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The 10 Best key finders for 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Keep a track of your lost keys

tile key finderKeys are undoubtedly one of the essential things in most people’s lives. From gaining access to our vehicles to houses, apartments, business stores, and mailboxes, we rely on keys literally for everything.

It’s essential to do your best in always being conscious of where your keys are, but sometimes you forget where you last placed them, and what turns out could be devastating.

While almost everyone tries to be as organized as possible, ensuring that everything is in its right place, losing keys could turn everything into a frenzy.

The annoyance that comes with trying to locate them when you’re in a rush leaves your home messy, as well as making your working day unfruitful.

However, key finders have made it easy to locate misplaced keys. There are several ways that key finders work, depending on the manufacturer and specific model in the market. Key finders, primarily are made to help you locate your keys using your phone.

Bluetooth, phone’s GPS, and other wireless connections are used to find the misplaced keys.

In this article, we’ve dug through the deep corners of the internet, and pieced together the best key finders.

Best Key Finders for 2022 – Quick Look

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Key FinderBluetooth RangeSafetyPrice
Tile Pro
(Editor's Choice)
300ftWater Resistant
Cube key
(Editor's Choice)
Tile Mate200ftWater Resistant
Esky key300ftNone
Wosports key100ftNone
Key Finder Pair300ftNone
Kimfly Key Finder250ftNone
AOJI Mini Item Tracker100ftNone
Dinofire Key Finder165ftNone
Nut3 Key Finder100ftWater Resistant

1. Tile Pro – Best Overall Key Finder

Tile Inc, Pro Black, Bluetooth Tracker and Finder, Water Resistant, Replaceable Battery, Easy to Attach for Keys, Pet Collars and Bags (1 Pack) The new Tile Pro is one of the most powerful Bluetooth trackers for locating most of your items.

It has a range twice that of the new Tile Mate, thrice as loud and water-resistant, making it straightforward for you to locate your things.

  • Comes with a long lasting battery.
  • Graphite/ Jet black color.
  • Range of 300 ft.
  • 3X volume.

Our In-Depth Review:

Tile Inc Bluetooth tracker and finder is one of the most durable vital finders in the market. You can use your smartphone to make the tracker ring even when it’s out of sight. The range threshold is at 300 ft. and as long as you are within this range, you can use your phone to keep it ringing until you find it.

Not only does this gadget help you locate your keys, but your phone as well; when you can’t find your phone, double press the Tile button to make your phone ring, even if it’s on vibration mode.

Whether you are using an android or apple phone, you can install the Tile app, which you’ll use to locate the keys. It also has the capability of remembering where you last placed the keys, and if you keep it running in the background, it can tell the last time and location you had your item.

Another most noteworthy feature is the ability to connect to the community. The application has an inclusion of the world’s largest forum of people using the app, who can be beneficial to you when your keys are out of range. As long as they’re within the 300 ft. range, that can send live updates to your phone on your item’s location.

Losing keys when you have traveled is almost inevitable. Whether you misplaced them in the suitcase or hotel room, you can still use your phone to locate them. Conversely, your cellphone could slip while on silent mode, and finding it could be quite devastating. In such a case, the tracker can help you quickly locate it.

Small and light trackers are beneficial since they would offset you of the obstructiveness of having to carry them around. The Tile Inc finder is sleek, stylish, and weighs 0.48 ounces, which is just ideal to be carried around.

When you’re near the tracker but can’t hear it, that’s undoubtedly bad for a finder. Despite the limited space for the speaker, the Tile Inc finder has thrice the volume of the new mate lite, which makes it quite loud during tracking.

Additionally, a replaceable battery isn’t always required, but a tracker that has this capability is a big plus.


  • Massive discovery range of 300 ft.
  • Incredible volume capabilities that make it thrice as loud as the new mate lite finder.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • Elegant design with a golden Tile button.
  • Smartphone app with which the tracker can be configured to find it when it’s outside the Bluetooth range.


  • Limited tracking for items outside of its range.
  • It can be too small for some keys.


The Tile Inc, Pro-black Bluetooth tracker, has a wide range of benefits that makes every investment made on it worthwhile. It has a combination of everything you want for a key finder, with the integration of a smartphone application with a friendly interface. The battery life of one year before replacement is incredibly impressive, and for its price, every investment made on it would undoubtedly pay off.

2. Cube Key Finder – Waterproof  Tracker

Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker for Dogs, Kids, Cats, Luggage, Wallet, with app for Phone, Replaceable Battery Waterproof Tracking Device The cube key finder is an incredible smart tracker that has exceptional durability and elegance.

While both the Tile Inc Pro and cube key finders are rated for their durability, the additional advantage that this device explicitly has is that it can be used for dogs, cats, luggage, and wallet and is also waterProof.

This means it can work in submerged water up to a depth of one meter without getting damaged.

  • 12g weight and 9mm thickness.
  • WaterProof capability up to a one-meter depth.
  • Android and iOS tracking apps.
  • Separation alarm to alert you if you leave something behind.

Our In-Depth Review:

The cube has a stylish lining that reinforces the gadget as well as maintaining its elegant look. While the Products from Tile are rated IP55 for water and dust resistance, this tracker can be submerged up to a meter deep of water without getting damaged.

Suppose you lose your keys, say in the rain or the snow while skating, cube tracker can survive at these extreme temperatures. It’s astonishing how to cube tracker can help you find something you didn’t realize you’ve lost. Once you remember that you once lost your item, it has a window period of up to 2 years within which you can locate your device.

Apart from the water-resistant capability, the smart cube tracker shares many similarities with the Tile Bluetooth tracker and finder. They have the same dimensions, with slight variations in their weights, but versatilities like smartphone configuration, a replaceable battery, community forum, and last-seen location identification are common.

