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The 10 Best Staple Guns for 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A great tool for every household.

man using a staple gunThe invention of the modern stapler in 1895 revolutionized the way sheets of books, journals, and virtually every other type of physical documents were held together.

Hundreds and even thousands of pages could now be bound together neatly, without the problems that came with previous fasteners like glue and wax.

Staplers quickly evolved and began to find applications in various fields. The first heavy-duty stapler called the staple gun was invented in the 1950s.

Modern staple guns use the same working mechanisms as staplers, but are able to do much heavier work and are powered differently; manual, electrical, and pneumatic.

Staple guns find application in carpet laying, upholstery, masonry, roofing, etc.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, choosing the right staple gun can be challenging, as there are just so many brands out there who promise their products are the best.

So how do you go about choosing one that will give you the ‘bang for your buck’, with superb performance and reliability?

In the rest of this article, we save you time to search as we take you through our selected top ten staple guns and their features that make them outstanding.

Best Staple Guns – Quick Look

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1. Stanley TR150HL – Best Overall Staple Gun

Stanley TR150HL SharpShooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun The Stanley TR150HL Sharpshooter is the first staple gun in our list and you will soon see why.

When it comes to raw functionality and compactness, this beast stands at the top.

It boasts amazing features that will help you make quick work of a wide variety of working materials.

Equipped with state of the art material components and power flexibility, this manually-powered device emphasizes portability and durability and will give you exactly what you need for whatever item you are working on.

  • Variable power output control for material adaptability.
  • High-strength, lightweight, aviation-grade aluminum body.
  • Long main control handles with rubber coating.
  • Anti-jam mechanism.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Stanley TR15O HL Sharpshooter is a versatile staple gun designed for durability and high-speed functioning. Manually powered, it comes with a long main control handle for maximum mechanical advantage.

Driving the staple pins into carpets, wood tiles or upholstery is as easy as it gets, and requires little effort from your hands, meaning you get to do more before getting fatigued.

No need to be bothered about bruises from extended use. The main handle is coated with soft rubber to ensure your hands get a good grip and you work conveniently.

Many customers (both men and women) attest to its impressive ease of use and soft feel, which gives them convenience almost on par with electric and pneumatic models.

The housing of this device is an aviation-grade aluminum alloy. It is high-strength and durable, ensuring no damage comes to your machine and it remains in optimum working condition for a long time.

So whether your staple gun falls from a height, or something heavy falls on it, you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

The casing is also very lightweight emphasizing portability, meaning you can carry your staple gun to wherever it is needed whether in or outside the house, without straining yourself.

Another amazing feature on Stanley TR150 is its power flexibility and ultimately material adaptability. It comes with a power output control button that gives you the ability to vary the power requirements as needed by different materials of varying hardness. For example, working on upholstery or carpeting will use the low-power setting while heavy-duty work like joining wooden tiles, or clipping decorative tapes or stickers to hard tree barks will require the high-power setting. This power variability helps save effort from your hands.

The Staple gun also comes with an anti-jam mechanism to ensure your work moves quickly without any delays. Many staple guns are usually faced with the challenge of jamming staples over extended use. Disassembling the staple compartment to clear up the hole is both energy and time-demanding.

The special anti-jam mechanism prevents this from happening and enables you to finish what you have to do as soon as possible as you have more time for yourself and your loved ones.

The Stanley TR150 is a powerful staple gun but also comes with a number of downsides. Major customer complaints were centered on it frequently jamming and how hard it is to squeeze the trigger (but this is relative to different people).


  • High mechanical-advantage, control lever for easy firing.
  • It is very portable.
  • It comes with durable, impact-resistant casing.
  • Material Flexibility.


  • Fragile plastic handle tends to deform and break easily.
  • Staples cannot penetrate very hard materials.


The Stanley TR150 is a manual heavy duty staple gun that boasts amazing features that emphasize durability, portability and user convenience. If you are looking for a manual staple gun you can easily carry around and work with various materials of different hardness, while still being affordable, then this staple gun is a good buy. If you, however, want a more powerful unit to work with very hard materials, then you should consider the remaining staple guns that will be discussed here.

2. Porter-Cable US58 – Best Upholstery Stapler

Porter-Cable US58 1/4-Inch to 5/8-Inch 22-Gauge C-Crown Upholstery Stapler The Porter-cable US58 Upholstery Stapler is the first specialized staple gun in our list.

High power flexibility and sophisticated design among other features are the hallmarks of this product that make it top in the scoreboard.

Specially designed for upholstery and backed with superb power, this staple gun is a must-have and will make quick work of whatever project or repairs you have.

  • Extended fastening tip for working in tight spaces.
  • Pneumatic power support with inlet and outlet ports for air and oil.
  • Lightweight and impact-resistant metal casing, with rubber-coated handle.
  • Easy to use air trigger for stapling action.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Porter-Cable US58 is a highly efficient and reliable staple gun for both upholstery and re-upholstery projects. Many household furniture items like sofas and chairs have corners that are hard to access. It is even more difficult to try fastening the fabric to the base material in these constricted areas.

This product easily tackles this problem with an extended fastening tip that will reach into the tightest corners and do the work. So whether it’s to create complex contour designs, this staple gun will do them splendidly.

Probably the most important feature on the Porter-Cable US58, the pneumatic power support is the muscle behind this beast. Backed with the right air compressor ratings, this device will drive in staples quickly and efficiently into the toughest materials in your upholstery project.

It can be used with a wide range of compressor types and sizes. A decently sized 1-2 HP compressor with a rated pressure of about 90 psi will power this tool efficiently. In general, the greater the compressor volume rate and pressure capacity, the greater the fastening power and allowable frequency.

