Best Wireless Headphones 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best wireless headphonesFinding the best wireless headphones for yourself is not an easy task in today’s saturated market.

We have been seeing that in recent times, people have simply started ditching their old school, wired headphones in favor newer, wireless models, and it is true that:

Modern Wireless headphones can easily match the sound fidelity of their wired counterparts.

Not only that, but they also come in great designs and styles, and boast maximum comfort for extended listening.

So considering the glutton of quality wireless headphones on the market, we felt it our duty to help you navigate the market and choose the Best Wireless/Bluetooth headphones for yourself.

To that end, we have assembled detailed reviews for the top 10 wireless headphones available as of 2018. Included are headphones from top brands like Sennheiser, Sony, Bose , and others, ensuring that there is a recommendation for everyone with a particular brand loyalty.

Before you get on to the quick look of the headphones, we would like you to know more in deep about types of headphones in the market:

Over-Ear HeadphonesOn-Ear Headphones
Often introduced as “around ear” or “full size” headphones these are by far the best type you will ever find.Due to their large size in nature, they cover the ears very well bestowing the best sound quality to the listener’s ears.Over-ear is the perfect choice for users who would like to take them down to audio mixing purpose, as they create a complete isolation atmosphere around which is also in easy words is said to be as passive Noise reduction technology.
There is practically no difference between the On-ear, and it’s competitor Over-ear, regardless cushion cups on On-ear headphones just size on the outer part of the ear, unlike the over-ear which covers the entire ear. Though this type of technology is better but still due to its uncovering nature, the user can still hear the surrounding sound which would bother any person around, plus they are also less noise reductant as compared to the over-ear ones.

Best wireless headphones 2018 – Quick Look

This was a quick look at all of the headphones, intended as a brief overview. Now, as promised, we will delve into the detailed reviews of each. Before we do, however, you should know that few headphones come with both Bluetooth and NFC as connectivity options, should you have a preference or limitation to one or the other.

1. Avantree aptX Audition Pro – Advanced Technology with Long Battery Life

Avantree aptx wireless headphonesEquipped with hi-fi sound technology, and a whopping 40-hour battery life , these headphones easily earns their first spot on the list. As the lowest priced headphones in our top 10 countdown, and sporting 4.4-star rating on Amazon, it is a premium product.

These pair of headphones is abnormally light, weighing in at just 199 grams . If you’re used to some heavy headset, this is very likely to cause upteem comfort and you may have just found your best wireless headset!

They are equipped with all major features, including dual device connectivity with either Bluetooth 4.1 technology or NFC . The sound quality is excellent , and there are no clear compromises made by Avantree to achieve that.

The over-ear design overall block the surrounding noises to enter and provides you a complete room to focus just on the music. The built in bass boost improves the overall listening experience to the next level.

Avantree Aptx also comes with multi-point or dual connectivity that allows you to connect the headphones to devices at a time, it can be a combination of laptop and mobile or tablet or mobile. In case you are enjoying your favorite movie on laptop and the mobile phone gets a call, the technology will automatically pause the movie and will give preference to the call

The most eye-catching feature is the battery life of the headphones. They provide 40 hours of continuous playback on a full charge , which is far more than any of the headphones we have reviewed. If battery life is one of your primary concerns, this headset excels well beyond any others on the market.


  • Wired option allows seamless switching between wireless listening and wired connectivity
  • Battery life is a staggering 40 hours on one charge
  • The headset has sound quality that will impress even the snobbiest of audio connoisseurs
  • Great overall build quality


  • Lack of control buttons


These is lowest priced headphones on our list, and we must say it is tough competition to many of the more expensive models. If you are on a tight budget and looking for over-whelming sound quality headphones, then don’t give a second thought to buy them.

2. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 – Most popular Headphones 2018

best noise cancellation headphonesThe Quiet Comfort 35 comes equipped with all the premium features of other high-end bluetooth headphones.

Equipped with Bose’s world-class noise cancellation technology, you can focus on your music without getting distracted by the noisy hustle and bustle of crowds, heavy traffic or airplane engines.

It is designed with users of all volume preferences in mind, employing a volume optimized EQ to perfectly tune to every listener’s taste and emit perfectly balanced audio in all conditions.

These wireless headphones also offers Bluetooth and NFC connectivity , which are supported by nearly all popular music devices on the market.

