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Different Types of Microwaves Available in The Market

microwave isntalled in the kitchen

Microwave ovens have becomes an appliance we simply cannot get enough of.

From being an amateur’s most sought-after rescuer to a professional’s equipment, its growth has positively been marvelous. T

hey have become so popular in today’s time that it is difficult to trace a home where they do not mark their presence in the kitchen tables.

Along with their prime use of warming up foodstuff, its scope has widened through all horizons and is now extensively used for an array of uses such as grilling, roasting, and baking.

These are the days that often leave the consumers baffling with an extensive array of choices in the marketplace. However, this guide hopes to guide you through the process of getting the best microwaves for your needs and requirements.

 Solo Microwave oven

Also branded as a ‘standard microwave’, a solo microwave is the most fundamental and uncomplicated class of microwaves. These are typically manufactured to be positioned over countertops. The functioning is rather unfussy to comprehend-the magnetron generates high-frequency microwaves that enthuse and stimulate water molecules in the foodstuff. This consequently elevates the warmth of the food placed in the oven. They provide uniform heating. Predictably, most solo microwaves are employed to unfreeze frozen food.

Solo microwave ovens are essentially most favorable for catering easy snacks or for just reheating cooked food. In comparison to grill or convection microwaves, solo microwaves are typically easy on the pocket. This very reason makes them popular in households. They are especially fitting for bachelors or for a family unit where there are barely a few members.

However, it must be taken into deliberation that you cannot use it for grilling, baking, steaming or toasting. This might be quite a bummer.

Grill Microwave Oven

grill microwaveGrill Microwaves are a score enhanced than the customary microwave ovens. However, they are a tad less adaptable than their convection equivalents. It’s working centers around a warming element at its apex and underneath that acts as a beaming high-temperature source in addition to the magnetron that generates microwaves.

The supplementary heating element permits these microwaves to roast the food items as in a usual oven.

The only feature that downplays a grill oven as a good baking appliance is the deficiency of a fan to allocate the heat uniformly. Owing to the added functionality, these microwaves are somewhat more expensive than the standard microwave ovens.

Convection Microwave Oven

large microwaveA convection microwave is an effusively developed appliance that performs the functions of a standard microwave, a grill microwave, and a convection oven. Consumers normally have a preference to purchase a convection microwave model to evade the costs and expenses of possessing these separate applications.

It has a built-in blower that facilitates the warm air to dispense uniformly around the foodstuff. It effectively eliminates the temperature differentiations within the cracks. This even distribution will be of assistance while baking goodies. You can use it for heating, grilling, browning, baking and defrosting.

Conclusively, one can put to use this oven for cooking all that you would otherwise use a solo microwave and a convection microwave combined. For best results, the customers are advised to procure a model that proffers a heating element at the apex and a convection fan in the rear of the appliance for maximizing the results.

Over the Range Microwave Oven

microwave placed in the kitchenAn over-range or OTR microwave is fundamentally meant to be used over a gas or an induction range. These models may profit from the features of a customary microwave and convection microwave.  They have a countertop arrangement with some added benefits.

They come with expel fans and worktop lights- another set of features that spaces them out from the rest of the lot. The expel fans in nearly all models can be attuned to vent smoke and odor outside the kitchen.  It may also recirculate within. The cooktop illumination installed in the underside of the microwave relates to sufficient work surface lighting.

The majority of these microwaves come in average widths. Some people favor choosing these microwaves to save up some counter space. While for some others, it may be a way of evading the installation of a devoted range hood. Certain users also endorse the functionality that these microwaves offer to their kitchens.

Built-in Microwave Oven

Better known by its household names like Wall oven or microwave combo, a built-in microwave is characteristically intended to be set up within the cabinetry. No doubt, they give an urbane and flawless look to the appliance hedge of your kitchen. Being mounted off the counter, these do save up plentiful of counter space and append improved functionality to your utility area.

Owing to the additional expediency and ease of usage, they are traded at higher prices than standard countertop forms.  Additionally, setting up a built-in microwave needs expert and qualified assistance. This adds further to the preliminary outlay.

Countertop Convection Oven

microwave placed in a shelfConvection ovens are a class apart for they do not in effect, work on the theory of microwaves or any other principles of electromagnetic waves. Enthused by the countertop arrangement of microwaves, these ovens came into being for enhanced and superior baking, roasting and grilling utilities.

Expectedly, these do not house a microwave supply, i.e., magnetron, in their structural makeup. They roof a warming constituent at the apex and underside of the oven cavity. Doubled with the aid of convection fans, these appliances evenly distribute the heat all around the hollow spaces. These can be competently used for baking, browning, crisping, grilling, roasting and toasting food items as distinct from the solo microwaves.

These ovens are best suited for kitchens that have a tapered layout and therefore cannot fit in a standard built-in oven. Even though countertop convection ovens cannot contest with the advanced cooking capabilities of wall ovens, these sure perform a great deal.

One last word

To sum up, it is safe to say that there is no perfect pick for everyone. There’s so much that affects the appropriateness and aptness of a microwave. The most dominant factors being one’s cooking necessities, space limitations and most importantly, one’s budget.

Whichever microwave you choose to go with, make sure it suits your interests and requirements. Procuring multiple microwaves does not entail many benefits. Instead, opting for an excellent appliance that effortlessly scores through your wants is what you should go for. With that being said, you are the best judge. Now that this guide has enlightened you about the probable choices what are you waiting for?

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