This device uses oil for lubrication. Easily accessible inlet and outlet ports allow you to quickly top up or change the oil whenever you need to. Customers are often impressed with the oil-seal capabilities. When topped properly, virtually no oil stains to the fabric occur, after so many staples are ejected.

Protecting the core of the Porter-Cable US58 is a lightweight, impact-resistant metal casing. Whether the device falls from a height or a heavy object falls on it, it will remain in an optimum service condition and resist impact damage.

The lightweight body also allows for high portability, meaning you can carry this device outdoors to wherever it’s needed without much of a hassle. It also comes with a rubber-coated handle to allow for good grip and firm hold with the shock of each stapling action.

The easy-to-use air trigger makes it a convenient tool for just about anybody irrespective of physical strength. Driving staples into the wood and other materials is as easy as it gets. This consequentially means you get to do as much as possible quickly, without getting fatigued.

Really impressive is the innovative anti-jam mechanism that gives it the ability to eject thousands of staples over a run without a single jam. And should a jam occur, clearing the staple output hole is as easy as it gets because the driver guide retracts with the magazine?


  • It is very portable and handy.
  • Hard casing offers protection from impact.
  • It has high material penetrability.
  • Easy to squeeze trigger for quick and extended action.


  • The extra cost for compressor if you don’t already have one.
  • It does not come with a packaging case.


The Porter-Cable US58 upholstery stapler comes with a wealth of features that make it one of the best on the market. Combining impressive power and reliability, into a lightweight compact unit, this device will enable you to get your upholstery jobs done efficiently and quickly. If you want an easy to use, a staple gun that will give you excellent work time without jamming, then this staple gun is just for you.

3. Workpro Staple Gun – 2-in-1 Stapler

WORKPRO Heavy-Duty Staple Gun Kit, 4-in-1, Manual Brad Nailer with 3000 Staples and 1000 Brad Nails, Stapler for Upholstery, Material Repair, Decoration, DIY, Furniture, Doors and Windows, Carpentry Third, on our list is the Workpro Heavy-duty Staple Gun Kit and it only gets better.

When it comes to a multi-functional stapling kit that will give you real value for money and will be reliable for both indoor and outdoor applications, this unit is the top challenger.

Specially designed for active work, this device comes with a bundle of features that make it adaptable to both indoor and outdoor use. And what’s more? It does more than just staples.

Let’s have a look at this kit and why you may want to add it to your cart right away.

  • Versatile 2 in 1 stapling and nailing action.
  • High mechanical advantage crank handle with rubber grip.
  • Complete accessories that enable out-of-the-box operation.
  • Lightweight casing, handle lock, and staple level indicator.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Workpro staple gun is a multi-purpose stapler that emphasizes versatility, portability, and user convenience. Manually powered, this device supports a 2-in-1 stapling and nailing action. Whether for light jobs like carpeting, decoration, and upholstery, to heavier joining jobs like carpentry, this device will fit right in.

For the stapling action, this device offers work flexibility as it supports both light and heavy-duty staples for different materials of varying hardness. The nailing action makes light work of outdoor activities like driving nails into tree bark as in decorations, repairs and joining wood pieces and floorboards as in carpentry, that constitute heavy-duty tasks.

The operating device is as easy as it gets thanks to the long, specially designed handle with a high mechanical advantage. Propelling staples and guns into the base material requires little effort from your hands. This means you can do significant work in a single run before you have to go get lunch.

The rubber coating and streamlined shape of the trigger are designed to mate with your hands perfectly and provide a good grip. This will also prevent possible bruising or markings on your hands from extended use.

The Workpro Heavy-duty Staple Gun Kit is the complete package; literarily. When you buy this product, it comes with 1000 Brad nails and 3000 staples; 1000 light-duty, 1000 heavy-duty, and 1000 U-shaped staples. This means you can get to work as quickly as possible and use it once it gets delivered right out of the package without needing to buy anything else. Talk about real value for money.

A lightweight casing makes this device very portable and thus adaptable to indoor and outdoor work. For repairs or postings, it is a handy tool to get the job done without breaking a sweat. It also comes with a handle lock that makes it easy to store away and serves as a safety measure for when not in use.

Another amazing feature of this device that emphasizes portability is a pocket clip. Whenever you have to do other work and don’t want to drop this device on the ground, just attach it to your pocket and you’re good to go. Stylishly designed, it will make you look like one who’s got his or her thing going.

A groove in the staple compartment serves as an indicator to help you keep track of the number of staples left in the cartridge. Whether your staple gun has been stored for a while or not, this indicator will help you know if and when to reload the cartridge, conveniently.

The Workpro heavy-duty staple gun is well designed and gets very few complaints. The only limitations will be the same with most manual staplers; in the heavy-duty setting, the trigger may be hard to squeeze for some people. Occasional jams or insufficient penetration, but nothing serious.


  • High work and material versatility.
  • Good storage and safety capabilities.
  • It is very portable.
  • Is very easy and convenient to use.


  • Cannot be used for very hard materials.
  • Using light-duty staple for hard material can cause jams.


The Workpro Heavy-duty staple gun is a powerful, multi-functional tool that can be used for a wide variety of projects. It supports good material adaptability and emphasizes user convenience. If you want an affordable and portable staple and nail gun, to put to use right out of the packaging, then this device is a good buy.

4. Dewalt DWHT80276 – Extremely Lightweight Staple Gun

DeWalt DWHT80276 Carbon Fiber Composite Staple and Brad Gun Dewalt is a renowned company that has produced numerous high-quality products, and this is no exception. The Dewalt DWHT80276 is a multipurpose staple that comes with a unique design among other features that emphasize superb functionality and user convenience.

