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Best Drawing Tablets 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It is true that for effective drawing, you need an effective drawing surface.

Since our schedule happens to be very busy, drawing tablets come out as the best way to draw at any places without the need of any whiteboard or brush.

Considering the hype in the market, we have reviewed the best drawing tablets on the market for you.

The list is made keeping in mind the parents looking for a  graphical tablet for your kids so that they can have fun, or you are a  professional designer looking to buy one to make designing convenient. 

Depending on your needs you can easily choose the best drawing tablet for yourself by the end of the post.

Best Drawing Tablet – Quick Look

Wacom Intuos Draw
(Editor's Choice)
8.25 inches2048
Huion Giano13.8 inches2048
Wacom Intuos CTH690AK8.25 inches2048
Huion H610 Pro10 inches2048
Huion Q11K11 inches8192
ArtisulD1010.1 inches2048
Wacom Cintiq Pro13 inches8192
XP-Pen Artist 22
(Editor's Choice)
22 inches2048
Ugee US-215021.5 inches2048
Ugee UG-1910B19 inches2048

1. Wacom Intuos Draw CTL490DW- Best Drawing Tablet for Beginners

best drawing tablet 2017Wacom is a renowned name when it comes to digital artboards, and you are going to see many tablets from Wacom here. It has been on the market for over a decade and has designed both types of tablets including the ones with display and ones without display.

Intuos series comes with a number of different models and luckily all of them comes under the entry-level segment.

Intuos Draw CTL490DW is one of the most popular drawing tablets and is preferred by thousands of people. It is compatible with both the Mac and windows and connects in a snap.

This one could be perfect for artists who are just starting out and do not want to invest a hefty amount. Remember it is very important to invest wisely, If you are just going to buy a tablet with the purpose of learning, then an expensive tablet would be an expensive and irrelevant choice.

Intuos draw comes packed with Art rage lite, which is easy to operate drawing software, which also has a number of online tutorials for everything. It also supports all the popular software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw and several other which are used widely in the market for professional art and graphic designing.

The pressure sensitive pen or stylus that you get with the tablet provides a digital toolbox to you at the fingertips with 2048 sensitivity levels. By just pushing in hard or low, you can make variations in the line width, opacity and several other creative options needed for effective art designing.

The setup overall in quite simple. All you have to do in plugin the tablet via USB to your PC or Laptop, install the driver, register the product, download the art-rage software and you are start set to go. All the cables including the USB connectivity come in handy with the package and you do not have to worry about anything at all.

Drivers have been an issue with some of the users. As we used it for a very short time, we were not able to replicate the issue, but there are complaints of crashing of drivers, the solution to which is available over the internet.

Talking about the overall weight, this drawing tablet weighs just  362 grams  and comes in two color options:  Blue and white  with a price difference of approx $2. Both the color look really good but our personal favorite happens to the blue one.


  • Compact, lightweight and easy to operate
  • Perfect of new designers and Kids
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Excellent responsive surface and cheap price


  • Crashing of drivers at random times.


Overall the look and feel of this tablet are fantastic and all the buttons on it are easy to operate. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the pen so that everything on screen comes out flawlessly. Considering the price tag it comes with, it is a complete value for money drawing tablet.

2. Huion Giano WH1409 – With Giant Surface and Wireless Connectivity

big drawing tabletWhen it comes to the drawing tablets, Huion is a pretty big name and has brought in some very good boards for designing. Be it a 10 inches tablet or a 13 inches tablet,Huion has every damn size in house.

Huion Giano WH1409 is the latest addition to the series which comes with quite a big work surface area of a 13.8-by-8.6 inch.

The design of the tablet is as neat as you will ever see. Everything including the buttons and the drawing surface is very well placed and provides enough space to operate every function easily.

Unlike the Wacom Intuos drawing tablet we mentioned above, this one does not come with any hassle of wires and works on complete wireless connectivity, which can resist a  range up to 40 feet, ensuring you have a flexible designing experience and stay free from any space limitations.

The tablet comes with 12 shortcut keys to perform some quick actions [can be used by both right and left-handed users]. All of the keys are fully customizable and can be assigned as per the needs of the designer.

The drawing pen comes with a  2048-pressure-level-sensitive pen  which is rechargeable in nature and allows you to design freely on the surface with the  resolution of 5080LPI  and practical  response rate of 230RPS

The power source for the  Huion Giano WH1409 is a powerful  2000 mah battery that takes approx  4-6 hours to charge and lasts for almost 40 hours  (being constantly run in wireless mode), which makes you worry-free about charging it at regular intervals.

