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The 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners for 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Less space consumption, good cooling.

portable air conditionerAs the warmer season and weather approaches, certain changes may need to be done in your home to ensure that you are comfortable at the time.

Of the many changes, perhaps the major ones are your clothing as well as the environment of your home or office.

Keeping your space well-ventilated and cool is one of the major tasks during this time. Unfortunately, not many of us have the luxury of a central cooling system or standard air conditioning system mounted in our homes.

Thus, this is where portable air conditioners come in handy.

A good portable air conditioning unit comes with several qualities. This includes their ability to offer high cooling effects without having to worry about space or the manually draining installation process.

Furthermore, the majority of good quality portable ac units will offer versatile solutions to warmer weather.

Many portable ac units will function as coolers, fans, and dehumidifiers to help purify your air quality as well. As we know, the two common enemies of warmer seasons are the hot air plus the humidity.

Listed below are the 10 best portable air conditioners in 2022. Each unit outlines its unique features and how they stand to make your life easier during the warm seasons.

Best Portable Air Conditioners for 2022 – Quick Look

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Air ConditionerBTURangePrice
HomeLabs AC
(Editor's Choice)
14000600 sq. Feet
Serenlife Portable AC
(Editor's Choice)
10000450 sq. Feet
Black and Decker AC10000400 sq. Feet
Shinco SPF28000350 sq. Feet
Global Air10000400 sq. Feet
Whynter ARC-14S14000500 sq. Feet
LG AC8000200 sq. Feet
Edgestar AP8000250 sq. Feet
Honeywell Portable AC10000350 sq. Feet
Midea Portable AC8000100 sq. Feet

1. HomeLabs AC – Best Overall Portable Air Conditioner

hOmeLabs 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner - Quiet AC Cools Rooms 450 to 600 Square Feet - Air Conditioning Machine with 100 Pint Dehumidifier Function, Remote Control and Washable Filter The HomeLabs portable air conditioner features an integrated design that also includes a dehumidifier.

With the capacity to comfortably and evenly cool a room with up to 600 square feet, this machined portable device boasts power equivalent to that of a full-scale one.

Its well-thought-out intuitive digital design, noise-canceling operation, and remote controller adapt it to the realm of the 21st-century quality of devices.

  • 14,000 BTU and cools a room with up to 600 square feet size.
  • Measures 17.9 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 30.7 inches high.
  • Built-in dehumidifier.
  • Easy to clean the washable filter.

Our In-Depth Review

The homeLabs portable air conditioner features an energy-efficient and easy-to-operate and maintains design. As soon as you switch it on. The portable ac unit is quick to cool any room. For perfect and consistent performance, the ac unit is ideally designed to evenly cool a room with up to 600 square feet size.

It works even better if the room features a horizontal window opening. Additionally, to regulate and enhance its functionality, the portable ac unit is fitted with an automatic vertical swing function which also distributes airflow as it swings.

And if you want to direct your airflow, you can simply set it to stay mobile and focus on one direction. The Homes lab ac unit also features a portable design for easy function. The ac unit measures 17.9 inches long, 15 inches wide and 30.7 inches high. The unit is fitted with wheels to allow you to easily move it around the house or office. As long as the room you intend to use has access to a window.

The setup and installation of the portable ac unit are also quite easy and straightforward. All you have to do is attach the hose and window slide adapter, plug the power cable into an outlet and begin using the ac unit. However, because it is not built with a reservoir tank, it is advised to use the included drainage pipe to discard the waste liquids.

Its more portable and compact build also allows it to be easily uninstalled and stored away in your basement or attic during the colder season. For added function and value for you, the ac unit also features a built-in dehumidifier function. This ingenious built-in dehumidifier function works concurrently with the ac unit’s cooling.

The dehumidifier function works by releasing hot air from the exhaust hose. This allows the ac unit to keep cooling whilst the hot air is being diffused. The air conditioning unit also comes with a washable air filter. The air filter features an indicator light that illuminates when your filter has reached its cleaning period.

Wash the filter at least once every two weeks, when the ac unit is in constant use. The portable air conditioning unit also features a digital design and comes with remote control. The control area of the unit is digitized and offers clear viewing of the panel. Using the remote control or even the touchscreen panel, you can set the desired temperature, adjust the fan speed, and set the eco-friendly sleeping feature.


  • Built-in dehumidifier function for colder seasons.
  • Covers generous room space.
  • It allows you to customize coverage.
  • Easy to set up.


  • It doesn’t come with a built-in reservoir tank.


The homelabs portable ac unit proves to deliver a revolutionary performance. Its built-in cooling and dehumidifying functions and synergized operation make it quite a deal and ease the quest of finding that perfect indoor environment. Its ease of setup and minimal tools incorporated in the process gives it its true portable character and make it a definite steal.

2. Serenlife Portable AC – With Low Noise Motor

SereneLife 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, 3-in-1 Floor AC Unit with Built-in Dehumidifier, Fan Modes, Remote Control, Complete Window Mount Exhaust Kit for Rooms Up to 450 Sq. Ft The SereneLife portable air conditioner combines all the precision and integrated features to deliver outstanding performance.

The portable ac unit features a lightweight finish, 3 highly functional modes, a digital touch panel with an LED display, and a remote controller to make your life a lot easier.

To complete the purchase, this unit comes with a complementary window mount kit whilst its lower price end also makes this high-quality unit a worthy deal.

  • 10,000 BTU and up to 450 square feet of room capacity.
  • Low noise motorized function.
  • 1.8 liters of moisture waste per hour.
  • It comes with a window mounting kit.

