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studio headphoneYou definitely need some good studio headphones if you are into music production, but with so many popular brands in the market and between the hype created by them, it becomes quite difficult to choose the perfect studio monitor headphones for yourself.

So today here we are with the ultimate buyer’s guide on the Best Studio headphones of 2017, The list has been created keeping in mind the newbies who generally roll low on budget and Professionals for whom choosing the best monitor headphones is certainly a difficult task.

Before we head over to detailed reviews lets have a quick look at top headphones.

The headphones have gone through some serious reviews by our experts and have made it through the list by competing with some major brands in the market, Our objective is to help you choose that one studio headphone which perfectly suits your needs, so in case you have any questions regarding any of the headphones here just get to us through the comment section below.

Best studio Headphones 2017 – Quick Look

Audio Technica ATH-M50x
(Editor's Choice)
Closed Back45mm
Sennheiser HD 600Open Backcircular
Audio Technica ATH-M40XClosed Back40mm
Beyerdynamic DT 990 ProOpen Back45mm
V Moda Crossfade M100
Closed Back50mm
Sennheiser HD 598 CSOpen Backcircular
Sony MDR V6
(Lowest Price)
Closed Back40mm
Audio Technica AD 700XOpen Back53mm
Bluedio Victory ProClosed Back50mm
Koss Pro 4SClosed Back45mm

These were our picked best studio headphones in the market and now we are going to dive in to the detailed reviews for them.If you have came across any audiophile headphone that deserves to be in this list,please let us know.We value your suggestion!

1.Audio Technica ATH-M50X – Best Studio Headphones 2017

Audio Technica ATH-M50X When it comes to creating powerful headphones this brand outperforms every other brand.

ATH-M50X is a professional masterpiece from Audio Technica which not only works great in terms of function but also comes with great build quality and design.

Critically acclaimed by the best music persons in the industry and audio engineers this is probably one of the best headphones for music production, plus it is affordable by newbies too who are trying their hands on in audio mixing.

With that said,Lets have a peek at the complete review of this masterpeice

These headphones have secured top position in our list as they are a perfect fit for you, if you are looking for some multipurpose headphones which you can use at studio as well as with your other devices for fun then this should be your choice.Since most of the headphone lack bass as they need to keep the frequency flat for better sound engineering,for that manufacturers of this headphones have gone a step far and included Bass functionality which can be used as per the scenario, so for someone low on budget seeking multipurpose headphones would love his.

  • 45mm Large Drivers for intended for perfect fit,not too large and not too small
  • Excellent Sound Clarity and Bass Enhancement
  • Exceptional Sound Isolation supported by closed-back design
  • 90 degree swiveling earcups for one ear studio monitoring
Talking about the sound isolation feature of these studio monitor headphones,which is by far according to us is something which has to be excellent in any headphones for music production and luckily The manufacturer have done a great job on that part, though you may not find it great when you are not in the studio.

Talking about the sound and bass performance, both the features are top notched and you are never going to face any problem regarding them and to be very honest on this part we don’t have any negative perceptions.
Apart from using them as studio purpose, the headphones are good to go with your iPhones and other music devices as well, but in our opinion, the 45mm driver looks quite big for regular use but they weigh approx 250 grams which makes it a good idea to use these top studio headphones all the time.


  • Perfect Value for money headphones with all the major features at comparatively low price point.
  • Rich Bass and Clear Treble supported by Closed back technology
  • Fit in perfectly and are compatible with all type of devices to make audio mixing more convenient for you
  • Light weight,so that it never becomes a problem being hanging around the neck


  • No Cons

Final verdict:

You will not get anything such excellent in mid-budget price tag.Audio Technica has been in the market since a long time and has already brought forward some brilliant mixing headphones in the past and this one is the perfect studio monitoring headphones for any type of musician.

