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The 10 Best Trail Cameras for 2020

For all the hunters and the farmers out there.

Trail CameraWhether you are a hunter or a farmer, whether you are interested in monitoring the wildlife in your back yard or just want to catch that jerk who keeps stealing your packages, there is a trail camera out there for you.

Trail cameras offer you a glimpse into the elegant beauty of the natural world around you, and it is important to understand what each one has to offer so you can weigh your options and choose one that best fits your needs.

To be honest, there are tons of options on the market right now when it comes to trail cameras.

These cameras can vary in terms of their size, storage capacity, image, and video resolution, whether they can be connected with cellular or Wi-Fi, their night vision capabilities, weather resistance, and their motion detection speeds.

All of these are important to weigh when looking for a quality trail camera, but it can be quite difficult to parse out all these different features and options, so we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best and most affordable trail game cameras out there at the moment.

Best Trail Cameras for 2020 – Quick Look

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1. Campark Trail Camera – Best Overall Trail Camera

Campark Trail Camera-Waterproof 14MP 1080P Game Hunting Scouting Cam with 3 Infrared Sensors for Wildlife Monitoring with 120°Detecting Range Motion Activated Night Vision 2.4" LCD 42pcs IR LEDs Also known as the Campark T45 Trail Camera, this trail camera is a bit pricier than its competitors, but it does give you some additional features and improvements that may be worth the extra cost if you want to maximize your game tracking or home surveillance.

Campark is a well-established company offering reliable, well-reviewed products, so it’s certainly worth a look at what this trail camera has to offer.

  • 120˚ wide-angle lens.
  • IP56 waterproof casing.
  • 0.3-second trigger speed.
  • Night vision with 42 pieces of infrared LED for minimal flash.
  • 1080p video resolution.

Our In-Depth Review:

If you are willing to pay a bit more and value the quality and range of the videos and images taken, then the Campark T45 Trail Camera is a good choice.

It offers a few features that are superior to the less expensive trail cameras out there, which can prove to be quite beneficial when trying to get a complete picture of where your deer and other game are moving. However, there are a few things it could do better.

First of all, its 120˚ wide-angle lens gives you a wider range of detection than some other cameras, so that deer you’ve been tracking doesn’t slip from view. It also has a range of about 65 feet which is quite good, although the quality does start to slip anywhere past 60 feet.

The Campark T45 also has multiple recording settings, so you can set it to record both videos and photos, only videos, or only photos. When it comes to recording videos, you can choose the length you’d like, between 5 seconds and 10 minutes. Just be aware that the longer the video length, the quicker the battery will drain.

Another nice feature on this camera is the night vision. The quality is super high and not grainy due to the 42-piece low-flash infrared LED. Since it’s very low flash, it won’t startle away any animals: good if you’re tracking wildlife, but maybe not so good if you’re trying to catch the raccoon that keeps going through your trash at night.

With a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, you’re getting just about what you’re paying for with the Campark T45. Most trail cams vary between 0.5 seconds (for the cheaper ones) to 0.1 seconds (for the most expensive). Unless you’re trying for high-quality photos of cheetahs mid-sprint, a 0.3-second trigger speed will be fine.


  • 65-foot detection range.
  • High-quality night vision.
  • Multiple video and photo settings.
  • A fast-enough trigger speed.


  • SD card and batteries not included.
  • SD cards can be difficult to remove.
  • The casing is IP56, which means the lens may be harmed by dust.


Overall, the Campark T45 trail camera is a quality mid-to-high range trail camera. It’s made by a reliable, well-known company with a history of quality products, and it has all the features you would want in a solid trail camera.

2. Victure Trail Camera – With Drop Resistant Housing

Victure Trail Game Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP Hunting Cameras with Low Glow and Upgraded Waterproof IP66 for Outdoor Wildlife Watching The Victure Trail Game Camera is a high-quality, yet affordable option when it comes to choosing a camera either for security or hunting purposes.

At a lower price point, it still offers comparable features to the more expensive options and is a good choice for both beginners and pros.

The Victure brand is well-known and you can be sure you’ll be getting a quality product.

It is a very durable camera that can be used in just about any monitoring situation and provides quality images and videos both day and night.

  • IP66 waterproof + drop-resistant housing.
  • 0.5-second trigger speed.
  • 12-megapixel image resolution.
  • Black/white night mode.
  • 2.4-inch LCD screen.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Victure Trail Game camera is a lightweight, high-resolution game camera that can function as an effective tool for tracking game like deer or elk, and getting a useful sense of you game’s long-term movements. It also can serve as an inexpensive yet effective surveillance camera for your home or business.