Our In-Depth Review:

Whether you choose to mount it on your bedroom window, living room, or home office, the portability, lightweight, and wheel design of the SereneLife ac unit make the process easy for you. The portable ac unit boasts three incredible and highly functional operating modes. The ac unit can work either as a cooler, humidifier, or fan, depending on your preferences.

The automatic swing vent design allows for each mode to be effectively delivered and enhances air circulation. If you want to focus the power in one direction, you can simply make the vents immobile. The dehumidifier can either work alone or complement the cooling by allowing each function to operate simultaneously.

The dehumidifier acts as an air purifier as well as thus, allowing the serviced room to be dust, dirt, and mildew free. The remote control on the other end allows for a customizable setting of your ac unit. You can turn the ac unit on/off, set the timer, set the temperature, and also adjust the fan speed. Unlike a standard ac unit, the portable air conditioner also boasts power-saving qualities.

The ac unit features a 1100W power rating, nearly half of a standard ac unit’s power rating. Additionally, the portable air conditioning unit comes with a noise-canceling motor. The low-level motorized function is denoted at only 52 to 56 dB. The specially configured system automates the ac unit and regulates the noise level of the ac unit when it is switched on.

It does this through a timer signal or selector which activates this quiet mode. For enhanced effectiveness, the ac unit also features a specially designed exhaust hose. The exhaust hose helps to suck hot air from the room. It does this by passing the air through a refrigerant-cooled coil which directs the hot air and moisture out of the room.

This, in turn, leaves your room properly and fully cooled. The window mounting kit seals the deal. It gives this ac unit the ultimate portability title. The installation kit is designed to accommodate your window design and allows the ac unit to be fully functional without ruining the image of your room.

To maintain cleanliness and high quality crispy clear air, the ac unit is also fitted with a washable air filter. If washed at least once every two weeks, it helps to enhance the performance of the air conditioning unit.


  • Clear and easy-to-read digital display panel.
  • 3-in-1 cooler, fan, and dehumidifier design.
  • It comes with a window mounting kit.
  • Power saving ratings.


  • The vent doesn’t fit all window types.


The distinctive design and fabrication of the SereneLife portable air conditioner help to accentuate its functionality and versatility. Its design focuses to deliver this high function. The serene life ac unit is built to improve your home’s air quality in its entirety. Whether, you use it as a cooler, a fan, or a dehumidifier/purifier, it does all this with utter precision and excellence.

3. Black and Decker AC – Portable AC

Black + Decker BPACT10WT Portable Air Conditioner, 10,000 BTU Contender amongst electronics brands, Black + Decker delivers the same high standards and performance with this portable ac series.

The Black + Decker combines design and technology to offer just the right cooling effect whilst its operation is extremely easy.

The ac unit also features a 3-mode design so you are always covered no matter the air environment you want.

  • Designed to cool a 20 by 20 feet room.
  • 4-wheel portability.
  • 3 in-1 functioning modes.
  • LED lighting digital display.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Black + Decker 10, 000 BTU portable air conditioner guarantees crisp cooling performance. Whether you use it in your bedroom, garage, or college dorm, the ac unit works efficiently and well. The air conditioning unit boasts the ability to effectively and evenly cool a room capacity of 20 by 20 feet or 150 to 250 square feet space.

The portable air conditioner works great mounted on double-hung or sliding windows. However, with crank windows, it may not be as effective. The portable ac unit incorporates an ingenious design technology concept. This smart design incorporates sturdy and sleek flaps. These flaps are designed in a vertical motion and create a stable and highly powerful airflow.

Their motion allows the ac unit to evenly cool the room as well as maintain this constant airflow. The plastic air filter flap inserted inside the unit can easily be removed. This allows for quick cleaning with running water. The quick clean allows for guaranteed dustless and crispy clean fresh air all the time.

However, the ac unit lacks oscillating fans. This doesn’t entirely affect or weaken its cooling ability. However, it may slow down the cooling rate of a room. Yet, the vertical flaps’ wide design allows for enough cold air to penetrate.

The portability of the unit on the other end is fortified thanks to its 4 caster wheel fabrication. So no, you don’t have to strategize on carrying the unit or getting a wheel loader to move it around. The portable air conditioning unit also features a customizable design that lets you set your air quality according to your needs.

The ac unit is fitted with a digital LED control panel. The LED lighting helps in enhancing clarity so even in low-light conditions, you can still control the ac. On the control panel is touch screen electronic control for numerous settings.

There is a 24-hour on/off timer, a sleep mode button, a button for temperature control as well as atmospheric modes. The ac unit can be set anywhere between -64 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit to either cold or dry mode.

The excitement doesn’t end there. The Black + decker ac unit also features a 3-in-1 cooling unit design.

This allows the ac to act as a cooler, dehumidifier, and fan. Plus, the ac is capacitated with a low noise operation with a motorized sound of less than 75dB even at high stings. And for a well-rounded safe operation, the ac unit is also fixed with an environment-friendly refrigerant.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Features a sleep mode.
  • Ideally for large spaces.
  • Clear and lighting display – great especially in low light conditions.


  • The hose easily detaches from the unit.


The Black + Decker portable ac unit series definitely leaves a mark in this category. As always Black + Decker utilizes ingenious techniques and technology alike to deliver high function. Even with the omission of the oscillating fans, the air condition unit still skillfully utilizes the vertical motion flaps to enhance and distribute cool airflow. Plus, its exterior finish itself oozes class, quality, and performance.

4. Shinco SPF2 – With Self-Evaporating Function

Shinco SPF2 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner,Dehumidifier Fan Functions,Rooms up to 200 sq.ft, Remote Control, LED Display, White Offering an extremely low-cost option, the Shinco SPF2 portable air conditioner gives you value for your main as it maintains high standards and quality.

The 8000 BTU portable ac unit features a white LED display which makes the operation quite easy even in the dark.

