash camera must atleast support a 64GB Sdcard. Though 32Gb would not be an issue in recording, but still it would be able to hold less overall file at a give time.


  • Unique stimulated stiched leather style
  • 170-degree wide angle technology
  • Emergency lock button along with crash detection
  • Fancy and elegant design


  • Low maximum storage support of upto 32GB


This dash cam is classy and will give a great look to your interior, and you will get to hear alot of appreciation from people. It’s small, lightweight, easy to install and supports continuous loop recording. Other than that it comes with all the major features that a dash cam must have, and a price tag that you can not resist.

7. Xiaomi Yi Dashboard Camera – Lowest price Car Camera

Yi Dash CamWith built-in Advanced Driver Assistance System and an ultra-low price tag , the Yi Dash camera is the cheapest dash camera in this countdown.

You might get confused with the look of this dash camera as it is designed in the shape of a handy cam , very small and very compact. But when it comes to doing what it is made for, it is exceptionally good.

The Yi dash cam comes packed with a high-end processor and powerful 165-degree wide angle lens with F1.8 apertures and 3x3mm high image sensitivity sensors  that can record videos up to 1080p resolution at a maximum frame rate of  60 frames per second.

Isn’t all this surprising, considering the price what you have to pay for it?

The dash cam also comes with G sensors which automatically stops and saves the recording as soon as your car met with a collision or crash. It does have 2.7 inch TFT screen which we would say is pretty small, but again at the price, we are getting it, it hard to complain about small issues.

Other good part includes the storage option, which supports up to 64Gb of external Sd card and goes as low as 8Gb (sold separately). To be mentioned, it also comes with inbuilt wifi so that you do not have to connect the car camera with your laptop to view the recording, instead just connect with the app using its wifi technology and preview all the recording over your iPhone or Laptop.

The company has done a great work on reducing the blind spots with the use of 165-degree ultra wide angles, which can cover full broad road having 3 lanes.

But nothing is perfect, and here are flaws in Xiaomi Yi :

  • Usb port can only be used for charging and not for file transfer or looking up at the recordings, not a big problem but will consume some of your time, each time you want to look up some video recording or photos.
  • The silvery gray color is quite visible from outside and doesn’t mix up well with the dashboard, the manufacturers should have giventhe option to choose the black color


  • Advanced  Driver Assistance system
  • Records at 1080P at 60 frames per second, which is the highest among all.
  • Built in Wifi technology
  • Beautiful compact deisgn
  • Extremely low price point as compared to any other dash camera.


  • Some menu features are hard to understand
  • No file transfer via USB port


Xiaomi is very well known brand and is known for delivering products at fairly low price as compared to the competitors. It obvious that the features of this dash cam looks great, but if you have a doubt about it, we would recommend you to go ahead and buy it, 50 bucks would not make much difference to your bank balance.

8. Z-Edge Dash Cam – With 2K Ultra FHD Display

 2k dash camPacked with Ultra High-resolution display and exceptionally great features like WDR, Loop recording, this dash cam has been voted as best dash cam of 2016 by The Wirecutter .

All other popular dash cams in the market come loaded with Novatek chipsets, but that is not the case here.  Z-Edge features the   Ambarella A7 Processor  which gives smooth and stable recordings and certainly powerful than other processors (what we got to see in wheel witness pro)

With ultra 2k Hd quality camera you get the 2560x1080p recordings at a frame rate of 30 frames per second, which is the highest resolution by any dash cam, recording in great quality pictures to zoom in and read the minute details. If you have been with the other dash cam which doesn’t come with 2k recording or such great resolution then you will see a drastic change in video quality.

As similar to almost every car camera it does had the loop recording feature that helps in overwriting the old useless recordings with the new recording so that you never run out of storage, and it also breaks the video in the intervals of 1,3 and 5 minutes so that you do not face any problem searching for the clues later.