This smart finder also has Alexa integration and the capability of making the phone ring by pushing the button on the device. One random but impeccable capacity is the ability to take photos, from your smartphone, by pressing the button on its face. It’s a unique capability that comes in handy, especially for family photos.

The most significant drawback of the smart cube finder is the reduced bandwidth of 100 feet. The Tile Pro has a range three times greater than its bandwidth, but it is still sufficiently working for most people. That means that there may be some instances where you may connect with the Tile Inc successfully, with futile attempts to connect to the smart cube tracker.

Its pricing is relatively fair for its specifications. There is no enormous difference in the price range with similar smart trackers, and it would be wise to make a rational decision and select the one that seemingly suits your needs.


  • Underwater resistance and tolerance to sub-zero temperatures.
  • Light-weight and easy to carry.
  • Replaceable batteries.
  • Considerably extensive range of up to 100 ft.


  • Questionable battery life.
  • Quality control Problems.


The cube key finder smart tracker has a wide range of versatilities from the style, volume, variety, and extra features. One of the unique specifications is the ability to take photos using your smartphone by pressing the cube button. It also has a vast Bluetooth range and loud beeper volume that help you quickly locate your misplaced item. The elegant design which is built for durability makes this product stand out, and every investment you make on it worthwhile.

3. Tile Mate (2020) – With Community Integration

Tile Mate (2020) - 1 Pack The Tile mate tracker is one of the most portable finders that is ideal for people who want affordable finders for multiple items.

It’s a great choice if you’re going to make your keys as light as possible, considering that, with a weight of 7g, it can attach to your keychain and barely even get noticed.

On top of the capability of ringing your phone with this tracker, you can also ring anything with any other gadget configured with it.

  • Tracking range up to 200 ft.
  • Louder ring volume.
  • Water-resistance.
  • Work well for multiple items.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Tile mate comes with more or less the same features as the Tile Pro, with the ability to get integrated with a broad range of devices. It has a range of up to 200 feet, which is slightly lower than that of the Tile Mate. It’s dimensioned to vary from the Tile Pro’s, making it a good fit for people who want their keys as light as possible.

It’s vital to note that the new Tile mate tracking device has slight variations from its predecessor, Tile’s original Bluetooth tracker. With the aid of smart tracking capability, community integration, and Bluetooth’s intelligent assistance, Tile trackers could enable you to locate misplaced items around the world, leading to tales of anonymous community users being joined by a piece of luggage found miles away from their extreme ends.

While the previous devices were an enormous breakthrough in the trucking industry, one major drawback was the batteries. They weren’t replaceable, and as such, you had to dispose of your old Tile device and purchase a new one, which, although it was given at a subsidized cost, it had its wastefulness.

The new Tile mate tracker has integrated this battery replacement, making them replaceable and more recommendable for use. Additionally, it is available in only matte white finish with a petite measurement that makes it handy to carry.

No adhesive backing is included to the Tile mate, but a loop of which you can insert your keyring comes in handy; otherwise, the finder will slip off your pocket. It also has rounded edges, which makes it incredibly secure when stuck on something, and when it comes to its thickness, it can cause your wallet to bulge. It’s recommended that you go for a svelte one of 2.4 mm thickness for this purpose, although this particular one has no replaceable battery.

The CR1632 battery is readily available in stores, and you’ll realize that the battery cover easily slides off when the battery is used up. Bluetooth smart assistance is an excellent functionality in the

Tile mate tracker, which extends up to 45 meters as well as a volume of 1.5 times higher than the slim model (the one with an irreplaceable battery).

Fundamentally, the Tile mate enables you to locate your items when it’s not within the range, and if you’re in an environment that is too loud for the speakers to function well, the application will notify you once you reach the right place.


  • Replaceable battery.
  • Significant Bluetooth range of 45 meters.
  • Inclusion of smartphone application.
  • Louder speaker.


  • The slim version has no replaceable battery.
  • Not versatile enough to fit a wallet without bulging.


Tile mate finders make the most versatile trackers on the market that primarily rely on Bluetooth. You can quickly locate items at a bandwidth of up to 45 meters, and the additional community inclusion makes it easy to find misplaced items. With a combination of a broad range of versatilities and fair pricing, the Tile mate is incredibly impressive. If you have some reserved cash in your account and the specifications suit you well, this would be the ideal option for you.

4. Esky Wireless Item Locator – With Connectivity up to 4 Finders

Key Finder, Esky Wireless Rf Item Locator Item Tracker Support Remote Control, 1 RF Transmitter and 4 Receivers - Wireless Key Rf Locator, Pet Tracker Wallet Tracker With the Esky wireless key finder, you’ll never run late again in the morning.

These incredible devices come as a pack of small components that separately attach to your keys, wallet, purses, luggage, and other essential items.

It consists of a tracker and a set of small devices that have different colors. When you want to locate an item, press the tracker’s corresponding color on the remote transmitter to light up the receiver.

  • One transmitter and four key finders.
  • Radiofrequency range of up to 30 meters.
  • 1.5V AAA battery for the transmitter.
  • 85-90 Db volume.
  • 3.52 ounces overall weight.

Our In-Depth Review:

Losing your keys at night could be devastating. The esky key finder has a flashlight for emergent use at night. LED is specifically designed to enhance performance, and simultaneously conserve battery energy. For aging parents, playful children, and a forgetful partner, the esky key finder is the best gift for them since it can virtually be attached to any item.