Its 3-mode function on the other end is designed to cater to your air quality and cooling preferences.

  • Cools a room of up to 350 square feet.
  • Self-evaporating function.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Window mounting kit and exhaust hose included.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Shinco SPF2 portable air conditioning unit boasts a compact and lightweight 8000 BTU fabrication this capacitates the unit with the ability to cool any space of between 200 to 350 square feet effectively and evenly.

Upon switching the ac on, your room will be cool in no time, thus, allowing you to save energy and power by switching its operation from full level to the first level. And even with the decrease in operating level, the portable ac unit maintains enough low temperatures to leave you comfortable during the day or night.

The ac unit is built with 3 functioning modes. This includes the cooling, dehumidifying, and fan functions. As the ac unit cools, it also allows you to set the dehumidifier function. The 60-pint dehumidifier capacity helps to purify your air.

The dehumidifier also prevents the growth of bacteria or mold during those extremely hot and humid days. The 2-speed fan on the other end jumps in to help you cool down those times when you don’t want to use the ac cooling function or when it may be a little chilly to use the cooling function.

To improve effectiveness, the portable ac unit is also built with a self-evaporative system. This self-evaporative technology helps to decrease the amount of water collected during operation. The self-evaporative system works by cooling the condenser coil with water from the air. Thus, the process enhances the ac unit’s cooling effect whilst reducing the volume of water collected.

The portable air conditioning unit is also extremely easy to use. It features an LED display and easy controls on the panel. This allows operation even in the dark. And if you don’t want to move around, you can simply use the included remote controller.

As the ac unit maintains a cool environment after at least an hour’s operation, you can then switch it to low-level operation. This allows for noise-free operation, especially at night when you don’t want any noise disturbances.

At a lower level, the portable ac unit operates at a frequency of less than 52dB. The air conditioning unit is also fitted with four smooth castor wheels. This allows for optimum portability, making it easier to move from one room to the other.

To make installation a breeze, the ac unit, exhaust hose, and window mounting kit come with an instruction manual. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to fully install the unit. Plus, the process is so easy and straightforward that anyone can do it. And if you’re still struggling, you can always contact customer support for assistance.


  • Extremely affordable.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Wide cooling area.
  • Easy to view display.


  • It can be loud when operated at a full level.


The Shinco SPF2 offers affordability and high function. The portable ac unit’s practical fabrication allows you ample cooling in the dark along with the white LED display coming to your aid. Its ingenious low-noise operation at night offers two useful functions. At lower levels, the ac unit offers just the right cooling to keep you comfortable at night. And at lower-level operation, the ac unit works at low noise capacity, leaving you undisturbed.

5. Global Air – With Anti-Freezing Function

Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling /Fan with Remote Control in White The four-way air direction function of the Global Air portable air conditioner enhances its cooling and air circulation abilities.

Its self-evaporative system enhances the water reduction function up to an extent that it doesn’t even need a water tank.

The portability and its 10,000 BTU power deliver high function and ample cooling effects to a room size of up to 400 square feet.

  • Four-way air circulation.
  • 10,000 BTU power cools up to a 400 square feet room.
  • Anti-freezing function.
  • 2-speed cooling and fan speed.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Global Air portable air conditioner boasts an impressive self-evaporative system. The system ingeniously cools the unit cool with cool air from outside to help enhance the cooling effect of the air conditioning unit.

The condensing water from the running unit is condensed through the cooling condensation on the coil. In fact, the evaporation is so efficient that the unit doesn’t even need a water tank to function. The 10,000 BTU ac unit also boasts a 2-speed fan and cooling function to allow you to customize your experience.

And for effective and energy-efficient cooling, the ac unit is built with a four-way air direction. This construction design ensures that all sides of the room are evenly cooled and that this happens in a shorter period.

The portable ac unit is also fitted with digital controls on an LED display.

The LED display allows you to use active carbon filters as the controls allow you to set its function according to your needs. These settings include picking the actual temperatures you want. And with the included remote controller, you can customize these settings from the comfort of your seat or bed.

This portable ac unit with the capacity for up to 400 square feet of space also features an anti-freezing design. This design works like a thermostat. So when the air conditioner is overcooling, there is a delayed starting function to help balance the overly low temperatures. This also sets the wind to blow elsewhere so that the anti-freezing function could be activated.

To ensure proper installation, the portable air conditioning unit comes with an installation kit and manual. The installation process itself is extremely easy and straightforward. Keep in mind that the ac conditioner unit must be vented to the outside to ensure proper and effective functioning.

During installation, unstable mounting or placement on an uneven surface may cause loud noise operation. Thus, if you experience this, simply move and balance the unit, and the noise should be balanced. The removable filters on the other end can be easily and consistently leaned without risking damage. This helps to improve the overall quality of the air.

The clean air filter also helps to enhance the ac unit’s efficiency. However, the portable air conditioning unit only comes with a two-function mode design. The ac unit only works as a two-speed cooler and fan. Thus, if you go for this air conditioning unit, you will need to purchase a dehumidifier separately.


  • It can be used with a carbon filter.
  • Wider cooling capacity.
  • 2-speed function as both a cooler and a fan.
  • Designed to prevent freezing.


  • Maybe a little noisy.


Global Air features a combination of elements that give it its efficiency. The anti-freezing function is a translation of when the ac unit is in over its head and needs regulation – which the function does quite well. As limited as it may sound, the 2-speed fan and cooler modes, in fact, offer a broad option to customize the cooling effect to your room. The four-way air circulation on the other end helps to enhance the unit’s efficiency.

6. Whynter ARC-14S – With Dehumidifier

Whynter ARC-14S 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Fan with Activated Carbon Filter plus Storage bag for Rooms up to 500 sq ft The award-winning Whynter ARC-14S portable air conditioner delivers eco-friendly and high cooling performance.