Tired of noisy phone calls and poorly made microphones? Bose has you covered there too! The Quiet Comfort 35 features advanced dual noise cancellation mics which block out all external noises, allowing for crystal clear communication in any setting. Along with the excellent features in these headphones, they boast an impressive battery life of up to 20 hours .

With so many excellent features, Bose has still managed to bring a great, comfortable design to the table for this headset. It’s lightweight, simple, and stylish, plus very comfortable on the ears . You’ll never feel tired of hanging them around your neck, even when you are not enjoying your music.

They do include a free app that makes it easy for you to switch between devices , and lets you personalize your settings as per your preferences.


  • Best in Class Noise Cancellation
  • Extremely light weight for better comfort
  • Volume-optimized EQ for balanced audio performance 
  • Better control with the dedicated mobile app
  • Up to 20 hours of battery range on Wireless Mode


  • Very pricey


As on of the top rated and best selling wireless headphones on Amazon, it is ideal for users who want the highest quality possible, with little consideration for cost. The extra cost is substantial, but so is the quality!

3. Plantronics Backbeat Pro – Bigger Battery Life

best battery life headphonesBattery has always been one of the biggest issues plaguing wireless headphones. Plantronics took this to heart and made an effort to develop the mid-priced Backbeat Pro with best in class longevity.

It’s battery is rated to last for up to 24 hours of continuous listening ! It’s long battery life is further matched by its outstanding wireless connectivity range. Users an listen to their devices at an astounding 330ft away .

Along with the listed features, the Plantronics Backbeat Pro also has multi-device connectivity features, allowing you to connect both your tablet and phone to the headphone at the same time. Using multiple devices at once creates no connectivity issues whatsoever.

An onboard microphone and noise cancellation round out the feature set, allowing for crystal clear phone calls and uninterrupted listening in noisy environments.

All in all, this headphones packs features of units twice its price into a reasonably valued product. Combined with its top-notch build quality, these headphones make a great impact overall. There is absolutely no reason not to buy it, and those who do are guaranteed to be impressed by its quality and innovative tech.

MultiDevice Connectivity
It might sound as some science-fiction but technology has made it possible and the invention is said to be “multipoint” .Let’s say the Bluetooth headphones have connected two devices and a device starts ringing, now the headphones identifies which one it is and automatically stream it from the precise device and in case you are already on a call with the first device and the other phone rings then you can right away pick up that call too.

Scenarios in which multipoint is useful:

  • Managing two phones, let’s say a personal phone and other one be a professional phone.
  • Using the headphones with iPod while staying connected with the cell phone.
  • Playing games on your console with extreme sounds effects without worrying out missing the important calls on your cell phone

These headphones feature excellent build quality and are comfortable for prolonged use. The cushion cups are soft and cover the ears well. During our testing, the fit was perfect, and most people with usual head shapes and ear sizes should have no complaints.

Since they are closed back headphones, with deep bass and noise cancellation features, they stick tightly to the ear so that no sound leakage can occur. All the good sound quality in the world can’t make up for an uncomfortable headphones, but thankfully, that is not a problem with the Backbeat Pro.


  • Premium design for maximum comfort
  • Tune out distractions with a one touch noise cancellation circuit
  • Battery life of 24 hours for longer playback time
  • Connectivity range of up to 330 feet


  • Boot up may be slow at times for these headphones
  • Bass might be too much for some users


We challenge you to find a good reason not to purchase these. Every aspect of these headphones screams top of its class. With premium features at a mid-budget price range, there are really no headphones on the market that can compete. Plantronics has really taken their 50+ years of industry experience and put everything they had into the engineering of the Backbeat Pro.

4. Sony MDRXB950BT/L – Extra Premium Bass 

premium bass headphonesSony is one of the finest, and most popular, manufacturers of electronics in the entire world. Whether it is televisions, mobile phones or headphones, Sony has always given its best to the customers. The result of their efforts is a dedicated fan base of trusting consumers that is years in the making.

Products like the Sony MDRXB950BT/L are part of what supports this reputation. Designed for the users who love Bass, the MDRXB950BT/L features electronic bass boost circuitry and Bluetooth or NFC connectivity.

Sony loves to ensure that you get what you pay for! Comparing these headphones to other leading manufacturers like Bose, they come at a much lower price point. So long as you’re not a die-hard Bose fan, the Sony MDRXB950BT/L are a worthy competitor to any of their offerings .

In addition to their wealth of premium features, these headphones feature an excellent battery life with up to 20 hours of continuous playback. They’ll ensure that dead batteries never come between you and your wireless entertainment again!