From a dual fastening action to modern material components, this device packs a punch in terms of raw power and work adaptability into a compact, rugged unit, to ensure portability and ease of use.

Take this bad boy with you and finish whatever indoor or outdoor project you are working, in a breeze.

  • Long, high mechanical advantage main trigger with rubber coating for convenience.
  • Double action fastening support.
  • Lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber casing.
  • Belt clip for high portability.
  • Unique staple loading port with indicator.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Dewalt DWHT80276 is uniquely designed to be highly adaptable to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects. Manually powered, it comes with a long main trigger to give a high working mechanical advantage. This enables you to drive staples into tough materials with minimum effort from your hands.

Less effort means you get to do a lot of work before getting fatigued and generally finish your project quickly. The trigger and grip point are coated with soft rubber to give your hands a good grip while working. It gives a soft feel to the hands and enables you to staple continuously in a single run without your hands feeling sore.

A double fastening action support on this device sells it as an instant buy. Project versatility emphasized, it allows you to drive staples for generally light jobs like upholstery and carpeting, and brad nails for slightly heavier carpentry and repair projects. This device is a handy tool to keep you up and ready for whatever projects may need to be done as they come.

Another amazing feature on the Dewalt DWHT80276 is its revolutionary carbon fiber composite casing. This is the future of materials and combines extremely low weight with high strength. These individual features make this device a handy, portable unit that is highly impact-resistant.

That means your device will stay in optimum working condition whether it falls from a height or under a heavy object. The overall low weight of this staple gun will allow you to carry to wherever it’s needed conveniently and quickly.

As an extension of its portability, this device comes with a belt clip. This allows you to hook it to your side whenever you’re working and makes moving around with it very convenient. Whenever you need a job, just load it, strap it up and be on the go.

While working, it is easy to quickly lose track of how many staples or brad nails have been used until the cartridge runs out of ammo.

The Dewalt DWHT80276 comes with a groove in the cartridge that serves as a staple level indicator. So whether you haven’t used your device in a while or are currently working with it, you get to see how many fasteners remain in the cartridge and know when to reload without having to open it up at intervals.

The staple gun does not come with a trigger lock, making it take more storage space than it should. Another minor complaint is the fact that it doesn’t come with staples.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • High workpiece and project adaptability.
  • It is easy and convenient to use.
  • Does not require any extra equipment as it’s manually powered.


  • Does not come with handle lock.
  • Not as powerful as pneumatic or electric models.


The Dewalt DWHT80276 multipurpose staple and brad gun is a good buy for customers who want a very lightweight, reliable product for a variety of home and outdoor projects. While it comes at a significantly higher price tag than other products in the same category, many customers have testified to its worth in terms of functionality.

5. AECCN Staple Gun – With Triple Action

Staple Gun with Remover - 3 in 1 Heavy Duty Staple Nail Steel Gun Kit with 1800 Staples, Upholstery Stapler for Fixing Material, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture, Doors and Windows The AECCN Staple Gun Kit is a multipurpose fastening package that is built with a ton of features that emphasize project versatility and real product value for money. Simply designed and easy to use it makes a great kit for just about anyone to do a great job quickly.

Whether for upholstery, carpeting, flooring or carpentry projects, this kit is up to the task and will give you the power you need. Some extra bonuses make it a good buy and enable out-of-the-box use.

Let’s have a look at some of its features and why you may want to add it to your cart right away.

  • Triple action staple gun including staple remover.
  • Compact, impact-resistant metal housing.
  • Long firing trigger with lock.
  • Power control knob for material thickness adaptability.

Our In-Depth Review:

The AECCN Staple Gun Kit contains everything you’ll need to kick-start your stapling project, and some extra features many other staple guns don’t have. This kit comes with a double-action, staple and nail gun. This helps it adapt perfectly to whatever type of project you have on your hands.

Do you want to install floorboards? Do you need to place posters outside? Do you want to make repairs to a leaking roof? No problem. The staple will come in an ideal fastener for light temporary fixtures, while the nails for heavier, more permanent fixtures.

An added benefit you get when you purchase this device is that it comes with a staple/nail remover. So even if you make mistakes when working, correcting them is as easy as it gets. This easy to use remover will get the fasteners out of your workpiece without any damage; ideal for teaching a newbie how to use the device.

Talk about more stuff, included in the kit are 1800 staples dividing equally into three types of 600 each; T-type for flooring and woodwork, Door-type for upholstery and decorations, and U-type for fixtures.

A rigid, lightweight metal casing houses this device, provides support for the components and protects it from impact. This compact housing design makes the AECCN staple gun as portable as possible and moving it around easily. Whether you have work to do indoors or outdoors, this device will fit into your backpack with much room for more.

Operating this device is as easy as it gets and demands little effort from your hands, thanks to the long rubber coated trigger for good mechanical advantage. Getting the fasteners just takes a little squeeze, so you don’t have to be worried about getting exhausted early.

The rubber coating on the trigger also helps improve your grip and comfort when working. This device also comes with a trigger lock; ideal for when you want to store this device and for child protection.

One of the most important features on this device is its adjustable power control knob that you can use to vary the staple depth. Not many staple guns come with this feature, and the ones that do have adjustable power control do so usually between just two power settings.

The rotating depth control on the AECCN staple gun, however, allows you to adjust the depth of the staple over a wide range of material thicknesses, and do so finely with precision.

Few customer complaints are centered on no specific instructions included on how to operate it. Even fewer people complain about the new type of remover they were not used to. It is also a bit heavy.


