Best Hoverboards and Self Balancing Scooters 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best hoverboardFor most of the consumers, choosing a fast and reliable Hoverboard is a very difficult task.

Since the cheapest hoverboard starts from like $300, everyone should be sure of what  they are buying, is best for them.

So if you made up your mind to buy a hoverboard for yourself but don’t have any clue about which one to go for, then this post will guide you through the reviews of 10 Best Hoverboards and Self-Balancing Scooters of 2018 .

The post is intended to clear all your doubts regarding hoverboards and to walk you through the detailed reviews of the most popular ones in the market

Best Hoverboards/Self Balancing Scooters 2018 – Quick Look

HoverboardSpeedBattery RangePrice
Razor Hovertrax 2.0
(Editor's Choice)
8mph2 Hours
Halo Rover Official
Segway Mini Pro
10mph1 Hour
Swagtron T1 8mph2 Hours
Powerboard 10mph5 Hours
Epikgo Sport
10mph1 Hour
Skque X1
Segway One S1
(One wheel Scooter)
Jetson Rover V8
10mph2 Hours
Swagtron T5

1. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – Best Hoverboard 2018

best hoverboard 2017Razor is a global leader when it comes to the recreation of electronic products, and has given some excellent products in past, and is mainly popular for creating personal transporters and other electric rideables.

Hovertrax 2.0 is the smartest hoverboard as said by the manufacturer. Indoor or outdoor, the overall robust structure and technology make it a perfect companion at any place.

Created with ever balance technology , hoverboard gets intelligently controlled at safer levels. The technology would be extremely useful in initial days of learning, as it will take few days to master them if you are using a hoverboard for the first time. Overall an excellent feature for first-timers.

  • Created by Razor, trusted Global Self-Balancing scooter manufacturer,  this is world’s smartest Hoverboard available in the market.
  • UL2272 certified: The hoverboard follows all the security standards making it completely safe for the users
  • Packed in with 350-watt powerful silent motor , that makes it  suitable for ride for the users up to 220lbs
  • You can get a maximum speed of 8mph , which may be very common as compared to other self balancing
  •  scooters, but you do have other high-end features coming along
  • Running on 36V Lithium battery packed with LG cells , the hoverboard supports fast charging and can give up to continuous ride of 60 minutes on a single charge
  • Build with exclusive ever balance technology you do get a smooth ride experience and tighter grip control
  • On top, you get the Led lights along with Led battery indicators , fender bumpers and two riding modes including training and normal use

Our Review

The most eye-catching part of the hovertrax 2.0 is its overall design. Being the best hoverboard in the market it has become the first choice among customers due to its portable design.

The Led indicators on the front are one of the reasons why it is such a great peice, as they make a good addition to the overall look. The powerful 350-watt motor is incredibly powerful, they may not give you an incredible speed but the smoothness they put on the wheels is something you will always love.

The hoverboard is powered by fast charging Lg cells which are dead easy to replace at the time when the battery range goes below than an average range.

The work done on the motor needs to be appreciated. If you ever had any hoverboard in the past then you would have noticed the slight sound of the motor coming out of it, but same is not the case with Hovertrax 2.0. The silent 350 motor and is powerful and emits no sound at all.

Coming along with the safety certification you just don’t have to worry about any types of mishappenings including fire or breakdowns during rides. Last but not the least, overall weight is approx 22.9 pounds which would not end up being heavy for an average consumer.

  • No Bluetooth and Speaker Options, which you generally don’t get in most of the popular hoverboards


  • Excellent Design and Colour Combinations
  • Dual Mode for Traning and Normal Use
  • Equipped with smart ever balance technology
  • LED Lights on Top
  • Comes at an entry level price range


  • No Cons


From the big brand like Razor, the price tag is right for such powerful machine. The overall look of the hoverboard is excellent and internal specifications like the 350-watt silent motor is something you do not get to see in competing brands. Though we have better options on our list in terms of speed, something that we call value for money would be Razor Hovertrax 2.0

2. Halo Rover Official – All-terrain Hoverboard with Bluetooth App Controls

all terrain halo hoverboardHalo rover is a tough player. Strong build quality with indestructible tires , this can be a good choice for anyone.

