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Jaybird X3 Review

JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android - Blackout Ruggedness is the way of life for some people, mostly athletes. While performing physically straining tasks, it is music that keeps them engaged and motivated, distracting from the fatigue. In such a case, the headphones required by athletes should be resistant to movement, without falling out of the ears.

This is where the Jaybird X3 comes into play.

After their widely appreciated X2, Jaybird introduced a newer, updated version. Jaybird X3 is ranking among the top best headphones for regular gym activities, running and other physical activities.


JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android - Blackout The Jaybird X3 is similar in design to the Jaybird Freedom headphones. They have a band with adjustable clippers that fit well on your neck. The headphones can be worn in several ways, suiting the user’s preference.

The packaging comes with silicone tips and foam tips. The foam tips are rated higher by users owing to their firm grip in the ear, preventing the headphones from falling out. other than that, there are also winged tips that further ensure that the headphones stay in place during the vigorous exercise.

The headphones come in different colors like black and silver, adding the element of appeal to them. The overall look of the headphones is sleek, and the ear tips are smaller in size than the X2 headphones. This improvisation adds comfort to the user, increasing sound retention and leading to reduced sweating in the ears.

Remote control on the headphones manages volume, tracks and calls made or received. A rather disappointing design is the charging methodology of the headphones. They have a ‘charging clip’ of their own which is to be connected to the headphones with a USB cable. It makes charging this gadget a tedious task. Other than that, the headphones have the perfect design for people looking for a musical workout experience.


The headphones come in compact cases, with a charging clip and different ear tips. The ear tips come in silicone and foam. The silicone ones produce better sound quality, but the foam tips are more comfortable and prevent them from slipping out of the ears. Other than these, the packaging also includes wave-shaped tips that surround the ear and provide a firmer grip.

Bluetooth and the Jaybird App.

JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android - Blackout The headphones have the provision of pairing your music source device with them. This promotes device-free control of the music you are listening to. Up to 2 pairs of these headphones can be paired with one device for convenience when workout out with a friend and carrying your phone is a hassle.

Another intriguing feature that comes with these headphones is the Jaybird sound app available on Android and iOS. The app stores one profile, that records the settings you choose for bass, treble and other tools. Once your profile stores these preferences, the headphones are tuned to them even when the headphones are paired with a different device.

The battery life of the Jaybird X3 is not remarkable. It works for 7.1 hours before you have to charge it again for approximately 2 hours. The continuous and rapid battery drain can lead to frustration.

Overall, overlooking the battery of the headphones, they have some remarkable connection features that every athlete needs today.

Siri and Google Assistant

Another feature of the headphones that cannot be overlooked is the direct access to Siri or goggle assistant provided by the headphones. It can be accessed by holding the middle button for a few seconds. However, sometimes, it is challenging to switch between the two. While accessing Google’s assistant, Siri can pop up and vice versa.

But all in all, this feature makes the lives of athletes easier.

Sound quality

JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android - Blackout The sound quality of these headphones is applaudable. It has a 6 mm driver, which makes it similar to the Jaybird Freedom headphones. The mids and lows are normal, while the bass boosts the listener’s energy levels. Other than that, the app for these headphones allows the user to improvise the sound tools to suit it according to their preferences.

A downside to the headphones is the slight stutter experienced every few minutes. This occurs when the connected device is not in the headphones’ vicinity. It can be frustrating often when your device is in a different room and you have to carry it with you at all times because of the constantly loosening connection.

Overall, the sound quality is ideal for people looking for an increased bass, energetic musical experience to help them get through their workout enthusiastically.


The overall performance of these headphones is beneficial to people who like to work out while enjoying music. Despite occasional stutters, the sound quality and the continuum of music do not hamper the overall experience. The performance is advanced owing to the high – quality drives and features that make it reliable and long-lasting.

Final decision

As a final decision, in our opinion, these headphones bring out the energizing experience of working out combined with the ideal music that keeps one active on their feet. If you are looking for a fulfilling experience, go ahead and grab yourself a pair of Jaybird X3 headphones.

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