  • It can be used out of the box with double action and a staple remover.
  • Allows for fine adjustment of staple depth.
  • It is portable and easy to use.
  • Comes with trigger lock for child protection and storage.


  • The handle is not rubber coated; only the trigger is.
  • Metal joints need to be maintained and oiled every now and then to prevent rusting.


The AEECN Staple Gun Kit is the ideal starter package for homeowners and DIY hobbyists who want a manual, reliable staple gun that can be used out of the box. It has superb functionality and is very affordable. If you need a staple gun with the support to quickly amend construction errors, then this kit is just for you.

6. Arrow Fastener T50 – With Anti-Jamming Mechanism

Arrow Fastener T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun The Arrow Fastener T50 is a ruggedly designed staple gun for both lights to heavy projects.

In terms of impact resistance and sturdiness, this device stands at the top. Made and hardened with modern technology, its features emphasize functionality and reliability.

This manually-powered device is capable of driving fasteners deep into relatively harder materials at a rate on par with some other small electric and pneumatic models, thanks to its sturdy body and casing.

  • Lightweight, all hardened stainless steel body.
  • Powerful spring and anti-jam mechanism.
  • The long extended trigger for minimal input effort.
  • Various staple size support and level indicator.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Arrow Fastener T50 is a powerful multipurpose staple gun for a wide range of projects. Iconic to its design is the fact that all its components are made from hardened stainless steel. This, in turn, makes it fairly lightweight and very impact resistant.

The support needed to drive the various staples into hardwood is provided by this rigid body. Whether this device falls from a height or is subjected to impact forces, it will remain in optimum working condition. This makes for a compact and durable unit that will stand the test of time.

The Staple guns run on a powerful spring mechanism that stores the energy from your hands and uses it to fire and reload the staples. This system allows for good material penetration and solid fastening. An extra anti-jam mechanism is ideal to get rid of deformed staples that may block the outlet port during operation.

The Staple gun also comes with an extended, long trigger for high mechanical advantage. This allows you to drive in the staples effectively with minimal effort from your hands. This allows you to do your work quickly and move on to the next thing.

This device is built to support six different staple sizes manufactured by Arrow, for different material requirements and thicknesses. This allows for a wide project adaptability range. Monitoring the level of staples in the gun is as easy as it gets thanks to a groove in the cartridge that functions as an indicator.

This allows you to know when to reload the unit without having to open the compartment, saving you time and energy.

While the Arrow T50 comes with a good number of features, it lacks in some areas. Complaints of the ineffectiveness of the anti-jam mechanism and how quickly the staples jam, are the most frequent from customers. According to customers, using it to drive staples deep into wood usually requires both hands and significant effort.
Its all-steel body can make gripping it quite uncomfortable after extended periods of time. Also, considering there are a lot of metal parts moving relative to one another, this device will need frequent maintenance and lubrication, to prevent rust and wear.


  • It is lightweight and impact-resistant.
  • Offers wide material and project adaptability.
  • Supports different staple sizes and a level indicator.


  • Requires company made staples, which limits its versatility.
  • Frequent jamming.
  • No rubber coating can cause hand fatigue and discomfort after extended periods of use.


The Arrow T50 fastener is a sturdy, manual staple gun that can be used for various applications. Built out of pure steel it provides solid protection and support for the inner components. Driving staples into materials with this device is easy, but it also has its flaws. If you want a rugged and handy staple gun, and enjoy the fulfillment of expending energy in your DIY projects, then this staple gun is just for you.

7. Milwaukee 2447-20 – With Adjustable Firing Power

Milwaukee 2447-20 M12 3/8" Crown Stapler Designed with your convenience in mind, this handy, portable device comes with state of the art technology to enable you to complete fastening projects as quickly as possible.

The first electric staple gun on our list, it is specifically designed to make light work of a wide range of DIY projects.

In terms of superb energy efficiency and reliability, this beast stands victorious and features impressive mileage on a single battery charge.

Combining great functionality and portability into a compact design, take this device to wherever it needs to be used without so much as a hassle.

  • Rechargeable M12 Lithium 1500 mAh battery.
  • Lightweight, impact-resistant plastic casing with belt clip.
  • Multiple staple size support for material adaptability, staple indicator, and soft trigger.
  • Adjustable firing power control knob with safety lock.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Milwaukee 2477-20 is a powerful electric multipurpose staple gun that comes at a much higher price tag than most manual models, but customers never stop praising its amazing features and real value for money.

At the heart of this device is a rechargeable M12 Lithium 1500 mAh battery that provides the needed power. Lightweight and compact, this battery has an impressive power-to-weight ratio.

Perhaps the most important feature on this staple gun is its impressive mileage. At 1500 staples per battery charge, it is clearly one of the best on the market. No need to worry about the device running out of power when working. Just charge it fully and you are good to go.

The Milwaukee 2477-20 also stands out with its impressive portability and ruggedness. All the internal components are protected and supported by a lightweight, impact-resistant plastic casing that makes for a durable unit that will be resistant to damage from falls and shock. Carrying it to wherever you need to, is as easy as it gets and an added belt clip gives you extra transit comfort even if you don’t have a bag.

Working with different materials? This device is the one for you. It supports various staple sizes that give high material adaptability on different projects. Getting into tight spaces is a major challenge faced with manual staple guns.

This device comes with an extended firing tip that will creep in between constricted sections and do the work as needed. And indeed, firing the staples is as easy as it gets. The only effort required from you is to squeeze the actuation trigger.

The rubber-coated trigger ensures comfort and is very easy to squeeze for virtually anybody, irrespective of physical strength. This ensures you complete your project even if over extended periods without hand fatigue or soreness. A groove in the cartridge serves as a level indicator and allows you to keep track of your staple load and ultimately determine beforehand when it’s time to reload the cartridge.

