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JBL E55BT Review

JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Black The increased need for comfortable wireless over-ear headphones has triggered the market of music equipment. Finding a suitable pair of headphones that fulfills the demanded goals and keeps you economically within comfort level and secure is a challenge-able achievement. In this context, this article reviews the JBL E55BT headphones that bring the sounding – good idea of an ideal pair of headphones to life.

It is a common response for any user looking for headphones to reconsider purchasing a pair that is economically convenient, considering the quality of performance. The JBL E55BT headphones follow a negative correlation between price and performance. Their design, sound quality, performance, and other specifications are extraordinary and deserve to be looked at.

Let us delve deeper into the details of the headphones that support their high quality and performance.


JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Black The design of the headphones is similar to the older versions of the same brand. These headphones are bulkier adding more comfort while utilization. They are sold in many colors that provide buyers with a variety of styles to choose from, according to their unique preferences.

The JBL headphones have a hard, outer covered ear pad, with a leathery texture on the inside. This texture provides for increased comfort on the ears while using the headphones for a longer duration. The headband is covered with a cloth layer, making it less hard on the head. Overall, the comfort of the headphones is remarkable.

The ear cuffs have been employed for other tasks. On the left pad, there is a charging USB port, while on the other pad there are control buttons to regulate the calls, volume, and music playlists. These controls violate the need for accessing the simpler tasks using the connected device over and over again. It is also a convenient gadget for people who require wired connections. The aux port allows for the connected access, without affecting the performance quality.

The battery life of these headphones is of 20 hours when used constantly. This dubs down the need for charging every few hours, which can be a rather tedious task. To indicate a low battery, and complete battery charging, an LED light is installed.

A feature that most good headphones have and should have is incorporated in these headphones. They allow for the connection of the gadget to multiple devices. This opens up the space for multitasking, making it more convenient for people nowadays having several devices for classified purposes.

The overall design of the headphones is such that the comfortable fit allows for sound to enter and escape, curbing the noise cancellation effect. However, because of the ample space, the headphones provide a comfortable musical atmosphere for users. Its battery and comfort are what brings it to the elevated platform of success in the market among its competitors.

The design of the ear pads’ exterior adds more aesthetic and attractiveness to the model. The logo of the brand is displayed in its typical form like on all its other products, surrounded by a golf ball textured material that makes the headphones look phenomenal.

Sound quality

JBL E55BT Quincy Edition Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with One-Button Remote and Mic (Rose Gold) The sound quality of the JBL E55BT headphones is refined beyond anticipation. The sound provides for a satisfactory musical experience that most people want to enjoy sitting at home.

The headphones have an activated bass that adds to the element of the music. The lows are smooth and bold, making the experience appreciated, but the highs in the lows are diminished in their effect, taking away from the overall experience at times. However, the high highs provide for increased clarity and effect. Using a 50 mm driver, these headphones open up a plethora of frequencies to listeners, for experiencing an advanced level of musical sounds and details.

The headphones are inserted with 50 mm drivers that provide for good bass tones for people looking to enjoy a studio type experience. However, the bass is not as activated as in other headphones that are dedicated to the purpose.

Because of the headphones’ nature to bring a certain warmth to the overall tone of the music, the detailed edges of every note are not captured in it. Despite this downside, the headphones provide for a beautiful musical experience enjoyed by all users.

Overall, the performance can be ranked in the higher numbers, exceeding expectations significantly.


JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Black The connectivity of the headphones is not an applaudable feature. The functioning of the headphones is restricted to a few meters, beyond which the connection begins to falter. This is slightly problematic considering that carrying your device everywhere you go with your headphones can become a hassle.

It hampers with the idea of wireless headphones. However, this downside does not dominate the features that bring success to the JBL E55BT headphones in the market.

How to set it up

To set up the headphones, the process is rather a simple one. You only have to turn on the gadget, press the button for pairing the device with the headphones, and choose the gadget name in the available connections list on the device. Your Bluetooth connection is not set up.


The packaging of the gadget was carried out meticulously. A small box held the headphones, hiding a smaller packaging underneath. This sub packaging contains the cable for connected headphone use and a charging cable for the gadget. The charging cable is also covered with a cloth, which gives the overall packaging an aesthetic vibe.

Concluding remarks

For concluding the review, it can be inferred that the device is weak in its highs, softening and smoothing the effects of the music. Its noise cancellation is not an effective feature because the airy ear pads allow enough space for sound to enter and escape the headphones from the surroundings.

The quality of sound is effectively well and will not disappoint users. At the low price at which the headphones are set, the features and their quality is remarkable as compared to its competitors. All in all, it is worth the purchase.

Nirbhay Singh

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