The tablet is very well compatible with both  Windows  and  Mac  [Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Mac 10.8.0 or above] and the major designing software including Photoshop, illustrator and other programs

Both Wacom and Huion are giving tough competition to each other, but if features like wireless functionality do not please much you then you could save some bucks going with Wacom Intuos CTL490DW. Though  Giano WH1409 comes with better pen sensitivity, in the end, it is also about how much you want to spend for a drawing tablet.


  • Large drawing surface
  • Great pressure sensitivity Pen
  • Wireless connectivity with excellent range
  • Powerful battery with up to 40 hours of range on single charge


  • No Cons


The features like wireless technology and 230RPS  are making it stand out of the crowd, plus the long and powerful battery is desired by every user nowadays, making it a great drawing tablet. Also do not forget the large drawing surface that comes with it.

3. Wacom Intuos CTH690AK – With Multi-Touch Gestures

Tablet with touch gesturesWe told you that you would see many of the tablets from Wacom in our list of best drawing tablets and here is the next one.

The CTH690AK is one of the  most selling drawing tablets on Amazon , which is available to buy in 2 sizes:  Small and Medium

Here we are going to take the small one into consideration, however, if you head over to Amazon to buy it, you would get an easy option to choose between both the sizes. With that said, Let’s have a look at what this graphical tablet has to offer:

  • Battery-free-pressure sensitive pen  used to draw thicker or thinner lines depending on how hard it is pushed
  • Multi-touch gestures  to scroll, navigate and zoom on the artwork, right away with your fingertips
  • Comes with a free  8×10 metal photo print
  • Customizable express keys with functions like Undo or copy paste.
  • Connects to pc and Mac via USB cable

You can enable the wireless connection functionality via the wireless Kit that is sold separately and works fine with any software program.

Intuos Art overall is a very powerful and creative tool for designers. The Intuos pen you get in the package is highly sensitive to  2048 distinct pressure levels . It perfectly measures the pressure and maintains desired thickness with natural feel and movement.

If you are worried about the compatibility issues, then we should mention that this drawing tablet  works with all the programs including Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator etc.

The functions like the Sensitive responsive pen or express keys are no new. But the option to use gestures is something which is remarkable and you would love that, as it makes zooming, scrolling as easy as you do it on your smartphone. Excellent feature, very well executed.

  • The tablet comes with 3 extra refills in the package, but for any serious artist who uses it often should buy some extra beforehand.
  • The pen does not come with an eraser, though it is not a big issue, but including an eraser would have made this drawing tablet even better.


  • Extremely easy to install with included CD
  • Very smooth surface and overall light weight
  • Comes with Express keys and multi touch gestures


  • Pen don’t come with an eraser


The tablet is overall very sturdy and weighs approx  362 grams . During our review, we didn’t notice any major issue with it, and everything works smoothly. If you want to include a wireless connectivity option then you can do that easily via buying add-on kit that will cost you some $40 roughly.

4. Huion H610 Pro

Huion H610 ProAs compared to the last one, this one is slightly a cheaper drawing tablet, and it also does not come with wireless connectivity like in Huion Giano WH1409.

Other than that here are the great specifications it comes with:

  • 10×6.25 inch  of large drawing surface
  • 8 express keys and  16 hotkeys at the top , which can be customized as per the preferences
  • 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity  to be more creative with thick and thin lines
  • Compatible with all software like Photoshop, illustrator and coral draw
  • Comes with a rechargeable pen called to be as P80

This is probably the best thing you will get at this price. The tablet is perfect for the beginners and works ultra-smooth. The surface is pretty big as compared to what you get at this price with other drawing tablets.

The pen is no different and is a normal one so we are not going to talk much about it here. The express keys and the  hotkeys are gold , you can assign the features to them as your preference making designing a much faster and easier process.

The pen is not “battery-less” and needs to be charged. It might happen with you that it arrives completely discharged out of the box. No need to worry, just plug it right in feel the sensitivity magic it comes along with.

Similar to the other tablets it is very well compatible with all Pcs including the latest version of windows and Mac. The installation process may take about 30 minutes, so we advise you not to freak as that is completely normal

You might face the issue with the CD it comes with or installation with the driver. And to be very honest, that was the issue with almost every tablet we reviewed, and the easy fix to it is to download the drivers directly from the site.