An adjustable firing power control knob allows you to vary the workload and thus, staple penetration depth, to suit the particular material you are working with. For light materials, the low power setting is ideal, and for harder/thicker materials, the high-power setting suffices.

An added safety lock prevents accidental staple firing and helps prevent damage to the firing mechanism when the cartridge is empty.


  • Long-lasting battery power and impressive work mileage.
  • Extreme work convenience and comfort.
  • It is very portable and features safety support.
  • High material and project adaptability.


  • It is relatively expensive.
  • Requires a little tinkering to reload cartridge.


The Milwaukee 2477-20 is a reliable, high-quality staple gun that is especially geared towards user convenience. If you want a handy electric staple gun and are willing to spend some extra bucks for quality, then this device is more than worth it.

8. Surebonder 9600AK – Lightweight Casing

Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T-50 Type Stapler Kit, 1/4-Inch - 9/16-Inch, 7-PieceSurebonder 9600AK Stapler Kit stands as the ideal package that combines superb functionality and versatility.

Built for user convenience, some customers even complain that it’s too easy to fire.

A compact unit that packs so much power, this staple gun makes light work of DIY projects and will flawlessly deliver to your fastening needs.

It also comes with features that emphasize user safety and comfort.

  • Pneumatic power support and attached inlet valve.
  • Lightweight and impact-resistant plastic casing.
  • Easy to use the trigger.
  • Staple gun accessories; staples, lubrication oil, and wrench.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Surebonder 9600AK is a highly versatile stapler gun for various DIY projects. Powering this device is a pneumatic system that forces the staples under high air pressure into the material. This kit does not come with an air compressor, so you will need to get one if you don’t already have. At moderate pressures between 60-90 psi, this staple gun will drive staples through most workable materials.

Attached to the staple gun is an air inlet valve that saves you the cost of buying one. Many customers are impressed with this feature because many other similar guns don’t come with one. So once you’ve gotten your compressor with a delivery hose and clips, you are good to go.

The staple gun is enclosed in a lightweight and high-strength plastic casing that emphasizes high portability and impact-resistance. For outdoor projects, the only significant load you will need to carry is the compressor, as this staple gun weighs just a little over 5 lbs. with the complete package.

The box that comes with it also gives you a neat packaging option whenever you need to store or transport this device. The impact-resistant casing ensures your device retains its functionality even when it falls from a height.

Another important feature of the Surebonder 9600AK is how easy it is to use. The soft trigger on this device allows you to fire staples into the base material with the littlest squeeze. It takes the effort from you and makes it a handy tool for just about anyone, irrespective of physical strength or gender.

The superb handleability means you don’t get fatigued and no soreness or numbness in the fingers. It solves the dilemma that many manual staple gun owners complain about; how they require much strength exertion to operate.

It also features a safety measure that doesn’t allow it to fire staples until the tip touches the material; good for child protection. An extended fastening tip allows it to reach into constricted spaces that are otherwise unreachable by manual types.

The Surebonder 9600AK can be used as soon as it lands at your doorstep thanks to the included accessories in the box. It comes with a generous 6250 staples of different dimensions and for different materials. Also included are lubricating oil for the moving mechanisms and a wrench that allows for easy disassembly and maintenance. Learn how to operate the device quickly with the included manual.

The indicator window is too small and there is no staple depth control mechanism. Also, the casing that comes with the staple gun is not of good quality.


  • Pneumatic support allows for almost unlimited power potential.
  • It is convenient and easy to use.
  • It is handy and portable.
  • It can be used right out of the box.


  • Does not feature power control knob.
  • Heavier than manual types.


The Surebonder 9600AK is a compact and powerful pneumatic staple gun that is highly adaptable to many DIY projects. If you need a staple gun that will drive fasteners quickly and with little effort on your part, then this device is certainly for you.

9. BOSTITCH T6-8 – With Double Fastening Action

BOSTITCH Upholstery Stapler/Tacker, Heavy Duty (T6-8) The Bostitch T6-8 upholstery staple gun is designed with features emphatic on user convenience and work efficiency. It combines unique features and mechanisms that will ensure your comfort and make fastening in various DIY projects a breeze.

Superb portability and user safety also emphasized as this device is a handy tool, which you can easily move around for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Specially designed for upholstery, the Bostitch T6-8 will help you get your sofas, chairs, and seats in order and quickly at that.

  • Heavy-duty double fastening action.
  • Unique firing trigger design for ease of use and efficiency, with lock.
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum casing with a steel alloy handle and staple magazine.
  • Easy to load bottom staple cartridge.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Bostitch T6-8 upholstery stapler is a multipurpose staple gun designed for versatility over a wide range of light to heavy jobs. This device doubles as a stapler and tacker. The tacking function allows you to temporarily or lightly hold down the fabric to the base material, while making other adjustments, using just some extra weight from the gun and your hands.

For solid, more permanent upholstery fixtures, the stapling action takes center-stage. Powerful spring action provides the needed propulsion to drive the staple into the wood.

The Bostitch T6-8 also comes with a uniquely designed firing trigger for high mechanical advantage. This makes the trigger easy to fire with minimum effort required from your hands. Ease of use makes for long working hours without fatigue.

The trigger is coated with soft rubber for improved grip and to eliminate the risk of sored fingers over extended periods. Staple guns should definitely be kept out of children’s reach, but just in case they do lay their hands on it, the featured trigger lock serves as a safety measure, for when not in use. It also helps for easy packaging and storage.

