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“I hope you will agree if I say that, getting weak signals on cell phone is hell of an irritating situation “

With weak signals comes problems connecting to the internet and call drops, so whats the use of having a cell phone if it is not able to perform its basic task and who do you think might be the reason behind this, your cell phone manufacturer, or your telecom provider like Verizon? Surprisingly None of them both are at fault ,its your location which prevents the strong signals to reach to you , So if you go to this location not frequently then the problem is something you can cooperate to but if the place is something like your office, home or some other place then you need to buy a cell phone signal booster , Now What are cell phone Signal boosters ? Do not worry you will get an answer to your every query, Continue reading below to get to know what are cell phone boosters and also read our reviews on Top 5 Best Cell phone signal boosters in 2017.

Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters – Quick Look

1.ZBoost Soho Dual Band [Range – 2500sqft] [Lowest Price]
Ideal for Large rooms and Offices]

2.WeBoost 4G-X [Range – 7500 sqft]
Ideal for Houses with multiple Rooms

3.WeBoost 4G Home [Range – 1500 sqft]
Ideal for Office and Small Rooms

4.SureCall Flex Pro [Range – 2000 sqft]
Ideal for 2 rooms uses

5.ZBoost Soho Trio [Range -2500 sqft]
Ideal for Houses getting Very weak Signals

These were our best pick for you, We do have detailed review for all of the signal boosters, Check them out below.

What are Cell phone Signal Boosters?
A good cell phone booster if installed in an office or home amplifies the weak signals into strong signals, the simple theory stated behind is that the cell phone boosters converts the current signal strength of the 32X so that you can get best of it.

“72% of Americans experience some form of dropped calls, and 32% experience dropped calls at least a few times per week or more” – PewInternet Research Report 

Some of the important functions of the best cell phone signal booster:
➝Works on all running Smartphones, Tablet and other devices in the market.
➝Boost you’re existing the LTE, 3G or even 2G connections.
➝Works with all present Carrier companies in US [Verizon.AT&T,Sprint,T-Mobile etc].
➝One time investment on the device for a complete lifetime.
➝Legally Certified by US Government 

This was the description of the cellphone signal boosters and I am pretty sure you must have decided to get one for your own, so let’s get started without review on top 5 best cell phone signal boosters in 2017.
We have added the reviews in the order of the best one on the top, so the users who are in hurry should look at the top 5 boosters and get one for their own.

1. WeBoost Connect 4G-X Cell Phone Signal Booster


Why this Booster in on top on our list?
➔ Only Booster Capable of Covering full House
➔ Supports all 4G, 3G and Evdo Networks
➔ Upto 7500 sqft range
➔ Supports all Carriers in United States and other Countries


WeBoost Connect 4G-X
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We boost connect 4g x is Best Cell phone signal boosters in 2017.Cellular connection is our need o every single minute and if something is wrong with it then you are going to face problems in your business as well as other cases.Connect 4g-X from is the best booster anybody can have. with the best coverage and quality parts you do not have to worry if you are sitting far away from the internal antenna, you signals are never going to fall down again


➔ The only thing not in favor is the price of the booster, it is quite high but comparing the features it’s giving it’s completely justifying, You may get a booster at a low price compared to weboost 4G-X but if you own a big house then no other booster can do the job for you as compared to Connect 4G-X.


2. WeBoost Home 4G – Signal Booster for Home and Office.

WeBoost Home 4G
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➔Weboost signal booster stands on 2nd position of our list of Best Cell phone signal boosters in 2017 Now stop moving from one room to another keeping your phone high to get the best signals, instead buy this weboost signal booster and enjoy the strong signals range from any corner of your house.
➔ The booster is perfect for a single or double room or office and increases your LTE or 3G signal strengths by 32X.
➔Talking about the carriers supported in the United States, the boosters works completely fine on all the carriers including T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T etc.


Installation Process
➔Find the position outside receiving best signal strength and place your Booster close to it near the window or on the roof pointed to the direction of the strongest signal.

➔Now attach the Coax cable which you get in the box to the signal booster and another end to the 4G booster which has to be placed inside the house or office.