Ranked as the best hoverboard for 2018 on Amazon , it is truly an a dvanced hoverboard with Bluetooth controls and high-grade aluminum frames .

The Halo rover is the first all-terrain board in our list. It is a study model that works that runs quite well on the muddy or icy surface , bumpy roads and cracked pavements.

  • Equipped with Bluetooth speakers controlled through Halo hover app
  • UL2272 Certified with Hologram tag, indicating the complete security for the users
  • Front LED lights give it an excellent look
  • Maximum speed up to 10mph
  • Play music from the mobile phone with ease with the help of Bluetooth technology which comes integrated.
  • IPX4 water resistant for rides over mud or sticky areas
  • Designed with high-end aluminum and glass frame for sturdy and durable structure
  • Dedicated  Halo App or easy controls from mobile phones
  • Indestructible 8.5″ tires for smooth rides and tight grip over terrains
  • Comes with three different modes that include learning, normal and advanced mode

Our Review

If you are not very much convinced by Segway mini pro then you must have a look at this. Being loaded with all the features it is designed to rule the street. Talking about the overall look of the hoverboard, the manufacturer has done some serious invention here and have made it completely different from other

Talking about the overall look of the hoverboard, the manufacturer has done some serious invention here and have made it completely different from its competitors, two high covers above the tires not just provide a better padding to the rider but also give a beast look to the board.

The company has made it super easy for the riders to control the hoverboard with the help of halo app, that creates a connection between the mobile phone and board via Bluetooth. It also comes along with the integrated Bluetooth speaker, making it a cool choice for anyone.

The hoverboard is IPX4 water resistant which means you are not going to face any trouble while riding on muddy or little watery surface. Wheels added are perfect as they provide a solid grip over terrain and come along with an excellent protection.

The battery performance is good with a  range of more than 60 minutes, also the board can go up to the speed of 10mph.


  • Loaded Bluetooth technology fo feature controls.
  • Excellent Look and overall comfort
  • Better Foot Control and tyre potection
  • Solid tires with excellent grip on terrains


  • No Cons


With perfect in every aspect this hoverboard is top recommended by us for seekers who are good on a budget. It is solid, smart , terrain ready and comes with beautiful head lights that makes them a great choice for everyone. Also don’t forgot the dedicated controlling app offered by the company for easy controlling of Halo Hoverboard.

3. Segway Mini Pro – Best Self Balancing Scooter

most cool self balancing scooterSegway mini pro is much more than just a hoverboard, instead its a next-generation personal transporter .

Powered by nine boat technology , segway mini pro is the best self-balancing scooter with all the top notched features and elegant build quality on top.

Though it will cost you some extra bucks as compared to the normal hoverboards but believe us, the investment done on it would totally be worth

  • Dedicated Mobile App from the manufacturer for remote control operation, Anti-theft alarm, speed controls, firmware updates and controlling led lights with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Ul 2272 certified, that means the hoverboard is completely safe from fire and critical issues
  • Equipped with 10.5-inch pneumatic air-filled tires with shock absorbability of military grade
  • Being made up of aircraft-level magnesium hoverboard comes out as durable and lightweight at same time
  • Unique and comfortable design 
  • Added Padded knee bar for maximum comfort as compared to regular hoverboards that rely on foot-pivot steering
  • With top speed of up to 10 mph you are ready to go for cruise

Our Review

For users who have already used other hoverboards in past and want to explore some new type of hoverboard ride, for them, this can be a good choice. With the scarcity of padded knee bar hoverboards in the market, something from a manufacturer like Segway can be a treat for customers.

Unlike other popular hoverboards this one does comes with Bluetooth technology which creates a connection through an app and allows the users to almost control everything from the app itself including the speed, Anti-theft alarm, customizing led lights and perform firmware updates as well. Most of the self balancing scooters equipped with Bluetooth do not offer such controls, the maximum you get with those hoverboards is speakers checks and other minimal functions.