The portability of this sleek designed ac unit goes beyond movement and utilizes as little space as possible whilst maintaining a low noise operation.

The dual hose air conditioner also boasts functions as a 3-speed fan, air conditioner, and dehumidifier. Plus, its large area coverage makes it quite a deal.

  • 14000 Btu with the capacity to cool a room of 500 square feet.
  • It comes with an activated carbon filter.
  • Ac unit, 3-speed fan, and dehumidifier in 1.
  • Dual hose design.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Whynter ARC-14S ac unit series is the ultimate deal for the warmer seasons. Minus the portability, in a 500 square feet room, this air conditioning unit works at the same caliber as that of a standard and central air conditioning unit. The 14S ac unit is built with ultimate low-noise operation.

Its 16 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 35.5 inches high dimensions make it compact enough to not take up so much space in your living area. The ac unit is also fitted with a dual hose. The dual hose makes it twice as much faster at cooling down compared to similar portable ac units.

This high-cooling award-winning ac unit is built with three operational modes. This includes an air conditioner, a fan, and a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier can work alone or simultaneously with the cooling function.

This allows you to always ensure that the air quality is maintained and without the risk of mold or bacteria growth, especially on hot and humid days. The fan gives you an option for cooling if the ac unit is a little extreme for you.

The portable ac unit also features a user-friendly and digitized design. The control panel features a thermostatic control with a temperature range of between 61 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperature readings along with the chosen operational modes and other basic chosen functions are displayed on the LED display.

And in low light conditions, the LED background light allows you to still clearly view the readings. The ac unit is also capacitated with a 24-hour preset timer. For the environmentalist in you, you can comfortably rest assured that the AC unit is completely safe and eco-friendly.

This is thanks to its CFC-free green refrigerant fabrication. Plus, its patented waste system is also ingeniously designed to leave the environment free of harm. The system’s auto drain function exhausts condense air automatically no matter the conditions.

The portable air conditioning unit also comes with dual exhaust pipes that also help to enhance efficiency whilst cutting down noise. On normal operation, the ac unit functions with a low noise level of less than 56dB.

The ac unit also comes with an activated carbon air filter that can be easily removed and washed to ensure the circulated air is always crispy and clean. The portable ac unit comes with a full installation kit so you can be on your way to enjoying the cool air after a quick and easy setup process.


  • Eco-friendly design.
  • Enhanced cooling effect.
  • Larger area coverage.
  • Activated carbon air filter.


  • Parts may be expensive to replace.


The Whynter ARC14S portable air conditioner combines both its sleek, compact design and the machined ability for an outstanding cooling experience. The dual hose design seems minuscule however, it highly contributes to enhancing the ac unit’s cooling effect as well as its ability to be effective in a shorter period. Its game-changing compact design also allows you to comfortably place it almost anywhere as it operates in a low soothing machine sound.

7. LG Portable Air Conditioner – Very Lightweight

LG LP0818WNR Portable, White 115V Air Conditioner, Rooms up to 200-Sq. Ft, The compact-built LG LP0818WNR portable air conditioning unit delivers the comfort and technology of that of a larger or standard AC unit.

The ac unit is designed to consciously consider space whilst offering what it is built to provide – a high-cooling experience.

The ac unit is capacitated to cool a room with a size of up to 200 square feet, all whilst purifying your air and environment to leave it dirt free, moist-free, and bacteria-free.


Our In-Depth Review:

If you are looking for an ac unit that offers portability and adaptability in smaller spaces but maintains the high-functioning power of a larger ac unit – the LG LP0818WNR series is your go-to option. One can even say that what the LG LP0818WNR series lack in size is easily compensated by its intricate and functional features.

The ac unit measures just 16 inches wide, 27 inches high, and 12 inches long, thus, giving you ample space to play around with it. The ac unit also comes in a box-like design with side handles so you can even carry it or move it. You can even wheel it from room to room, thanks to its four-wheel construction, or carry it from home to work or house to house, that is all possible.

Additionally, the 8,000 BTU size ac unit can fully cool a room of up to 200 square feet in size. Simply plug into a 115V or 15A power outlet to enjoy the breeze. Additionally, the ac unit comes designed with a self-evaporative technological system.

This ensures that the ac unit cools efficiently at all times whilst minimizing energy consumption and water waste. The ac unit’s 3 operating mods include not just the air conditioner function but also a fan and dehumidifier. The dehumidifier also boasts the capacity to purify the air in a 200 square feet room size at a rate of up to 1.27 kilograms per hour.

The creatively placed up-inclined air discharge design also plays a role in the cooling experience. The design successfully brought about the automatic swinging flaps, that help to prevent hot spots. This is because this consistent swinging mechanism allows the ac unit to evenly distribute the cooling air all around the room.

For convenience and clarity, the portable ac unit is fitted with an LED display and control panel, and also comes with an LCD remote control so you can choose how you want to set the ac- be it from the panel or the comfort of your bed or seat.

On the LCD remote or LED display panel, you can choose to program the 24hr on/off timer, control the temperature even when you are not around or choose one of the three operating functions. The unit is also available in two color designs, black or white, whatever pleases your eye.


  • Highly efficient evaporative system.
  • Swinging flaps help to enhance air circulation.
  • The compact design doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Easy-to-read LED screen and LCD remote control.


  • Could be a little noisy for its size.


The LG LP0818WNR portable air conditioner’s smart and well-thought-out design in size and function makes it all worth it. With 3 operating modes, this portable unit delivers surprisingly impressive performance. In the background, its makeshift evaporative system and dehumidifying mechanism help to complement its function to improve air quality whilst also improving its efficiency. The exterior design offers a sleek and highly attractive finish, plus you can choose whether you want a black or white color option.