Rest everything in this tablet work smooth and responsive and it is one of the perfect value for money drawing tablets.


  • Large and smooth drawing surface
  • 8 express keys and 16 hot keys
  • 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity 
  • Low priced


  • Driver’s Cd do not work well
  • Pen Stand do not holds the pen well


Everything from the specification to the pricing structure is perfect. Though it misses the wireless connectivity options and comes with chargeable Pen, but that is something which is expected at this entry level price range. Hot keys are the best part of the tablet which makes it a even better drawing tablet.

5. Huion Inspiroy Q11K – With 8192 Pressure Sensitivity Levels

drawing tablet with higher pressure sensitivity levelsThis one brings the end to the series of best drawing tablets for beginners. This is the third tablet from Huion in this series and comes with some amazing features.

This one is very close to WH1409 in terms of specification, but is slightly cheaper in terms of price.

Let’s have a look at the features it comes along with:

  • 8192 pen pressure levels which is the highest among all the beginner’s drawing tablets we reviewed so far.
  • New rechargeable  PF150 pen
  • Large  11 inch of drawing area
  • Wireless connectivity  for cable-free designing experience
  • 2500Mah battery  with up to  40 hours of backup  on wireless mode
  • Ergonomic designs

If we talk about major parts excluding the surface size and the express keys, then the  Q11K outstands WH1409 in most of the aspects .

It comes with 8192 pressure levels, which is almost 4 times as compared to any of the tablets. This is a very big revolutionary upgrade from Huion, providing the ultimate accuracy in design and excellent performance, precise strikes as you like to intend to.

The 11-inch work surface is super smooth to work on and is made up of high-end materials,ultimately offering you a pretty large space for better designs.

The tablet is completely wireless unlike the USB ones and works on  2.4 GHz wireless technology . Though there are no words about the connectivity range, looking at the other Huion drawing tablet we can expect it to be 40 feet.

The drawing tablet comes with complete ergonomic design with round corners, smooth surface and curvy edges which aims to provide extreme comfort to the users.

Last but not the least, the tablet comes with a powerful battery of 2500Mah, which aims to provide the range of up to 40 hours when continuously running in wireless mode giving you no reason to worry about battery drainage.


  • Light weight ergonomic design
  • 8192 Pen Pressure Levels
  • Highly smooth drawing surface


  • Shortcut Keys won’t light up and are hard to find
  • Don not come with an eraser


This one is a very tough contender to Wh1409 and if it is not about the large surface size and the extra express keys, then we would recommend you to prefer Inspiroy Q11K, as it comes with better overall design,  4 times more pressure levels , and a cheaper price tag.

6. Artisul D10 – Entry Level Drawing Tablet with Screen

entry level digitizerThe Artisul D10 is the cheapest drawing tablet with display in our list. It cost way too less as compared to other digital drawing tablets, but comes with small size as compared to them.

This tablet is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade from a surface drawing tablet to one with LCD and wants to take their designing skills to next level (without spending too much)

D10 comes with  10.1″ LCD  which is pretty good enough to look at and exceptionally responsive to work at.

It comes with a U-pen with professional and realistic gestures with  2048 levels of pressure sensitivity  which is almost same what we got to see in the normal tablets with no display.

D10 is a very thin and light making it very portable to move along with and it can be easily powered via laptop with no external AC power. It also comes with  6 shortcut keys  which are customizable as per the needs.

Doesn’t matter how much we praise this one, it would be always less. This one from Artisul might sound like a less powerful as compared to the drawing tablets from very big brands like Wacom and Huion, but if you look at the price, nothing doesn’t even stand close to it.

The tablet does not comes with a stand , which would be very important to work freely. So we recommend you to buy one to make the most of it.


  • Solid, Light weight and Sturdy build quality
  • Easy to navigate shortcut buttons
  • Good HD (1280 x 800) resolution  screen
  • Pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels


  • No stand comes in the package
  • Small LCD display but at the price it is doable


If you not really a professional and just a beginner who wants to get hands on a graphics tablet with a display, then this would be the best choice. Though the size is pretty small but at the price you are getting it, it is still a steal deal.

7. Wacom Cintiq Pro – Best Drawing tablet with 1080p Display

best drawing tablet with screenIf you would ask us what we would choose if we have some real good money to invest, then this would be my answer. Though it is very pricey for an average buyer or professionals, still this is pure Gold.