One of the unique specifications is the combined sound and light discovery. The receiver beeps by invoking the transmitter button and is equipped with an LED light for enhanced visibility when looking for your item in the dark.

The esky key finder utilizes radiofrequency technology that can penetrate walls, cushions, and leather up to 30 meters. It also comes with four small receivers, svelte enough to be placed in a wallet without making it bulged.

Its compatibility with multiple items also makes it incredibly efficient. From your iPad to mobile handset and windows computer, it can be configured with a wide range of devices.

The most significant disadvantage associated with the esky key finder is the inability to be integrated into a mobile application. Although some users argue that there is no need for this integration because of the available wireless transmitter, this claim is explicitly reliant on your specific user requirements. If your intended purpose for purchase is to give a senior, who tends to forget where they placed their items, this could be a great option.


  • Rechargeable transmitter battery.
  • Community integration which helps in locating a lost item when it’s out of range.
  • 100-foot range, which is considered significant for home-usage.
  • Doesn’t require phone application since it has a separate transmitter.


  • Relatively low speaker volume of 85-90 Db.
  • The transmitter drains charge relatively fast.


The esky wireless radio frequency transmitter has an elegant design, built for durability and efficiency. If you’re looking for a tracker for seniors, or if you’re someone who has multiple gadgets, this is the ideal option. It’s lightweight, and slim design also makes it suitable for a large bunch of keys, tagging pets and placing it inside a wallet.

5. WOSPORTS Item Tracker – With Connectivity up to 6 Receivers

Key Finder,WOSPORTS Item Tracker Wireless RF Item Locator with Loud Beeping Sound,100ft Support Remote Control,Upgrade Long Lasting Batteries, Mini Key Tracker with Anti-Lost Tag and Keychain The wosports item tracker and key finder have the same working principle as the esky key finder.

It has a transmitter and six separate receivers that have different colors and labels. It’s one of the top-rated item trackers in the market, coming in handy when you have a wide range of things to tag.

Based on the review count and average star rating, this gadget is one of the top-rated key finders in the market.

  • Powerful sound with a long-lasting range.
  • 6 Replaceable CR2032 receiver batteries.
  • Red flashes LED light.
  • One transmitter and six receivers.

Our In-Depth Review:

The beeping sound of the receivers, when the transmitted signal is invoked, goes up to 100 ft. in an open environment and 85ft. when a wall comes in between the transmitter and receiver. It’s incredibly convenient for use at home and outdoors, considering that the receiver volume is as loud as 80db.

There is limited space for speaker installation in the receivers, but the investment in sound quality in the speakers is quite remarkable. The speakers generate sound loud enough to be heard by someone with a hearing aid, provided that they are within the 100 ft. Range.

One of the critical components of a key finder is battery durability. The wosports item tracker has two separate sets: 2 transmitter batteries and 6 CR2032 receiver batteries, with standby time going up to 6 months, low consumption, and easy upgradability. When the receivers run out of charge, the battery cap can easily slide off and can be replaced by someone with little expertise in battery replacement.

The keychain finder has a red LED light installed for enhanced visibility a night. When looking for a lost item in the dark, locating the buttons as well as the item becomes incredibly easy, and is primarily handy for users having night vision problems.

If you’re someone with night blindness, and can hardly recognize anything in the dark, the lights are an incredible solution. LED technology is specially designed for high-quality output and low battery consumption. This feature makes the receivers conserve batteries a long way, which can last up to 10 months on daily battery usage.

It is convenient for you if you have several items to tag, considering that the receivers have separate keyrings that can be attached to six different items. Additionally, you can hook them to your pets, enabling you to find them with less effort. Double-sided sticker and svelte design make it easy to insert the receiver in your wallet without bulging.

The wosports key finder is an ideal gift for seniors and generally forgetful people. Operating the gadget entails pressing the transmitter button and waiting to hear the receiver sound. The ease with which these devices have been designed to work makes it ideal for seniors.

The only commonly reported downside is that it isn’t waterproof. If you lose your item, say glasses or umbrella, in the rain, the chances of getting it are quite minimal. Working in sub-zero temperatures is highly unlikely for this device, so if you like skating or taking tours in extremely low-temperature regions, the workability of the wosports finder would be jeopardized.


  • Volume loud enough to be heard within 100 ft. range.
  • Radiofrequency waves capable of penetrating a wall.
  • Built of strong ABS material, which combines elegance and durability.
  • Standby time of up to 6 months.
  • Suitable for persons with a hearing aid.


  • Inability to work in sub-zero temperature.
  • No water resistance.


The wosports key finder is highly ranked in the list of top electronics. The weight and product dimensions are suitable for items that are carried around by hand. It also comes in hand for someone who has a wide range of light objects to be tagged, considering that the transmitted controls six different receivers. For its price range and specifications, this item finder is one of the most incredible trackers, and every investment you’ll make would undoubtedly pay off.

6. Key Finder Pair – With 300ft Range

Key Finder Pair, Indisputably The Loudest with Long Life Replaceable Battery The key finder pair is undoubtedly the loudest finder with long battery life and durability. If you’re worried about the finders that won’t be loud enough, the key finder pair would be the ideal option.

Essentially, the two key ringers are the size of two small USB drives attached, and they work as a pair, where one calls the other.

When one device is lost, you have a range of up to 300 ft. to activate using the other one. This activation will cause a deafening screech that can be heard through walls, leather, and through multiple cushions.

  • Operating range of up to 300 ft.
  • Made of two key ringers, where one calls the other.
  • No set up is required; both have been programmed beforehand.
  • Lithium metal battery that lasts up to 18 months.