Of the most popular game cameras on the market, the Victure game camera is one of the least expensive. Despite its low cost though, it offers a resolution on par or better than most of the others, at 1080p. This definitely comes in handy for identifying game through dense vegetation and getting a clear picture of what you’re looking at.

Moreover, the camera has a black and white night vision mode, which is more discreet and offers clearer image resolution during the night than a lot of other cameras on the market. Some similar cameras use infrared LED flash technology that will scare away any game or make it obvious that your camera is where it is. Other cameras can take blurry images or videos at night. Victure has neither of these problems.

It also has a waterproof and drop-resistant housing, making it more than durable enough to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements necessary to track game or keep tabs on the outside of your home. Many other cameras out there don’t have the drop-resistant feature, so it’s something to keep in mind.

The camera also features a 2.4-inch LCD screen, which allows you to view any photos or videos that you capture directly without the need to take out the SD card and upload them. Very useful if you’re out hunting and you’re near the camera, and you catch a glimpse of something you’re not sure about and need to double-check.

With a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds, the Victure game camera is not the fastest out there, but its speed is effective enough to capture just about any image.


  • A lower-cost without compromising quality.
  • Lithium-ion battery for longer battery life.
  • Effective night vision.
  • Waterproof and drop-resistant.
  • 1080p image resolution.


  • 0.5-second trigger speed could be faster.
  • Shorter range (30-50 feet) than other cameras.


The Victure 12mp game camera is an inexpensive game cam with features that compete with the more expensive options. Its night vision is effective, quiet and clear, an important feature for both hunters and homeowners. It is durable and can withstand the elements, and has decently long battery life. If you’re looking for a good, lower-cost game camera, then definitely check this one out.

3. Apeman Trail Camera – With LCD Screen

APEMAN Trail Camera 16MP 1080P Wildlife Camera, Night Detection Game Camera with No Glow 940nm IR LEDs, Time Lapse, Timer, IP66 Waterproof Design The Apeman H55 is a great entry-level trail camera for those of you looking to get into tracking games, interested in-home surveillance, or just want to see what kind of animals are roaming around in your back yard or farm.

It has a solid casing that can withstand the elements, a no glow night flash that won’t scare away animals, and although the trigger-speed is not so great at 0.3-0.6 seconds, it will still get the job done for most purposes.

It’s sturdy, camouflaged design helps it blend indiscreetly, and it comes with a stand and a strap so you can place it just about anywhere.

  • 940 nm IR lens.
  • IP66 casing.
  • 2” color LCD screen.
  • 0.3 – 0.6 s trigger time.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Apeman H55 comes at around a mid-range price offered by most retailers.  This price is a bit high, as it claims to be an entry-level trail camera, and there are some more affordable options out there that also claim this.  However, it does offer superior image quality, at 16 MP, then some other entry-level options.

This camera has a test mode, so you can calibrate it beforehand to make sure you’re capturing the correct area and distance.  It also features 1080p video quality and 16-megapixel photo quality that you can reduce in order to save space on the memory card.

It does not come with a memory card or batteries, unfortunately, but then again, not many entry-level cameras at this price do.

It supports up to a 32GB SD memory card, so also be aware that if you keep the card in too long and the video/images taken surpass this limit, you will lose some of your pictures and/or videos.

The no-glow infrared LED lights make sure there’s no flash or sound that will scare away animals at night, however, there have been some complaints that the night vision quality is grainy or has high contrast.  The night vision distance can range from 15-20 ft, which isn’t great compared to some more expensive cameras, but for an entry-level camera like this one, it should get the job done.

The 2-inch LCD screen allows you to view your photos and videos directly on the camera without having to plug it into your computer.  The menu options on the screen are also quite user-friendly, and you can scroll through them to choose your settings.

The Apeman also features a password protected lock, which ensures that nobody else will have access to your photos and videos if the camera is stolen.


  • No Glow infrared flash.
  • Password protected.
  • 16MP image quality.
  • Withstands high/low temperatures.


  • Batteries and memory card not included.
  • Instances of bad night vision.
  • Instances of water damage, despite IP66 weatherproof casing.