Cintiq Pro comes with  13″ full HD 1080P display  which produces brilliant color and pictures with exceptional clarity and with wide color gamut you will get what you see.

It also supports  multi-touch gestures  which would help you zoom-in and navigate with a swipe of your fingers. Alternatively, you can also improve your workflow via the programmable on-screen radial keys.

Talking about the connectivity part, Cintiq pro comes with multiple options to connect to PC and Mac. You can either use the  USB type C  to create a connection or alternatively use the Wacom link and Cables to connect via standard USB and a mini-display port.

The all-new Wacom Cintiq pro comes with Pro pen 2, which is said to be the smartest pen from Wacom till now, which not only provides good grip to hold but also gives a real feeling of designing on paper

The  pro pen 2 comes with 4 times higher accuracy and pressure sensitivity levels  as compared to the pens with the other Wacom tablets, by which you can design more accurate thick and thin lines, depending upon the need.

Talking about the overall build quality and look of the Drawing tablet, it comes with a beautiful new design with an etched glass screen and an attached stand making it more convenient for designers to design.

It  works great with any 2D and 3D software  to give you real and authentic feel to design and control the things as you imagine.

The tablet does come with some minor issues and all-time driver issues. The cables of the tablet and pretty weak and are the stands are not very sturdy, but until and unless you are going to put too much pressure on it, it will work fine.


  • Full HD 1080P super bright screen
  • Multi touch gestures for easy zoom and other functions
  • Advance Pro Pen 2 pen with 4x pressure levels
  • Very responsive surface and very well priced


  • Minor driver issues
  • Cables are too much(if not using USB C)
  • Very pricey


The tablet is great and comes with loads of features and very beautiful design. The FHD display is one of the good displays we have ever seen in drawing tablets. The Pro pen 2 is a complete charm to use and makes the designing very easy.

8. XP-Pen Artist 22

XP-Pen Artist 22Xp-Pen is a well-known brand when it comes to digital drawing tablets and this one is really a bargain from the company.

Artist 22 comes with well-designed 22 inches HD IPs display with 1920x1080P  resolution, 9 point display calibration and an extra wide angle.

As similar to Wacom Cintiq Pro this one do not come with 4x pressure levels, instead comes with standard  2048 pressure levels , helping you design natural looking even designs.

Unlike other tablets this one does comes with  2 rechargeable pens  along with the erasers, which makes easy for the designers to make changes to the designs.

You do get the ergonomic stand along with the drawing tablet which makes it very stable to the surface, giving you better grip and makes the tablet free from shaking.

The LED is very well protected via the tough glass produced in the dust-free workshop, which is scratchproof and shockproof.

The drawing tablet comes with support for most of the software including  Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator, and 3DMax etc. It is compatible with  Windows 7 and above  version and  Mac OS 10.7 and above .

If you have your eyes on Cintiq pro but have not bought it yet, give this one a chance. And we do not say that just to save some bucks for you, but this is really good. What happens that most of the people get caught in brand obsession in then leave the things that actually bring better benefits to them, in the same way, keeping the expenses low. So until and unless you need a more beautiful design, 4x pressure levels, and big brand tag, XP-Pen Artist22 would work fine.

The build quality is not really excellent. The very plastic build, the pen, and the cables feel like of cheap quality. Though the look and design do not look like cheap at all.


  • True and Vibrant colors
  • Extremely responsive and great pressure levels
  • Comes with perfect calibration out of the box
  • Low price tag as compared to the offerings.


  • No side buttons or express keys.Not an issue though
  • Pen is a chargeable one, which is not a major issue though,  as you get two pens within the package


As we said, it is a bargain deal at this price. It is fantastic drawing tablet and comes with a great look and awesome sensitivity levels. If you have found the Wacom Cintiq Pro quite expensive and looking for an alternative, then this is the one.

9. Ugee UG-2150

drawing tablet from UgeeThe last two drawing tablets in our list are from Ugee. The company which has got expertise in producing drawing tablets which are loved by the designers.

UG-2150 is a  21.5 inch is Dual monitor drawing tablet  that comes with an IPS screen with a  Full HD 1080P resolution

It is not just the great display, but also the other features that come along:

  • Pressure sensitivity pen up to  2048 levels
  • A solid adjustable stand that makes it free from shaking
  • Comes with  9 points display calibration  and  178degree viewing angl e, which is the largest
  • Accompanied by two rechargeable pens that get powered by built-in lithium batteries
  • Also has a  multi-angle adjustable stand , which helps to adjust at different viewing angles
  • Works in all major software running on both Mac and Windows OS
  • Extra accessories include  screen protector , pen ribs, and useful cables

This is one of the best graphics tablets graphics monitor that we have tested in a while from Ugee. The one who is looking for some small tablet may not find it well suited due to its large size. But in case you are looking for an upgrade from some small screen tablet to large screen tablet then this can be a good choice.

