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The 10 Best Gaming Desks for 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A good gaming desk offers you enough space for a comfortable gaming experience.

gaming desk with purple lightingGaming is perhaps one of the unchanged and untouchable trends that have existed for decades now. This doesn’t mean that the game world doesn’t experience revolutionary changes and updates to improve it.

Thus, with the ever-changing progress, come many added perks that help to enhance our experience with each day.

Gaming desks are an example of one such perk and advancement. They are particularly designed for games to enhance their overall gaming experience.

They incorporate the proper construction to ensure that you are comfortable and spread out elements and features to enhance their functionality.

Whether it’s the frame shape, lighting effect or footrests, the gaming desk is intended to work to your advantage. In fact, some designs are even built with versatility to allow them to double as both gaming desks as well as working desks. This, in turn, gives the user quite a cost-saving investment.

Listed below are the 10 best gaming desks in 2022. Each option outlines its unique construction design and integrated features that make it stand out. The choice is all yours.
Who needs a gaming desk?
beautiful gaming deskWe would not say a gaming desk is something that’s important. It do not have a direct effect on your gaming performance.

But a gaming desk can surely enhance your gaming experience, and keep things well organized for you.

While not all the gaming desks come with the holders, the one that comes with allowing some really good management of the accessories.

Most of these gaming desks come with headphones stand which is pretty useful for almost every gamer.

Other than that, we think two of the things that usually benefits all of the users are the space and cable management.

With most of the gaming desks, you get an ample amount of space to mount two monitors. And they a placement on the edges to hold all the cables so that they are out of your sight.

Few of the gaming desks also come with adjustable legs which increases the chances for you having a much more comfortable setup.

How we picked and tested?
white gaming deskWe kept a lot of things on our priority list before we head out to choose what desks we were going to feature over here.

The size of the desk was most important for us, while things like the adjustable legs and the holders were less important which is why only a few of the desks have that feature.

Once we were sure about what we want, we start analyzing the market.

We did research on what are the top-selling gaming desks on Amazon are, what other websites are promoting. We also read actual customer reviews to be sure.

We tried not to mention any things that are too expensive, but could not resist adding Apexdesk Elite to our list.

Apexdesk Elite is Super-premium but also a super expensive desk.

Best Gaming Desks – Quick Look

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1. Atlantic Gaming Desk – Best Overall Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming Desk - 32 inch TV Stand, Charging Station, Speaker/5 Game/Controller/Headphone Storage If we had to give the award of the best multi-functional gaming desk, then that award would have gone to this desk.

The desk comes with a lot of holders and placement for your accessories like headsets, speakers, controllers, etc.

Also, the desk comes at an excellent price. Yes, its surely not the beautiful looking gaming desk in the market, but that’s fine considering the price and purposes it fulfills.

  • 40-inch wide surface area.
  • Multiples accessories holders.
  • It comes with a 27″ removable monitor shelf.
  • Made of carbon fiber.

Our In-Depth Review:

One thing that we can assure you with this table is that your gaming stuff and accessories would be very well organized. The table comes with a lot of holders that could be used to put not just the gaming accessories, but other things too.

If you’re like me who don’t like drawers and like to keep all the things right in front of your eyes on the table then this gaming desk would serve you well. Aside from gaming purposes if you are just looking to get a normal computer desk, it would still serve you well.

Talking in-depth the desk comes with a charging stand for your tablet or mobile phone, storage for 10 game CDs, speaker stands, a basket under the desk for miscellaneous use, cup holder, wire management system, and headset stand.

The desk comes with a monitor shelf on top that can place a monitor up to 27 inches. However, if you want to place a larget monitor then you can replace the shelf and that would allow you to place a monitor up to 32 inches in size. If you want to place an even larger monitor then you would have to keep it a little front of the CD and mobile holders on the desk.

Talking about the design of the desk we think the manufacturer has done a little too much. Although the design is very basic and minimal, the presence of all these holders gives them a weird look. Maybe if the manufacturer has added fewer holders the overall look of the desk would have been much better.
The design and the elements of the desk might be a little weird but the durability of the desk is rock solid. The grills at the bottom are solid, and the carbon fiber used on the top also feels very sturdy. Also looking at the holder you might think they would easily wobble, but that’s not the case, they are also super sturdy.

The overall size of the desk is 40 inches by 23 inches which makes the desk surely smaller than most of the other desks in the market and all the desks that we have mentioned on this list. Although we are not saying that the dual monitor setup on this desk would be impossible, it would still be a difficult thing to do and the things would get a little too congested.


  • A lot of placement holders to keep multiple accessories.
  • Clean design with the sturdy build quality.
  • Easy to set up and assemble.
  • It comes at a really great price point.


  • It could be small for dual monitor setup.


If you are looking for an average-sized gaming desk then this is probably the best you can get at this price point. The holders could be too many for some people and the desk might not be suitable for dual monitor setup, but that completely depends on what you are trying to get out of a gaming desk.

2. Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk – Most Durable Gaming Desk

Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk 45.3" W x 29" D Home Office Computer Table, Black Gamer Workstation with Cup Holder, Headphone Hook and 2 Cable Management Holes The Mr Ironstone Gaming Desk delivers a large surface ideally designed to accommodate all your gaming gear.

The gamer desk also features a convenient and ingenious design that allows you to navigate all your gaming equipment whilst maintaining other tasks. The desk boasts a creative and sleek design to enhance its stylish look.

Its choice of high-quality material on the other end delivers a highly protective and durable finish. The high weight capacity comfortably supports all your essential equipment when appropriately spread out on the desktop.

  • 45.3-inch wide x 29-inch long surface area.
  • Supports load weight capacity of up to 110 lbs.
  • MDF PVC laminated surface.
  • A 28.74-inch high from floor to frame.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Mr. Ironstone gaming desk offers quite a convenient design to its users. The gaming desk features a cup holder for easy accessibility so you can keep hydrating and snacking as you go. Additionally, the desk is also fitted with added features such as the headphone hook to securely hold and store your headphones which help to enhance its functionality.