The Apeman H55 seems like a solid, user-friendly, entry-level game camera that can withstand freezing temperatures and high heat pretty well.  It’s no glow infrared lens that does not flash outwardly or make noise that will startle away the animals you are tracking. Although it’s trigger speed is just average, and there are reported instances of poor night vision, all-in-all this camera seems like a good option for someone looking for a good, basic trail camera.

4. Meidase Trail Camera – With Fast Detection

Meidase Trail Camera 16MP 1080P, Game Camera with No Glow Night Vision Up to 65ft, 0.2s Trigger Time Motion Activated, 2.4" Color Screen and Unique Keypad, Waterproof Wildlife Hunting Camera... Meidase is a lesser-known company in the trail camera world, and really only offers two products, so take that information with a grain of salt.  But although it may not be the biggest name out there, the Meidase trail camera has a lot of great features for a reasonable price.

They offer two cameras, a higher-end 20-megapixel camera, and a less expensive 16-megapixel camera.

Let’s take a look at the more affordable 16-megapixel option. This camera will certainly get the job done and help you track animals no matter the conditions.

  • 0.2-second trigger speed.
  • 120-degree detection.
  • 2.4-inch LCD color screen.
  • 940nm IR night vision lens.
  • TV remote style keypad.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Meidase 16MP trail camera features a user-friendly TV-style remote that allows you to toggle easily between settings to choose the best ones for your purposes.  The 2.4-inch LCD color screen lets you see your pictures and videos right from the device without having to plug it into your computer, and the setup is quick and easy.

All the photos and videos are imprinted with a timestamp, temperature reading, date, and moon phase, so you will know exactly when each photo or video was taken and the conditions they were taken in.  This allows you to adjust the settings and maximize the quality of your photos, day or night.

It has many different modes of operation as well.  You can choose between three live working modes: photo only, video only, or both.  Also, you can select the amount of time between photos, which is especially useful if you live somewhere with lots of movement and don’t want to fill up the memory card with unnecessary images.
It also features time-lapse and loop recording, as well as a timer you can adjust so it only records/takes photos during specific time-frames.

It has great motion detection performance, with high, medium and low sensitivities which will affect battery life and contrast, as well as a 0.2-second trigger speed, which is nearly as fast as you can get.  It’s 120-degree wide-angle lens enables this fast trigger speed, and also makes sure you’re maximizing your range of viewing.

The night vision also features a no-glow infrared lens that is good up to 65 feet, and will not make a sound or flash that will scare away the deer in your backyard.  The quality of the night vision is crisp and clear, although taking too many night vision photos/videos will fill up the memory card quickly and drain the battery.

As far as the casing, there have been some mixed reviews here.  The casing is marketed as an IP66 casing, which makes it one of the stronger, most water-tight options out there.  However, there have been reports of water damage to the lens and aperture.


  • Multiple settings, loop recording, time-lapse.
  • No Glow, no sound IR night vision.
  • User-friendly functionality with a TV-style remote.
  • Temperature, Time, Date and Moon phase imprint on photos/video.


  • The waterproof case sometimes fails.
  • Battery life.


The Meidase trail camera offers a lot of functionality.  It has a ton of settings, and you can program it easily using the TV remote style keypad and the LCD color screen.  The night vision has a great detection distance, at 65 feet, and the day time images are crystal clear. This is an affordable camera that has received excellent reviews, aside from complaints about the failure of its waterproof casing.

5. Wosoda Trail Camera – With Longer Trigger Distance

WOSODA Trail Game Camera, 16MP 1080P Waterproof Hunting Scouting Cam for Wildlife Monitoring with Night Vision LY123 Wosoda is a company that offers multiple trail cameras, some of which have upgraded night vision and image quality.

It’s another company that offers cheap-yet-solid, entry-level cameras that are dependable and affordable.

Their 16MP, 1080p trail camera is a mixed bag, however.  Although it is inexpensive, it lacks a lot of the features available on other trail cameras.

Even still, it will effectively capture good-quality images and videos, both day and night, and has a decent battery life.  Let’s take a look.

  • IP54 weatherproof case.
  • 0.3-0.8 second trigger speed.
  • 65 ft trigger distance.
  • 940nm infrared low-glow night vision.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Wosoda 16MP trail camera will be one of your cheapest, most basic options, and in this case, you’ll get what you pay for.  It does not have a display screen, so you will have to plug it into your computer in order to view any images or videos that you capture.

This also makes it a bit harder to set up and adjust settings. Other trail cameras have a screen right on the camera that helps you both see any images you capture on-site, and allow for more user-friendly setting control.