Our In-Depth Review:

The key finder pair comes with a complete lithium battery installed by the manufacturer, made of lithium battery that lasts for 18 months before depletion. Lithium metal is durable enough to work if the device falls on a cold floor.

Most batteries rapidly drain considerable amounts of charge to the extent of buckling, but if your item falls on a cold floor, the finder would still operate considering that the combination of polycarbonate plastic, micropower technology and lithium would sustain it.

Besides, the approximated battery life for continuous usage typically lasts up to 18 months. This rate would, however, vary, since if you have counts of occasional use, the battery can last up to 24 months.

The key ringer flashes and beeps when the battery is almost exhausted, typically working as a smoke detector. The circuit board is corrosion-resistant, so if your tracker falls in some corrosive liquid, like relatively mild acid, the circuit would still transmit electric current.

Key ringers can easily be called or call each other, using an application installed in your mobile handset, iPad, or computer. The app is installed from the key ringer website and can be used to individually or simultaneously call separate key ringers. With more than 2000 program codes available in the application, you will have the option to adjust the volume, period of response, and other associated attributes, making it impeccable for all age brackets.

In finding misplaced items using loud sounds, no key ringer can beat this finder. The speakers are enhanced to produce a high-pitched sound that can penetrate walls, ceilings, and a stack of cushions. For this reason, it can be used by someone with hearing problems, without necessarily needing to have a hearing aid.

Ideally, the key finder pair is excellent for families with playful children. The kids could be playing loud music on the TV, or unknowingly misplace your car keys, and this device can be heard with little attenuation by the existing sounds.

The finder comes as a pair and primarily works like a TV remote since no setup or programming is required.


  • Extremely loud to be heard up to 300 ft.
  • A durable battery that operates up to 18 months.
  • Light enough to easily be carried around.
  • No programming is required and easy to operate.


  • Loud sound can be irritating for sensitive people.
  • Relatively small and hard to locate if it gets misplaced with low charge.


This key ringer is ranked highest in sound quality. Hypothetically assuming that the finders are 300 ft. away, you can locate a misplaced item 600 ft. away since your handset can invoke the nearest gadget, which in turn turns on the other tracker. If the environment you’re living in is noisy, and you have the tendency to lose items, this finder is the best option for you.

7. Kimfly Key Finder – Very Lightweight

Kimfly Key Finder Item Finder Smart Tracker, Phone Finder, Bluetooth Tracker with Replaceable Battery- 4Pack The kimfly item finder is undisputable, the most elegant and lightest key finders.

It is available in separate stylish colors and works more than a Bluetooth finder: it lightens up your mood by making your items exceptionally stylish.

Unlike the keyring pair, the kimfly finder comes without a transmitter, and you can easily configure the separate receivers with your mobile handset.

  • Available in four colors: red, green, black and white.
  • Provision for handset configuration.
  • 25 meters’ operation range.
  • A combined weight of 1.6 ounces.
  • “Find your phone” option in the tracker.

Our In-Depth Review:

The kimfly item tracker has a portable size and available in four different colors. They separately alert you when you’re out of range to help you find your umbrella, purse, bag, or wallet. You can comfortably insert the finders in a small wallet since the svelte design hardly gets noticed owing to the slim sizes.

One of the essential components of the key finder is the ability to get integrated into a mobile handset. The key finder application is found in the apple or play store, and configuration is possible on android or windows handsets.
The app has a friendly interface, coupled with a wide range of options to choose from, and the most noteworthy function is disconnecting attention. When disconnecting, the key finders and phone would ring simultaneously for about ten seconds, a critical functionality that minimizes the risk of misplacing either of the devices. This function can be adjusted or turned off in settings.

If you lose your cellphone, you can use your tracker to trigger your phone alarm. Double press the tracker button, and your phone would ring instantly.

In 25 meters of working distance, the key finder works as a tracker, last pace seen identifier, and camera shutter. It is incredibly useful when taking photos involving a massive number of people.

The previous location in which the signal was sent to the tracker can be identified by checking it on a map, and not using a GPS.

The four trackers are svelte enough to be placed in hidden places, or your wallet without bulging. Secret pockets in your laptop backpack would ideally be the most suited for these trackers, and you won’t worry about leaving with things you need.

The most significant disadvantage associated with these trackers is their inability to work in extremely low environments. Extreme temperatures damage its circuitry and render the gadget useless. Besides, if it falls on water, the device would get spoilt, considering that it’s not waterproof.


  • Portable enough to be carried by anyone.
  • Utilizes the phone’s Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Enhanced safety by disconnecting attention utility.
  • Elegant design with a wide range of colors.


  • Limited functionality on apple iPhone X.
  • A relatively low beeping sound.


Out of more than 79 customer reviews, this key finder has a 78% five-star rating. From the design to elegance, durability, and battery life, every coin spent on purchasing it would pay off. If you’re someone who likes items with a sleek design, and available in different colors, this is undoubtedly your product.

8. AOJI Mini Item Tracker – With Long-Lasting Batteries

Key Finder, AOJI Mini Item Tracker Wireless RF Locator, 80dB Sound Beep, 100ft Work Range, Red Indicator, 2 Extra Batteries AOJI mini item tracker is an incredible option if you have a wide range of devices to attach. It consists of a transmitted remote and six mini-trackers that receive signals when the device gets invoked.

In a house with many children, you can connect each receiver to the keys, purse, gum it to the TV, and several other items that are easy to misplace in the house.

Each receiver has its unique label, with different colors attached. A red flashlight is equipped on each receiver, which is a useful component in looking for devices at night.

  • 9 CR2032 batteries.
  • Six separate rings.
  • 30-100 feet working range.
  • 75-80 decibels sound.

