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Bose Soundlink 2 Wireless Heaphones Review

Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II - Black The headphones market is booming with increasing competition. While noise cancellation is gaining popularity among users, there are some people who require headphones with greater comfort and sound as the dominant features. In this case, it is imperative to purchase a pair that focuses on these features. Here, the Bose Sound-Link Around-Ear wireless headphones ii are the ideal ones to buy.

If you are looking for some wireless headphones for TV, then you are in luck. The Bose Sound Link 2 works well with TVs too.

The Bose Sound-Link Around-Ear Wireless Headphones 2 are light weighted and comfortable for people wanting a satisfying wireless musical experience. Their quality of sound combined with the unique design has elevated its popularity in the musical equipment market.

These headphones are padded with memory foam which makes them easier to use for long duration purposes. Their ruggedness adds to the popularity, making them immune to strain.

They are sold in two colors- black and white and are an upgradation from the previous model in terms of the Bluetooth (wireless) feature. This addition has led to increased comfort and convenience to users, increasing its rank in the market.


Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II - Black The Bluetooth headphones have a compact design. They are light weighted and come in different colors. Their firm nature is underlined in the fact that they have undergone laboratory tests for damage endurance. The ear cuffs are lined with memory foam to provide comfort; however, the inevitable problem of sweating still remains intact.

Since these headphones are Bluetooth operated, they have buttons to regulate the settings according to personal preferences. To control the volume, the calls, and the music playlists, there are buttons on the right earpad that can be used. The button in the center picks up and cuts calls, and also skips through songs. The up and down buttons help to control the volume of the music.


The connection of the device can be made with both iOS and Android devices. An intriguing feature is its convenient connection with laptops/computers having a Bluetooth connection too. This allows you to access music on the headphones without having to use only one device. This makes usage more comfortable and convenient, opening up a plethora of connection options for users.


The battery life of these headphones is set at 15 hours, which reduces the hassle of charging them over and over again, after a short time of use. A quick charging feature fuels the battery for 2 hours in just 15 minutes. To help the user with understanding the battery levels, a sound operated system informs the user of the battery whenever it is switched on. The battery life is an advantage to the overall success of these headphones.


The packaging of the headphones is very compact. The cover contains a separate section for the USB port for the charging of these headphones. This USB port also allows users to enjoy a wired headphone experience. In a wireless connection, the possibility of hindrance in the connection increases, which makes wired connections slightly better.


Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II - Black These headphones use Bluetooth version 4.0. The connection is multi-device. Several devices can be connected and can be switched between as per user requirements. Other than that, the connection data is stored in these smart headphones eradicating the problem of pairing and repairing devices every day.

So, when you switch the Bluetooth on for these headphones, the devices that have been previously paired are repaired. If more than one device exists on this list, the headphones connect to the device that allows for a quick connection. To help the user with the connection procedure for Bluetooth, a sound operated instruction system prevails. It adds to the overall success of the gadget, making it all the more reliable purchase.

An attractive feature of the Bose headphones is their Active Adaptive Adjustment. This is a system of sound adjustment wherein the microphone is a two – way addition that controls the sounds, volumes, and tones according to the environment. This allows for easier access to music in loud and crowded regions. This smart technology truly adds to the impressive features these headphones hold.

The NFC feature is enabled on these headphones. Near field, communication allows for the transfer of data between android devices and headphones without having to do anything. Only the NFC feature needs to be activated on your device. The only downside here is its unavailability to Apple users. Other than that, this feature can be employed to comfortably transfer data from any android device to the headphones, considering that both the devices are in a 4 cm proximity of each other.

Sound quality and performance

Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II - Black The performance satisfaction from these headphones varies from user to user. The headphones provide a subtle and polished sound, with not much bass. It is not a great purchase for those who enjoy EDM or want the beats to dominate the music. these headphones focus more on the clarity and the smooth deliverance of the songs. It also has an active volume optimization that adjusts the level and nature of sound to your surroundings.

This makes the headphones a smart pair that provides the best possible musical experience to the users. Comparing these headphones to the Beats headphones having adjustable bass, it can be safely stated that the Bose headphones have greater clarity and better performance in terms of comprehending the music that is playing.

The lows in these headphones are not very clear. Any individual who revels in the portion of the low of the music would not be very impressed by these headphones. Similar is its performance for the highs in the music. Its most effective functioning kicks in on the mids of the music. The mids are very smooth and polished, providing for a relaxing and soothing tone to the listener.

The feature of noise cancellation does not dominate the features of these headphones but are a small part of them. Due to the padded design of the ear cuffs, the headphones cut off a large portion of sounds entering or leaving them. However, if one is looking for noise cancellation as an additional feature, then these headphones are not the ideal ones.

Final decision

Looking into the features, the design, battery life and the performance of these headphones, the Bose Sounlink Around ear Wireless 2 headphones are ideal for people seeking a peaceful musical experience. People looking for a club like an experience would not enjoy the headphones much.

These headphones are a must-buy for leisurely musical listening activities. Their economic convenience combined with the advanced features is reason enough to persuade anyone into buying this pair of aesthetically designed and operated headphones.

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