A high-strength, lightweight aluminum casing provides support for the internal components of the staple gun and makes for a portable, impact-resistant unit. Carrying this device around to wherever it’s needed is as easy as it gets. The high-strength of the casing helps protect it from impact loads and will ensure it stays in optimum working condition even if it falls from a height.

A rubber-coated steel alloy handle allows for improved sturdiness and a comfortable grip. The staple magazine is also made from chrome-plated steel that allows the staples to slide easily along for ejection without wear, reduces the tendency of jamming, and extends the device life.

Reloading the cartridge is as easy as it gets. An easily accessible bottom point allows for easy and quick loading of the cartridge, allowing you to continue work quickly, and without much delay.

A major problem of the Bostitch T6-8 that attracted customer complaints was its incompatibility with most staple types. Additionally, customers often complain that the customized Bostitch staples do not work well with this unit and they have to source for other special staple types. This limits the versatility of its use and creates a risk of people not finding compatible staples.


  • It is handy and very portable.
  • It is convenient and easy to use.
  • Features trigger lock for safe and easy storage.


  • Customized Bostitch staples are relatively less efficient.
  • It does not come with extra staples and accessories.


The Bostitch T6-8 is a neatly designed manual staple gun for upholstery projects. It sports unique features that emphasize ease of use, durability, and portability. If you are in need of a handy, manual staple gun for small upholstery projects like repair and general maintenance, then this device is just for you.

10. Arrow Fastener T50ACD – With Rubber Coating

Arrow Fastener T50ACD Corded Electric Staple Gun The Arrow Fastener T50ACD is the last unit on our list and brings a close to our top choices of staple guns. With support for virtually unlimited fastening power, this corded electric staple gun will make quick work of a wide variety of DIY projects.

Tailored towards user convenience and portability, it stands as the ideal tool for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Featuring a unique design and innovative combination of specialized features, this device will give you exactly what you need for different materials and keep you ready to quickly make installations, repairs, and general maintenance procedures.

  • Electric power cord for mains supply.
  • Lightweight, rubber-coated, tough plastic casing for portability and impact resistance.
  • The soft trigger for easy use and convenience.
  • Novel spiral-drive ejection technology.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Arrow Fastener T50ACD comes with an electric power cord that plugs into the mains supply. This allows the device to draw the needed power to drive the staples in a clean, efficient way into most materials. The quick fastening action of this staple gun allows you to complete projects quickly.

The generous length of the power cord allows you to work over a wide area without creating excess tension on it but an extension cable will be ideal to improve maneuverability when working. The cord also comes with a wire clip to enable for easy packaging and storage when done with work.

A lightweight, high-strength plastic composite casing houses this device, provides support for the components and protects it from impact. This compact housing design makes the Arrow Fastener T50ACD staple gun as portable as possible, and moving it around is easy.

Whether you have work to do indoors or outdoors, this device will fit into your backpack with space for more gadgets. The rubber-coated portion of the handle allows for improved grip and comfort.

An important feature on this device is easy to use a trigger that takes all the effort from you and makes firing staples as easy as possible. It takes the effort from your hands and allows extended operation without the conventional fatigue that comes with manual models, making it a handy and convenient tool for just about anyone, irrespective of physical strength or gender.

Refilling the cartridge compartment is very convenient thanks to a bottom loading port that gives you quick access. This enables you to do work quickly and save time without much delay.

The novel spiral drive technology is under a pending patent to Arrow and offers an innovative staple firing system with improved reliability to deliver impressive power on each and every shot. Most electric staple guns use a solenoid mechanism that is susceptible to breaks in performance from time to time.

This technology offers a novel staple ejection mechanism that is more energy-efficient than conventional solenoid mechanisms.

While the Arrow Fastener T50ACD is an impressive staple gun, it comes with a number of inherent flaws. Its power cord feature limits its portability and range of use, as compared to cordless models. Without an available power outlet, it can’t be used. Also, it only performs well with light-duty projects and does not penetrate heavier material pieces deeply.


  • It does not run out of power as long as there is electricity supply.
  • It is easy and convenient to operate.
  • It features novel fastening technology.
  • It is reliable.


  • Its range is limited to the length of the connecting wire.
  • Shallow penetration of heavy and thicker materials.


The Arrow Fastener T50ACD is a well-built corded electric device specially designed for user convenience and reliability. If you need a staple gun for general light projects around the house and not too far outdoors, then this device is just for you.

Staple Gun – Buyer’s Guide

What is a Staple Gun?

black and silver staple gunA staple gun is a handheld, mechanical tool for driving staples into a hard surface.

This heavy-duty equipment comes in handy when you are looking to fasten things together with ease, security, and precision.

These are extensively used by serious crafters, home renovation professionals, and even construction companies.

It can make hefty tasks such as upholstering, roofing, and innovative carpentry, a piece of cake.

How does a Staple Gun work?

The mechanics and technical aspects of a staple gun vary depending on whether you are using a manual, electric or pneumatic stapler.

While electric staplers run on electricity, pneumatic staplers work on the fundamental physics of air pressure.

It is easier to understand the general working of stapler guns when we compare it to the stationary staplers. Unlike office staplers, staple guns do not have the metal plate at the bottom and do not fold the wire ends of the stapler inward. Rather, they shoot the sharp ends into the material with blunt force.

Uses of a Staple Gun

A staple gun is the staple requirement for home projects and building works. The use of the staple gun would also determine what kind of staple guns you should be looking for.

Some common uses of staple guns are:-


Furniture made of leather, foam, or other fabrics has an outer piece of material that covers the entire structure. This outer covering is called upholstery. Staple guns are used to stretch and tighten the fabric to give it a neat, creaseless finish.