Our In-Depth Review:

The remote is incredibly straightforward to use. One small remote with six mini receivers that can be attached to separate devices essentially makes up the AOJI mini tracker. Each receiver has a small LED light that enhances visibility should you lose your item in the dark. This enhanced functionality is built to conserve energy, and at the same time giving you maximum product experience.

75-80 decibels of sound make the receivers loud enough to be heard within a vast working range. The sound, however, fluctuates depending on your closeness to the receiver. Radiofrequency waves transmitted by the remote suffer significant attenuation when they encounter an obstacle, and they largely account for the faint sound heard when a wall separates the receiver and remote.

For this reason, attaching small items that can easily get lost is not wise.

Seven CR2032 and two additional batteries are attached to the device, making it durable. The batteries are designed to enhance performance with little drainage rate. The two extra batteries are easy to connect, considering that during replacement, the battery cover easily slides over the casing.

The receiver weighs 5.6 ounces and has a dimension of 4.5 X 3.5 X 1.8 inches, a feature that significantly enhances portability. The receivers can be placed in a purse, wallet, and behind your phone casing without occupying much space.

The only common drawback of this finder is that it is not waterproof. If you’re planning to attach the receiver on, say a water or medicine bottle, be careful when using your item to avoid any spillages that will hamper the receiver’s workability


  • Light item weight, which enhances portability.
  • Good quality sound, ranging from 75 to 80 decibels.
  • Made of highly durable material.
  • Safe radio frequency waves.


  • Limited working range of 30-100 feet.
  • Has no water resistance.


The AOJI mini item tracker is an incredible solution for you if you want a blend of experience and value. The versatilities associated with this device are worth the price with which it’s sold. If you think it’s a good fit for your needs, there is absolutely no reason not to leave it.

9. Dinofire Key Finder – With Last place seen Functionality

DinoFire Key Finder Smart Tracker, Lost Keys Finder Phone Finder with App Key Tracker with Bluetooth Item Locator A perfect combination of elegance and durability would best describe this key finder.

Designed with an equally-spaced pattern around the tracker and a beige color that blends with most of the items to which it can be attached, the tracker is an ideal option for you if you want finders that can hardly be seen at a glance.

It has Bluetooth configuration and can be integrated with apple and android handsets for tracking.

  • Finder support on apple and android OS.
  • Bidirectional searching with a one-touch click.
  • Last place seen functionality.
  • Anti-lost alarm.
  • Working range of 36-65 feet indoors and 100-165 feet outdoors.

Our In-Depth Review:

The item finder makes it easy to locate your items and saves lots of time. Devices that offer phone finder support are the android operating system, IOS, and windows platform. The nut application is found in the apple and play store, and it comes with a wide range of controls and functions.

This tracker offers bidirectional searching, which enables you to ring your thing with one touch: when you can’t find your item attached to the tracker, the “call” option in the application enables you to invoke the ringer. If you don’t know where your phone is, double-press the button in the finder to make the phone ring. You, however, need to ensure that the tracker is always connected to the nut application.

One of the essential components of the nut application is the last place seen functionality. It records the previous position where the phone and key finder were last connected, to help you locate misplaced items rapidly. With this, you can narrow your search by speculating the relative proximity to your misplaced items. This feature saves lots of time by preventing you from searching places that the odds of finding your item are quite low.

Bluetooth range is about 35-65 feet indoors and 100-165 feet outdoors. The anti-lost alarm functionality enables the connected tracker and Bluetooth to beep continuously and continually remind you of this.

With continuous daily usage, the battery is designed to last up to 10 months. There is a low power connection with Bluetooth, and the CR2032 batteries can easily be replaced by sliding the battery cover past the casing. Alternatively, there is seamless technical support offered by the manufacturer, and if battery replacement seems challenging, the team assists.

The DinoFire tracker weighs 0.32 ounces and is slim enough to be easily carried around. You can attach it to a purse, wallet, or diary without bulging the outer cover.

Speaker volume goes up to 90 decibels and can penetrate walls and other common household barriers to a range of 30 meters. This sound range is handy for users with a hearing aid, as they can hear the ringer pretty much effortlessly.

The downside of this finder is that it is not waterproof. When misplaced in a watery environment, the tracker’s circuitry gets spoilt instantly and finding the item would be difficult


  • Extensive operation ranges of 35-65 feet indoors and 100-165 feet outdoors.
  • Battery life lasts up to 10 months.
  • Bidirectional searching.
  • Replaceable CR2032 batteries.


  • It isn’t water-resistant.
  • Questionable sound quality.


For its price range, this device has incredible functionality and durability. If you have a single device to attach, and you’re looking for an individual item finder, this is the best option for you.

10. Nut3 Key Finder – With Anti Loss Alarm

Nut3 Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker Locator Wallet Phone Key Anti-Lost Bidirectional Alarm Reminder Tracking Device Replaceable Battery (4 Pack, Multicolor) The design of this key finder closely resembles that of the DinoFire tracker, and the only variation is that this tracker comes as a pack of four devices.

They have different colors, elegantly designed and completed with a uniform pattern finish. It has a mobile handset and Bluetooth configuration, both of which come in handy when tracking a lost item.

  • Four-pack multicolor trackers.
  • Bidirectional search capability.
  • Integration with Nut finder application.
  • Smart anti-loss capability.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Nut3 key finder has a strong NUT application that can be configured in apple, IOS, and Windows devices. All functions in the application are free and simple to set up. Along with these free apps are two critical modes on which, fundamentally, the trackers operate.

The anti-loss and find-it mode enable you to switch between the anti-interface area and turn off the repeated alarm. Phone alert and nut alert are also two separate functions, which are critical in enabling bidirectional search.