The multipurpose gaming desk is also built with ample space to accommodate most of your gaming gear. The table measures 45.3 inches wide and 29 inches long. Thus, whether it is your gaming monitors, PC, keyboards or joysticks, there is enough space to accommodate all.

The gaming desk incorporates a skillful design finish which helps to enhance comfortability when in use. The desk is constructed with high quality and long-lasting MDF laminated top surface. The top surface lamination on the desk makes it easy to clean and also makes it waterproof, thus, preserving its durability and quality.

The lamination also offers a softer yet sturdy surface making it ideal to securely hold your equipment as well as make working on it comfortable. At the bottom, the desk is supported with metal frame legs. Further down, towards the bottom of the metal frame legs, the desk is fitted with adjustable pads. This fitting gives the table its stable position even when placed on an uneven surface.

The gaming desk is further constructed with solid R-frame construction. The R-style frame leg construction complements desks stability and durability. In fact, the construction design complements the desk’s ability to support weight up to 110 lbs.

And to enhance organization, the desk also features two back cable managing holes to leave the desk looking clean and neat.

The only limitation to the gaming desk is that it comes as-is with no ability to manipulate its position or any of its features for customized usage.

The desk also features a lightweight design at only 40.8 lbs. – lightweight enough to allow for easy transportation and storage but heavy enough to support its load capacity. The desk also boasts a simple design which makes it extremely easy to install even if you are not a handyman.

And if you are struggling, the included instructions offer a clear guideline on how to do so.


  • Stands for headphones and soda can.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean the top surface.
  • Multipurpose design allows it to be used gaming, working or writing desk.
  • Extremely stable R-shaped and steel frame legs.


  • Doesn’t have a tilting ability to customize the positioning.


Mr Ironstone gaming desk’s multipurpose design gives you a cost-cutting solution – whether you are gaming or engaged in serious desk work. It’s added features such as headphone hooks, protective finish, and stable construction also offers a well-rounded finish that helps to enhance your productivity without missing out on your comfortability. Its choice of construction materials on the other end goes on to seal the deal by improving its overall look and durability.

3. ApexDesk Elite – Premium Gaming Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series 71" W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (Memory Controller, 71" Black Top, Black Frame) If you are minimalistic like us then you are absolutely going to love this gaming desk.

And its not just the looks for the desk that are stunning, the features and the quality of the materials used on it are also surely going to please you.

But, the desk is super expensive. For any professional gamer making good money from gaming, buying this should not be a hefty task, but for casual gamers its highly over the budget. Obviously, until and unless you got a lot of money to spend on your gaming setup.

  • Made up of MDF wood with a matte finish on top.
  • Electronically adjusted legs.
  • 4 preset heights.
  • Legs are made up of durable steel.

Our In-Depth Review:

The first look of the desk would make you think of it like any other basic gaming desks, but that’s not actually the case.

Talking about the build quality of this desk, it is made up of MDF wood which is considered to be a denser, stronger and more durable desk that will stay with you in the long run. MDF wood (Medium-density fiberboard) is a cost-effective wood used mainly for crafting storage cabinets. It also has a smooth surface which is generally preferred by the users.

And its not just the upper structure of the desk that is durable, the bottom is rock solid as well.

The tables come with a heavy-duty steel frame, that features a one-piece center beam with two integrated motors for the height adjustment. Well, by now you would have surely guessed how the adjustment works on this gaming desk.

The height adjustment on the desk is completely electronic and is controlled by the buttons present on the right side bottom of the desk. The tables also come with 4 preset height levels, and buttons for that too are also present on the desk itself.

The motors added for lifting the desk are not some mediocre motors, instead, they are extremely powerful motors. According to the manufacturer, the motors can easily lift the desk from 29″ to 48″ while holding the weight up to 220 lbs which is absolutely insane. This means you are free to mount quite many monitors on the top and anything you thought would be too heavy to keep on a normal desk.

The desk comes with a matte finish and is available in a lot of colors. The color of the stand is glossy black in all the variants while the wooden desk would be of a different color. The design is of this gaming desk is very minimal, with no branding on top, nothing. This basic look makes it perfect for almost any type of room or studio.

The only thing that would hurt most of the users considering this would be the price tag. The cost is extremely high and we would not recommend anyone to spend this much money on a gaming desk, but in the end, it is your decision.


  • It comes with powerful motors for height adjustment.
  • Extremely durable body structure.
  • Beautiful matte finish design.
  • A large working area.


  • Pricey.


Look. if money is not the problem for you, by all means, go ahead and buy this awesome gaming desk. The everything on it including the looks, build quality, surface area and the height adjustment mechanism is just perfect. Also, it has the largest working area as compared to any other desk on our list.

4. Walker Edison Desk – Suitable for Dual Monitor Setup

Walker Edison Modern Corner L Shaped Glass Computer Writing Gaming Gamer Command Center Workstation Desk Home Office, 51 Inch, Black With appropriate storage space for all your equipment, the Walker Edison Gaming Desk offers an affordable and total solution to space for all your technological needs.

With robust spacing capacity and strength to support up to two monitors, the desk delivers the ultimate spacing capacity to leave you very comfortable.

The Walker Edison gaming desk series also incorporates a generous space-saving design concept to maximize its fabrication. The Free CPU stand attests to this practical design concept.

  • Space capacity for up to two monitors.
  • Fitted with a CPU stand.
  • Measures 51 inch wide and 20 inches long.
  • Two desk conjoining design.

Our In-Depth Review:

The low price tag on the Walker Edison L-shaped desk gives it added value. The cost-cutting desk comes with ample space. added features and broad versatility. The overall sleek design and large space design of the Walker Edison gaming desk give it the ultimate versatility.

Whether you place it in your home office for work, as a family workstation or a gaming station, the Walker Edison will not disappoint. The gaming desk also features generous dimensions to help accommodate all your equipment.