The best part about these headphones is that you get a dedicated button to turn on the extreme electric bass boost , for convenience in fine tuning your sound. This is great for multiple users who may have differing bass preferences.

Finally, these headphones make taking important calls a breeze with included, inline controls. Life just can’t get any easier! Overall, premium features and a stellar build quality makes he Sony MDRXB950BT/L one of the best headphones in our list.

The ear cushion cups do not feel great, and they do not cover the ear well, also headphones do not fold flat for portability and compact storage.

These headphones come with two modes of audio quality :

  • Red Flash, which signifies the energy saving mode is on, and lower sound quality is enabled
  • The headphones come out the box in blue flash mode, which is high-quality audio. This is the standard mode


  • Advanced electronic bass boost circuitry for extreme bass
  • Option to take and place calls on the go with one touch button
  • Broad Frequency response of 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Battery life of 20 hours playback and 200 hours standby


  • Headphones are bulky and do not fold, making them quite difficult to travel with
  • Subpar noise cancellation system


If you have used bulky headphones in the past and have been quite comfortable with them, you will enjoy the Sony MDRXB950BT/L. They are also an excellent choice for those who are looking for mid-priced headphones. The technical aspects including the bass,sound quality, and battery are excellent, and you get a overall 20 hours of music playback on single charge.

5. Sony MDR1000X/B – Easy Touch Controls

Sony MDR1000X/BAre you searching for something unique and beautiful in the market? If so, these headphones are for you. Though you may find them slightly higher than mid-budget, you will quickly be assured in your money well spent by their plethora of features and astounding build quality .

Designed by market leading electronics manufacturer Sony, these wireless headphones are equipped with high-resolution audio technology to provide a best in class music experience to the listener.

Their  high fidelity audio pairs   impeccably with its best in class noise cancelling technology. Whether you are stuck in traffic or sitting on an aeroplane, you will be able to put full focus and attention on your tunes.

It uses advanced Bluetooth technology for connectivity, which makes it easy and convenient to connect to every device you own, including tablets, iPhones, TVs, and PCs.

Ambient Sound Technology- You no longer have to turn down your headphones to tune into the world outside! Just cup your hand over the right headphone, and you’ll easily be able to hear all of your surroundings, thanks to Sony’s Ambient Sound Technology.

Touch Controls: Bored with the physical buttons on your old headphones? These Bluetooth headphones provides smartphone-like interaction using intuitive touch controls. This is one of a kind tech that significantly reduces the issues of wear and tears on physical buttons, ruining their ability to work after a short time.

The design of the headphones is kept simple yet pleasing. The exteriors of the headphones are flat with no significant design, and a matte finish on top.


  • Intuitive touch controls for all major functionalities
  • Ambient sound system makes it so that you never miss a beat from your surroundings
  • Industry-leading noise cancellation


  • No cons
  • Microphone is not very good


These are the best headphones ever produced by Sony. Though a tad pricey, it is easily justified by its unique, intuitive control features and excellent sound quality. The overall design is very elegant and is as beautiful as you will ever see on any headphones.

6. Beats Studio Wireless – Best from Beats

Beats Studio Wireless headphonesDespite the overwhelming number of high-end headphones on the market, Beats has still managed to stake its claim in the wireless sector. In its early days, Beats Audio started out making wired headphones and instantly became a market sensation.

Now, as they step into the wireless headphones market, the expectations are just as high, and thankfully they do not disappoint.

Beats Studio Wireless headphones are equipped with dual noise cancellation technology  and feature an inbuilt mic to take calls on the go. Built with only the best quality materials, they are one of the lightest headphones on the market , and will never burden your head after hours of listening.

Some users have complained that the Bluetooth connection drops, and we confirmed this with numerous users of the product. To remedy, the headphones must be updated after connecting them to a PC. Since the update, there has been no such problem while connecting it to any music device.

These headphones are great for users who struggle to headphones in their favorite color. Beats Audio has manufactured the Studio Wireless Headset in 10 colors , some of which are available in a sleek matte finish.

Unlike some other, similarly priced wireless headphones, connectivity range is a non-issue for this set. Packed with advanced Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect to Apple or Android devices up to 30ft away. This has the convenient benefit of being able to listen to your music in multiple rooms of your house, without ever moving the device.

The headphone’s batteries can sustain 12 hours of continuous playback on a single charge in wireless mode , and up to 20 hours playback when wired.


