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Bowers and Wilkins PX Review

Bowers & Wilkins PX Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, Best-in-class Sound, Soft Gold Bowers & Wilkins is fetching its finest pat to the wireless headphones. PX headphones are the company’s initial Bluetooth cans to attribute active noise-cancellation technology. They come in a choice of sedate space grey or a showier soft gold. It tenders smart sensors for automatic pause and plays.

The PX headphones also have an accompanying free app that consents to peace-seeking music lovers the alternative of adjusting the ANC modes.

It very well regulates the backdrop noise the cans let in. The PX’s finest price tag nets you great acoustic quality, up to twenty-two hours of battery life, and a pair of cans just as attractive as they are strapping.


Bowers & Wilkins PX Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, Best-in-class Sound, Soft Gold Enough to say, the PXs offer a transcendent design. The external ring of the ear cups and the apex of the headband are roofed with navy-blue haywire nylon that is as sturdy as it is striking. The sleek look is augmented by the yielding gold accents alongside the base of the headband, extenders, caps on the ear cups, and buttons.

The cups are allied by potent magnets for their easy taking away.

This feature especially comes in handy if one needs to get to the reset button beneath the right ear cup. The entrenchment of a smart sensor into the ear cups ensure that once you do away with one of the cups, whatever you are listening to, will automatically pause and resume once you place them back on your ears.

All the buttons and ports housed in the headphones are located beside the right ear cup. At the top end, one will spot the volume and pause/play buttons.  Straight underneath comes the Environmental Filter and power/Bluetooth buttons. At the underside are ports for the built-in audio cable and the USB Type-C port for charging the cans.

The latter aspect is one that is atypical to find in many other headphones.


Enfolded in supple leather, the memory-foam ear cups are dense in its makeup. The cups fit contentedly over the ears, building an evenhanded seal. On the downside, there are chances of a slight gap being created when you sway your ears to the sides. Reasonably, it causes a pause for the music being played. However, it is easily remedied in the companion app.

Set up

Pairing the headphone to the phone almost happens in an instant. One has to glide the power/Bluetooth button downward for a few seconds. This ought to put the cans in pairing mode. From there, hop on to the Bluetooth settings on your phone and successfully pair it.


The PX app is sculpted after the hardware in it that is clean, pleasant to look at, and fairly easy to use. When the app opens, it routinely syncs with the headphones. Once paired, you can way into the trio of active noise-canceling presets-Office, City and Flight.

Enabling the ‘Environment Control’ verifies the kind of backdrop noise that will get suppressed. For instance, the ‘City Environment Control’ will customarily block out the commotion of a city, while ‘Office mode’ blocks out any prattle that maybe not too far.


Active Noise Cancelling

Each variant of the PX’s active noise-canceling creates its own hushed haven.

As good as the PX’s noise-canceling is, it can’t contend with the Bose QuietComfort 35 II and its near chasm-like stillness. While one can hear washed out murmurs in conversation on the PX headphones with the Voice Passthrough disabled, the QC35 IIs are just a stride below deceased quietness with no music playing.

Audio Performance

Bowers & Wilkins PX Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, Best-in-class Sound, Soft Gold The PX delivers potent sound with good detail, spotless highs, and mids. It performs an admirable pact in launching the sound field. It is certainly a great deal for those of you who want lucidity, detail, and a leveled tonal stability from their headphones

It facilitates where resolution and detail recovery are concerned. Shoddier quality soundtracks sound just that, but that’s just the exchange you get for the PX’s frank approach.

Music sounds like it’s approaching at you straight-out rather from the sides, which seems to authenticate the design of those inclined drivers.


Bowers & Wilkins claims that the PX can last twenty-two hours on a single charge with ANC facilitated. However, the battery backup does last shorter than they claim and rounds around 19.5 hours. That incorporates roughly two weeks of usage. One can make certain how much battery life is left of the PX headphones, in the app. Or conveniently, hang around until anticipating the warning beeps.


The PX headphones have an archetypal Bluetooth array of thirty-three feet. The music begins sputtering when one inch closer to the stepping out of range. It completely slashes out when one exceeds the set limit. However, the track starts playing almost instantaneously when you move back into the acceptable expanse.

Call Quality

The PX’s call eminence can certainly be bettered. Although it is not bad, it could definitely use some work. The calls made sounds just like what one would sound if normally talking on the phone.


Bowers & Wilkins PX Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones, Best-in-class Sound, Soft Gold Bowers & Wilkins was a belated onset to the emergent noise-canceling rivalry, but the lingering has totally been worth it. These headphones are more than just fine looks and good materials, more than just the newest technologies catered in an appealing package. With generous battery life, profoundly immersive and poignant sound, and compactly shaped to be conceded everywhere, it is undoubtedly essential.

But the headphones offer beautiful, robust design with immense aural quality, concrete active noise-canceling technology, and extensive battery life. When the headphones are balanced with its complimentary app, listeners have the capability to tweak what they perceive and to what extent.

But if you’re looking for supreme hushes, the Bose QuietComfort 35 IIs are without equal and bring huge sound superiority. They are lighter in their build than the PX and come with a devoted Google Assistant button. Nevertheless, if you are in quest of a pair of truly first-class headphones, the Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless headphones are the way to go.

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