It includes two 21 inches deep rectangular top and a quarter circle top. Its 29-inch height is also articulated to comfortably fit any individual when they are seated without compromising comfort. The elegant three-piece design desk also delivers space for all. In fact, its design allows you to accommodate up to two monitors at a time.

The desk also comes with multiple drawers and shelf options to allow you to neatly organize your space and enhance its appearance. The gaming desk also comes with a CPU stand for proper and secure storage. In the middle, where the keyboard sits is a titling tray that helps to enhance accessibility, comfort, and functionality.

The keyboard tray can also be mounted on either side of the desk. At the top side of the desk pieces, a tempered safety glass sits to give that classy look to the table whilst also delivering protective qualities. The frame legs on the other end are powder-coated steel, which gives them an equally sleek, durable and high-quality look.

The design of the gaming desk also features a smart space-saving concept. This integrates designs such as the separate CPU stand, that can be placed below the desk as the keyboard tray. This concept ensures you have enough space for all your tools. Yet, at the same time, their storage design means that they don’t utilize much of your space.

The L-shaped finish on the end gives a well-rounded finish and accessibility and convenience to easily navigate all the areas of the three-piece desk. The L-shaped metal frame legs also help to enhance the desk’s stability and prevent wobbling.

However, you may have to put a well thought out placement plan for your desk as it doesn’t come with cable management holes to organize cables from your devices.

The desk also comes with detailed instructions to guide you on assembling it. Keep in mind that the stainless steel frame adds weight, thus, you may need help during the process. But, don’t let the heavy frame throw you off, as it is this very same feature that makes the table stable, sturdy and durable.


  • Comes with a CPU stand.
  • Can support up to 2 monitors simultaneously.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Space-saving and convenient keyboard tray.


  • Takes up space.


The Walker Edison gaming desk’s generous space is the storage and working space solution to any home or small office. Whether you intend to use the desk for entertainment or working purpose, this option gets the job done. The multiple storage compartments, shelves, and drawers also help to organize and keep your space neat. The free CPU stand and tilting keyboard tray on the other end is just some of its key features that help to enhance the desk’s oxymoronic space saving and space yielding design concept.

5. Eureka Z1-S – Small Gaming Desk

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk 44.5" Z Shaped Office PC Computer Gaming Desk Gamer Tables Pro with LED Lights Controller Stand Cup Holder Headphone Hook Free Mousepad for Men Boyfriend Female Gift The Eureka Z1-S Gaming Desk features an accommodating and cutting edge construction design.

The desk is built to be compact enough so it doesn’t take much of your living space whilst providing enough space to house all your gaming equipment.

The desk also incorporates several design elements that augment its functionality.

The hands-on extra-large mousepad and humanized features help to enhance that gaming reality experience. Thus, in the long run, enhancing your likelihood of a successful gaming season.

  • LED light.
  • Fitted cup holder and headphone hook.
  • Stable Z-frame design.
  • Extra-large mouse pad.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Eureka Z1-S series features an advanced technological design that helps to enhance your gaming experience. The desk is ideally designed to organize your gaming gear. The gaming desk features an attractive carbon fiber textured top surface. The carbon fiber texture on the top side gives the desk a futuristic look, a true appeal to any gamer.

Carbon fiber, just like the desk proves to an excellent choice because of its combinatory benefits. Its frictionless top allows you to smoothly use your devices such as the mouse. And the same time this very feature prevents devices that are to stay stationary from moving and wobbling. At the bottom of the carbon fiber surface, a special treatment offers unbeatable friction with the desktop which helps to securely hold your items.

The fiber’s sturdy nature on the other end is what accounts for its durability. Thanks to this feature, the material doesn’t rip or damage easily. Additionally, the carbon fiber material also boasts impeccable heat resistant properties, so even with the heat from your devices, your desktop is guaranteed safety. This provides not only an attractive look but also provides a comfortable and durable space to work on.

The desk offers just the right space, measuring 44.5 inches wide and 24.2 inches long. This dimension offers enough space to accommodate a 40-inch monitor along with other equipment such as a mouse, keyboard, CPU and smaller accessories.

The gaming desk also features a lightweight finish at only 39 lbs., yet, the lightweight design is ingeniously incorporated to support a large load of up to 200 lbs. Furthermore, the gaming station is fitted with articulate blue LED lighting. This USB powered light provides a blue lighting effect that brings in the gaming mood and enhances your experience.

The gaming desk frames feature a solid and stable Z-shape construction design. The combination of this design and choice of high quality on the frames increases stability, prevents wobbling and maintains proper dimensions to offer comfortability when working on the table. The desk is also mounted with strong stabilizer brackets. This design helps to offer generous legroom and to stabilize the desk.

To complement your gaming experience, the desk is also fitted with additional elements that give it value and make the gamer’s process a lot easier. The desk features a cup holder, headphone hook, controller stand, extra-large mouse pad and abundant space for other gaming gears.

The gaming station is also pretty easy and simple to assemble and comes with an instruction manual with vivid step by step images. In case of trouble with the desk, Eureka’s 24-hour customer support offers outstanding help to all its customers. Thus, even with aa higher value on its price tag, the Eureka ZS1 is still worth the investment.


  • Large load capacity.
  • Blue LED mood light.
  • Z-shaped design enhances stability and comfort.
  • Sturdy steel frame.


  • A little expensive.


The Eureka Z1-S series offers the futuristic and contemporary styles that are sought after by many gamers. In the case of this design, the desk offers both advantages, space for your gaming gear and the experience. Picture yourself beating your contenders from the comfort of an LED-lit accessory light, sturdy carbon fiber top, and super stable frame bars to fully support your equipment. Its z-shape metal frames on the other end fortify the desk’s overall build and support.

6. Arozzi Arena – Adjustable Height

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk - Red The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk attests to the brand’s outstanding export and ergonomic design in its products. The desk incorporates a choice of high quality and durable material, whilst its design fits its purpose.