2.Sennheiser HD 600 – Best Open Back Studio Headphones

Sennheiser HD 600When it comes to headphones,Sennheiser is the King of the market.Studio Headphones,Bluetooth headphones , you name it and Sennheiser has everything in the house.

HD 600 Open back is audio mixing oriented headphone for which you have to spend a little more than an good budget.But trust us, that would still be a steal deal for you.

This can be an ideal fit for the users who do not have any problem of low budget and are seeking the excellent quality Open Back headphones.

Since it is open back it flawlessly does the job for audio mixers plus it would end up being a perfect choice for users seeking some multipurpose headphone for off-job entertainment.

    Hd 600 is the audiophile open dynamic professional monitor headphones resulting in the emission of Clear sound waves with no external sound disturbance and is favorite among the top most sound engineers of the industry.

  • High quality open backed design delivers extremely clear and transparent sound
  • Build with aluminum coil ends up making it an extremely lightweight mixing headphones
  • Packed with neodymium ferrous magnet system you get an excellent dynamic response
  • Detachable, Kevlar-reinforced OFC Wired Cable


Why do We recommend this?

We recommend this for everyone who is thinking too much before choosing a perfect piece, as there is no doubt that this is one of the best monitor headphones available in the market, plus coming from such a big and popular manufacturer you do get a 2 years warranty period so that you don’t face any after sales problem.

  • Go for it if you are planning to use some headphones for a longer period of time.
  • They can end up being a pricey choice, but trust us they are completely worth the price tag they carry
  • They got immense reviews and great ratings over internet,so that you get answers to your every question.

Sennheiser HD 600 is designed especially for the Hi-fi stereo system and music engineers, though packed in with all the top notched features the headphones still come as the extremely light weight of just 260 grams.


  • High quality metal mesh grilles delivers extremely clear and transparent sound
  • Neodyium magnet ensures optimum sensitivity and dynamic response
  • Extremely Light weight sue to its open back design


  • Pricey than an average cost


If you are good on a budget and looking for some excellent open-back headphones then nothing can be better than this for you.Apart from being pricey this headphones boasts in every feature justifying itself as one of the best audio mixing headphones

3.Audio Technica ATH-M40X – Best seller Under Low-Budget

Audio Technica ATH-M40XThis is third studio headphone from Audio Technica in our list and the reason we have included is that we have found that certain users are obsessed with M50X but find it little pricey, so for them we have M40X which is slightly older version as compared to M50X but is no less powerful than it.
Designed with cutting-edge engineering and robust based construction you will get a see a clean design as similar as its successor.The manufacturers have included 40mm drivers with rare earth magnet and aluminum wire coils.the headphone includes excellent isolation technology which makes sure that you do not get disturbed by the external surroundings, drivers are 90 degrees swiveling which makes it comfortable to monitor music just with one driver in hand.The headphone is made up of premium quality material and the headbands and ear cups provide a great comfort to the user.

In-Box Specifications:
  • 40mm perfect fit drivers with integrated copper-clad aluminim wire coils and rare earth magnet
  • Open back design for excellent sound isolation
  • Two detachable cables included,one being the coiled cable and other being the straight cable
  • Professional grade headpad and cushion quality for extreme comfort and durability

Who is it for?

As mentioned earlier this is the predecessor of MTH-50X and in no many ways weaker than it.It can be ideal choice for those who are low on budget and want an Audio Technica Monitor headphones.As today we do have young musician who just stepped out in the field but didn’t have a good budget to go for the best accessories,for them there can not be anything better than this as with exceptional features you do get a trust factor from the renowned brand


  • Robust Construction for better Durability and life span
  • Clear,Balanced and natural Sound quality
  • Easy to afford due to its entry level price tag


  • Only 90 degree swiveling ear cups . but that is acceptable as such price point
  • Not Bass Heavy [ Bass is good but it has not been the priority during the construction of features] but still the headphones perform brilliantly as mixing or monitoring headphone


If you are looking for a branded closed back headphone at entry level price range then this can be a good choice, We do have not so popular Kross pro 4s with a similar price tag in our list and we recommend you to check that out too but again for someone who is obsessed with brand image and in tight on budget must check this one out.