8.  Edgestar AP – With Long Cord

EdgeStar AP8000W Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Fan for Rooms up to 250 Sq. Ft. with Remote Control The EdgeStar AP Portable Air conditioner offers a dehumidifier-only function that really helps to clear and purify the air around you whether you are cooling your room or not.

The impressive evaporation and waste design of the portable ac unit also help to effectively exhaust all condensates leaving your air conditioning unit to function efficiently and effectively at all times.

  • Extendable 49-inch exhaust hose included.
  • 50 pints a day dehumidifier capacity.
  • 8000 BTU size.
  • Cools rooms of up to 250 square feet.
  • 6-foot cord length for easy positioning.

Our In-Depth Review:

The EdgeStar AP8000series offers a high cooling effect whilst maintaining its box-sized portable design. The portable air conditioning unit measures 24.75 inches high, 19.25 inches wide, and 13.25 inches long, and is enough to effectively cool a room size ranging from 150 to 250 square feet within the hour – depending on the outside climate.

To make operation easy and practical, the ac unit also features a 24-hour programmable timer. The direct drain option on the other end helps to enhance efficiency, draining water at a fast and efficient enough face to allow for the unit to work at its full potential at all times.

The ac unit works under a 3-operational mode. It features a dehumidifier with a 50-pint-a-day capacity and a 3-speed fan for ultimate performance power. The portable ac unit is also fitted with multidirectional louvers. The louvers allow for evenly distributed cooling as well as a fanning effect.

This, in turn, speeds up that process thus, allowing the ac unit to cool the areas within a short period. The portable air conditioner is also fitted with a thermostat control. This allows you to gauge and set both temperature cooling effects as well as dehumidifying functions.

The portable air conditioning unit also boasts a CFC and RoHS-compliant refrigerant that works to ensure that the unit doesn’t contribute to harmful emissions into the environment. The attached four-wheeled casters allow for easy mobility whilst at just 56 lbs., the portable ac unit is considerably lightweight. And with the compact design of the unit itself, the process basically becomes a smooth breeze.

The EdgeStar portable air conditioning package comes with remote control and a full installation kit. The dimensions of the ac unit allow for easy and maximum installation on windows with 29-inch minimal measurement and 31-inch maximum measurement.

Its long 6-foot cord length allows for easy accessibility and positions our ac unit more comfortably even if the power outlet s further away. The extendable 49-inch exhaust hose on the other end helps to improve proper waste to accentuate the unit’s efficiency.

To ensure that the air and cooling quality are maintained, the air conditioning unit comes with an activated carbon fiber filter. You can easily remove this filter and thoroughly wash it in a sink. Plus, to add value, the ac unit package comes with a free replaceable carbon filter.


  • High dehumidifying function at 50 pints per hour.
  • Intelligent design allows for an automatic restart of the unit in case of power failure.
  • Low, medium, and high-speed fan functions.
  • Extremely energy efficient.


  • It doesn’t fill all the windows.


The EdgeStar AP portable air conditioner deceivably features a compact design that gives you an impression of quite a basic function. Yet, this flagship unit offers quite remarkable features, capacity, and function. The high dehumidifying capacity for one exhibits not only its air purifying capacity but also its overall efficacy. Its combined working intelligence incorporated throughout also makes it extremely convenient and definitely worth the investment.

9. Honeywell Portable AC – With Sleep Mode

Honeywell MO08CESWK Compact Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Fan for Rooms Up To 350 Sq. Ft. With Remote Control (Black/White) As its name suggests, the Honeywell MO08CESWK Portable Air conditioner delivers peace of mind as it cools you through day and night.

The portable Ac unit’s construction concept is built to extend its life, all whilst maintaining quality and performance.

The ac unit also features an articulate electrical system design which helps protect it from sudden power failures or overloading. The Honeywell screams safety, function, and style.

  • 10,000 BTU 350 square feet of room cooling capacity.
  • 40 to 60 pint per day dehumidifier capacity.
  • Energy-saving sleep mode and timer.
  • Washable dual filtration technology.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Honeywell Portable AC series affords you the tranquility and ease of a perfectly designed portable air conditioning unit. In actuality, the portable ac unit offers you excellent energy and money-saving options because you don’t have to look further for a larger ac unit to get that high function you want.

Featuring a dual filtration system, the air conditioner guarantees high quality and clean air circulation. This system also means that the caliber to which it screens and filters dirt and dust is elevated. Thus, it helps to enhance the life span of your unit whilst maintaining high-quality performance.

The filtration design also features a patented clean alert. With this design, you don’t even need to think about replacement filters. Simply ensure that you thoroughly clean the filter with running water at least twice to three times a month to ensure all the pet hair, dirt, mold ad even bacteria are washed off to allow clean air circulation.

The air conditioning unit also boasts a thermal and electric overload protection design. This ensures the ac running motor and compressor are well protected and offer added precautions in the case of electric failures or overload. Plus, with this portable ac, you can save all your energy and carrying strategies. At only 45 lbs., the MO8CES portable ac series are extremely portable and easy to move around. The portability is also complemented by its four wheels at the bottom that glide smoothly and easily.

The ac unit offers quite a simple and headache-free option to run it. As they assay – set it up and let it do the rest. The ac unit’s digital and smart thermostat system allows you to set your desired temperature, preset the timer, and let it regulate the air and cooling quality to your preferences, even when you are not there.

Both the remote control and clear LED display offer convenient ways to program the ac unit. The portable air conditioning unit also features an extremely easy and quick installation process. The unit comes with a full installation kit and user manual to guide you through.