The gamer-friendly desk also incorporates small details that help to enhance its overall function. Its 3-hole cable management, adjustable height, and appropriate topside fabrication complement its game-enhancing experience whilst also increase comfort and eliminate distractions.

No more back straining desk heights or bulky cables!

  • 3-hole cable management.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Microfiber mouse pad design.
  • Measures 5 feet 3 wide and 2 feet 8 deep.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is built with enough space to accommodate up to 3 large monitors thanks to its 5 feet 3 wide space. Its 2 feet 8 depth on the other end allows you to comfortably accommodate supporting devices such as mouse and keyboard even with the maximum large monitor capacity.

The angles of the desk are also well crafted to add to its function. The front curves on to the interior to give you ample space when you sit in front of the table. So you don’t feel like its piercing into your abdomen. The curve also indirectly enhances accessibility throughout the desk so you dot have to strain yourself.

The gaming desk boasts a load capacity of up to 176 lbs. The gaming desk also comes with an exclusive water-resistant mouse pad design. The top surface of the desk is fitted with a microfiber cloth with stitch edges and thick padding. This enhances comfort for the gamer as well as makes maneuverability of the mouse a breeze.

Additionally, the actual mousepad weighs relatively high, at about 7lbs, which makes it difficult to slide around. The frame legs on the other end are designed with incredible adjustability. The height adjustability feature allows you to loosen the screws and tighten them on the desired height. The height adjustability feature also provides you with the freedom to set the desired legroom for yourself.

And to cater to different personalities, the desk is also available in five different color options, i.e. black, white, blue, green and red. The gamer-friendly desk also features a three-piece construction which allows for easy transportation as well as storage when you want to store the desk away. The desk also features an elaborate cable management design.

The desk comes with 3 holes, distributed around the desk, including the mouse pad and keyboard area. This ensures that all dangling cables are directed through the hole underneath the desk to leave a neat and organized space for you. And it doesn’t end there, below the holes, the cables are directed through a mesh to the outlets.

This keeps them as far from your feet so they don’t trip you when you get up to go for a bathroom break. For the ultimate stability, quality and function, the topside of the patent-pending desk rest on a tough MDF board whilst the bottom leg frames are supported by weather-resistant and strong steel.


  • Build out of tough MDF board.
  • Freedom to adjust the height.
  • Ideal mousepad material for easy maneuverability and to prevent slipping.
  • Generous space to support up to 3 large screens and other devices.


  • Only designed for gaming; not ideal as a writing or working desk.


The Arozzi Arena gaming desk boasts style and function which certainly makes it instrumental to a successful gaming experience. It’s well thought out design also gives it its precision performance – an anti-slip mouse pad, articulate cable management design and height adjustability are all combined to deliver this great piece. However, keep in mind that if you are looking for a versatile desk for multifunctional qualities, the Arozzi isn’t the best option. This is because its soft design is solely ideal for gaming.

7. Tribesigns Modern – Easy Assembly

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk PC Laptop Study Table Workstation Home Office Wood & Metal, White The L-shaped Tribesigns Modern Gaming Desk incorporates ingenious aesthetics and ergonomic design to deliver style and outstanding performance.

Its feet resting design and customized storage spaces add function to the gamer-friendly desk.

Even its creative angling on the sides, buckle design is well thought out to ensure it is comfortable and appropriately positioned in your home office or living space. Its safety certified material used also supports your role in keeping the environment safe.

  • Easy to assemble buckle design.
  • Ideal bevel angle design.
  • Safety certified E1 class particle board and thick steel.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Tribesigns Modern gaming desk boasts a 49.21 inch and a 47.24 inch wide rectangular desks combined to produce an L-shaped design. The L-shaped design offers you a generous gaming space and allows you the maneuverability and accessibility on the entire desk.

Additionally, the L-shape design on the desk gives enough space for you to customize and plan out how to use it. The easiest way is to use one half for your gaming gear and leave the rest for alternative use such as a writing or working desk.

The L-shaped design of the desk also enhances accounts for its fitting and compact finish thus, allowing you to properly position it in your living space. Even the most compact of corners the L-shaped gamer desk also comes with metal frame legs which account for its strength and stability.

The adjustable pads fitted to the legs on the other end offer support and stability even on uneven surfaces and help to prevent the desk from wobbling. The gaming desk’s L-shaped design is also instrumental and is supplemented by the skillfully designed bevel angle design.

The bevel angle design makes it perfectly positioned to store your wires and cables. At the bottom, the desk boasts a comfortable footrest design. The humanized footrest design incorporates a steel bar that allows you to comfortably rest your feet. The desk features an M-style buckle design on it.

The M style design allows you to simply snap on components and parts of the desk without having to screw them in. This, however, doesn’t mean that the table is not stable or secure enough. It’s the other way round! Thus, with this mechanism, the desk allows anyone to easily assemble it.

Additionally, the gaming desk comes with a free CPU stand. The stand offers extra organization pace and helps to protect your floor from potential scratch and damage from devices. And as you indulged in your gaming, the 29-inch desk height provides enough legroom to leave you comfortable for longer periods.

The 66lbs gaming desk also boasts an impressive 400 lbs. load capacity which allows you to support even the heaviest of gaming devices.

Additionally, as much as many users have complained about the limited explanation of the installation manual, this is also not such an issue for many. Because the Tribesigns gaming desk is in fact very simple and easy to assemble.


  • Footrest design enhances comfort.
  • Highly stable steel frame legs.
  • Leg pads enhance stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The top surface is not water-and-scratchproof.


The Tribedesign gaming desk defines heavy-duty performance. Its high load capacity and generous space allow you to comfortably arrange all your gaming equipment without risking damage or collapsing. Tits simplicity also works to the user’s advantage by covering all the essentials – stability, strength, and ample space. Plus, it proves to be one of the easiest to install and most stable gaming desks you can invest in.