This camera does have multiple modes to choose from, including a timer setting, time switch and a timestamp function so you know when the image or video was captured.  It also features 1080p full HD quality videos and clear 16 megapixel images.

The night vision is up to par, with a 940nm infrared LED low-glow lens.  However, the trigger speed is not so great, at 0.3-0.8 seconds. This can lead to missing a significant amount of wildlife or getting blurry images that are hard to see.

The casing is IP54 weatherproof, which also isn’t great compared to other trail cameras.  This rating means that it is not fully dustproof, and may get damaged in heavy rain.

There are some other cameras out there at similar prices with more water- and dust-resistant casings, so if you live in a rainy or dusty area, this may not be the camera for you.  On the other hand, it has proven quite effective in below-freezing temperatures.


  • 1080p full HD video resolution, 16MP images.
  • Works well in cold weather.
  • Good daytime quality images/videos.
  • Simple design.


  • No screen makes usability more difficult.
  • IP54 weatherproof makes it vulnerable to damage.
  • 0.3-0.8 second trigger speed is slower than other models.


The Wosoda 16MP trail camera is a basic, inexpensive, entry-level option for people looking to test out a game camera.  It has all the basic functionality of most trail cameras and takes high-quality images during the day. It’s clearly not the most durable camera, however, and it’s trigger speed leaves much to be desired.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a built-in screen to view your images and videos on-site either, but if you are just looking for a basic camera to monitor around your home, then this one will certainly do the job.

6. Oudmon Trail Camera – With 2.4 inch LCD

OUDMON Trail Game Camera 16MP 1080p 30fps FHD Waterproof IP67 Wildlife Scouting Hunting Cam with 940nm 48Pcs No Glow IR LEDs Motion Activated Night Vision 2.4" LCD Oudmon is a solid company that offers a few different trail cameras.  They are tough, weather-resistant, and offer great picture and video quality, and well as a good detection range.

The 16MP Oudmon trail camera comes in at a bargain on Amazon, marked down significantly, so you’ll be getting the functionality and quality images and videos of a more expensive camera for half the cost.

This camera will work great for both monitorings the outside of your home and out in the wilderness because of its sturdy design and dependability.

  • 1080p, 30 frames/second, 16MP with sound recording.
  • 0.3-second trigger speed.
  • 48 pcs 940mn no-glow infrared LED night vision.
  • IP67 weatherproof casing.
  • 2.4-inch LCD screen.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Oudmon 16MP trail game camera is a multi-functional and dependable game camera that will give you everything you need no matter the application.  It can be used around your home to catch people stealing packages at your doorstep or for monitoring the hummingbirds in your birdfeeder. It’s durability also makes it a great choice out in the wilderness for hunters looking to monitor the game.

The camera offers super high-quality images and videos, with 1080p video and 16MP images.  You can also adjust the setting to give you time-lapse and programmed intervals of image and video capture.  Furthermore, it also records sound, which is an excellent feature on a game camera. Even if you aren’t able to capture the animal in your video, the ability to record sounds can give you an idea of what’s happening near the camera.

It is easy to set up and operate, and the 2.4-inch LCD display allows you to see the images and videos you captured on-site.  The display also allows for an easy interface for adjusting the settings. It is again one of those cameras with a password protect option, which ensures no one will be able to access your videos and photos.

The night vision on this camera is excellent, with a no glow, 48 piece infrared LED lens that is discreet and quiet.  It also boasts an impressive 90ft detection range that will capture animals at a distance with good quality.

Its IP67 waterproof casing is extremely durable and tested to survive full submergence underwater at shallow depths.  This makes it an ideal camera for rainy climates, and give you peace of mind that it will withstand whatever the elements throw at it.

The Oudmon trail camera runs on 8 lithium or alkaline batteries (lithium recommended) that will last up to two years if you keep it in standby mode. Obviously, if you are using the highest quality setting with lots of videos, the battery life will decline, but this is true for most trail cameras.  Unfortunately, the Oudmon camera will not run on rechargeable batteries.

Its 0.3-second trigger speed is not the fastest, but it’s also not the slowest, and will still give you reliable images and videos wherever you decide to set it up.


  • IP67 waterproof case protects the camera equipment even underwater.
  • Great picture and video quality.
  • Good battery life.
  • Excellent detection distance.