Your smartphone is essential when locating your misplaced item. Bidirectional search makes it easy to make your nut ring by invoking the beep button in the nut application, as long as it’s within the Bluetooth range. When you lose your phone, double press the button on the receiver to make the phone ring, even if it’s in silent mode.

The tracker and application have an anti-loss alarm feature that makes it impossible to lose both gadgets simultaneously. When the nut application is disconnected from the Bluetooth connection of the phone, both will sound an alarm and record the location of the last place seen. This functionality will enable you to narrow your search, using a map, to the speculated site of last placement, and reduce the odds of being unfruitful by searching in remote places.

It has a replaceable CR2032 battery that enhances performance, yet with a low drainage rate. Its work is guaranteed up to one year of usage when you can replace it on your own. The manufacturer’s technical team offers seamless support, and you can contact them at any time should you encounter a problem with the installation.

The most noteworthy feature is the smart anti-loss. If you leave your purse at a location unfamiliar to the map, the NUT application will send you updates instantly, without necessarily having to it.
Product dimensions and lightweight of 1.28 ounces makes it incredibly easy to carry.

The svelte tracker often goes unnoticed when you attach it to your key holder, wallet, or purse, and you can successfully recover your item if it lands on the wrong hands.

Like the DinoFire item tracker, the drawback of this tracker is that it has no water resistance. If it falls in water or gets misplaced at sub-zero temperatures, the odds of finding it would be quite low.


  • Light to carry.
  • It has a sleek design and is made of durable material.
  • Long-lasting CR2032 battery.
  • Inclusion of the NUT finder app.


  • Has no water resistivity.
  • Relatively expensive.


The NUT3 key finder has a wide range of functionalities, coupled with design and durability. It’s suitable for a forgetful person with multiple devices, and one who likes a variety of finishes. If you like the specifications, and you think that this product is best for you, go for it!

Key Finders – Buyer’s Guide

What is a Key Finder?

tile key finderStatistics reveal that missing keys are the single biggest cause of people arriving late at work and events. Haha, just kidding! But, we’ve all been there before; All set to go out, and then, all of a sudden, you don’t remember where you put your car keys, and you go into panic mode.

If you fall into the category of those always losing keys, there is a simple solution to your problem. Not all heroes wear capes, and some come in the form of a key finder.

Simply put, a key finder is a tiny electronic device that transmits and picks up frequencies to help you locate missing objects such as keys, equipment, luggage, and even your pets! Key finders are quite simple to use and will save you a whole lot of stress.

In today’s guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about key finders, how they work, and how to choose one to suit your needs.

Who Needs a Key Finder?

Apart from its prominent use in locating missing or misplaced keys, a key finder comes in handy in a wide range of other ‘search and rescue’ missions.

You can pair a Bluetooth key finder with your smartphone, so you can easily find it when it goes missing – even when the phone is in silent mode! For anyone that frequently loses their phone, a

Bluetooth key finder could prove to be a lifesaver.

Another way to use a key finder is to put one in your car, so it’ll be easier to find in large gatherings. Say you attend a sporting event or a musical concert where the vehicular population is massive, finding your car after such event ends can prove to be an arduous task. However, with a key finder in your vehicle, all it takes is a simple push of a button, and your car starts screeching like an ambulance, making it easier to find – apologies to those who might find the noise disturbing.

A key finder can also be used to track and locate a host of other items, from your wallet to small household items, and even your dog that keeps wandering off.

Key finders can also be used in public buildings such as in museums for transmitting info about where the current wearer is, which consequently aids them in displaying correct exhibit info. Also, in hospitals, key finders can be used to draw the attention of nurses and doctors.

How does a Key Finder work?

Generally, there are two main types of key finders on the market: Bluetooth key finders and Frequency key finders. There is a third category of audible key finders, but these are not as popular as their Bluetooth and radio counterparts.

For Bluetooth key finders

Bluetooth key finders employ the use of Bluetooth beacon technology to find and locate missing objects. They are typically designed to work with an accompanying smartphone app specially designed by their manufacturers. Once you purchase a Bluetooth key finder, the first thing you are required to do most times is signing up on the manufacturer’s site as a user. Afterward, you are to attach the key finder tag to that item that repeatedly gets missing, or you want to keep tabs on.

Once you’ve pinned the key finder tag on an item, pair it with your phone’s Bluetooth network. Hence, when next that item goes missing, you simply activate the smartphone app, which then pings the tag located on the thing. Info on the item’s location is subsequently sent to the manufacturer’s website before it is then made available to you via the smartphone app. Not to worry, all these processes take place in a matter of seconds.

Because Bluetooth key finders work with a smartphone application, you’ll require a steady internet connection to use them. Also, most Bluetooth key finders have a reciprocating feature that enables you to locate your devices with the key finder, and vice versa. These key finders also have more extensive coverage, and the use of apps means users are privy to information on the last known location of the key finder – even if you’re out of range.

For Frequency Key Finders

A frequency key finder works in a much simpler manner, compared to Bluetooth enabled finders. These types of key finders make use of transmitters to pinpoint and locate lost items.

The setup for this model of key finders usually consists of a tag and a transmitter. Upon purchase, you should affix this tag on the material you want to keep track of. The transmitter has a series of buttons, and when the right one is pressed, the key finder tag produces a sound that tells you where the missing item is. That’s all, simple and straightforward.

However, the fact that you don’t have to use software apps with a frequency key finder is not necessarily an advantage. For one, there’s no way for you to locate the key finder itself if you are out of range. Smartphone apps typically give info on the last known location of the key finder. Also, you don’t have the option of being able to crowd-locate missing objects. That said, radio key finders are quite useful pieces of equipment and are ideal for those looking to keep things simple.