One of the predominant uses of staple gun is to fix carpets to floors and walls. Houses with wooden floor panels often need carpeting. This is also the case for soundproofing the rooms by fixing noise absorbent materials on the walls to stop the sounds from echoing.

Home Repair and Carpentry

Staple guns are ideal for repairing jobs. They can conveniently fix almost everything, whether it has to do with wooden panels, board fabrics or even plastic.


Construction jobs whether it be a small scale- tree house or a large building, requires the use of staple guns for fixing and attaching different components of a structure.


In today’s world of DIY trends, plenty of people have switched from buying things from stores or hiring professionals, to doing it themselves. The way glue-guns are all the rage for crafts and school projects, similarly, a staple gun is your go-to equipment for everything related to DIY Decor.

Types of Staple Guns

Primarily, there are three types of staple guns available in the market. The variation between these guns relies on the amount of force you require, hence the power source you will need to make it work.

Staple Guns can be manual, electric, or pneumatic.

Manual Staple Guns

staple gun use on the furnitureThe most common type of staple gun is the manual kind. It is easy to use and can be purchased for a much lower price than the electric one.

Their mechanism is somewhat similar to that of a handheld office stapler since they both rely on spring elasticity to load and unload the energy in order to function. However, manual staple guns, or any other staple gun for that matter, do not have a plate underneath the staple, unlike an office stapler.

Since the manual staple gun work on the basic physics of elasticity of spring, they rely extensively on the handler’s muscle strength. To operate it, one needs to exert pressure by pushing the gun against their palm.

This can be tiring to work with if your hands are not used to the task, or if you need to work with them for long hours. That is why manual staple suns are used in households or at places where they are needed occasionally.

The best part about a manual staple gun is its portability. The design of the gun is such, that it is not too heavy to carry, and does not require cables or electrical sockets. They are commonly used to put up flyers and posters and are viable to opt for to manage minor home repairs.

Another advantage of a manual staple gun is that it gives greater precision and control for delicate tasks, unlike the pneumatic and electric staple guns.

Electric Staple Guns

staple gun with the glovesAs the name generously suggests, Electric Staple Guns run on electricity to insert staples through the surface. They can function on batteries, or can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Electric staple guns are strikingly similar to electrical drills in more than one way. Firstly, both of them look very similar to an actual gun. Secondly, they both have a trigger to activate them.

Although there can be a slight lack of control and greater chances of slip-ups working with an electric staple gun than a manual one, they offer neat outcomes since their velocity remains standard, and very few staple pins are wasted.

The greatest advantage of the electric staple is the convenience of saving time while putting lesser physical efforts. For professionals, this means that they can get more tasks done in the time of one, making it much more profitable.

One might argue that a pneumatic staple gun could give similar results, but when you take a closer look at the benefits of the electric staple gun, you will realize that they are comparatively cheaper, less noisy, and easily portable.

Pneumatic Staple Guns

Man using staple gunThese are the most heavy-duty staple guns in the market. These improve efficiency where a great deal of stapling is required, like in house installations. This is why contractors usually go for pneumatic staple guns.

Pneumatic staple guns require very little effort since most of its working mechanism is dependent on the pressure being exerted by the air inside the nozzle. All you need to do is the trigger and the gun would propel the stapler into any surface, whether it is wood or plastic.

Heavy-duty projects like house insulation or wood and upholstery require sturdy equipment, which is exactly what a pneumatic staple gun is. Another feature of this staple gun is that it has a long, protruding nose which makes it easier to reach nooks and corners. Pneumatic staplers have longer durability since they don’t have complex electrical parts.

Source of power

staple gun on the tableThe three types of staple guns each have a different working mechanism.

The manual staple gun is used by the hand and physical force of the handler. The spring and tension bars inside the gun convert the force applied and focus it on the staple pins, resulting in an abrupt impact.

For the electric staple gun, the power source replaces the brute force applied by the user. The battery or power from an electric socket makes the task effortless by limiting it to the push of a trigger.

A pneumatic staple gun has a very unique way of functioning. Instead of physical force or electric energy, it works on the potential energy of compressed air. The air pressure forces the pinout of the gun at an optimized level.

How to load a Staple Gun?

Each type of staple gun has its own method of loading staples.

Steps to load a Manual Staple Gun

1. At the back of the gun, you will find a pusher rod. To remove it, push the rod, and then pull it out.
2. The staples will be loaded on the guide rails by putting them in the slot, legs-down.
3. Lock the pusher in place by inserting it back.
4. Test the staple gun.

Steps to load an Electric Staple Gun

1. Turn off the staple gun and make sure it is unplugged. The trigger needs to be locked before re-loading.
2. The button to release the magazine is situated at the back of the stapler.
3. To pull the tray out, push the release button.
4. The staple pins need to be placed inside the magazine in an upside-down position.
5. For loading brad nails, use the markings on the magazine release.
6. After reloading, snap the magazine into place.

Steps to load a Pneumatic Staple Gun

1. Detach the stapler from the compressor and turn off the compressor.
2. Disconnect the follower by pushing on the lever at the front of the gun.
3. Lay a strip of staples over the magazine rail with the legs facing down.
4. The lever at the front of the gun will be released. This will move the follower into the place.
5. Test the staple gun.

How to use a Staple Gun?

silver staple gun with black backgroundAfter taking all the necessary precautions, make sure that the staple gun is loaded. Check whether the staple gun is perfectly leveled to the surface before pressing the trigger.

The trigger sensitivity would vary from product to product, whereas for a manual stapler, the amount of pressure you put also depends on the material that you are stapling.

For instance, using a manual staple gun for affixing a poster wouldn’t be the same as using it on a piece of plywood.