4.Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm – Extremely Light in Weight

Beyerdynamic DT 990 ProMost of the times when we take the reviews from the people seeking a monitor headphones, the most common problem we get to hear is about the weight of the headphones, most of the top studio headphones which are used extensively by the people weight somewhere close to 800 grams and that’s certainly not for people willing to work for maximum hours a day, but with this headphpne you don’t have to worry about the weight at all.Beyerdynamic  has shown a serious concern towards it and made it perfcet in terms of design and weight.These mixing headphones are design as open-back which is preferred by most of the music persons.

These headphones from Beyerdynamic’s are not just great in terms of specifications but you do get extremely light weight body to make you feel at ease when they are over your headphone.On the general specs end these sets of music mixing headphones come with open diffused field and 250-ohm drivers along with the wired cable.The renowned manufacturers have given their best in terms of sound quality and the user gets some excellent sound reproductions plus on the top, you get a rugged, adjustable headband with soft ear cushion pads for great comfort level.

Who is it for?

This studio headphone is ideal for music mixers who have to work for continuous hours in their studios, as the lightweight and comfortable design makes it easy to carry over the heads for a longer period of time.It is not much different than the Audio techica MTH-50X , its just both the headphones are different designs and DT-990 is more focused towards sound engineering and might not be best for using as a regular headphone too.


  • Light weight Diaphgram for extreme impulse performance
  • High score in terms of Comfort and quality
  • Available as 32 OHM,250 OHM and 250 OHM pro


  • They do have bass which performs very well but you should not expect a premium bass quality from them


The price of the headphones should be an issue for customers lying in the mid-budget though you can find a headphone with almost several features at comparatively less price but then again it got some features like open ear cup which the other alternatives don’t have.However if you feel like the price is not acceptable for you then we would suggest you to checkout Audio Technica MTH-40X in that case.


A monitor headphones packed with such intense feature in a mid-budget segment can be a hot deal for customers, though the size may bother you in spare time when they are not in use just hanging around them neck but for professional purposes, we don’t see a problem having them

5.V-Moda Crossfade M100 – Durable Build Quality with Unique Design

V-Moda Crossfade M100This is one of the best headphone we have tested,the sound quality is excellent and is no less than the old brands like Sony and Sennheiser but the reason why we have not listed this studio headphone in our top featuring headphone is its price tag which falls under the high-budget segment and may not be easily afforded by the masses.We here like to guide you for the but not in the direction which will cost you too much.V-moda is known for its unique and hardcore designed headphones,which are solid,stylish and above all a good listening device,with that said lets have a detailed look on what this headphone has to offer us.

Coming in from the award winning house the headphones features 50mm drivers with inner and outer rings separating the bass from bleeding and giving a perfect balance, tested at 6 different frequencies the manufacturers have to make sure they fit well for every purpose.The headphones are made up of light material but still looks like a powerful piece, Packed with Noise Isolation technology it is made sure that you only focus on the music instead of getting distracted by the surrounding.The ear cushion are very comfortable to ears and the overall build quality of these monitor headphones is excellent and they are extremely durable and not prone to wear and tear in any cases.Manufacture says hat it comes with all steel frame which offers military-level durability.

Crossfade M-100 is ideal For those who are looking for best in the market and have good  budget in the hand, because the price point of this headphone can be a major concern for any user.It is a power pack headset with all the premium sounds features and aslo the durability and design factor which is hard to ignore.


  • Industry standard sound quality with excellent bass effect
  • solid steel frame with best durability in the market
  • Unique CLIQFOLD design for compact storage makes it easy to carry
  • Supple BLISS cushion cups for extreme comfort


  • small chord wire restricts the swelling upto 180 degrees
  • Pricey

Final Words:

If you are looking for a headphone for long term use then this would end up being a perfect choice for you due to its durable nature and perfect specifications, plus they have been top pick for audiophiles , DJ persons so you d not have to worry about using them as studio headphones.