  • Dual-mode Adaptive noise cancellation
  • Moderately long-lasting battery and relatively high connectivity range
  • Plush and cushy earcups for extreme comfort
  • Better sound compared to similar competitors


  • Pricey [But worth it]
  • Average overall build quality


If you are a big fan of Beats, you should go for it! All of its advanced features and excellent sound quality will leave you with no regrets. The price, however, is slightly higher than mid-budget. Still, the consumer satisfaction is on par!

7. Sennheiser PXC 550 – For Those Who Want the Best

Sennheiser PXC 550These are easily the best set of headphones on this list. It is also the least appropriate set for anyone who does not have a large budget set aside for headphones purchasing. Designed by Sennheiser, it is one of the most expensive headphones available. Why is it so expensive? Well, to be frank, it is the perfect set of headphones, bar none.

Packed with Bluetooth 4.2 technology and NFC connectivity , it seamlessly connects with any and all of your favorite devices. The adaptive noise guard technology with ambient sound blocks out everything you don’t want to hear and lets you easily focus on the things you do want to listen to. Whether on a train, plane or in a crowded area, you will hear nothing but your sweet, sweet music.

In terms of a battery life, a quick and easy 3-hour charge provides a staggering 30 hours of continuous playback . With the main focus on sound quality, everything that leaves the speakers is perfectly balanced, with rich highs, deep bass response and crystal clarity.

Wearing this headset is an absolute pleasure. It looks great, it feels great, and they are nice and light to boot! When you no longer want them on your head, making them disappear is as easy a folding them up and discreetly stowing them.

Unlike other wireless headphones, you do not get the control buttons on the top. Instead, you get an intuitive touchpad on the right earcup to control your music and phone calls just by revolving your fingers. . Speaking of phone calls, the inbuilt microphone boasts speech clarity that rivals your phone’s mic!

The headset includes the Cap Tune music player with purchase, which provides a powerful suite of audio enhancements and organization.


  • Ergonomically designed, extremely lightweight headphones
  • Easy to carry and travel with
  • Triple microphone array for superior voice transmission on calls
  • Dedicated Cap Tune Music app for easy control


  • Pricey (yet perfect) headphones


At a lower price, this headset would easily have beaten out all others for the top spot. However, since it comes with a hefty price tag, only the most discerning of audio critiques will be able to shell out the cash for these. If the price is of no concern, there is not a single headset on the market that can hold a candle to these!

8. Bohm B76 Wireless Headphones – Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation wireless headphonesThese excellent headphones excel in all aspects, especially given their relatively low price. They feature intuitive connectivity for seamless integration with all of your devices, whether they be tablets, smartphones, or Smart TVs. They are equally suitable for music and gaming applications.

Their unique ear cup design is interesting and slightly unusual, but nonetheless perfectly comfortable. Most importantly, they rely on active noise cancellation technology , which aids in shutting out the outside world and immersing yourself in whatever you may be listening to.

Separate control buttons and a noise cancellation toggle on top of the headphones make controlling your listening experience easy to do. Their Bluetooth tech allows for up to 10 meters of separation from your audio source .

The design and build quality are top notch and the cushion cups feel great over the ears. Still, the weight of the headphones is about 350 grams, which is on the heavier side. The weight is mostly counteracted by the excellent ear cup design, which is not only comfortable on the head but prevents nearly all sound leakage.

Last but not the least, company has provided an excellent battery with no compromises, boasting 16 hours of continuous playback on a single charg e. While it’s not top of its class in longevity, it is certainly no slouch, especially when compared to higher priced alternatives.


  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 for multi-device connectivity
  • Cushioned, padded ear cups for great comfort
  • 10 m of connectivity range
  • Low cost


  • A little heavier than comparable models
  • Active noise cancellation circuit could be slightly improved


Despite coming from a slightly lesser known brand, these headphones boasts brand name quality and comfort, all at a relatively affordable price. The all new Bluetooth 4.0 allows connection with all of the devices and resists the connection to maximum up to 10 meters of 30 feet.

9. V-MODA Crossfade – Perfect for Gamers and DJs

V-MODA Crossfade Award-winning manufacturer V-MODA’s new headset is making waves in the audio community. They feature a unique, uncommon steel construction and eschew the traditional ear cup design. Engineered with gamers and DJ’s in mind, these are the best multi-purpose wireless headphones in our list.

