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Skullcandy crusher wireless Review

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone - Black The Skullcandy crusher wireless is headphones that do justice to people who have trained their ears to refined musical tones with all the details audible. They have a bass resonance chamber that makes the music you are listening to more impactful.

The Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones are better than their known updated version. While these are not professional headphones, they do provide a few features that are similar to professional headphones. The bulky nature of the ear pads of these headphones prevents sound from entering or leaving the headphones much easily. They are overall economically convenient and provide for optimum sound quality.


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone - Black The design of the Skullcandy crusher wireless is an up-gradation from the previous model. While the previous headphones were bulkier and more straining on the ears, the latest version is less bulky and provides for an airier space in the ear pads to allow airflow in and out of the ears. The outer covering is draped in black and is given a matte finish which increases the aesthetic of the product.

There is a rubber padding on the band of the headphones to provide comfort while using them for a longer duration. One downside is its inflexibility which makes the pair uncomfortable when wanting to adjust them well on your head. The ear cuffs are lined with memory foam from the inside to prevent them from pressing too hard against the ears, making it difficult to use for a longer duration.

The wireless features kick in with the build of buttons into the headphones. These buttons control the volume, playlists, calls and Bluetooth connectivity, making the headphone experience device use free. The left ear cuff has a slider that controls the base of the music.

Overall, the headphones are made softer to increase comfort, and less bulky to make them portable. The packaging of the headphones is also diminished and allows the headphones to be folded so that they can fit in the box properly. For charging the device, a USB port can be used. The only downside here is that the USB port should not be C type. Most people nowadays have the C type charging port which makes charging this device a tedious task.

All in all, it is a moderate product that most people enjoy using for routinely music listening purposes.

Bass Chamber of Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone - Black The Skullcandy Crusher is known for its bass chamber that runs on cells. The battery life with the bass enabled falls drastically due to the power required in running this feature. When the bass is not enabled, the battery life lasts up to 40 hours which is a much-needed feature since charging devices is a hassle to all users.

Even though the bass feature is unique to this model, Skullcandy has not fulfilled the expectations attached to the feature. The bass, although adjusted by scrolling up or down on the ear pad, hinders with the tone of the music, turning the song into something else entirely. It is slightly disappointing since the headphones have an assigned chamber for the bass to be regulated in the headphones.

The foggy sound that comes from introducing base into the music makes these headphones unsuitable for people who are looking to purchase headphones that provide bass to their music.

Talking about the functioning of the headphones as wireless ones, it can be safely stated that they are impeccable at that. The connectivity using Bluetooth is swift and efficient. The right ear cuff has controls for volume and playlist.

The Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones have been successful at their wireless feature but not their bass feature. Overall, they are ideal for people looking for wireless headphones for leisure, at lower prices.

Quality of sound

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone - Black The quality of sound is undoubtedly very refined and successful. When the bass is kept to the lowest or is not used at all, the sound system of the headphones reaches perfection. The treble in the sound is distinguishable which makes the details in the music audible. The bass itself, although not a good feature, is decent to some extent. Despite its lack of quality, the bass can be reveled in for leisurely days.

While listening to music on these headphones, the mids can be noticed to be more prominent than the highs and lows. The emphasize is also on the high-frequency sound more. The only advantage of the bass is that it works well to some extent, providing the club vibe you want. It can be adjusted according to your preference, and can also be shut off altogether for you to enjoy the normal sound that these headphones provide.

The bass can be termed ‘good’, but only for songs with a sub-base. Any other song, when heard with increased bass, is dominated over by the bass itself and the emphasis shifts from the overall song to the drumbeats and other instrumentals that merge together, making you feel the vibrations literally.

The headphones are ideal for people who like EDM and enjoy the bass rather than the entirety of the song. For those looking for a peaceful musical experience will not find the product satisfactory.

Final decision

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone - Black Although lacking qualitative bass, the headphones are advanced as compared to others in its price range and category. Their wireless feature is exceptional and has controls that keep the effects within your preferred range. They are a must purchase for leisure music listeners and for people who are looking for the heavy bass effect. The battery life of beyond 40 hours is exceptional, and the comfort of the headphones is applaudable.

Personally, I reveled in the experience of these headphones and would suggest others looking for casual musical experiences to buy it too. It is compact and can be carried everywhere. All in all, they are the perfect purchase for fulfilling the purpose of wireless headphones.

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