6.Sennheiser HD 598 CS – Budget Pick from Big Brand

Sennheiser HD 598 CS We are not biased but there is a reason why this studio headphone is our choice.I think you will agree if we say Sennheiser is best in this business but what comes surprisingly here is the price of this headphone, trust us we have reviewed multiple numbers of Sennheiser headphones which were priced very heavily but this comes as a steal deal for a music mixers both in learning phase and who have stepped as professionals.This audiophile grade headphone is complete premium build with some really smooth and clean finish at the top.what we love most about this is the branding done in it.A small branding plate as you can see in the image looks very well and perfectly matches the design of this audiophile headphone.

The headphones are made out of some real premium quality material and the ear cushions end up being very comfortable for both long term and short term use.The closed back design barely allows the surrounding noises to enter, giving a complete room to focus on the music doesn’t matter you are using them in the studio as monitor headphone or back in your home connected to your iPhone or laptops, they work seamlessly well with every music do get the options of 3.5 mm jack and 6.3mm jack with respective connectivity cables in the package.with 23OHM independance and 10 – 28,000 Hz frequency range it is good to with.This beast from sennheiser weight 334 grams supported by its compact size which makes it easy and extremely comfortable to use

Who is it for?

It is very well choice for brand lovers who don’t want to spend much currently, plus from a brand like Sennheiser you are never going to face any of the warranty issues after purchase.If you are newbie to music mixing then this is for you and if you are a professional then it’s for you too, that’s the beauty of this headphone, they are perfectly designed and perfectly priced with all the top notched features.


  • Created with Premium components you will never feel that the manufacturers have compromised even at a single point.
  • Noise Isolating technology allows you to just focus on your music and blocking the ambient sounds around you
  • Great Bass reproduction with closed back design


  • No Cons


A great choice if you are looking for a closed can with rolled off extreme highs and elevated mids. Solid Bass,premium design,light weight , you name it,this little thing has got everything


 7.Sony MDRV6 with CCAW Coil – Lowest Price from the Biggest Brand

Sony MDRV6 Sony MDRV6 is one of the most popular studio monitor headphone over Amazon both in terms of selling or even if we look at review factor, they seem to be in favor of it.Sony is one of the popular manufacturers when it comes to sound devices and this monitor headphones can be a great choice for users running low on budget.We do have some high end studio headphone here but we wanted to offer something that is cost effective so we picked this one.Great sound,Brilliant comfort and solid life span,MDRV6 some solid reasons to go for it.

The headphones come along with 40mm drivers and Neodymium magnets which emit great quality sound, the headphones do come with a leather headband for great comfort and the driver covers the ear very well isolating the surrounding sounds so that you can focus well on the music notes.You get 10 feet copper cord wire so that you don’t stick near the headphone jack source, The closed back design as said helps in blocking the outside noise to the extent helping you feel some great clarity sound and excellent bass up to 5hz.With mere 300grams in overall weight this can be a good choice for anyone

Who is it for?

These mixing headphones can be a great choice for users relying on renowned brands plus have low budget on hand, at this price range this is again the best from Sony compared to other leading manufacturers who do not have some great devices at this price range.remember this might not be the best in terms of function but when price is so low,you have to compromise on some minor parts

Pricing and Ratings:

Being the best seller product on amazon there comes so doubt about its popularity, with top rating and positive reviews this is the best studio monitor headphones you get to see under $100 but again if you are willing to spend extra bucks then you have other options on our list as well


  • Powerful an detailed sound reproduction
  • Copper-clad aluminum voice coil wire for better power management
  • Comes with an incredibly low price tag as compared to its competitors.