Position the ac unit in the desired location, set up the window kit on your vertical or horizontal window, power it up, and enjoy the breeze. And as the breeze is comforting you, the portable air conditioner operates at an extremely low noise level – as low as below 50dB.


  • The air filter’s clean alert reminds you about cleaning it.
  • A dual filtration system enhances air purification.
  • Lightweight build.
  • Self-evaporating mechanism.


  • The exhaust hose length is not too long.


The Honeywell MO08CESWK series combines the air purification capacity and dual filtration system for high function and efficiency. Sure, the look and efficiency aren’t all it offers. The Honeywell brand has put so much attention and thought to its users to ensure the unit is safe to operate and as well as safe for the environment. The ultra filtering power, thermal overload protection, and CFC refrigerant usage all attest to this invaluable perk the portable ac unit comes with.

10. Midea Portable AC – With Sensory Remote Control

MIDEA MPF08CR81-E Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU Easycool AC (Cooling, Dehumidifier and Fan Functions) for Rooms up to 100 Sq, ft. with Remote Control, 8,000, White The Midea MPF08CR81 features a smart and highly dependable eco and sleep function that helps to deliver energy-saving and energy-efficient performance.

The 8,000 BTU 3-in-1 portable air conditioner maintains power to cool a meager 100 square feet room but offers the smartest digitized feature that helps to make its cooling experience and efficiency worth each dime and every space covered.

  • 8000 BTU/ 100 square feet room capacity.
  • 5 highly functional operational modes.
  • Energy-saving sleep/Eco function.
  • Sensory-powered remote control.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Midea MPF08CR81 series boasts an 8000 Btu rating, enough to evenly and effectively cool a room with a size of up to 100 square feet. The air conditioning unit is also designed to simultaneously function as a fan or dehumidifier.

The unit features a clear and easy-to-read LED display for convenient use at any time of the day. On the LED panel, you can choose to set up a myriad of programs. This includes sleep settings, a 24-hour timer, fan operating modes, actual operating modes, temperature with a range of 65 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and power settings.

And for quick functioning, simply press the auto button and let the ac unit customize the cooling temperature for you. And overnight, the sleep and eco mode timer on the ac unit helps to customize the cooling and air quality for energy-saving comforting purposes.

The portable ac unit also works with highly impressive sensor technology. The ac unit boasts a proximal sensor design, thus, when you move away from the ac, the further you move, the ac will set the temperature according to the distance you are from it. This is so that you don’t have to freeze or experience hot gaps within the circulated air.

To ensure the efficacy and full function of the air conditioner at all times, the unit also features a clean time alert. When your air filter has reached the capacity to which it requires cleaning, the unit will alert you through an indicator light.

The ac unit comes with full installation to make the process easy and straightforward, it includes a remote control and accessories to install it. The highly durable wall bracket it comes with is built to perfectly fit openings ranging from 26.5 to 48 inches.

The clip-on draining hose on the other end is also generously long – up to 59 inches. The long power cord at 75 inches also makes the connection very convenient. The bracket also entirely works well with any window except the crank windows. Simply connect the bracket through the window frame, attach the draining hose and start enjoying the cooling of your ac.


  • Proximal sensory technology.
  • Sleep and eco timer help to save energy.
  • Filter cleaning alert.
  • Wider temperature setting range.


  • It doesn’t fit all window types.


The Midea MPF08CR81 series combines energy-efficient design and technology to deliver its high function. The proximal sensory and sleep/eco timer design help to supplement this design concept without losing the overall intended function of the portable ac unit. In fact, it is these designs that help to enhance performance and precision. And as usual, other parts of the ac unit are also maintained to maintain efficacy, this includes the filter cleaning alert.

Portable Air Conditioner – Buyer’s Guide

What is a portable air conditioner?

Portable Mobile Room Air ConditionerA portable air conditioner is a compact air conditioning unit. It is designed to cool a single room. Its title, the portable ac unit is on the account of its ability to be moved around your living or commercial space easily.

Unlike standard window, floor, or split unit a.c, a portable air conditioner is not fixed and installed in a single area. You can easily move it from one room to the other with a very simple setup.

How does a portable air conditioner work?

Portable air conditioners are normally fitted with wheels or casters for easy moving from one room to the other. Commonly, they are placed by the window for easier accessibility to vent out their hoses. Portable ac units work by circulating cool air around the room to cool it and counter humidity.

At the same time, they produce hot air which needs to be expelled out of the room for effective functionality. Thus, with this, portable air conditioners are built with vent hoses. Typically, you will come across either a single or dual-hose portable air conditioner.

Each unit comes with a standard window venting kit which is installed to expel exhaust air. At the same time, portable air conditioners also come with water reservoir tanks which are used to store condensed water droplets as a result of cooling. You will either need to empty them occasionally whilst some will come with hookups for drainage hoses or evaporative functions.

Single-hose portable air conditioners pull hot air and excess moisture from inside the room whilst their internal motor circulates cool air in the room. Dual-hose portable air conditioners pull air from the outside through one hose and then circulate cool air throughout the room.

The excess air and moisture in the room on the other end are then expelled out of the room using the other hose. Thus, dual-hose portable air conditioners tend to be more effective than single-hose ones.

Who should consider buying a portable air conditioner?

man sitting in a hot roomIf you are looking for affordability, portability, and space-saving, then a portable air conditioner is an ideal choice for you. You will spend considerably less purchasing a portable air conditioner unit of the same caliber as a window or split unit air conditioner.

Its portability also offers more versatility. You can move it from one room to the other with minimal setup required. Thus, you don’t have to spend thousands investing in multiple air conditioner units whilst you can effectively use one.

Single or double exhaust hose?

As mentioned above, portable air conditioner units come in two types, i.e. single or double exhaust hose. Each unit works in a similar mechanism but differs in terms of resources. For example, a single-hose air conditioner unit has one single hose that leads out of the window.

