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Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Review

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones - Midnight Blue with Citron The Bose Soundsport Free may have washed out with time, but they are definitely a favored choice among those looking to get a pair of workout headphones.

True wireless earbuds have taken leaps when we consider build-quality, consistency, and battery life. Today’s offering of truly wireless headphones has gotten so excellent that they become the right fit for those people who value the convenience and compact size that these headphones offer.

The Bose SoundSport Free offers vast noise and build-quality with a few flaws that one should take into solemn deliberation and consideration. Wearing them for a comprehensive epoch of time, one will most likely feel conflicted about the Bose SoundSport Free. You will take pleasure in the sound quality one minute and in the next, you will find yourself powerless to enjoy the compositions.

If you can nominate yourself with the highs and the lows of these headphones, they are worth making an allowance for. If not, there is no infamy on passing these up for models like the Sony WF-1000XM3 or the recently released Apple AirPods Pro.

What to expect inside the package

In the box, you will get the headphones, a tiny carrying case with a carabiner clip included in the design, a micro USB charging cable, two different sized sets of StayHear tips, and obviously the instruction booklet.


As far as build materials go these are composed of hard plastic, which is quite predictable bearing in mind these earphones are water and sweat resistant. Still, there has been hearsay of people having concerns with sweat damaging the headphones. Bose has already stated they have fixed the issue and addressed the grievances of the customers by offering a replacement free of cost.


The Bose SoundSport Wireless has a sleek athletic aesthetic. They come in an assortment of vivid color schemes to suit diverse tastes, together with a less gaudy all-black model. The headphones appear premium and well-designed, but the earbuds are larger than most typical in-ear headphones.


Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones - Midnight Blue with Citron There is no denying that these are sizeable headphones. The driver housings are certainly large in comparison to quite a lot of wireless earbuds. One facet of the design that is bound to create grievance is the actuality that they stick out relatively a lot.  Compounded, these result is exasperating user experience.

While the wingtips (that come incorporated in the box) aid in keeping the earbuds affixed in our ears, they also sit slackly so they get easily thumped out if one is not watchful. To put things into perspective, they’d simply knock out of your ears while doing the simplest of things.

This slack fit is the consequence of Bose’s choice to make them open duo earphones which consequently takes away its ability to let the outside noise in. Owing to this feature, they are an ideal fit for those who would like to listen to music while being acutely aware of the surroundings.

Nonetheless, this inevitably makes the SoundSport Free an appalling headphone for commuters eager to overlie the noise of a bus or train. Conclusively, if you must have sound isolation since you are an everyday traveler, or else if you get easily sidetracked when exposed to the babble around you, you will have to look elsewhere.

The charging case skins magnetic seating for the earbuds so they stay firmly in the case when one is taking them away. In addition, the battery life of the charging case can be checked by pressing the release button in the frontage.


Having said all that, the sound quality from the Bose SoundSport Free is exceptional. There is a considerable warm slant and largely, the arrangement is hassle-free and laid back. Bass broadens low and offers pleasant impact without bleeding into the mids. Highs are somewhat rolled off to make extended listening sessions a breeze and there is by no means sibilance.

These are cleanly great-sounding headphones at least when you sport them in a hushed environment.

Regrettably, the sound quality does not matter once you venture out as the open devise permits so much outside noise in that one will never get to value and realize the detail as well as the warmth of the SoundSport Free’s sound. There is factually no sound separation, so one can hold a discussion with these headphones in their ears.

To sum it up, call quality is outstanding. For the most time, audio comes in loud and clear, and your voice will be picked up without trouble.

Sound Quality

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones - Midnight Blue with Citron The frequency reaction constancy of the Bose Soundsport Wireless is extremely good across multiple users and re-seats, guaranteeing a reliable deliverance of bass and treble. The utmost deviation in frequency response under 10KHz is less than 0.5dB, which is exceptional. This, however, is with the supposition that the user is able to achieve an air-tight seal by choosing an ear tip option that provides the best fit.

Furthermore, they come with outstanding bass performance. Their low-frequency extension is at 10Hz, which is big. It means these headphones are able to generate very profound thumps and rumbles. The complete bass response is practically flat, but it is over the target by about 2dB. This results in an incredibly proportionate bass, with sufficient kick and punch, which is only somewhat north of neutral.

The recording quality of the SoundSport’s integrated mic is sub-par. The speech recorded with Soundsport will sound thin. This results in a stifled and airless vocalization transmission. This will have a slight but unconstructive effect on the precision of the transmitted speech.

The noise handling competence of the Bose Soundsport Wireless’ mic is satisfactory. They possess an average speech-to-noise ratio. Nonetheless, the integrated microphone of the Bose is fitting only to hushed environments and it will resist detaching speech from backdrop noise in moderate and loud environments.


If you are merely aiming for exactness you should not be looking into Bluetooth sports headphones. That said, the bass is not scalded here. Though Bose positively gave it some added consideration, it still falls short. The songs hum wonderfully, but a fairly more prevailing low end with these would have added greater appeal. The songs miss the more intense bass that pushes you while moving.


Distinct from many other Bose products, the mids are not given distinction here. As already discussed, all of that consideration went to the low end. That is not to say that the mids do not fare good, but they are not anything remarkable. They are closely what they call for, which is satisfying.


Highs are not harsh at all, with the hi-hats and cymbals by no means sounding piercing.

Connection quality

The SoundSport Free can be readily paired and they reconnect right away. The intricacy lies in preserving a steady connection. Like other true wireless earbuds, linking is a linear, rather than concurrent, progression. All you really need to discern is that the left earbud loses connection several times every hour and because they don’t support aptX, Android users are definite to experience audio-visual lag nonetheless, the iPhone users advantage from AAC Bluetooth codec assistance, providing high-quality wireless streaming.

The Bose Connect app wires the company’s Bluetooth products and has an atypical preference to designate your device. A caution prompts users to take away the earbuds prior to playing the ascending beep, making it unproblematic to locate when they get misplaced in the same or adjoining room.

However, it not all good- the app has a propensity to crash. One will have to uninstall it a couple of times. Surely, the users can benefit from a number of stability improvements with future updates.


Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Headphones - Midnight Blue with Citron The built-in charging case is bulkier than what one would like, but this provides the SoundSport Free with a collective battery life of about 15 hours. The earbuds themselves last about 4 to 5 hours, which is quite fine in contrast to competitors.

While this is not up to snuff compared to more modern total wireless earbuds, longevity shouldn’t be an issue for those attentive about placing the earbuds back in the case. Which one should since, notwithstanding their protuberant fashion, they are easy to lose. Obviously, battery life differs from how loudly one is listening. The users can in all probability, squeak out a little more listening time by maintaining the levels in check.

The charging method of choice, MicroUSB, is startling, given the original price tag. If not providing the consumers with a type of USB-C charging, at least a dual-functionality with the charging case would have gone a long way.


As it turns out, SoundSport Free is an excellent option for withstanding the abuse of working out. Given they fit your ears, you must defiantly go for it if your requirements are limited.

However, if you value any sort of noise separation, you will want to look elsewhere as the open design of the SoundSport Free means you will perceive everything from the outer environment.

It would have easily turned out to be a great recommendation barring its price tag. At the level it is priced, it is not cheap and its competitors offer fewer concessions.

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