  • Build quality is not something that we say top notched
  • The coil is way too long for use

Final words:

Well,great headphone for sound editing and that is what you are going to buy them for.Everything is very clear and separated plus the frequencies register very well.The build quality might not be what you call excellent but still they are comfortable to wear and can be used for longer period without any issues

8.Audio Technica ATH-AD700X – Large Open-back Headphones
Audio Technica ATH-AD700X

This is the third featured studio headphone from Audio Technica in our list, but this is quite a bit different as it comes as an open back monitor headphone so that you get a perfect balance between the internal sounds and the sounds in the surrounding.we beleive when it comes to producing open back headset,Sennheiser is the King but this one from audio technica is no less.specially designed for studio monitoring purpose this will fit well on your needs and budget.

Headphones are equipped with 53mm drivers with the open back design so that you don’t feel any pressure on the ears resulting in the experience of completely natural sensation, coming along with Bobbin-ccaw cord coil it makes it extremely easy to handle the power and control it as per the need.The manufacturers have done some great job on the design making it the extremely light weight of only 263 grams which not only makes it feel light over the head but the soft ear cushion also makes it feel good to the ears.Two connecting cables of 3.5mm and 6.3mm provide the option to use these mixing headphones not just for studio purpose but also at home on the iPhones and other smartphones.

Who is it for?

This can be an ideal choice for customers who are having problem with the price tag of M50X and are looking for some more studio oriented headphone as these too come from the same manufacturers with some great design, comfort quality and high-end features and that too at less price tag but we have to agree there is a lot of difference between the overall look of the headphones as you get metal grill at the top supported by headband and some large drivers for better ear coverings.

Pricing and Ratings:

As said the price point is great for some headphones packed with such features, the product is highly rated over amazon and is certainly the choice of many customers.So if you are a fan of Audio Technica and somewhere lies in entry level budget then we would advise you to check them out as we believe they will end up being ideal studio headphones.


  • Full open air type with no sense of pressure on ears
  • Lightweight aluminium honeycomb body  case
  • Extreme light weight,just weighing 283 grams
  • Self-adjusting 3D Wing Support


  • 53mm drivers are little bulgy for normal heads
  • Unlike other headphones,cable is not removable

Final words: If you can ignore the size factor of the headphone then this could be a great choice for just entry level investment on any monitor headphone.unique design,less price and a trusted brand, this will not let you down for sure.

The reason why you don't see any Beats Headphones here?
We are obsessed with beats and it never happens that while a roundup of any types of headphone we don’t mention any beats headphones.In this case also before we started listing our best picks for 2017 of studio headphones we brought in beats studio wireless which is by far one of the best general headphones but it just doesn’t fit the monitor headphones criteria, first, it is wireless which will ultimately create a problem in emitting the flat frequency sound and the second it comes with pretty small drivers which may allow the music waves to skip out

9.Bluedio Victory Pro PPS 12 – Wireless Professional headphone

Bluedio Victory Pro PPS 12These are probably the only wireless headphones in our list of best studio headphones   though not being from renowned brand headphones they still managed to surprise us with the great design and sound performance and we highly recommend you to try them over other famous brands in the market.Bluedio is not a very popular in the market,but the great reviews for it by the customers forced us to try this mixing headphone and that decesion worked out very well as this is being featured in the list of best studio headphone 2017.

Packed with PPS 12 Acoustic technology you get specially build 12 drivers with the sound cavity which emits some excellent and deeper bass with the sound.the manufacturers have also added S/PDIF transmission into the audio jack which helps in experiencing the HD sound when wired in with the cable.Talking about the wireless part, these monitor headphones use Bluetooth as a connectivity option which allows the user to perform mixing over laptops without being connected through any wired cable.Above all, you don’t get control buttons instead you get a new touch and drag feature which helps you in operating music just by dragging your finger above the headphone.

Who is it for?

Best for users performing mixing over laptops as the wireless connectivity makes it easy to use with them plus when you are in studio plug them in using cord cable and get the best of it.But In case you don’t care about the wireless connectivity then we would recommend going for other brands which are more mixing oriented.