Keeping the above user base in mind, the main focus of the manufacturer is on sound quality, which is top notch in all regards. The sound is clear and balanced on this headset, and the bass is booming.

A quality microphone makes taking phone calls and directing voice assisted apps like Google Now a snap. In addition, there is no need to worry about battery life, as a quick two-hour charge to this Bluetooth headset provides 12 hours of continuous playback . This equally important whether on a long journey or in a drawn-out battle online.

In this review, we are going to mainly focus on build quality. Most are under the initial impression that this headphone’s all metal construction would make it uncomfortably heavy. However, we are happy to report that this is simply untrue! The company has not only focused on the look but on comfort as well, keeping the weight of this headset at a svelte 292 grams .

Sore necks and achy ears will never be a problem for users of these headphones. In terms of connectivity, Bluetooth technology allows for 33 feet of freedom from any paired device , or even two paired devices with multi-connectivity tech .
These headphones include a 1-year warranty, ensuring the manufacturer will take care of any problems you may have with them in your first year of purchase


  • Unique and indestructible design
  • Military level durability for long life span
  • Punchy bass and world class treble
  • Better price point than similarly featured competitors


  • No cons


These are the perfect headphones for gaming, music and even studio usage. Build quality is more durable than anything else we’ve seen, ensuring that your purchase will last for years to come. If you are primarily interested in gaming but wish to use your headphones in other areas from time to time, these are the best headset for you.

10. Audio Technica ATH-S700BT – Connect to 8 Devices at Once

Best multi connectivity headphonesComing from renowned headphones brand Audio Technica, these headphones packs most typical high-end features but still misses few noticeable ones. However, it’s a fair trade-off considering the modest price tag and giant name behind them.

With no noise cancellation and a mere 6 hours of continuous playback, you are probably wondering how these wireless headphones are any good for you ?

Well, what it lacks in longevity and features, it makes up for multi-connectivity. You can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously with these headphones . Up until now, we only had headphones with dual connectivity available to use. Audio-Technica has gone far ahead of the curve and became the hot shot choice for customers demanding this unique tool.

Connectivity options include high fidelity Bluetooth technology, and the headphone comes equipped with a mic to take calls on the go. Control buttons on the headset allow manipulation of music and phone calls without ever laying a hand on your device.

Unfortunately, the design of these headphones is rather bland, and only one option is available. The company has gone for a standard, all black casing with a relatively understated company logo on the earpiece. Still, it looks rather professional and sends a clear statement – that Audio Technica is all about the sound quality, and not about the flash . If stellar music at a mid-range price is your cup of tea, you’ll dig this offering from Audio-Technica!

We have been encountered by several new brand headphones which are comparatively less pricey than this but are not able to cope up with it regarding multiple device connectivities and audio quality, so we recommend not to go for new brands and instead invest in these great headphones by Audio Technica. It’s not just about the features of the headphones but also the after sales top notched service you get with it.


  • Multiple connectivity feature allows up to 8 devices to connect at once
  • Built in headphones amplifier and control buttons on top
  • 40mm large over-ear drivers.
  • Excellent price point


  • Low battery life of 6 hours
  • Average overall look with no multiple options.


You are not going to see any headphones from other popular brands at such a great value. Consumer ratings are very positive, and therefore we recommend this product for any headphones shoppers, even those with a much a larger budget. Though the headphones performs average in terms of battery range and overall look, but sound quality and multi-connectivity options cover up the things very well

Buyer’s Guide – Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

best wireless headphones buyers guideWith so many models to choose from, finding the best wireless headphones for yourself can be a daunting task. When confusion inevitably sets in, how do you separate the good, the bad, and the awful?

First of all, you need to identify your needs, specifically the features you need in the headphones and the ones you can live without. As an example, active noise cancellation is a critical feature in our increasingly loud and crowded world, while connectivity range is rarely an issue for most users.

Most importantly, you need to decide whether a wireless headset, whether Bluetooth or NFC (or both), is best for your needs. In some cases, you may find a wired solution works in your favour.

NFC v/s Bluetooth
NFC or as it breakdown into Near Field Communication is also a great yet less popular mode of wireless connection due to due of its limitations. Both the Bluetooth and NFC are used for creating a connection with the device over short distances.

Bluetooth where has the capability of sustaining a connection up to 33 feet, NFC can just hold up to maximum of 20 centimeters. It may seem like Bluetooth is finer than NFC but that is not the case. Both the high-end technologies have more or less advantages and disadvantages over each other and can work as per the needs of the user.