  • Locking mechanism can be difficult to open.
  • It doesn’t run on rechargeable batteries.


The Oudmon 16MP trail game camera is a durable, high-quality trail camera that you can use just about anywhere.  It’s long battery life and durable casing make it great out in the elements, and it’s LCD screen allows for an easy user interface and convenient, on-the-spot assessment of images and videos.  For its price, this camera is a nice option for just about anyone.

7. Campark Trail Mini Camera – Small Camera from Campark

Campark Mini Trail Game Camera with Night Vision 1080P 12MP Waterproof Wildlife Monitor for Scouting Hunting 120°Detecting Range Motion Activated 2"LCD Display-20M IR LED If you are looking for a more compact trail camera that still has many of the same features as most of the bigger ones, the Campark Mini is the trail camera for you.

Campark is a reliable company that offers a variety of different trail cameras with high-quality image and video resolution.

Trusted by homeowners and hunters alike, this camera will do the trick in just about any situation.  It has a variety of settings for both images and video, and its compact size makes it discreet enough to be used for home security.

  • 65ft detection range.
  • 12MP, 1080p resolution.
  • IP56 grade waterproof casing.
  • 2.4-inch LCD color display.
  • 0.5-second trigger speed.

Our In-Depth Review:

The compact size of the Campark Mini T20 trail camera makes it a very appealing, discreet and easily-hidden camera that has basically the same functionality as similar, larger trail cameras out there.

At only 70x105x40mm, it can fit in the palm of your hand and can be hidden easily in the branches of a tree or on the ground in some brush. Its camouflaged casing gives it even more stealth, and you can rest assured that it will stay hidden (as long as you place it securely).

The Campark Mini has adjustable resolution settings that you can set to maximize the battery life and tailor to certain weather conditions.  You can toggle between 12MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP and 1MP, which is nice because it gives you a range of resolutions to play with and see which one is best for various conditions.

It has a 120-degree wide-angle lens that maximizes the area for possible wildlife spotting, and with a detection range of 65 feet, the Campark Mini competes with most other trail cameras out there at this price, mini or full-size.  It has good night vision capability as well, with 850nm infrared LEDs. Unfortunately, it is not specified whether or not the night vision is no-glow or emits any sound.

The Campark Mini’s casing is graded at IP56, which makes it great for heavy rain, but maybe not so great when it comes to damage that can be done by dust.  For a detailed breakdown of the IP grading system, you can check out this website, which will definitely help you assess the durability of these trail cameras when it comes to extreme weather exposure.

Its 2.4 inch LCD screen is remarkably the same size as the screens on most other full-sized trail cameras.  Like most of the other screens on this list, it makes it so much easier to control the settings and gives you access to your pictures and videos without having to connect the camera to your computer.

With a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds, the Campark Mini is mid-range in this regard, but this seems like a reasonable trade-off for its compact size and user-friendly settings.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • IP56 waterproof casing.
  • Adjustable resolution.
  • 120 degree wide angle lens.


  • 12MP resolution not as high as other cameras.
  • Not specified whether night vision is no-glow.
  • Some complaints about the night vision quality.


The Campark Mini is a reasonably priced trail camera from a reliable company.  It is multi-purposed and can be hidden well because of its compact size. Hide it in a tree to track birds or near your front door for security.  It is a small, versatile camera that is quite handy and easy to use. Despite its compactness, it still boasts a 2.4 inch LCD screen and a 120-degree wide-angle lens.  This is a great little camera for anyone looking to monitor their property or track game.

8. Letscom Trail Camera – With 2-inch Display

LETSCOM Trail Game Camera 16MP 1080P, 0.4s Trigger Speed Scouting Hunting Cams with Night Vision Motion Activated for Outdoor Wildlife Monitoring and Home Surveillance Yellow The LETSCOM trail camera is another miniature option for those of you looking for a compact and lightweight option.

Anyone who really values a camera that can be easily hidden, carried and set up will certainly love this great little camera that, like the Campark Mini, is one of the best mini trails cams out there.

While LETSCOM is a lesser-known name than Campark, it still offers some excellent features that make it worth the gamble inherent in choosing a brand that may not have the track record of a company like Campark.

Its affordability, size, and functionality make it a great entry-level camera that can be used in many different ways.

  • 0.4-second trigger speed.
  • 22pcs low-glow infrared LEDs.
  • 2 inch TFT color screen.