You get 10.5 inch filled tires on which you can experience a cruise ride up to 10mph, which is a excellentspeed you get to see on any two wheel hoverboard available in the market. Talking about the build quality, it is designed from an aircraft-quality solid material which makes it tough and durable for longer

Talking about the build quality, it is designed from an aircraft-quality solid material which makes it tough and durable for a longer lifespan.

Braking System has gone a little far in perfection and causes crashes at times due to its instant and extremely fast braking technology, so users have to master that feature in mind when riding at its top speed. It is not an issue from the company’s side, its just that you have to give some time to get used to brakes.


  • Excellent Build Quality which makes it exceptionally durable
  • Bluetooth controls for all major features
  • Padded Kneebar for Extreme Comfort
  • Maximum speed upto 10mph


  • Very resposive baking system
  • Quite Pricey


Though the Segway mini pro will cost you slightly more than other hoverboards, but we believe that its a complete value for money . With the great build quality and unique design on top it is really an eye candy, also the technical aspects in segway mini pro are as powerful as you will ever see.

Why we are focusing more on Safety Certification?
Back in the year 2016 the CPSC[Consumer product safety comisson] recalled half million hoverboards, as they were possessing the risk of explosions and fires.

Many of the consumers over the world faced this issue and ultimately CPSC has to take this decision. In one of the reports they said:
Contact the manufacturer or retailer and demand that they give you your money back,” CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye stated in a statement. Unless the manufacturer can show that the device has been certified as safe by Underwriters Laboratories, it should be considered “a fire hazard waiting to happen,”
Later on, after all the inspection,  the hoverboards were back in the market and were good to go. The UL 2272 Certification symbolizes that the hoverboard is completely safe to use.
In case you are further interested, do check the reasons for fires explained by Cnet community

4. Swagtron T1 – Best from Swagtron

swagtron t1Swagtron is one of the biggest manufacturer of hoverboards and has so many of them lined up. The company always tries to bring in great hoverboards and has a big fan base among users.

Swagtron T1 is the entry level hoverboard from the company, which is not just good in terms of price but also boasts some excellent features.

With all of the major features packed in, this hoverboard deserves to be on our top 10 list.

  • Coming with Ul2272 certification the Swagtron T1 is the best entry level hoverboard equipped with all the top features
  • Maximum speed of up to 8mph
  • The Manufacturers have done a great job on the battery life adding a battery with the range of more than 2 hours on a single charge ,  so in case you are going to have a long day at the college, you don’t have to worry about the battery drainage.
  • Packed in 250-watt Motor and Gear Stabilization
  • To give an outstanding look to this self balancing scooter manufacturer has added the LED lights to them,  which will make you the center of attraction when you are over it at nights
  • The Swagtron T1 is best suitable for users who weigh Up to 220 lbs,  which make it an excellent choice for almost every customer
  • Rubber bumpers and preloaded two riding modes
  • Along with the Led lights, you do get the battery indicators , so that you know better find out when you have to charge it

You don’t get the option of Bluetooth connectivity with this one ,  which should not be a problem for such a great hoverboard for an entry-level price tag

Our Review

This can be ideal for anyone seeking for a good hoverboard at a cheap price point. The reasons why we recommend this is because they are the lowest price hoverboard available, yet the quality is excellent.

The led lights make it an eye-catching and beautiful ride and 250-watt motors and gear stabilization provides a better downhill traction and tighter control.

With UL2272 certification you do not have to worry about the safety issues, hoverboards go through stringent tests before they are released into the market. Some people do worry about the battery issues and in past, we do have seen cases of recalling hoverboards due to the fire issues,  that makes it very reasonable to worry about, but as with UL2272 certification, the swagtron T1 and each of the hoverboard in our list is completely safe to use.

So in case you want to buy an entry level hoverboard from a renowned brand then this is the one for you, the hoverboard though misses the features like Bluetooth and Speakers but those side features could be ignored.