Bluetooth Key Finder

Bluetooth key finders, without a doubt, are the most popular types of key finders in use these days. This type of key finders employs Bluetooth pairing technology to locate and find missing or misplaced items. Most, if not all Bluetooth key finders work with an accompanying smartphone application designed by the manufacturers. These applications are generally available on phone app stores and are usually free to download.

A Bluetooth low energy beacon in the key finder transmits signals with unique ID codes which are picked up by phones running the appropriate application software. This information, plus the location where the signal of the missing item is picked up, is then relayed to the manufacturers.

The ability to pair Bluetooth key finders directly to mobile phones without the interference of a third party is one reason they’ve gained a full level of acceptance among people. Using your key finder with a phone unlocks an entirely new dimension and gives you control over a broader range of features that are simply not available in other key finder models.

Bluetooth key finders with smartphone apps often offer a two-way location feature. What this means is, you can find your phone or keys with your key finder, and you can likewise locate the position of your key finder with your smartphone.

Also, some key finders with apps make it possible for you to crowd-find missing items. How this works is that This feature comes in quite handy in situations where your phone is dead, and you’ve lost an article in a public place.

Bluetooth key finders are generally more expensive compared to other models, but you’ll be getting a whole lot of features in return, so the ball is in your court.

Frequency Key Finder

Frequency key finders were the first to make their way into the market, but their usage has dwindled with the advancement in technology. This type of key finder is radio-controlled, and it works by using a radio signal to connect a receiver with a separate transmitter. This transmitter has some buttons on it, and when the right one is pressed, it generates a radio signal that triggers the receiver to give out a sound. As a result of the sound produced, you can find missing items quickly.

Frequency key finders do not require a smartphone app to work; hence, they are not dependent on internet connectivity as well. This comes in quite handy in places where signal strength is considerably weak. Connection to the internet is known to drain devices batteries pretty quickly, and the absence of one in a frequency key finder means it’ll last for extended periods. They are also quite easy to use and just require you to press a button to locate missing materials.

However, there are some limitations associated with using frequency key finders. One, the old technology used in these devices mean they are not compatible for use with application software. And what this means is that you’ll get lesser functionality. However, not everyone is pro-technology, and you might find the simple design of a frequency key finder more straightforward to use.

Also, the transmitter associated with a frequency key finder is quite small and easy to lose. Once this transmitter gets lost, the key finder is as good as useless. Leaving the transmitter in a spot is not ideal as it limits the range within which the key finder can work. Hence, you need to be very careful when handling the transmitter.

Frequency key finders are more affordable compared to their Bluetooth counterparts and are generally more durable. Some also have an LED light that flashes to reveal the location of a missing item.

Audible Key Finder

One other class of key finders, which is not as popular as the Bluetooth and Radio models are the Audible Key Finder. This class of key finders is not new per se, but a mixture of poor performances and false alarms means manufacturers generally avoid them.

An audible key finder generally comes in pairs, with one working as a signal transmitter and the other picking up the signals. The transmitting part ‘listens’ for signals from missing items and, upon detection, relays such messages to the receiver. Once the receiving part of the key finder picks up these signals, it produces a chirping sound which assists the user in locating the missing item.

Just like the frequency key finder, you do not require an application software to use an audible key finder, nor does it need a radio frequency.

Top Key Finder Brands to Buy

The key finder market has recently become saturated with lots of low-performing, inferior quality products. Therefore, it can get stressful trying to pick out a quality key finder from the hundreds of products available on the market.

To be on the safer side and to ensure you, at least, get decent value for your money, there are some brands you should consider before others when choosing a key finder to buy. These brands have consistently churned out quality key finders over the year, and their products boast innovative features that make the whole key finding thing a tad easier. In summary, you can hardly go wrong using their products.

Key finder brands you should give a look-in before others when searching for one to buy include:


Tile is, unarguably, the biggest producer of key finders in the world. What started as a small business in 2012 has become a multibillion-dollar company that produces key finders for millions of people around the globe.

Tile produces only Bluetooth key finders, and their products typically offer lots of innovative features to help users comfortably locate missing items.

Standard Tile products include the Tile Pro, Tile Mate, Tile Slim, and Tile Sticker.


Chipolo is heralded as one of the biggest key finder manufacturers in the world, a tag that it comfortably lives up to. Like Tile, Chipolo produces Bluetooth key finders, and their products can be used to find a wide range of missing objects, from keys to wallets and mobile devices.

Keyringer LLC

Keyringer is another good brand known for producing one of the loudest key finder brands out there. Their products basically comprise two different key finders which ‘call’ out to each other to assist users in locating missing materials. Even better, you don’t require any setup to use Keyringer products.


The Cube Tracker is a hardy product built to withstand immersion in water and dust. Cube is a Bluetooth tracker that works with an accompanying app to assist users in locating missing objects. Apart from its tracking features, you can also use Cube as a remote control to take selfies with your phone – say cheese!

TrackR (Adero)

Another key finder brand that has gained widespread use over the years is TrackR. Produced by Phone Halo, TrackR is a Bluetooth enabled key finder that makes it possible for users to recover lost items with relative ease. TrackR achieves this by employing a dynamic range of features, including ‘crowd locate.’

Features to Look Out for When Buying a Key Finder

Once you have decided on getting either a Bluetooth, frequency or audible key finder, the next thing to do is examine the qualities of the product. A key finder might seem simple, but there are certain qualities it should possess to enable it to carry out the task of locating missing objects accurately.