Price and Ratings:

Not so popular but one of the top rated product on Amazon, the rating clearly state the satisfaction from the customer’s end.Though not popular,the pricing is not low and is higher than most of the studio headphones in our list which are manufactured from the biggest players in the market.


  • PPS12 Exclusive acoustic technology for wide sound and rich bass
  • Bluetooth APTX fr better battery range and less consumption
  • Intutive touch ocntrol,just slide your finger to control the music


  • Pricey when compared to similar headphones from other brands


As said if you want to powerful wireless headphone then this can be a good choice but if wired one is preference then you should give it a second thought when you other excellent headphones available.

10.Koss Pro 4S Dynamic – Best Entry-level Professional Headphone

Koss Pro 4S DynamicHow about getting a headphone that just perfectly covers your ears so that you can focus quite well on your mixing, well if you are took seeking for much studio monitor headphones then this is for you from size to comfort to the excellent features to that eye-catching price tag, everything here is perfect.Koss is a new brand in studio headphone market but due to its great features and design it has made its way to out list.

Build with Aluminium you will get to see something new in terms of design and feel, you may think they might be bit heavier due to use of aluminum but No! these studio headphone weighs 6.4 ounces which in our review period never felt like any problem over the head.You get a dual cord entry from both the left and right side to monitor through multiple headphones through the unique pass-through feature, Packed with the SLX40 element it accurately conveys the sound in the studio, Manufactured keeping in mind the studio purpose the headphones emit excellent sounds frequency in terms of clarity.

Who is it for?

These monitor headphones can be a perfect choice for the users who are beginning from scratch and are low on budget, though with the entry level price tag it’s giving tough competition to the popular monitor headphones in the market.we guess the new brand is making its position in the market.

Pricing and Ratings:

As said if you are new and want to explore how it works then go for it as it would not affect your pocket to an extent plus the high ratings over amazon in itself is the benchmark for a headphone with low price tag and if you can just go high $50 on your budget then we would recommend you to check out Audio Technica ATH-M50X which has secured one of the top positions in our list.


  • All aluminium light weight construction
  • Contour Sealing Cushion for better isolation and bass effect
  • price point is very good


  •  Midrange sound is a bit subdued compared to other listening transducer

Final Words:

Perfect among all the entry level professional headphones but definitely runs out of some extreme features which are must for the users engaged too much in music production.

Studio Headphones – Buyer’s Guide

When going for a professional headphone you should be pretty sure on what one to choose and if you don’t know about the core features a monitor headphones must carry, then there are chances that you may get caught into a bad deal.Choosing the type of headphones to the perfect brand we are going to guide you through every step.We hope you have already read the review for top headphone we mentioned above and have shortlisted few of them to finalize.


Core Features to Look for in a Mixing Headphone:
  • Large Diaphragm– It helps in noise isolation which keeps your focus on the music without getting interrupted from surroundings.
  • Frequency response:The frequency response is a important factor when considering a studio headphone.a wider frequency response is useful for studio purpose.A decent studio headphone with higher frequency can provide some big and accurate bass production.
  • Light Weight– weight Can not be a problem in the case of monitor headphones but if you are buying them or multi-purpose like using with smartphones in spare time then the headphone should be of pretty light weight.
  • Durability– This is a point which is not addressed by most of the reviewers, the durability is important if you are going to use them for several years which we are sure you will do as they don’t come with cheap price tags.

Now answer to all other questions would be summed up in our next discussion that is the difference between Open Back Headphones and Closed-Back Headphones:Back in time when over ear headphones were pushed into the market users don’t actually care about the various types of headphones available and then with further knowledge users started getting aware with Open back and Closed Back headphones and they are not just different for the sake of names but are completely different in their design and provide different user experience as well.