The device also has the ignition detector feature that automatically turns on the camera as soon as you ignite your car, which is very helpful, as we as a human being have tendency of forgetting stuff and in case we forget to turn on the car dash camera you may incur some loss at the accidents waiting for you ahead.

Motion and Crash Detection: Here comes the interesting feature, the dash cam automatically stops when you stop the car for an interval and starts automatically as you start moving, plus the G-sensors in dash cam performs video locking as soon as the sensors detect a crash or collision.

The Z-edge dash cam’s battery can be an issue for the users. It is advised from the manufacturer to plug in the device all the time when it is in use, so if you get it make sure you keep it plugged in all the time.


  • Motion and Crash Sensors for intelligent recording and locking
  • Ultra 2K Hd with highest resolution among all dash cams
  • Powerfull Ambarella A7 Processor
  • Broad 145 Degree field of View


  • Battery might be an issue
  • Setup can be bit hard and time consuming


This is a power packed dash cam with some extremely useful features and a really great display. Features like motion play and pause are something which you will not get to see in any other dash cam. The processor used is very powerful and you will not face any lagging issues using it.

9. Tao Tronics 1080P Car Dash Cam

Taotronic 1080P car cameraSimple, Smart, Powerful and cheap, these words can easily describe our next dash cam.

Taotronics car camera comes with every feature needed in a good dash cam at a very reasonable price.

With 1920 x 1080P resolution you get excellent clarity from the real 150 degree 6 layers lens glass which also supports the WDR technology .

In terms of processor, the Taotronics Dash cam still offers the Novatek processor, while most cameras in the market are now running Ambarella processors, that processor upgrade would have given much boost to overall functioning of this car camera.

You only have the option to add up to 32Gb storage SD card but still do not have to worry about storage, as the device also comes packed in with a feature of loop recording which automatically overwrites the old useless recording with the new one.

The camera comes only with a 150-degree wide angle lens which records videos up to 1080p at a maximum rate of 30 frames per second and also works great in low lighting conditions.

Other general features include G-sensors for auto saving videos at crashes and accidents, and a button to instantly mute and lock videos.

Overall the camera records some excellent footage and is super easy to mount . Basically, there is no learning curve and you would be able to use it as a pro from the very first day. The cost price is very effective and one of the cheapest in the market. There are no issues with build quality as well.

  • The night recording is something that we would call average, it comes out as little dark and is little hard to see ( not impossible)
  • Menu buttons are not too good to use, but looking at the price at which we can get it, that is acceptable


  • Superwide 150 degree angle
  • Loaded with superior night vision technology
  • Excellent Mobile design build with quality material
  • Low price point


  • Night vision or low light lacks perfection
  • Menu keys are of average quality


Since it is small it is very easy to mount on the dashboards, from where through windscreen it would capture the full view in both daylights as well as dark night. Like other dash cams, it also includes G-Sensors to auto stop and saves the video recording in case of Collision on accidents. If we leave aside the perfect night visions issue, then this could be a good deal for dash cam users.

10. Lumina Zoom Series – With Image Compression Technology

Lumina Full HD Car camThough being new in the market this dash camera had made its way to the best dash cams in 2018 and why it would not? Sleath by design and small in shape, this dash cam is one of the smallest car dash cameras in the market.

The device is packed with 6 layer Nikon glass lens with the capability of capturing 1080p full Hd footage. The lumina Zoom series dash cam also features the G sensors which automatically saves the video when you met with some accident or just a collision.

The lumina Zoom series also features the G sensors to auto-save videos in case of any collision or crashes. And It does come with auto turn feature on ignition

It also makes it very convenient to cover a 3 lane road by its 170-degree ultra wide angle lens , which is the standard size for most of the popular car cameras.