8. Eureka R1-S – With LED Lights

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Gaming Desk RGB Lighting R1-S Gaming Table 44.5'' PC Desk Sturdy Easy to Assemble Computer Desk with Free Mouse pad Cup Holder Headphone Hook for Men Boy Girlfriend Son Daughter Black The intricate six color lighting effects and appropriately design and positioned Eureka R1S Gaming Desk to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

And just because you are caught in the game, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be comfortable.

Plus, the focus on space for essential devices such as the keyboard and mousepad seals its intent as an ideal gamer desk. The articulation in the construction design and added features elements on the desk make it worth the investment.

  • 6 color LED lighting effect.
  • It comes with a lot of holders.
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy and steel leg design.
  • Measures 43.5-inch wide ad 24 inches long.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Eureka R1S series is constructed with RGB LED lighting effects. Simply plug the USB light into your PC or laptop to enjoy a six-color full game lighting effect. The LED lights up from the top side of the desk to the legs. It’s as if you are in an arcade!

The gaming desk also features a generous top side space of up to 43.5 inches wide and 24 inches deep. This desk provides enough space to support all your gaming equipment. The top side of the desk is supported by a tough ABS plastic board and covered by a smooth carbon fiber material. This design accounts for the desktop’s sturdy, protective and long-lasting qualities.

The gamer desk even incorporates a solid R-shaped design. The R-shaped design comes with four leveling feet to ensure that your desk is stable and balanced. Furthermore, the padding on the legs and the R-shaped design also complement each other to ensure stability even on uneven ground and to prevent wobbling.

The adjustable leveling feet also work to prevent friction ad annoying noises when you try to move or reposition the desk. This advantageous feature also prevents damage and scratches on your flooring. Furthermore, the gaming desk incorporates a human-oriented design to help enhance functionality and convenience.

The desk comes fitted with a headphone hook, cup holder and controller holder, without forgetting, of course, the game changer – 6 color RGB LED lighting effect! The gaming desk also boasts a relatively lightweight finish at only 40 lbs. Yet, it boasts a high load capacity of up to 200 lbs. to ensure that your gaming equipment is securely supported.

Its 30-inch leg height on the other end will leave you comfortable with generous leg space all day long.


  • Extremely sturdy and stable R-frame design.
  • Large carbon fiber mouse and keyboard pad.
  • The LED lighting gives it an exciting look.
  • Cable management cables enhance organization and neat desktop.


  • No extra storage space.


For the true gamers and geeky types out there, the Eureka RS1 gaming desk is an excellent choice. The exciting six color lighting effect, ample space, and ergonomic human-friendly elements enhance the desk’s functionality. The features literally take you into the gaming world and give you that feeling of being in a humongous arcade. The carbon fiber device topside and sturdy steel frame on the other end deliver that ultimately protective and damage-free finish.

9. Coleshome Desk – Thicker Legs

Computer Desk 47" Modern Sturdy Office Desk Study Writing Desk for Home Office, Coleshome, White... The Coleshome Gaming Desk offers an extremely affordable and high-quality desk option.

Whether you use entirely for gaming purposes or take full advantage of its versatility as a working table, the gaming desk performs perfectly as a multipurpose desk.

Its articulate dimensions and construction design also makes it an extremely comfortable piece of furniture to work from.

The thicker leg dimension, in particular, fortifies the desk’s stable and solid build which in turn means increased durability.

  • Highly stable triangular junction design.
  • Adjustable leg padding.
  • Could handle dual monitor setup.
  • Measures 47.2 inches long and 23.7 inches wide.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Coleshome Gaming desk brings with it the ultimate multipurpose function. The desk doubles as both computer, gaming, meeting, studying and writing table. It all depends on how you want to customize your home office, living room or bedroom.

The desk is also designed to be comfortable when used by both adults and teenagers. And for a variety of color options to choose from, the Coleshome gaming desk is available in black, white and African walnut.

Furthermore, its dimension and almost compact design make it ideal for use especially for people with smaller offices, bedrooms or living spaces. The top of the desk is supported by an E1 medium density fiberboard which enhances the desks sturdy support.

The enclosed fiberboard is covered by an anti-scratch and waterproof lamination to allow you to comfortably place your gaming devices on its surface. This design also offers an easy to clean surface thus, and when done right, it leaves your gaming space clean and neat all the time.

This enclosed design also provides the top side of the desk with incredible anti humid and anti-mold qualities. At the bottom of the desks, are the metal legs. The legs are made of powder-coated steel for added durability. The legs feature a triangular junction design which helps to provide a stable and secure finish.

The legs also feature a slightly higher dimension of 2.6 square inches compared to the regular 1.4 square inches f most common gaming desk. This design helps to further enhance the leg’s stability and balance, especially on uneven surfaces.

Additionally, the thicker design complements the desk and helps to improve its overall artistic design concept. To complement the leg’s stable dimensions, the legs are fitted with leg pads to also help keep it stable.

The gaming desk also features a simple design which makes it quite easy to assemble. To complete the easy and fast four-step installation, all you need is the gaming desk step by step instructions included and a screwdriver to tighten the installation.

The purchase of the gaming desk also comes with the perks of customer support. The 24/7 customer support is there to guide you through proper installation and assist you in the case of defects.


  • Extremely affordable.
  • Thicker and more stable legs.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Anti-scratch and anti-mold.


  • No extra storage space.


The Coleshome gaming desk uses its simplicity and practicality in design to help accentuate its function. The choice of material used for both the top side and legs also provides it’s with a protective and durable finish as well as a reliable design to work on. And at such an affordable price, the Coleshome is the ultimate quality at an enticingly low price tag. The ingeniously incorporated anti-scratch and mold treatment also make the desk an incredible asset for your gaming experience.

10. Greenforest Desk – X Frame Design

GreenForest L Shaped Office Computer Corner Gaming Desk with Moveable Shelf, 58" x 44" PC Table Workstation for Home Office, Black The lightweight and movable features of the GreenForest Gaming Desk allows you the convenience of working or gaming from anywhere you want.

The desks spacious top side offer enough space for all your gear whilst its L-shaped design enhances convenience, accessibility and appropriate use of space.