How to un-jam a Staple Gun?

Fixing Manual Staple Gun
1. The pusher rod needs to be slid out.
2. Remove the screw at the bottom of the magazine.
3. Take out the magazine.
4. Use needle-nose pliers to clear the jam.
5. Reassemble the stapler.

Un-jamming Electric or Pneumatic Stable

1. The trigger of the gun needs to be released after unplugging.
2. After that remove the clip.
3. The staples at the front of the gun’s magazine need to be removed.

Size of staples

staple gun on a doormatCommon sizes for heavy-duty staplers include 23/8, 23/12, 23/15, 23/20, 23/24, 13/10 and 13/14.

The more the number of sizes a staple gun can accept, the better it would be to invest in the product. Manual staple guns only shoot half-inch staple pin, therefore the concept of staple size stands irrelevant here. However, if you are working with electric or pneumatic staple guns, it is crucial to consider the sizes in the context of your requirements.

To understand staple sizes, we need to take an example. In a 26/6 staple, the 26 gauge has a diameter of the wire 0.4mm. The second number, in this case, number 6, is the shank length in millimeter. To measure this, you will have to measure the distance from the back of the staple to the tip of the leg.

Stapling Capacity:

The efficiency of a staple gun is defined by the stapling capacity. It is the ability of the staple gun to drive in a set of staple pins in the minimum possible time. There are certain high-efficiency staple guns that even make two staples at the same time. Another type of staple gun continues to staple until the time you are holding down the trigger.

Things to consider while buying a staple gun:

DurabilitySizeErgonomicsEase of use
It is important to get a product that you believe would help you through your tasks for a long time. The material that the body is made of is important to keep in mind. Make sure to also look for warranty products so that even if a problem arises, the manufacturing company will look after its repair expenses.
The size of the guns usually has very slight variations. In case the staple gun is too large, it will become very difficult to carry, especially for construction purposes where it has to be moved very often from one location to another. The size of the stapler pins is pertinent to the purpose of the task and what the staple gun is being used on. The strength of the fastening also depends on the size of the pins.
To be using heavy-duty equipment, it is consequential to the safety as well as efficiency that the equipment feels comfortable in your hands. Rubberized grips that mold to fit perfectly to the hand will provide stability to the user.
The ergonomics of the design are directly related to the ease of use. A light-weight but durable design with hand grips, that can shoot multiple pins at a quick speed would be the ideal model. But for individual use, you need to fix your priorities and realize what all features are of greater importance to you.

Features to look out for

Anti-jamming mechanismsNail-depth adjustmentsSwivel Tube
Staple Gun models that work at an exceptionally fast speed can make the job much smoother. However, if they keep on getting jammed too often, the time saved from the speed wouldn’t be accountable for all the time lost trying to fix the pins. Thus, an in-built anti-jamming mechanism is an important feature to look for.

Working with automated staple guns, there is no way of controlling the pressure of the pins when they are shot out of the staple gun. For some materials, this can end up doing more harm than good.

Nail-depth adjustment allows you to alter the depth of the pins according to the project you are working on.

This feature is found in pneumatic staple guns. The tube used to connect the gun with the air compressor can sometimes get tangled up.

A swivel tube not only prevents it from getting tangled, but it also makes the reloading process so much easier. Instead of twisting the hose to attach your pneumatic staple gun to the air compressor, you twist the swivel adapter instead of the hose.

Staple Gun Safety Tips:-

1. Wear safety gear like safety goggles and thick gloves.
2. Manage your surroundings before starting the work and look around to make sure the area is slip-proof and well-lit.
3. Read the user manual and guides very carefully. Even if you have been doing the task for ages, every tool might have a different working mechanism.
4. Familiarize yourself with the tools.
5. Observe your surroundings and make sure that other people around you are aware that you are about to start working with a staple gun. This will warn the not to startle or distract you while operating the equipment.
6. Never point the gun at anybody.
7. Unplug the tool when not in use and keep in mind to lock the trigger.
8. Never use a staple gun around combustible or pressurized tanks.
9. Never shoot the staple gun in the air.
10. Store the tools safely to avoid getting it in the hands of an untrained professional or an infant.

FAQs related to staple Guns:

Will a staple gun go through the wood?

Yes, the staple gun works extremely well through the wood. Unless of course, if the wood has been treated, or has a hard coating of a different substance, the results may vary.

What kind of staple gun do you use for a carpet?

Pneumatic or electric staple gun work very well to pin down carpets. A manual gun could also work but the result might not be as satisfying and too much effort would be required.

What is the best staple gun for upholstery?

Electric staple guns are the ideal option for upholsteries. Since pneumatic guns are a little inconvenient to move around and they also make a lot of noise, it is better to use a more suitable option since both would provide equally satisfying results.

Can you use regular staple gun for upholstery?

Yes, as for capability, a regular manual staple gun can be used for upholstery. However, it would be a very hefty task to do such an extensive task by hand. Doing it manually will also decline the finish of the upholstery.

What size staples do you use for upholstery?

Almost any fine wire and medium wire staples can be used for upholstery, depending on the fabric you will be using. 20 and 22 gauge are the most common staples for upholstery.

Will a staple gun go through plastic?

All staple guns can go through plastic, depending upon the thickness and quality of the plastic. For a heavier built plastic, you would need a pneumatic or electric staple gun.

What is standard staple size?

The most popular staple size is 26/6, i.e. a standards 6mm staple.

How do you hide carpet staples?

Carpet staples can be easily concealed by its fibers. After stapling, gently wiggle the head of the staple in between the fibers of the carpet to hide the staples. Since the staples are in the corner between the riser and the tread they should stay well hidden.

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