  • Good speed performance upto 8mph
  • Great Battery Backup of approx 2hours
  • LED Lights and indicators added on top indication power usage
  • Easy learning modes for beginners


  • No Speakers and Bluetooth Option


With a low price and great features, this hoverboard is one of the top product among customers. The learning modes make it easy to learn in the initial days and the LED lights provide overall a decent look. Remember this is the cheapest hoverboard from swagton, which is a hugely popular company when it comes to designing hoverboards.

5. Powerboard by Hoverboard – with Advanced Overheating Technology

advance hoverboardPowerboard by Hoverboard is the first hoverboard in the world to get UL2272 certification .

As mentioned by the manufacturers it is very easy to learn hoverboard, and on average it takes 5 minutes for a rider to learn how to run powerboard by hoverboard.

This hoverboard is built for longevity and comes with 1 year of warranty along with the United States based consumer support.

  • Certified Hoverboard with specified guarantee that the hoverboard is not prone to overheating.
  • With a top speed of 10mph, the hoverboard is giving tough competition to other manufacturers
  • More than 5 hours of battery range
  • Drift corners – just lean backward to forward to move in that direction.
  • Lean side to side to master hoverboard at top speeds
  • Smooth and simple acceleration .
  • High output HD lights on front of both the pads giving it a great look
  • Great design on the side of wheels
  • Perfect and safe for every age group.

Our Review

Even if you have never owned a hoverboard in the past, still, we don’t think you are going to face any of the issues with them.

With maximum speed of 10mph they are giving  a significant competition to other manufacturers, however there are no official words about the battery range from the company’s side but while reviewing it we experienced a battery range of something between 5 to 7 hours on a complete charge, which is not bad as compared to other brands who give maximum 1 hour or 2 hours of battery range.

The controls of the wheels are very simple, all you have to do is lean backward to forward to control the hoverboard in the desired way, and you have to bend sideways to control it at top speeds, which helps in avoiding the crashes and other incidents.

Last but not the least, the motor added is really powerful and you can experience it in smooth and easy rides, plus it is battery efficient as well.

Like other features, manufacturers should have worked on Wheels protection as well. The plastic covering on wheels is not sturdier and can easily be broken down. The design is simple and great, but the paint on the wheels chirps off very easily even if you hit them moving out of the doors.


  • Excellent Battery range of up to 5 hours
  • Great maximum Speed of 10mph
  • Drift Corners for easy and good controls.


  • Poor Wheel Protection


Powerboard is one of the most recommended hoverboards for those who are lying in mid-budget and want something other than an entry-level hoverboard. The technology used is great and you get all the major features of a hoverboard including some advanced features like lean forward and backward to control.

6. Epikgo Sport – Equipped with 400 Watt Dual Motor

This self-bapowerful hoverboardlancing scooter from Epikgo is class and is been designed very beautifully and sturdy.

The wheels of Epikgo sport are 30% larger than the leading competitors and are an alloy made.

This is the second terrain ready hoverboard reviewed by us after Haalo Hoverboard.

  • Passed 159 safety tests ,  resulting in entirely safe for use with no potential hazards
  • Packed in 400 watts dual motor makes it incredibly easy to climb slopes with the help of extreme power and force generated by motor
  • Being featured along with such powerful motors the hoverboard still manages to give up a battery range of more than 1 hour on a single charge
  • Streamlined tires helps in fast and smooth cruise rides
  • The hoverboard has been rated IP56 for solidness and waterproof, which means you will not face any problem riding in mud, dirt or sand.
  • As compared to other hoverboards the Epikgo is 2x larger ,  which means it comes with extra space as compared to regular hoverboard for comfort and more foot space
  • You do get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer’s end.

Our Review

If you are seeking a powerful machine with excellent speed and better grip over roads, then this hoverboard will no doubt will end up being best hoverboard for you.

The 400 watts dual motors,  which comes as a surprise are excellent in terms of power generation and create immense power while riding on cliffs or even riding on sticky mud.