We have reviewed number of headphones both in the criteria of open and closed, moreover, we have also been asked quite a few times by the customers about where to invest their lump of money because when it comes to buying studio headphones you have to actually know what the different types of headphones are.Open Back headphones are designed with open back surface perforated in some fashion with horizontal cuts on top while the closed-back headphones have a solid surface of the back which prevents the passing of any sound waves from inside to outside. Talking about the coverings, earcups of both the headphones cover the ears well only difference is that the one has a lot of opening at the back while the other comes with the complete solid surface.

Now the question that arises from hereby is that How the design of these headphones affects the User experience, You may think those horizontal cuts or that solid closed surface don’t make up any difference but in reality, they do completely change the game of sound quality you get to hear from them.So now let’s have a brief look at the benefits and drawback of these two designs:

Closed Back HeadphoneOpen Back Headphone
Closed back headphone are excellent at isolating noises but here what need to address is that active or passive noise cancellation features are completely different than the isolation though most of the closed back headphones do some with the noise cancellation features but that is just because of the solid back structure which doesn’t allow the external surroundings to enter,the bulgy ear cups with insulated shell of plastic covers the ears very well . By default, most of the closed headphones are designed to provide 10db of noise cancellation So the moment to turn on the music through your headphones that feature comes into the business and helps in providing you a soothing experience.
The closed back headphone performs a wonderful job there when you want to completely focus on your music, they remove the noises from the surrounding to an extent and bring just the music waves to your ears.This comes to very helpful features when you are in a crowded room or traffic area and want to focus on music or have sound engineering products to complete out.The other most common problem with the other headphones is audio leaking which leads to disturbance to the people sitting around you and we must say that the closed headphones are extremely helpful when you are looking to avoid a situation like that,Lets say you are sitting in a library and don’t want to disturb the other mates sitting around that’s where the closed back headphone will perform a great job for you.
The closed back headphones helps in isolation the outside noises as well as reflecting the internal music waves to better experience while in open back headphones the air and sound pass freely through an opening in the headphone cups.The benefit of using the open backed headphones is that you get in the world experience as compared to in the head experience from closed back headphones.For those who have been using in ear earphones or closed back headphones would have never been worried about the leaking of sound but since open backed headphones are designed on purpose, the surrounding noises seems like adding a flavor to the sound plus when you are in studio the headphones will make you feel like as you are being surrounded by the musicians playing the instruments all around you.

The main disadvantage of these studio monitor headphones is that you may unknowingly bother other people around you by the sound coming out of the open design but again if you are buying them for sound engineering purpose then they will end up being a great choice.

Using Studio Headphone as Multipurpose Headphone
The most common question put up by newbies and it’s quite normal to own a thing which fulfills multiple purposes and when you are low on a budget it is very important to think like this.The answer to this can vary from one headphone to other, we have summed up the meaning of studio headphones in a definition and we would say that- Studio headphones are designed in a way to emit the flat frequency range so that the sound engineer can hear all frequency details and have a better control over it, there is a big difference between flat and fun and that’s where most of the headphones lack in. Most of the studio headphone generally lack in bass which is the core factor when you are listening music for fun whereas headphones like Audio Technica ATH-M50X have an excellent quality of bass installed which helps in using the headphones as per the needs So in case you are planning to go above the mid-budget then make sure you pick the one which is perfect for multiple purposes. Our best pick of open backed Studio Monitor headphones is Sennheiser HD 600
To Consider wireless studio headphone or not ?
If you check out the market, there are barely any wireless studio monitor headphones.In our list, we have added just one the wireless mixing headphones which use Bluetooth as connectivity options.Reason is there is difference between frequencies when you are using it in wired mode and then in wireless mode even if you own a normal wireless headphone you should try them once with wired mode or if you have already done you would have experienced a change in frequency of music, since we need a flat frequency for music production, so we can’t use any of the wireless ones.In case you are a soft core sound engineer and doing it just for fun on your laptop then we guess they will work fine for you but for some excellent sound production never ever go for them instead choose a wired one

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