Its movability seals its immobility and easy to set up your gaming space from anywhere in the house.

Plus, its high quality and the certified material choice will keep it going and prevent household damages even with constant moves.

  • Movable mechanism.
  • Free CPU stand.
  • Environmentally friendly P2 class board fabrication.
  • Stable X frame design.

Our In-Depth Review:

The desktop of the GreenForest gaming desk is made of a newer version and an environmentally friendly P2 class fiberboard. This enhances the desk’s durability, strength, and support. The fiberboard is further laminated to form a waterproof and easy to clean sleek surface. Furthermore, the desk boasts a dimension of 58 inches wide and 44.4 inches long, enough to comfortably accommodate your most essential gaming items.

The gaming desk’s impressive dark color tone gives you that ultimate gamer experience. The desk for gaming also features shelving units on the right side so you can also store additional devices such as your game consoles.

Additionally, on the sides where the shelves open up, they offer angles that allow access throughout the desk. One of the open angles offers a clear path for the cable management design which helps to leave the desk clear and neat at all times. For the typical OCD individuals, this is a feature you don’t want to miss.

The L-shaped desk is also movable. Thus, it allows you to customize your working or gaming place. Its frame leg structure and design on the other end is built to enhance its sturdiness and strength. The X –shaped frame is also particularly designed to enhance the stability of the desk.

Both the top and the bottom of the desk are supported by sturdy metal brackets for the ultimate stability. Additionally, the leg design on the desk allows for adjustability this gives you customizable comfort and setting to ensure you are comfortable and functional at all times.

The home gaming desk also features a free CPU stand. This particular CPU stand is conveniently connected to its metal legs. The design on the stand offers both extra secure space for your device as well as it fortifies the stability of the desk. Its higher load capacity, L-shaped and ultra stability also allow you to easily place up to two monitors simultaneously on it.

The switchable gaming desk also allows you to use the topside reversibly. This design allows the gaming desk to be positioned in whatever angles of your home. The design also allows you to position the desk itself in different shapes such as a large U-shaped workstation if you use two sets. Its eloquent finish also incorporates elaborate lines to give it that classy, office like the contemporary style.

The three-piece construction on the other end provides the desk with convenience during travel and storage. The gaming desk is also finished and designed with simplicity. This makes the installation process a breeze. Thus, under 30 minutes, you can easily assemble the desk with precision, with the help of the included instruction booklet. This comprehensive design of the desk allows the desk multipurpose function – a gaming station, work table, study table or meeting table.


  • It doesn’t wobble or shake.
  • Easy to move.
  • It can accommodate up to 3 large monitors.
  • Environmentally friendly fiberboard desktop.


  • Assembling can be a tad bit confusing.


The most prized feature of the GreenForest gaming desk is perhaps it’s well thought out design that allows you to accommodate an additional set, in case your gaming arsenal expands. The manufacturer’s focus on stability and strength proves its uninterrupted focus on ensuring the quality and durability of the desk is a priority. Though 40 lbs. weight is a lot, it certainly isn’t for this large and spacious L-shaped desk. At even with this lightweight finish, its quality is still superbly maintained.

Gaming Desks – Buyer’s Guide

What is a gaming desk?

gaming desk setupA desk designed to provide a superior gaming experience along with comfort is what is known as a Gaming Desk. Every feature of it is strategically devised to improve performance, keeping in mind the ergonomics to maintain a healthy posture for an extended period.

These desks provide you with ample space for multiple screen viewing and to swiftly switch from one keyboard to another. They maintain screen angles that enable the player to be immersed in their new escapade with a newfound realness.

There are a variety of desks available to fit the specific needs of the gamer, be it an extended surface top modified as a large mousepad for uninterrupted movement or fancy cushions attached to the desk for additional comfort and style.

How are gaming desks different from the normal desks?

Gaming as an activity is very different from the kind of everyday tasks that are carried out from behind a desk. A gamer doesn’t simply type and look at the computer screen. Their range of motion is drastically vast and requires the perfect set-up to carry it out. For instance, an ordinary desk wouldn’t be able to provide the amount of space that is vital for gaming, nor would it have all the features to hold multiple monitors and wire outlets.

Although it is very common to find yourself mistaking a work desk for a gaming desk, it is indisputable that the differences can make a huge impact on gaming performance.

Can I use my normal desk as a gaming desk?

kid playing games on a computerNormal desks are unable to create the environment for competitive gaming, but they can be modified and adjusted to make them function similarly to a storebought gaming desk. There are countless DIY videos and step by step tutorials on Pinterest that can guide you on how to optimize your space create the perfect gaming station.

The idea of DIY gaming station sounds very appealing until the time you sit down and calculate the time and effort that it will require, not to mention the additional costs you will put in. Now, if you divert all of these efforts into finding a suitable and affordable gaming desk, it will be far more convenient.

Things to consider when buying a gaming desk:

The first step to buying a gaming desk is to understand what type of design you are looking for. A gaming station can add an edge to your room, especially if it is complementing the decor of the surroundings. Themed gaming desks are also trending to set a starkly whimsical mood while gaming. The themes can range from clean, sleek and modern to an edgy, Star-Wars battle station.

Once you are sure about the creative aspects of the gaming desk, it is easier to take a look at the more functional characteristics.

This is an essential requirement that would determine the cost, weight and look of your gaming desk. A wide range of substances is used to make desks, ranging from glass, wood, steel, ply, and plastic.

If your lifestyle requires you to move houses often, then the glass would be a bad idea since the desk would be too heavy and fragile to shift. You would require a desk with higher loading capacity, depending upon the weight of your monitor and consoles. This is where you pick and choose which features are important for you.

The size of the desk majorly depends on the gaming equipment you require. If you fancy having multiple monitors, it will be much more convenient to have a larger desk to accommodate other components as well. It would also give you the room for holding multiplayer gaming sessions.