The installation of the tablet is super easy and the operation is very easy as well. The display is super bright and clear and brings out the true color. With 2408 pressure levels it becomes very easy to design the thick and thin variations in lines

Talking about the connectivity and the stand part, it comes with   HDMI, VGA, and DVI , that makes it capable of connecting to far more devices as compared to other standard tablets.

The best part is the adjustable stands, which can be adjusted as per the designer’s view angle. Which is quite unique and a great feature


  • Large and easy to connect and operate
  • Full HD 1080P true color display
  • Comes with 2 charging Pens
  • Adjustable stand for multi-angle view


  • No major issue


Brilliant screen, Excellent pressure responses, and a good price tag, that what makes this tablet one for the best drawing tablet. There is hardly anything wrong with this tablet, except the minor driver issues that happens to be with all of the drawing tablets.

10. UGEE 1910B

UGEE 1910BUgee 1910B still a very new tablet from the company, but even the few review it has over Amazon were enough to convince us to give it a try.

Most of the people do not try new products, have the fear of doing the wrong investments, but that doesn’t happen always. We here always try to test as new products as possible, so that we find something new and tell the world how awesome that product is?

1910 B was a similar type of product which we decided to review and here is our take on it:

  • 19 inches  of pretty large area with resolution of  1440 x 900
  • 2048 pressure sensitivity levels similar to most of the drawing tablets
  • Adjustable stand as similar to other Ugee tablet, which makes it easy to view the design from any angle
  • Compatible with  Windows XP  and above versions and  any version of Mac OS
  • Comes with  2 rechargeable pens .

Overall the tablet is great and works smoothly. The pressure sensitivity levels are nothing new so we would not talk about that. 19 inches screen is small as compared to the other ugee drawing tablet but is more than sufficient for designing.

Along with the package, you get a total of 2 pens,  10 extra ribs , and  a screen protector . The pen does come with cord and can be easily charged via connecting to the USB port of laptop or PC

The screen is not high-resolution full HD like the other drawing tablets but that doesn’t make it a bad choice. It is still very clear and large enough and overall the activity of pen is very responsive.

The installation process might get a mess if you decide to use the CD which comes along with it. Make sure you download the proper drivers from the official site and then get the use it.


  • Good build quality and excellent price
  • 19 inch of large active area
  • Comes with 10 extra ribs


  • CD that comes along is weird
  • Display is not Full HD


Though the resolution is not full HD still the performance is very good. You get 10 extra ribs, which is not very common with other drawing tablets. Overall when it comes to performance, there is no problem with any of the technical functions.

Best Drawing Tablet : Buyer’s Guide

Digital graphic tabletIf you are an aspiring artist or a beginner or parent looking to buy a drawing tablet, you must be aware of what type of tablet should be best for you, so that you do not make a bad investment anywhere.

A drawing tablet aka the graphics tablet also known as a  digitizerf pen tablet  or  digital art board  is a computer device, that enables anyone to draw hand-made sketches, graphics or animations with the help of a special pen said to be as a stylus.

In a nutshell, there are two types of drawing tablets available:

One that comes with drawing surface with no display

Second, that comes with drawing surface with display

Here is the difference between them to make it clear to you:

  • A normal drawing tablet is no different as compared to one with the screen, expect the LCD part.
  • On the normal ones, you do have to keep an eye on the PC/Laptop to check if the drawing is well made and is going in the right direction.
  • While on the digital drawing tablet that can be easily done just by keeping a track on the LCD screen. So it is more like what you see is what you get.

A good graphics tablet can be found something between $70-$200, and one that comes with LCD displays are likely to cross $500 tag and could go up to $1000. It may sound like a pretty high price for a tablet, but the designers who they know about the quality that comes along with it.

But even if you have good amount kept aside for a drawing tablet and have no experience of buying it, then you may end up choosing one which might not be a good one or might not suit the best to your needs.

Hence here, we are going to guide you through the complete process. Making you aware of the important aspects of the drawing tablet and how to decide which one is the best for you?