Some of the characteristics you should watch out for when choosing a key finder to buy include:

Area of coverage

This is the very first thing you should check out when picking a key finder to buy. The amount of satisfaction you will derive from using a key finder depends on the range at which it can locate objects. A key finder is as good as the amount of area it can cover.

You should know this, but for emphasis, go for a key finder that can scan long distances. Short-range finders are often no good, and most times, you’ll need to be inches near a missing object to get an alert on its location.

One thing you should keep in mind is that key finder manufacturers give range ratings for their products based on the assumption that you’ll be using them in a wide-open area. Therefore, if you’re using a key finder indoors, with a lot of furniture lying around, you can expect its effectiveness to drop a notch.

The loudness of alarm sound

Equally as significant as the area of coverage is the amount of noise your key finder is capable of generating. Beep sounds are not ideal for a key finder, and in noisy areas, a low sounding key finder is as good as useless.

Noise rating is measured in decibels, and key finders with higher decibel ratings can be heard from further distances. Also, if you are hard of hearing, you should consider going for a loud key finder as well.

LED flashlight

Some key finders incorporate a LED flashlight feature, which makes it easier for you to locate missing things. If you are to go for a key finder with LED lights, choose one that shines brightly and is easily distinguishable.

Battery life

It would be entirely pointless buying a key finder, and not being able to use it because, half of the time, the battery is either weak or dead. Before buying any key finder, check its power rating to be sure it’ll be available for use in times of need.

Some key finders require you to regularly replace batteries, while others employ the use of non-removable batteries, which last on average, for a year. Before buying a key finder with a replaceable battery, find out where you can get replacement batteries for the model, so you don’t get stranded while using it. Some key finder models come with a spare battery to make life easier for their users.

Also, a key finder with a low battery warning feature ensures you don’t get caught off guard while working with it.

Crowd finding

In cases where you misplace or forget your keys at public places, and your phone battery is dead at the same time, your only option is to search for them manually. And boy, does that sound hectic. However, some key finders incorporate a crowd finding feature which can help you find your missing items, even when your phone is work.

How these feature works are that users of the same key finder as yours, who are near the location of the missing item, will send updates on its last known site via the key finder app to your smartphone. This only works if you have the smartphone app as well. Therefore, once you can plug in your dead phone, you’ll receive location updates that facilitate the easy finding of the missing item.

Key finders whose apps have a high number of downloads on the app store are particularly suitable for crowd finding.

Water resistance

Accidents happen every time, and the chances are that you might at one point or the other mistakenly drop your key finder in water. To combat this, check a key finder before buying to ensure it is rated as being water-resistant – to a certain degree, at least.

If you are always near water, you might want to buy a key finder that is entirely waterproof, so that you’ll be able to use it even when submerged.


Key trackers are frequently moved around; hence, they are quite likely to fall from your hands more than once. Therefore, it would be beneficial to choose a key finder with a more hardened external casing. Also, check the various attachments on the body of the key finder and try to ascertain whether they are under considerable stress that might cause them to fall apart sooner or later.


It might get inconvenient having to carry a sizeable key finder from place to place; hence, go for one that is portable. These days, most companies focus on producing minimalistic key finder designs. Therefore, you should not encounter any problems finding a suitably sized key finder.


Geofencing is a feature of key finders that alerts users whenever they are moving further away from the scope of the key finder. Key finders with Geofencing capabilities reduce the risk of you leaving your keys or devices behind.

Smartphone app

Before buying a key finder, download and check out its app to ensure it’ll be comfortable to use. A smartphone app with an intuitive design and user-friendly controls significantly makes the process of locating missing items a whole lot easier.

FAQs related to key Finders

Is there an app to find lost keys?

Yes, there are several apps with which you can locate missing keys. One of the most common apps for finding lost keys is the Tile app. Other apps you can use include TrackR, Orbit, Mynt ES, Chipolo, etc. Most of these apps are available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

How do I turn on the key finder?

Setting up a key finder varies from model to model, as manufacturers try to make their products as unique as possible. However, most Bluetooth key finders require you to download an accompanying app from your device's store. Once you sign up on the app, you simply pair your device's Bluetooth with the key finder. Radio key finders do not need an app, and all you need to do to use one is to turn it on and leave it to do its job.

What is the finder app on my phone?

Different phone brands have unique applications for locating phones whenever they go missing. Some Samsung phones have the SFinder, while Apple devices incorporate a Find My Phone feature. All Google-enabled smartphones also have a phone finding feature that can be accessed even remotely.

Can the Tile be used to track a car?

You can track a car using the tile key finder up to ranges of 100 feet. To do this, download the tile app on your smartphone and pair it with your tile key finder. Once this is done, place the key finder somewhere safe in your car. Whenever you need to find your car, just activate the locator feature on the app, and you'll be able to hear the key finder ringing.

Is there a monthly fee for Tile?

You can use Tile free of charge, but to get the most out of it and unlock advanced features, you should subscribe to the Tile Premium service. Tile offers both monthly and annual premium subscription to suit your needs. Features of the Tile Premium include free replacement batteries for the key Finders, smart alerts, location history for your device, elongated warranty, and on-demand customer service.

Are tile trackers waterproof?

Tile Pro trackers are waterproof with a rating of IP68. What this means is your key trackers can survive submersion in depths of 1.5 meters for up to one hour.

What is better than the tile tracker?

Tile device trackers are excellent at what they do, but there are several other products out there capable of delivering equally outstanding service. One of these products is the Chipolo Classic Bluetooth Key and Phone Finder. Other quality trackers include Orbit key finder, Mynt ES, KeyRinger Key Finder Pair, Esky Rechargeable Key Finder, among others.

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