The sports series tires are broader and give you a greater control. Other than that what we found the most catching part of the hoverboard is its waterproof technology,  which not just makes it suitable for rides in rainy days but also makes the ride worry free when getting into muddy areas. So now when in muddy areas you don’t have to get down and pick up the hoverboard in your hands, instead just keep going.

Also as compared to other popular hoverboards, this one comes 30% larger in space, making it more comfortable for foot control, though that increases the overall weight of the hoverboard to some extent which is not an issue anyhow.


  • Powerful 400 Watts dual motor for extreme power generation
  • Passed through 159 safety tests
  • Great road grip and Control
  • All alloy wheels and waterproof technology.


  • No Major issue


For someone who is going to use the hoverboard on terrains and muddy areas must get this one. The dual motors generate excellent power and would take you anywhere with ease. Also as similar to Halo this one also comes with front LED lights, which give it more better look.

7. Skque X1 – With Bluetooth Speaker

hoverboard with bluetooth and speakerSkque X1 is great self-balancing scooter with Bluetooth and inbuilt wireless speakers .

The highlighted part of this hoverboard is its chasis, which is comparatively strongs and is resisted to any wear and tear, though we are not a big fan of the overall design,

  • Packed in 700 Watts Powerful Motor
  • The first Hoverboard in the list equipped with Bluetooth Speakers for some extra fun.
  • UL2272 certification makes it completely safe for use by any types of age group.
  • Just connect the Bluetooth speakers in the hoverboard with your phone and enjoy the music on the go
  • Improved And advanced motherboard with professionally tuned gyro sensors
  • Safer rides at night with the help of LED lights
  • Amazing design and clean overall look
  • Max 264lbs of load capability on its top which makes it highly competitive among other hoverboard brands
  • Maximum speed up to 12mph .
  • Takes only 1-2 hours to completely charge
  • Battery range up to 2 hours+ on a single charge

Our Review

The most important reason to buy it is the featured Bluetooth speaker in it, which doesn’t usually comes with most of the brands on the market.You can easily pair up the hoverboard with your Mobile Phone using its Bluetooth option and would be able to play the songs from the hoverboard’s speakers right away from your phone.

You get an advanced motherboard with professionally tuned gyro sensors. Looking at the overall price and certainly new brand tag we were not expecting a powerful performance from it, but it surprisingly left back most of the popular brand when it comes to speed. With a maximum of 12mph, this hoverboard is really good. You also get the sharp led lights on the front to give this hoverboard a great look,  plus it makes it safe for rides during night time.

You also get the sharp led lights on the front to give this hoverboard a great look,  plus it makes it safe for rides during night time.

You also don’t have to worry about the battery as it takes 1-2 hours to perform a complete charge, and thereafter provides a battery range of more than 2hours. The body is solid and looks fine, and also you don’t have to worry about breaking down of tires,  as packed with the pneumatic tire we assume you are never going to face any problem in future.

The body is solid and looks fine, and also you don’t have to worry about breaking down of tires,  as packed with the pneumatic tire we assume you are never going to face any problem in future.

Bluetooth is no doubt a great feature but it would have been even better if we would have got the options to control the hoverboard by connecting it to a mobile phone. We only get to use the speakers and play music with them which is fine considering the entry-level price tag.


  • Inbuilt Bluetooth Speaker
  • 700 Watts Powerful Motor
  • The maximum speed of up to12mph
  • Great onboard weight resistance of 264lbs


  • Design is not very great


For those seeking a high-performance hoverboard with Bluetooth speaker on board , this can be a decent choice. The features like 700 watts motor and high-speed performance add few more reasons to consider it. So If you are not obsessed with major brands then do check it out.

8. Segway One S1 – One Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

best one wheel scooterSegway One S1 is a unique one wheel sel- balancing scooter which is hard to learn in initial days but is fun thereafter

Coming from the big brand like Segway, it does have all the excellent features with an additional feature of mobile app control. Additionally, it is the fastest hoverboard in our list with a maximum speed of 12.5mph.