For a smaller room, a wiser course of action would be to have your monitor mounted up on the wall and going for a compact gaming desk. These days, extendable workstation desks have been acquiring great appeal since they double the usable space in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, drawers and cabinets are significantly important to maintain a neat gaming space. Cup holders and snack trays are most definitely a bonus.

Most desks, whether you buy them online or from a furniture store, do not get delivered in a single piece. The simple reason behind it is that it is far more convenient to ship them in a disassembled form. Before you purchase the product, ensure that you have thoroughly assessed the amount of effort and skill it would entail to assemble your desk.
It is fundamental for a desk to be equipped with the feature of adjusting to the gamers’ height. Even though most chairs come with the option to tailor the height, it is preferable to have an adjustable desk for a more comfortable experience. Gaming performance can be greatly affected by the angle of viewing the monitor. That’s why it is best to go for a modifiable desk.
If you are going to be looking at a desk that is perfect for you in every aspect, you might as well make sure it’s going to stay that way for a long time. Your choice of the quality of the material, as well as the material itself, could go a long way to become the determining factor in maintaining the durability of your gaming desk.
The design of a gaming desk should be such, that it provides a comfortable and aesthetic space for maintaining optimal concentration along with a healthy posture. The desk must be inclined at the perfect angle so that there isn’t any strain on the neck.

Make sure that the pull-out keyboard tray is not extensively raised. Rounded corners and buffed edges might not sound as important but can keep you from getting cuts and bruises from abrupt movements.

The raised platforms and cabinets should provide every piece of equipment its place, or else the desk could get cluttered, hindering its primary objective of providing a space meant increasing gameplay ability.

Types of Gaming Desks

Standard Gaming Desk

The standard gaming desk is the most popular and easily accessible desk to be found in the market. It is exactly as basic as it sounds and can be bought for a very low price. The design is just a stand with a countertop with no other stylistic features. Before you rule it out, one important reason to consider it is its multi-functionality. Standard desks are affordable, durable and easy to assemble.

U Shaped Gaming Desk

This seems like the ideal type of desk for multiple screen-viewing and maintaining a peripheral line of vision for optimal concentration. It offers more than sufficient desk space but more importantly, every corner of the desk is easily accessible.

Since the U shaped desk has multiple platforms, it usually does not come with the option for height adjustment. However, pairing it up with a comfortable spinning chair, the lack of adjustability isn’t a deal-breaker. Assembling this bulky desk might be a little challenging, but honestly, it’s worth the time.

L Shaped Gaming Desk

As the name suggests, this desk is shaped in an ‘L’ form. Unlike the U shaped desk which becomes the centerpiece in any room, the L shaped desk perfectly fits in a corner, leaving ample space in the room. Another significant advantage of this shape is that it gives an extra countertop but without restricting the gamers’ movements from both the directions. This shape appeals both functionally as well as aesthetically.

Multi-Tier Gaming Desk

These desks have multiple raised platforms to increase the workspace and accommodate multiple gaming equipment in a limited space. Counters and shelves also increase the storage capacity of these desks. Assembling them can be a somewhat hefty task but despite that, they can be a viable option.

Standing Gaming Desk

These desks are almost identical to the standard gaming desks except for one important feature; the height of these desks can be extensively adjusted to enable the gamer to use them in a sitting or standing position, depending on their personal preference. The adjustment option can be very convenient to avoid shoulder and back pain.

Foldable Gaming Desk

Foldable gaming desks are exactly what they claim to be – foldable. This way, you don’t have to worry about the desk taking up a lot of space, for you can set it up whenever you need to use it. It is lightweight, easy to shift and doesn’t need to be assembled.

The only downside to a foldable gaming desk is that you will have to find a different storage space to safely keep your gaming equipment, and set it up from scratch every time you wish to play.

Foldable desks can be useful only when you have a gaming laptop that doesn’t need too many cables, or if you are using it as a complementary surface top to expand your pre-existing gaming desk.

Gaming Desk Materials


A gaming desk with a glass finish would most definitely be an eye-catching feature of your gaming station. It gives a sleek, modern appearance to the room. Glass furniture is highly reflective, and although it can give a light, airy appearance in daylight, it would be equally troubling in a dark room when your monitors are being reflected in it. The reflection can be very distracting and irritating during a game and can play tricks on your visual perception in the presence of multiple monitors.

Although glass is mostly easy to maintain, it does come with a task to be dusted and wiped very frequently. Even strengthened glass can sometimes crack, and since it can be pretty costly to change, you should consider whether this status symbol of a desk is worth it.


Polymerized Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a synthetic polymer that is used for a variety of applications, one of them being furniture. It is the ideal material for building furniture since it is the most economical, and is very lightweight especially as compared to its strength.

PVC remains unaffected by environmental factors, termites, moisture, and anything that could reduce its durability. Since it is entirely artificial, there is a lot of scope for design modifications and unique style and color options.

Plastic furniture, despite its versatile designs, lacks sophistication in its appearance. PVC is nowhere near eco-friendly, and despite it being easier on the wallet is actually a huge environmental burden from its manufacturing to its recycling.


Wooden Gaming Desk would be the perfect balance between a glass desk and a PVC desk. It isn’t as fragile as a glass desk, nor is it as much of an environmental hazard as the PVC desk. Although it can be a little expensive, it doesn’t lose its resell value.

Wooden desks these days are processed and laminated to protect them from termite infestations and moisture, which makes their maintenance much more convenient. Most of all, the wooden finish gives a wholesome aesthetic to the room that compliments every type of decor.


MDF or Medium-Density Fireboard is a wood product made from wood fibers, denser than plywood but not as much as wood. Standard MDF isn’t as strong as solid wood but it is strong enough to withstand the purpose of a gaming desk, but nothing heavier than 90kg.

Although it is comparatively less dense than its natural equivalent, it is much heavier than solid wood. Assembling MDF is quite a challenge as compared to normal wood furniture. MDF is also prone to damage under extreme heat conditions.