➔Place inside antenna at the place where there is the maximum demand of strong signals, Now turn on the 4G booster and enjoy the full bar of signals on your device.Do you like this booster in our countdown of Best Cell phone signal boosters in 2017? No,  then switch to next review below.


Note: WeBoost boosters do not support a particular frequency used by some parts of the Sprint network. Most Sprint customers still see a performance improvement from our boosters.

3. Zboost ZB545 SOHO – Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster

Zboost ZB545 SOHO Dual Band
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➔ At our list of Best Cell phone signal boosters in 2017. The zboost ZB545 signal booster provided the strong signals to the cell phones in the areas which are no close to signal towers.The device perfectly fits for use at home at offices, it can rebroadcast the signals from outdoors to indoors up to 2500 sq ft for better signals to perform major tasks like calls and texting and connecting to the internet.The booster comes in handy with support to all the networks including 2G,3G, and the very popular 4G network
➔ The Zboost ZB545 booster is an ideal choice for small rooms and offices where there is a serious problem with call drops and internet connection.For all the problems to those locations, this booster is the ultimate solution and that is why it’s on the list of best cell phone signal boosters of 2017.Talking about its compatibility with the devices, the booster supports all the Android, Ios and other devices, so you do not have to worry about any smartphone you are using.

Technical Specifications:
Network Supported: 2G,3G, and 4G, EVDO
Frequency:1850 to 1990 MHz
System certified by FCC

Note: before using the booster you must take the consent from your service provider.All the major providers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint etc have given the consent, so please confirm with your service provider before you start exploring this device

4. Sure Call Flex Pro Omni/whip – Dual Band Cellphone Signal Booster
Sure Call Flex Pro Omni/whip
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Securing the 4th position in our Best Cell phone signal boosters in 2017, The booster developed by the sure call can be great find or users looking forward to boosting their 3G signals to improve calling and texting on the latest devices running on any of the major carriers in the united states.Since in some areas there is a serious problem of poor signal receptions there The flex pro works efficiently improving the call quality by increasing the strength of the signals and also increasing the battery life of the device.What happens that the houses covered by mountains do not get the best signals range as the signals are not able to pass through them and there comes in use the flex pro booster from sure call which captures the signal, boosts it and rebroadcast to you smartphone, tablet or other devices with the antenna kept in your room connected to the booster.


In Box Contents:
Flex Pro Booster by Sure Call
Outdoor Receiver
Indoor Receiver
RG-6 Coax cable to 50ft length
Power supply cable


➔ The flex pro is suitable for the 1-2 rooms up to 2000 SQ feet and easily gets connected to multiple devices in location.

➔ Supports all major Carrier brand sin United states including sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and other many brands as well.

➔ Similar guide to install like other cell phone boosters

Sure call flex pro stands at number 4 in our Top 5 Best Cell phone Boosters in 2017

5. zBoost ZB575-A Trio Soho – AT&T Cell Phone Signal Booster

zBoost ZB575-A Trio Soho
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➔ At 5th  position in Best Cell phone signal boosters in 2017  zboost zb575-A trio soho is an excellent choice to boost the 4G LTEnetwork of your AT&T mobiles and optimize calls and messages of other major US carriers as well.The booster captures the strongest signals and rebroadcasts up to 2500 SQ feet, though the signals will vary depending upon the placement of the internal antenna in the roomThere can be many problems why your room is not getting strong signals but your smartphone near the windows and doors are showing good signal strength,the distance from the tower to your house can be a lot much or the signals are not able to pass through the concrete of your house or in most cases your house is situated somewhere in hill regions where the signals are not able to surpass mountains.

➔ The inbox contents include the booster,50 feet coax cable a signal receiver, power cable and internal antenna.To start using the booster all you have to do is search for an outdoor location like window or doors where the signal strengths are good and place the receiver there, connect both the receiver and internal antenna with the hoax cable and let the fun begin.We highly recommend trying the boost zb575-A for improving signal strengths.
So this was the list of our Best Cell phone signal boosters in 2017, Now its time for you to choose one for you and improve your signal strength.

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