This hose pulls warm air from the room through coils that cool it with a refrigerant and recirculates it out of the room. The same hose also expels excess hot air and moisture out of the room. A double-hose portable air conditioner on the other end pulls air from the outside using one hose to cool and circulate the room with cooler air.

The other hose is used to expel the excess hot air and moisture. Thus, the double-hose portable air conditioner tends to be more effective than a single-hose one. However, due to this improved effectiveness and intricate operation, dual-hose air conditioners tend to be more expensive than single-hose air conditioners.

What is a British Thermal Unit or BTU

The British Thermal Unit, BTU, is a unit used to measure heat. It is defined as the amount of heat required. To raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The higher the BTU, the higher the energy. Thus, an ac unit that boasts 12,000 BTU is more powerful than one that boasts 10,000 BTU. The 12,000 BTU utilizes more energy but also delivers a more powerful performance.

Draining Condensate

Not all portable air conditioner units will require manual drainage. Some units are designed so that the excess water vapor evaporates fully or only a small amount will require draining. Other units come with automatic drainage systems to expel the water. However, some units also come with a condensation exhaust system.

This design expels water vapor collected during the cooling process. The excess moisture is then released through the hose with the excess hot air and expelled out. However, when it is extremely humid, this process is not very efficient with expelling the water fully. Thus, the excess moisture may, in fact, fill the internal water reservoir.

This will result in the unit shutting off due to the water filling up the internal tank. When this occurs, you will need to drain the water manually. This means that you will have to locate the drain plug on the unit and manually drain the water.

Below is a general type of drainage condensates you will find in portable a.c;

Full self-evaporative portable air conditioner

These are the most efficient portable ac units. This also means that they are more expensive. They are completely evaporative as they exhaust all the condensate by themselves even during extreme humidity.

Partially self-evaporate portable air conditioner

These units are also very efficient as full evaporative ones. However, you may require manually draining during extreme climates or with excessive usage.

Drain hose portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioners will also come with permanent water-draining hoses. These hose help to expel water continuously. So if you use this option, there’s no need for manual drainage.

Condensate pumps and buckets

These additional accessories help to make the water drainage function more effective. Pumps can be added to enhance the functionality of drain hoses. Buckets on the other end are placed inside the portable air conditioners and they provide extra space to collect the extra water for later manual drainage.

Noise level

Portable ACPortable air conditioners generate noise. This is because they operate with motors for their fans and compressors. However, many manufacturers have begun to incorporate noise-controlling features. These include programmable timers that work as “time stats” and will turn off the ac when the room is efficiently cooled.

Others include multiple speed selections, at a lower speed, the air conditioner is less noisy. Some units even feature a sleep mode which allows the unit to blow gentle air without making noises. If you are a “noise-controlling freak”, you needn’t worry because your needs are also considered.

Some units come with noise ratings so you can gauge the level of sounds for each setting of your air conditioner unit. In general, you can follow a noise level chart to understand your portable air conditioner noise ratings. For example, a 0-30db level is very quiet whilst an 80db+ is potentially damaging.

Maintenance tips for the portable air conditioners

Maintaining your portable air conditioner helps to maintain its functionality and retain its durability. Some of the common practices you can include in caring for and maintaining your portable air conditioner includes;

  • Wipe and clean out the exterior using a damp cloth.
  • Maintain a schedule (and follow it) to clean and/or replace the filter depending on how frequently you use the air conditioner.
    Insect the condenser coils from time to time. To ensure that you don’t damage the unit, it’s always a good idea to get a professional technician to do so.
  • Ensure that the exhaust hose is short and straight for effective expulsion of excess hot air and moisture.
  • Always clean the area where you will be setting the air conditioner and where the air conditioner will be blowing into.
  • Schedule a professional maintenance check.

Best placement to get the right cooling

To ensure that your air conditioner works effectively, its placement is also a crucial factor. First, you must always leave some space between the ac and the wall (at least 12 to 20 inches). This gives your air conditioner unit ample space to operate effectively without any obstacles.

Remember, the main function of your air conditioner is to circulate cool air, so you need to give it as much space. With this fact, you must also know to keep other heat-generating appliances further away from your portable a.c. unit.

This includes appliances such as your television sets, computers, and kitchen appliances such as toaster ovens. Furthermore, you should also keep portable air conditioners away from other heat sources such as direct sunlight and high humidity.

Features to look for in a Portable air conditioner

When you are choosing the ideal portable air conditioner unit, you should also pay attention to its features to ensure you get the best options. Some of the common features to focus on include;

SizeEnergy Use And EfficiencyOther featuresEase Of UseDesign

The size in terms of energy of your portable air conditioner will determine the space it can effectively cool. You will easily understand its efficiency in relation to its functionality by looking at its BTU ratings. Thus, knowing the BTU rating and the size of your intend room will help you to effectively choose the right size.

Smaller-sized portable air conditioners will also cool smaller rooms such as bedrooms and smaller offices. Typically, the units boast a BTU rate of 5000 to 8000 and can heat a room of up to 350 square feet.

Medium-sized ones on the other end will cool rooms ranging from 321 to 700 square feet. Typically, these are living rooms and offices. The BTU ratings for such portable air conditioners are between 9000 to 14,000.

Large air portable air conditioners can be used in larger and commercial spaces. These include server rooms and event halls. Typically, they boast a BTU rating of up to 15,000+.

There are certain factors that you can also consider when choosing the right size. Always increase the size of your a.c unit if you have multiple windows, heat appliances, poorly insulated areas, or elevated ceilings. You should also go for a larger size if you reside in a warmer and more humid climate.