  • Excellent top speed of 12.5mph , which is greater than all of the hoverboards in our list
  • Battery range up to 15 miles
  • Dedicated Segway app to monitor speed and customize light colors control other features.
  • Unique design as compared to other two tire scooters
  • Runs on lithium-ion battery on a combined power of 310 watt
  • Great performance on terrains

Our Review

With a great unique build design,  segway one S1 is a hotshot hoverboard in the market. Build quality is top notched and the hoverboard comes in a clean and shiny look out of the box. If you are planning to for a one wheel hoverboard for the first time and are worried about its balancing, then we don’t know about other hoverboards but this one performs well once you understand its working well.

You get the wheel along with its top cover in the center along with the leg pads on both the sides. The manufacturers have also created an app to easily monitor the speed, controlled lights and performs other function, the app can be easily downloaded from App store or play store on android.

The highest speed of the hoverboards is 12.5 mph which is slightly greater than other competitors,  plus the battery range is also good from which you can expect a range of 3-4 hours on the single complete charge which takes around 4 hours to complete.

It can be a hard learning process in the initial days, you might have been able to ride other hoverboards easily from the first day, but this would come as something new for you, and once you are done with the learning, this would be the best self balancing scooter for you.


  • Neat and Unique out of the boxDesign
  • Great Build Material
  • LED Lights on Top
  • Fastest self balancing scooter with speed of 12.5mph


  • Takes time to learn


Its pricy but its worth it, moreover generally all the single wheel hoverboards will costs you higher, but we recommend this one as it comes from a renowned brand and some exceptional looks on top. The speeed is the maximum you get in any hoveboard and it is overall fun to ride.

9. Jetson Rover V8 – With 3 Speed Modes and Bluetooth Functionality

Jetson rover V8Jetson V8 is very similar looking to Halo hoverboard and is equally powerful.

The design of this self-balancing scooter is incredible, and also the manufacturer has given proper attention to the speed of this hoverboard.

It is third All-terrain board in our list and is equally powerful as compared to Halo and Epikgo Sport.

  • Packed in 400 watts dual motor for powerful overall performance in terms of speed and smooth ride
  • Maximum speed up to 10mph
  • UL2272 Certification approved making it a completely safe ride
  • Bluetooth enabled hoverboard which can be used to control the hoverboard via app provided from the manufacturer’s end
  • Independent gyros deliver dynamic equilibrium  and easy controls  just by body movement
  • 3 Speed modes to be controlled by Jetson Rider V8 app
  • Stylish Led lights on the front along with the speakers to enjoy music from your mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • All-terrain sturdy tires so that you get a better grip control in any possible situation
  • IPX4 Waterproof technology
  • Battery range of up to 2 hours on a completely full charge with a charging time of 1.5 hours

Our Review

The hoverboard is packed with all the top features and hardly comes with any negative review.Featuring Bluetooth technology,  the company has also brought forward their dedicated jetson v8 app which makes it convenient for the riders to control the hoverboard right away from the mobile phone. Not just that,  you do get a Bluetooth speaker inside which can be used to play music via Bluetooth from mobile. Talking about the design and look, we must say the overlook design is brilliant both in terms of shape as well as the color combination was given to it.

The 8.5″ tires are sturdy and solid,  designed for terrain rides,  which means you are never going to face any problems on fine roads or rocky areas.

The most important and eye-catching part of this self-balancing scooter are its 400 watts dual motors,  which helps in attaining the speed up to 10mph and also provides a smooth user experience during cruise rides. Advanced gyro sensors let you control the hoverboard just by leaning your feet, though that can be done more easily right away from the Jetson mobile app.

The hoverboard comes witn IPX4 waterproof technology so that you don’t get you hoverboard in trouble riding in mud and specks of dirt


  • Powerful dual 400 watts motor
  • Ipx4 Waterproof technology
  • Terrain ready sturdy tires
  • Easy controls via Bluetooth.


  • Overpriced


The hoverboard carries a hefty price tag and is not for someone looking for an entry-level board. If you are a fan of All-terrain hoverboards and want something that generates extensive power then this can be a very good pick. The IPX4 waterproff technology and easy bluetooth controls are some other reasons to buy it.