Here are the key points to look at while going for a drawing tablet:

Tablet Size:

various sizes of tabletSize is one of the most important factors you need to keep on top of your priority list. The bigger sizes may fantasize you, but bigger is not always the better. 10 inches is a common size for most of the drawing tablets but 6-8 inches also works fine.

Professional artists and illustrators are likely to go with the larger ones that can go up to 22 inches, but it needs to remember that with a larger screen comes a bigger price. Also larger the tablet you are using, more would be the movement of your arms, to minimize the arm motion you can go with the smaller ones.

Another thing to remember is that the dimension mentioned in the box does not refer to the total dimension of the drawing tablet, it only refers to the drawing surface and total dimension to the extreme corner would be 4-5 inches larger than the size of the drawing area.

It might come as surprise to you but, the tablet takes much desktop space than you would have thought of. As of now, the tablet come in sizes of 6×8, 9×12, that matches up the 4:3 aspect ratio of the computer monitors.

Although it is not a cause to worry if you graphics tablet does not match the aspect ratio of your computer because the software in modern tablets automatically takes care of mapping. But if it matches, it is a nice thing.


The interface is the source/way via which your tablet gets connected to the computer.

USB is the most popular source on which most of the tablets run. Wireless technology is another which has taken up the heat nowadays and few of the companies like Huion and Wacom has included that in the entry level drawing tablets.

Luckily, the market does have a wireless kit for the drawing tablets which can give it the wireless option to connect with the PC or Laptop. The wireless Kit cost around $40, but we before you go for it, we recommend you to get a confirmation from the manufacturer if that would be compatible with your tablet.

P en /Stylus

tablet penThe pen is equally important as the size and the surface is. If it is not smooth, lightweight and contact enough, it would be a burden to use.

We have two types of pen available:

Rechargeable Pens

Non-Rechargeable Pens

Rechargeable pens are the ones that come with battery and USB cord to charge them. Though they need to be recharged still the stellar battery range is close to 15 days and there are absolutely no issues like untimely drainage.

The only downside of these pens is that battery they come with increases the overall weight of the pen to a little extent.

On the other hand, non-rechargeable pens are a very good choice, they are lightweight, helps in applying perfect pressure levels and comes with no hassles of charging in regular intervals.

Some but not all of the pens come with erasing end, which makes it quite easy to erase some part of the design right from the pen, instead o digging for the erase on the software you are working on.

Talking about the safety o the pen, tablets do come with either a tablet stand or a docking point in the tablet, so that you do not lose your precious pen somewhere.

Pressure Sensitivity

If you have read the reviews above, then you must have come across this term many times. So what actually is pressure sensitivity?

Pressure sensitivity refers to the variations you can make in terms of thickness, transparency, color etc, just by putting the pressure on the pen. It works very similar to like we do on real paper with sketch pens.

The pressure levels start 256 and come as 512, 1024 and further. Most of the tablets back then came with 1024 levels but with advancement in technology every modern drawing tablet comes with at least 2048 pressure levels, while some of the high-end tablets go up to 8192 pressure levels, which is certainly the best thing you can have in any best drawing tablet in 2018.

The higher the pressure level more natural and responsive would be the control and design

Driver Software and Bundles Software

Most of the tablets come with driver Cd inside the package, but what we recommend is to go to the official site of the tablet and download the latest drivers from there.

All graphics tablets require a driver, so before you get into downloading one, make sure the driver is compatible with your Operating system and the version which you are running, like some drivers, support Windows XP and some do not.

Next thing to look is the features offered by the drivers. Most of the drivers control some important functions of a tablet. Some of those important controls include, tools customization, tweaking sensitivity, mapping screen to part of screen on monitor and many others.

Talking about the bundled software that refers to the designing software that comes along with the drawing tablets. Almost all of them comes with a drawing program and some of them come with utility tools for software like Photoshop, illustrator and other popular softwares.

Some companies also integrate handwriting recognition software that converts your handwriting into written notes, which is less common stuff now days


Good tablets are priced around $100 . You can get an excellent Wacom tablet for like $80, which could be a very good investment if you are just starting.

Drawing tablets can go up to $1000 but then comes up the question if you really need them.

A 21 inch IPS LCD display drawing tablet is enough to fantasize anyone, but if you do not need it, it is going to be a very bad investment.

So for beginners or parents looking a tablet for their kids, we recommend something close to $100 and for designers and professions, they can go as high as want starting from $500 tablets.

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