There’s no doubt that portable air conditioner units are less efficient when compare to other types such as window unit air conditioners. Yet, there are ways to minimize this effect. Many portable air conditioners nowadays are designed with enhanced efficiency. And you can look up the Energy efficiency ratio, EER when you are choosing an ideal unit.

A rating of 10 is always good. You can also go for other features that help save energy. These include the programmable thermostat that switches off the ac unit when your room is cooled efficiently. Consistent cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner unit also allow it to function at its full capacity.

In recent years, manufacturers have also incorporated more designs and features into their units for added functionality. Some of the common features include remote control operation, programmable timer/thermostat, LED control panel, carry handles, multiple fan settings, reusable and washable air filters, and added functions such as a dehumidifier and heater.

Nobody wants to invest in an appliance that is confusing to use. Thus, you want your portable air conditioner to also be easy to use and operate. Remember, the number one reason you are going for the option apart from its affordability is its portability. Thus, you don’t want to end up with a bulky mass and with hard-to-push wheels.

You want a lightweight and easy-to-glide around your living or office space. You must keep in mind however that a unit that is too lightweight may also affect its durability. A portable ac unit also requires frequent cleaning to ensure it functions effectively. Thus, you want its design to accommodate easier cleaning. Ask questions such as is the air filter easily accessible? Can I rewash it rather than having to replace it every time?

This feature highly depends on your preferences. Some people focus on the design whilst others don’t. If you are looking for a special style to match your interior design then you certainly want to focus on this feature. May manufacturers incorporate different designs in the form of shapes and even colors. Generally, you will find portable ac units in black, white, and silver. Others even come with fun colors such as red. It all depends on what you are looking for.

FAQs related to a portable air conditioner:

Do all portable air conditioners need to be vented out of the window?

Yes. It is a necessity for portable air conditioners to be vented out of the window. This is because excess hot air and moisture are always generated during the cooling process. Thus, you don’t want this hot air to liger inside the room. This is because this will downplay the effectiveness of your portable air conditioner.

Do you have to empty water from a portable air conditioner?

It all depends on the type of portable air conditioner you go for. If you go for a fully evaporative portable air conditioner then you will never have to empty water from it even during extreme humid conditions. This is because this ac unit is designed to be extremely efficient at evaporating excess moisture and water. However, other ac units may require emptying in some circumstances.

How does the water go in the portable air conditioner?

As they are cooled, portable air conditioners produce condensation. Condensation is the water that collects as droplets (moisture) on a cooled surface when humid air is in contact with it. Thus, condensation is the source of water that goes into the ac unit. The water droplets then drop into an internal water reservoir or are drained through the hose and expelled out of the unit.

Is it ok to leave a portable AC on all day?

A portable air conditioner will run all day without damage. However, it is highly advised against leaving your AC on all day. This is very poor practice for energy consumption because your portable ac unit will consume an obscene amount of energy. If you want your room to maintain the same cool temperature, it is a better idea to invest in a portable ac that is designed to do so with energy efficiency. A good example is a unit that is fitted with a programmable thermostat. So your ac will run until the room cools to that set temperature, then the unit switches off. When the temperature begins to rise, the unit will come on and cool the room to the set temperature again. This cycle will continue throughout the day, thus, saving your energy a lot more.

How often do I need to drain my portable air conditioner?

You will find that you drain your portable air conditioner anywhere from every 8 hours to once a month. The frequency of when to drain your portable air conditioner highly depends on its usage, its quality, and capacity of its internal reservoir. Combining these will give you the ideal frequency when you should drain your water. When you begin using the unit when it is new, you may experience some difficulty gauging the frequency. Thus, you will end up with a full tank from time to time, but over time, you will eventually get a hang of it.

Can I use my portable air conditioner as a dehumidifier?

It depends on the circumstance. Some manufacturers ideally design their portable ac units as 2in-1 ac and dehumidifiers. So all you need to do is press on the dehumidifier button for it to function as such. However, you can also use a standard portable air conditioner as a humidifier. To do so, you will not vent it out to the outdoors. Thus, as it cools the air, it also dehumidifies it. However, the limitation to this process is that if your space is cooled ad becomes too cold, then, the ac unit stops functioning as a humidifier.

Which is better a portable AC or Window AC?

It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for portability, ease of set up, and affordability, then a portable air conditioner is better. However, if you are looking for energy efficiency, a window air conditioner is a better option. Furthermore, if you are a neat freak, then a window air conditioner unit is a better choice for you as it stays out of your room.

Does a portable AC unit use a lot of electricity?

When you compare a portable air conditioner to a window air conditioner, the portable unit consumes alt more electricity. Yet, if you compare its options such as the central air conditioner, it consumes relatively less electricity. Additionally, the size also affects electricity consumption. The higher the BTU ratings of your portable air conditioner, the more electricity it will consume.

How long do portable air conditioners last?

In general, portable air conditioner units are built to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. However, their durability is also highly affected by how you care for them. If you frequently clean, do professional maintenance and properly store your portable air conditioner unit, then your unit will last longer. How do you service a portable air conditioner? To service your portable air conditioner, follow the steps below; Remove the air filter and clean it (if it’s washable), dry t and return it to the unit. If the unit is not washable, replace it with a new one. Examine the coil for any discrepancies, if you notice any, immediately address them. Wipe clean the interior of the unit with a dry clean cloth (never touch any wiring). Wipe clean the exterior with a clean dampened cloth. The steps above are simply general and quick servicing of your unit. However, this cannot be deemed as the only useful way to maintain your ac unit. Unless you are a professional ac technician, you must call in a professional technician service to come to service your unit from time to time. This is the only way you can maintain its durability and proper functionality.

If you need more info, have a look at these other great Portable Air Conditioner buying guides by NY Times, NBC News, and CNET.

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