Our In-Depth Review:

Even though it doesn’t have the name recognition that Campark has, this LETSCOM trail camera actually has higher quality features that make it a more appealing option than the Campark Mini.  It is about the same size and can fit neatly into the palm of your hand.

Its small size is great for a hunter who wants to carry and set up multiple cameras in a certain area but doesn’t want to lug around a bunch of full-sized devices.  At just over seven ounces, it is lightweight and will be easily hidden amongst brush or tree limbs.

The LETSCOM offers multiple settings and lets you choose between time-lapse, video mode and photo mode.  It also lets you choose the length of video you want to record, which as we’ve mentioned earlier, saves battery life for prolonged use.  You can choose a video length of 3-60 seconds or 1-10 minutes.

Its 16MP resolution is superior to the Campark Mini’s 12MP, and again you can choose to adjust the resolution to suit the conditions.  Although the lens’ 90-degree sensor angle is not as great as the 120-degree angle offered by a lot of full-sized cameras, the possibility of setting up multiple cameras can offset this shortcoming.

You can also adjust the camera’s motion sensitivity between low, medium and high.  This helps you eliminate unnecessary photos and videos that eat up memory card space if you’re placing it in an, especially busy area. Just change the setting to low sensitivity, and you will only capture the images that wander closer to the camera.

In terms of detection, the LETSCOM is good from up to 60 feet, which is competitive with similar models, and its 22-piece low glow infrared lens allows you to capture clear images at night with pretty good resolution.

Its 0.4 trigger speed is on the faster end of comparable models, which ensures you won’t miss that deer bolting through the forest or that hummingbird darting towards your feeder.

It comes with a 2-inch Tuft color screen which allows you to see your pictures and images right from the camera.  There have been issues with the keypad, with complaints about difficulties with button sensitivity, so that is something to keep in mind.

The LETSCOM’s casing is comparable to the Campark Mini, with a grade of IP56.  Again, this means that the lens may be susceptible to damage from dust particles, but will do well in the rain.  It’s also important to note that there have been cases of the lens fogging due to low temperatures.


  • Multiple applications.
  • Lightweight, compact design.
  • Good night vision quality.
  • 1080P video recording.


  • Set up key problems.
  • Short battery life has been reported.
  • 90 degree sensor angle could be better.


The LETSCOM trail camera is another great option when it comes to miniature trail cameras.  Its design doesn’t sacrifice quality, and it takes excellent pictures and videos with a decent detection range.  Its night vision works well and isn’t grainy, and its casing is comparable to similar models. The LETSCOM is a great little entry-level camera that is multi-purpose and easy to set up.

9. UsoGood Trail Camera – With 90 Degree Detection Angle

usogood Trail Camera 14MP 1080P No Glow Game Hunting Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated IP66 Waterproof 2.4" LCD for Outdoor Wildlife, Garden, Animal Scouting and Home Security Surveillance The UsoGood trail camera is a great multi-purpose trail cam that offers some excellent features and functionality.

Whether you plan on using it for hunting or just want to monitor the animals in your back yard, this camera offers quality images and videos day or night.

UsoGood also offers a higher-end trail camera with 20 mega-pixel image quality, but for now let’s take a look at the company’s more affordable option, the 14 mega-pixel trail camera.

Either way, you go, UsoGood is a solid company that offers quality trail camera products that are easy to set up and use.

  • IP66 waterproof casing.
  • 2.4 inch LCD color screen.
  • 42-piece, 940nm no-glow infrared LEDs.

Our In-Depth Review:

The UsoGood 14MP trail camera is an excellent multi-purpose camera with high-resolution images and video.  Its durability makes it great for prolonged exposure to any type of weather, making it a perfect option for both hunting and home surveillance.

With two different mounting options, you can position it in many different ways, allowing you a ton of different angles from which to capture your images or videos.

Its IP66 grade waterproof casing will withstand just about whatever mother nature can throw at it, so you can be sure it will survive and continue to function even in the harshest of conditions.

The UsoGood also has excellent night vision specifications, with a 42-piece no-glow LED image capture that won’t disrupt wildlife at night.  The night vision range is also quite good, at 65 feet, and the image quality won’t disappoint as you’re looking back through your night-time photos and videos.

Image detection problems seem to be a common problem when it comes to trail cameras, but USoGood’s 0.2-second trigger speed is super-fast and won’t leave you with blurry or partial images, night or day.