10. Swagtron T5 – Perfect Hoverboard for Kids

swagtron t5Swagtron T5 is not something that we could call as the best hoverboard.
With few flaws and a low price tag, this can be a good hoverboard for your kids.

For someone obsessed with an exceptional hoverboard should rarely consider this one. Although if you are looking a budget-oriented hoverboard then you should have  a look at it.

  • Swagtron T5 is another entry level hoverboard designed especially for kids
  • Maximum speed of up to 7mph
  • Packed in average battery with a range of 7 miles or 60 minutes
  • Led indicators on top for battery level and charging status
  • 200 watt motor for smooth rides
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 184lbs
  • 30-degree climbing capacity on slopes
  • Tighter on road grip and downhill traction

Our Review

Though being an entry-level hoverboard, manufacturers have still managed to include all the basic features in it. Packed in 200-watt motor helps you in attaining a maximum speed up to 7 mph which is quite less,  but as we said if you are giving such thing to your kid you have to make sure the speed is not too much for them.

Solid sturdy tires provide great road grip and help in downhill traction. The hoverboard is also capable of 30-degree climbing which could have been higher if they would have given a much powerful motor,  but again for such a price tag, this is something more than enough for the customers.

You get the led indicator on top to keep in check the battery status and if the charger is plugged in correctly. Though not being certified as a water resistant self balancing scooter we still tried them over muddy and sticky surfaces and they worked absolutely fine in those cases.

  • Though we should not accept any high-end features at such price point something like led lights on front are very common and manufacturers should have added it
    No Bluetooth connectivity option or dedicated app to control the hoverboard from the mobile phone


  • Light weight makes it not so difficult to carry
  • Low Price point
  • A perfect machine for kids
  • Tighter grip and downhill control


  • No Led lights
  • Lowest maximum speed among all


If you are not concerneded about thing like LED lights and high speed, only then go for it. Apart from personal use if you are looking for a hoverboard for kids, then staright away go for it.

Best Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide

The hoverboard or the way you call like to call them as self-balancing scooters or transporters have been very common in the year 2016 and after the use of hoverboards by popular celebrities the hype went to another level. Now since you are well aware with best hoverboards in the market you wonder which is the best for you? Below we have answered few general questions of the users.

Buying from the Right Place
Back in 2016 when the hoverboards started catching fire, Amazon offered refunds to all the customers who have brought the hoverboard from them. We don’t mean that in future you are again going to face any issues but still, you never know, and to be on the safer side choose Amazon or any other popular store.
Am I too heavy to ride hoverboards?
Most of the people are in dilemma that will they be able to enjoy the cruise as they are too fat? Most of the hoverboards come with the capacity of 250 lbs upon them which means that even if you slightly overweight that would not be a problem for you. And even if you worried about the break down of the board, then let us remind you that they are made up of some really solid material with no easy breakdowns.
Can we Use Hoverboards in Rains?
Yes, you can you, if you check our listed hoverboards, few of the hoverboards comes with IPX4 technology that makes them waterproof, so that you can go for rides during rains too. To be very honest we are not much concerned about using them during rains instead what’s more important is that they should do well on a muddy surface or sticky lands, because it happens most of the time we just ride our hoverboard through the muds without caring about how would that affect the technology? but when you have an IPX4 certified hoverboard in hands, you don’t have to worry.
How Fast are the Hoverboards?
Don’t expect a speed of 30-40 miles from an hoverboard, they are designed for fun not for traveling. Any board offering a maximum speed above 7 miles would be a great choice. We have listed hoverboards offering maximum speed up to 12.5 mph which might feel like a slow speed to you but trust us, that speed over a hoverboard is still too much.
How important are features like Bluetooth and Speakers:
Not most of the hoverboards do come with Bluetooth speaker functionality which clearly tells that it’s not that important feature, but still if your hoverboard have Bluetooth technology, you get to create connection via over it and get options to control the hoverboard from the mobile app which most of the popular manufacturers do offer along with the purchase.

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