  • In a battery range battle NFC surpasses Bluetooth and consumes less power however when NFC has to power passive medium like an NFC tag it consumes a little much power. The devices when using NFC must stay close to each other which helps in avoiding interference which is a common problem in a crowdy area where multiple devices are trying to communicate whereas same is the not the case with Bluetooth. There happens to be a problem when trying to communicate between two devices in crowdy area via Bluetooth.
  • NFC, as compared to Bluetooth, happens to create faster connectivity in fraction of second whereas Bluetooth takes some time and may require a thorough read of user manual before being able to operate it perfectly but again using NFC will force you to keep the devices close to each other.

There is no final shot on which is the best as both slay their feature on the respective terms, Moreover NFC is still a slightly underused technology and will still take some time to grow up when it comes to using them in headphones.

How do Wired Headphones differ from Wireless Headphones:

Wired HeadphonesWireless Headphones
Wired headphones are no different as compared to the much appreciated wireless one,It’s just that they use a chord wired headset to create a connection all the devices including Mp3 Players, Iphones, Ipods , Laptops and gaming states as well,Unlike wireless headphones they don’t require any batteries and hence users don’t have to worry about the dying battery in the mid of the entertainment.Most of the wireless headphones do come with wired jack to plug in the chord and let the beats flow plus there has been an intense talk in the market that they provide better sound quality as compared to wireless one, though there is no such clearance on this we do believe that wired one’s stand ahead when it comes to evaluating on the basis of sound quality however wireless one still surprises when it comes to portability.
Wireless headphones are great for sports and outdoor uses as you don’t have to keep wired up and keep adjusting the headphones, so it doesn’t pull off from the headphones jack.They allow you the freer movement as compared to the wired one, and you don’t have to stay close as possible to the music source.Most of the headphones we tested use Bluetooth as the connectivity while NFC is also the connectivity option in some of the high-end headphones but still since Bluetooth is the most shared and reliable method of connectivity which comes packed in all of the devices be it smartphones or music players,you can ignore the NFC part in it.

General Headphones FAQ’S

How does Noise Cancellation Works?
When you want to cut out the ambient sounds of engines, horns, and other audible nuisances, noise cancellation is king. Headphones featuring this tech carry a miniature microphone which picks up ambient noises, analyses them and emits a counter frequency that prevents them from reaching your ears. While it drastically improves your listening experience, it also tends to eat away quickly at battery power. This is why headphones with this feature often need bigger batteries or suffer unusually short times between charges.
Open and Closed Back Headphones?
If you are buying them for entertainment, you can rarely justify open backed headphones. They bleed noise, which is annoying for people besides you, and usually carry a heftier price tag for a minor sound enhancement. However, if you are going to use them for audio engineering, then you have to choose wisely. Most audio engineers prefer open back headsets for their built-in surround sound effect, which brings the sound right into the studio with you. The choice is not rocket science, it merely depends on your budget and intended usage setting.
What Size is the Best?
We are often asked this question, and the answer is always the same. A 40mm driver suits nearly all head shapes and size the best. You should be very picky about size and weight when choosing headphones. Although weight can often be overlooked for good sound quality, poorly sized drivers will ruin the listening experience quickly. Moreover, headphones that are too large tend to put uncomfortable pressure on the head and ears during prolonged listening. While specialized applications and extenuating circumstances may vary, 40mm is a safe bet for the majority of the population.
Are Expensive Headphones worth Buying?
The short answer is a resounding yes. Few people ever regret the awe-inspiring experience of owning quality headphones. However, this recommendation is not without caveats. Depending on how well you can hear the minor differences in high-end headphones, you may wish to stay away from more expensive brands like Sony and Bose. They typically carry marginally better sound quality than lesser known brands at a slightly lower price, but that is money wasted if you can’t even tell the difference! Though the sound quality is, without a doubt, the most important metric when making a purchase, it is not the only one. 
How to choose headphones that works with all my devices?
Thankfully, Bluetooth technology is as simple to use as it is powerful. Have a Bluetooth enabled device? Yes? Then every device listed above, and any other Bluetooth wireless headphones for that matter, will be compatible. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, or even smart TVs, Bluetooth has you covered. Best of all, some of the headphones above even feature ultra power efficient NFC architecture, which is commonplace on nearly all smart devices made today. This gives you multiple options for wireless connectivity across all devices!

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