We don’t see any loop recording feature,which means you have to keep a check if the storage is filling out. The manufacturers recommend a class 10 sd card for better performance but a normal sd card with comparatively less speed will work fine as well. Talking about the storage capacity of the device, itsupports up to 32GB sd card (not included in the package)


  • Wide angle lens
  • G-Sensors for auto-saving of videos
  • Photography Compression technology


  • No Loop recording
  • Consumer reports of breakdown after several weeks


So If loop recording doesn’t put a much weight for you then go for it as it comes along with all the other features at reasonable price tag. With high-quality recording, this car camera work excellent both in daylight and in night time

Best Dash Cams 2018 – Buyers Guide

Before we move on to the buyer’s guide, Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should get a dash cam asap

Proof in a case of an accident

best dash cams 2017when a crash happens, a car camera helps in providing the actual image of the incident happened. You don’t have to worry about the opposite party framing their own stories and blaming it on you for the cause of the crash. It has been seen at many places that people would have got into the trouble due to lies from the opposite end if they would not have had the cam installed in their car.

Safe Parking

Most of the light damages come while parking, and that is why people buy great reversing cameras from shops like Campad Electronics so that they don’t make any damages while parking the car themselves, but what if someone bums into your parked car when you are not around? Well,  most of the dash cams come with car parking feature so that when your car is parked in the congested area and someone just hit and run, then you have the evidence which helps in identifying the owner of the car by the number and license plate of the vehicle recorded in the video.

Vehicle Misuse

Our relatives often ask for our vehicles to drive through or to go somewhere and in return, they always say they drove smooth and slow but who knows what is the truth? There comes the dash cam in use, you check what type of driving they did? Where actually they went and if they met with some small crash or not.

Insurance Fraudsters

Have you ever came through a situation where someone willingly bumped into your car and later on demands claim from their insurance companies, You can save the companies from these fraudsters by actually reporting them and bringing in the video recording as the proof, that’s how you help the government, right?

Now Lets start with the important features and specifications you need to look for before buying a Dashboard camera:

Display ScreenInternal BatteryLoop RecordingAuto Recording
The display screen is a very important part when you want to monitor the video without connecting it to the computer. Now the thing is What screen size is ideal? The most standard display size is 3 inches, also there are “few” dash cams that come with screen sizes up to 4 inches and few of them also comes with 2.7 inches. Basically, there is not much difference between 2.7 inches and 3 inches, until the time your camera offers zooming, you are good with any screen size.
The battery should not be very important part of the discussion, as even the best battery would run maximum to an hour if it is not plugged, that is why it is advised to keep the camera permanently plugged in into the socket.
A dashboard camera without loop recording is a big problem. Since all of the cameras record full HD 1080 p videos that are very large in size, so it is very likely for the storage to be filled, but if it has loop recording then the advance mechanism will automatically replace the very old useless videos with the new ones making you completely worry free from the storage issue.
As discussed during the review of the car cameras, few of them comes with the feature of auto start on ignition. As similar to loop recording this is slightly important one. We as a human being have a tendency to forgot things, so imagine if some of the bad day you forgot to turn on the camera and later on met with a collision?
Parking ModeG-SensorsNight VisionMounting Method
This mode is very helpful as it keeps the camera turned on when the car is in the parking, so as if some mad driver makes a dent to any part of the car, you will later get to know who did it. To keep the parking mode on, you need to connect the Dashcam power cable directly to the car’s power.
G-sensors are important in case of collisions, as they simply stop the video and put the date and time stamp on it as soon as there is a crash. Some of them have the feature to lock the video as well.
All of the dash cams claim that they come with superior low lightening technology, but to make sure of that do check the pictures posted by the customer over different online sites.
There are basically two types of mounting method, one with a suction cup and other with adhesive. The suction cup is easy to transfer from one car to other, while the adhesive is permanent ( the camera is transferrable)


If you have decided to buy a dash cam then do not think too much, several incidents have proved that how important and help full dash cams could be.

If you just starting with your first one, do not go for the pricey ones, something under 100 bucks is good for testing and ones you believe how important it is, upgrade to some expensive and high end camera then.

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