The choice of material will boil down to your budget, aesthetics and lifestyle preferences that may subject them to different physical and environmental challenges.

Benefits of Gaming Desks

Clutter-free desk

man playing gamesUncluttered working space is crucial to having mental clarity. A gaming desk comes with the space to accommodate all the necessary equipment. This way, everything on your desk has its place, leaving you with plenty of room for unrestricted movement.
Organized set-up.

This can directly influence your productivity on a daily basis. Since you wouldn’t need to move your gaming set-up too often, it also increases the life of your tech.
Improves gaming efficiency.

Having your monitor, keyboard and gaming consoles in your preferred spots on the desk, can create muscle memory over some time. For instance, you would be able to make decisions in mere fractions of a second, and your reflex would do the rest of the work. This can play at your advantage and develop greater gaming skills.

Reduces physical stress on the body

Gaming desks are strategically designed to maintain appropriate posture while sitting. The position of your arms, neck, and back are directly impacted by the height of the desk, monitor and keyboard tray. An ergonomic gaming desk could save you from long-term health problems that are consequential to a sedentary lifestyle.

Multi-purpose use

Using an ordinary desk for Gaming purposes can be a tedious task, especially to manage all the chords and socket placements. But, a gaming desk can become much more than what it is accounted for. You can use it as a study table, storage unit, an extra countertop, or even as a bookshelf by having raised shelves.

Sets the mood for competitive gaming

After considering all of the practical uses, it all comes down to the vibe. There is nothing like the feeling of being completely immersed in a game, and watching your surroundings become a part of your virtual counterpart. A fancy desk would give a futuristic feel to your game station.

Gives an edge to your room

Man playing games on computerA gaming desk can also stand as a bold style statement. The moment someone steps inside your room, a beguiling gaming desk can add a new dimension to it. Not only does it add to the decor, but also showcases your personality and interests.

Only a gamer can truly understand how even the seemingly insignificant factors can become the difference between winning a game and losing the game. Maybe you were about to make your winning move but the mouse ran down the mousepad and you missed your chance.

Or maybe the keyboard was placed too high and your fingers became numb by the end of the game. Or maybe your neck had been craned in an uncomfortable position for too long and the second you took your eyes off the screen, your opponent took their shot.

All of these situations could have been avoided if you had your own perfect Gaming Desk to suit your needs.

Faq’s Related to the Gaming Desk

What size a gaming desk should be

The size of the countertop can vary depending on your gaming equipment and whether you are looking to place multiple monitors. For a comfortably accommodating standard desk, the dimensions of a countertop should be 5 feet by 2.5 feet. This can be reduced if there are raised platforms, wherein you can get the same usable surface in a smaller desk.

What is the best height for the gaming desk

The height of a gaming desk should at least be 2 feet, ideally with an adjustable feature. The height can vary depending upon the chair you will be using. For a spinning armchair, the height adjustability wouldn’t be a problem. But for an ordinary chair, it is crucial for the desk to be of a height that suits you.

Are L shape desks good for gaming

Looking past the standard desk, the primary dilemma is to choose between an L shaped and U shaped desk. The U shaped desk looks the part of giving an amazing gaming experience but lacks practicality. It can become somewhat restrictive to be stuck in the center of a desk. The L shaped desk gives the benefit of an additional countertop and can fit in the corner space of a room perfectly. Essentially, L shaped becomes a visibly viable option.

Can I use my executive desk as a gaming desk

Yes, an executive desk can work as a gaming desk. However, if you are looking to purchase one, it would be better to go for a gaming desk since it comes with the advantage of concealing cables and keyboard trays. More importantly, executive desks can be more expensive since their target consumers are business personnel.

Are standing desk good for gaming desk setup

Standing desks are not very suitable for gaming purposes for a simple reason – you can’t stand for too long especially when you are focusing on a game. Often, people also get bar stools for alternating between sitting and standing while working on a desk. But, bar stools are misbalanced and too much movement can result in a dangerous fall.

Will I be a better gamer after getting a gaming desk

It is important to understand that the possession of the right apparatus cannot give you the skill unless you have a natural disposition or have developed it through practice. But yes, having a gaming desk can foster gaming skills by eliminating all the hurdles that hinder performance. The ergonomics would keep you from becoming exhausted and the setup will improve the efficiency of your gadgets.

What material a gaming desk should be of

The material depends upon your priorities. If you are looking for something cheap and durable, PVC can be the right option. If your monitors are heavy and you require a sturdy desk, wood and steel would suit you better. For a sophisticated and expensive finish, Glass would be perfect.

How much does it cost to build your own gaming desk

Of course, building a desk is also an existing option, and can actually be profitable. But it all comes down to what kind of desk you are looking for, and whether it requires expert skills to design. For example, it is much more practical to build a standard, wooden desk rather than getting a store-bought one. But this wouldn’t be the case for building a multi-tiered desk, for which you would require exceptional carpentry skills, not to mention the cost of the materials and the risks involved. There are YouTube videos on making your own desk that rounds off to cost about $100. In the Indian context, it will be cheaper to buy a desk from a furniture store.

What is the most popular gaming desk

The best selling gaming desks are the standard desks, which can be used for almost any purpose. However, if we look at the most ‘popular’ desks, U-shaped desks are more prominently featured in the gaming world.

What gaming desk do professional gamers use

Most professional gamers use a U shaped gaming desk for accommodating multiple monitors, gaming consoles, as well as camera stands, on the desk. Other than that, multi-tiered and large-sized standard gaming desks are also very popular in the gaming community.


gaming setup with lighting keyboardIf you have gone through all the reviews then you would have surely found out that one gaming that fits perfectly to your needs and budget.

But just in case you didn’t get time to read all the content then here is a short conclusion for you.

The best overall gaming desk on our list is the Atlantic Desk. It is a pretty affordable desk that comes with a lot of holders.

The most premium, but also the highly expensive desk on our list is Apexdesk Elite.

If you are looking for an adjustable desk then Arozi-Arena would be your best bet.

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