Another great thing about this camera is that it has sturdy, durable buttons that will be responsive and allow you to quickly and easily move through the settings displayed on its 2.4 inch LCD screen. And with a 4x zoom option, you can zoom in on your images or videos when you replay them, letting you soak in more detail and nuance.

The time-lapse function on the UsoGood allows you to record more subtle changes to your environment, like the growth of plants or the changing colors of leaves in the autumn.  So even if you aren’t that interested in animals or home security, you can still find an interesting and enjoyable way to document the world around you.

The UsoGood takes 8 AAA batteries, similar to a lot of other trail cameras in its class.  The battery life seems OK, at around six months if the camera is on standby. You can find some similar cameras with significantly longer battery lives, and others around the same.


  • IP66 waterproof casing is dust resistant and safe in heavy downpours.
  • Sturdy, user-friendly buttons.
  • 0.2-second trigger speed.
  • 42-piece, 940nm no-glow infrared LEDs are excellent for the price.


  • Cases of poor audio quality.
  • The SD card can be difficult to insert and get out.
  • Can be difficult to mount.


With the UsoGood 14MP trail camera, you’ll get high resolution images and videos both day and night.  It has a quality keyboard that allows you to easily scroll through a setting option on its LCD color display and is durable enough to withstand rain, sleet, and snow.  Great for hunting, wildlife monitoring, home security, and farm observation, this camera will function well just about anywhere.

10. Toguard Mini Trail camera – With 12MP Sensor

TOGUARD Mini Trail Camera FHD 1080P 12MP Game Camera 2" LCD Screen Small Hunting Trap Camera with IR Night Vision 120° Wide Angle Waterproof Video Camera for Wildlife Monitoring and Home Observation The Togaurd Mini is another one of those trail cameras that is compact and easy to carry around.

It offers you good quality images and video for an entry-level, low-end trail camera, which again can be great if you want to set up multiple cameras and maximize the area you are monitoring.  To guard offers a few different types of cameras, and their full-size one is also of good quality and dependable.

So let’s look at some of the key features and attributes of this small-yet-functional trail camera.

  • 0.5-second trigger speed.
  • 2 inch LCD screen.
  • 4 AA battery power supply (not included).

Our In-Depth Review:

The Togaurd Mini 12MP trail game camera is a great little trail cam.  Although it doesn’t quite stack up to the previously-mentioned Campark Mini and LETSCOM trail camera (both of which weigh less and feature a few more higher performance features), it is still a compact, functional and easy-to-use product that is effective for tracking game, monitoring wildlife, or in surveillance.

Its wide-angle, 120-degree lens gives it an edge to other mini trail cameras out there that only have a 90-degree angle.  And if you plan on getting a few of these cameras, then your scope of detection has the possibility to be quite expansive.

Its detection range is 65 feet, which is comparable to similar models, but there have even been reports that its sensitivity can range up to 100 feet!  Its night vision features 32 pieces of low-glow infrared LEDs, again pretty similar to its competitors. However, there are some other reports that the LED lights are visible and can sometimes make a clicking sound when they turn on and off.

The Togaurd Mini has a 0.5-second detection speed, which is pretty average in the grand scheme of things.  Both the Campark Mini and the LETSCOM have similar detection speeds.

A cool thing about this camera is that it is pretty easy to set up.  The default setting is already set when you buy it, so all you have to do is adjust them to get your desired quality after some trial and error.

Its two-inch LCD screen makes adjusting settings quick and easy, and the buttons are easy to press and won’t lead to frustrating, repetitive, forceful jabs at the thing while you’re trying to control it.

You can adjust the video length as well, which will save you battery life and space on your memory card.  The default setting is five seconds, but you can also choose 3s-60s or 1min-10min. Just definitely be aware that if you choose the longer video options, then your batteries will drain quicker and your SD card will fill up faster.

To guard also offers 24-hour customer service, so if you have any problems you can call them to sort it out.


  • Multiple video length settings.
  • 32 pieces of low glow infrared LED night vision.
  • Good battery life.
  • Default settings are already set for easy set up.


  • LED lights reported to be visible and make sounds.
  • IP grade not specified.


The Togaurd Mini Camera gives you just about everything you could want from an entry-level, low-cost trail camera.  Although it has a lower resolution than the LETSCOM mini camera, it is the same as Campark’s and offers the same type of night vision capability.  Its pre-set default settings make it easy to start using, and the LCD screen gives you the ability to see your images on the move. All-in-all, the Togaurd gives you a good bang for your buck.

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