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LANMODO Car Night Vision Camera: Review

lanmodo dash camIf you live in an area that is frequently plagued by long, dark winter nights and slippery road conditions, it’s likely that you’ve had a close encounter or two with a wild animal or another driver.

Nothing is worse than having to slam on the brakes, not knowing if you’ll be able to stop or not because, thanks to the darkness, you didn’t see that deer until it was merely a foot away from your vehicle. 

Luckily, there are night-vision cameras. There are dozens on the market, but today we’re going to review a Lanmodo model that drivers all around the world swear by.

Keep reading to learn more about this trusty night vision device.

  • 8.2″ HD screen.x
  • Comes with Sony DSP Chip.
  • Infrared camera for clear night vision.
  • Multi-function.
  • Works fine in all types of weathers.

Our In-Depth Review:

The box that the night vision camera equipment came in was reminiscent of iPhone packaging- that is, the parts were nestled into a bed of foam. The parts fit into the box nicely if not a bit more tightly than necessary -which is good- however, they were hard to remove from the box because of this. When unboxing, we noticed that all of the parts seemed to be made of durable materials and had a weight to them.

Upon first glance, the system stood out as being highly portable and versatile. It only has a few attachments and one or two cords, making it easy to set up and takedown as necessary. According to the box, the camera system also fits with all vehicles that have a lighter socket, which means that nearly all of the vehicles from the last 15 years will be compatible.

The best part about this? You can almost guarantee that your vehicle will be compatible with the system – no guesswork needed. 

The setup process was pretty simple. As per the instructions, we easily fastened the mounting base to the dashboard and plugged in the power cord. In actuality, we probably didn’t need the instructions and could have figured it out without them. For the sake of a reliable review, though, we opted to pay close attention to the written instructions. 

lanmodo dash cameraAlternatively, in terms of setup position, we could have set the mounting base on the windshield. One thing we found particularly interesting was that the camera kit gave us the option to power the camera through the OBD2 diagnostic port or from the cigarette lighter. We choose the cigarette port option, intrigued by the unique push-button switch that the device came with.

This switch, when using lighter socket power, acts as a start button for the night vision camera even when the vehicle is powered off and no power would normally be coming from the socket.

In terms of performance, the night vision camera was fantastic. Offering HD quality, full-color pictures, we were able to get a clear view of everything within our vicinity. Its amplification was impressive, allowing us to turn off our headlights but still be able to see a few yards in front of our car. Here, we should note that the car was safely parked.

While the amplification was great, the picture was sort of squished. However, we understand why this is – after all, the goal is to see more of the road.

The display light was very bright. If your eyes are sensitive, you could tweak this slightly, though. While driving, headlights, and taillights caused quite a glare within the camera’s screen. This was somewhat distracting, however, glare reduction is not the goal of this product so we can’t complain too much.

With the camera giving a 36-degree angle, some windshields -including ours- will be prone to reflections. We did a bit of positioning research and found that the reflections could be minimized by certain mounting techniques and positions, which is a bonus.

We took the car out during the day, too. This provided us with a few surprises. There were numerous instances where we were nearly blinded by the reflection of the main display and its chrome accents’ glare when in the sun. To remedy this, we made use of the camera’s ability to rotate and flip the display, which is something that many popular cameras lack.

To our surprise, the kit lacked a dashcam. Although the camera does what it says it should, it would make sense to have a dashcam included. No, this isn’t a must – but it would be a welcome addition to this awesome camera system.


  • Clear night vision image.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • Portable and versatile.
  • Multiple power methods.
  • Bright display light.


  • Not a Dash Cam.


The Lanmodo night vision camera is a great device for those who have vision issues. Its bright and incredibly clear camera make viewing pleasure and ensure that users can see the road in front of them – even in low light or poor conditions. Some extra care should be taken when mounting the system, though, and it’s also important to remember that the system puts off quite the glare and reflects the sun easily.

So, would we recommend this camera? Yes, definitely. Although, it shouldn’t be relied on as the sole navigation system of a vehicle. Its use is a best-taken advantage if when the driver behind the wheel is alert and focused, but could use a bit of help in bad weather or the dark hours of the day.

Nirbhay Singh

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