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The 10 Best Electric Blankets for 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Stay warm even in the coldest nights.

Old man using a red blanketAn electric blanket could be a great help during a cold night.

They come with different heating levels so that you can set the desired level based on the temperature outside and of course your own preference.

But as happens with every other product, there are a lot of electric blanket manufacturers in the market claiming that they produce the best electric blanket in the market.

But which brand you should trust on?

Well, to help you with this, we tested quite a lot of electric blankets in the market, and finally landed on the 10 best electric blankets in the market. Below you can find the in-depth reviews for all the top 10 electric blankets.
Who needs an Electric Blanket?
Electric blanketFor all those people living in the cold areas where the normal blankets are not enough to keep you warm, an electric blanket is a must thing to have.

Some people prefer wearing a lot of clothes before sleeping to counter the temperature outside, but that is very uncomfortable,

With an electric blanket, you can set the temperature of the blanket as per your preference from the remote that is attached to the blanket. The remote do not have the variable temperature setting option like you get to see in the air conditioners, but they surely have multiple heating modes.

Also, you might think that all these heating features would make the overall weight of the blanket quite heavy and make it uncomfortable, but this is not the case. Yes, there is some addition to the weight, but that does not affect the comfort quality of the blanket.

As compared to the room heaters, the electric blankets are not just cheap but are also energy efficient. All the heating devices like induction stove, electric iron consume a lot of electricity and the same can be said for the electric room heaters too.

The electric blankets, on the other hand, are quite energy-efficient and also provide targetted heating right on the body of the user.

Talking about the health effects of using electric blankets, they are rather quite helpful for health instead of causing any kind of harm to the body.

As heat is known as the best form of pain relief, an electric blanket can help with problems like stiffness, cramps, soreness, etc.

Also if you are wondering if the electric blankets are safe to use, then Yes they completely are. The electric blankets come with low voltage wiring that comes with no risk of shock.

How we picked and tested?
Old woman using a red blanketOnce we did all the research on how the electric blankets actually work, we made a list of things we wanted to have in an electric blanket.

We basically set out to look for 3 things: Build material, heating modes, and of course how much energy the blanket will consume since no one will want to add up extra units to their electricity bill.

Talking about the build material, we mainly set out to consider the electric blankets that were built with polyester since as compared to the cotton and wool, the polyester is less likely to stretch or shrink upon washing, which would then might wrap the heating wires inside the blanket.

Talking about the heating modes, most of the electric blanket in our list comes with 3 heating modes. Now, this might sound not much, but its actually more than enough. Depending upon the temperature of your area, you can set one of the modes. Mode that generates more heat will consume more electricity.

To get an idea for what blankets are popular in the market, we went over to the websites like Amazon and Wallmart to see what other customers are buying, we also went over to the review section to read some real customer reviews.

After all the research, we considered only 13 electric blankets, since there were not a lot of great electric blankets in the market. Out of those 13, we have mentioned the 10 best electric blankets and have also written in-depth reviews for all of them here.

Best Electric Blanket for 2022 – Quick Look

(Click on the name of any blanket to read its in-depth review)

BlanketHeat SettingsAuto-shut offPrice
Sunbeam Blanket
(Editor's Choice)
3 settings3 hours
iTeknic Electric Blanket
(Editor's Choice)
10 settings4 hours
Maxcare Sherpa3 settings3 hours
Sunbeam Channeled10 settings10 hours
Tefici Blanket3 settings4 hours
Pure Warmth Blanket10 settings10 hours
Beautyrest Blanket20 settings10 hours
Wapaneus Blanket3 settings8 hours
Pure Enrichment4 settings2 hours
Hokeki Electric Blanket6 settings3 hours

1. Sunbeam Blanket – Best Overall Electric Blanket

Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket | Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink, 3 Heat Settings, Honey This Sunbeam blanket stands on top of our list not just because of popularity but also because of the excellent features it comes with.

The blanket is made up of 100% polyester which means you can easily wash it in the washing machine without any worry of the blanket getting shrunk.

Made up of sherpa on one side and the Royal mink on the other side, the blanket is reversible too, which means you are free to use it from any of the sides.


Our In-Depth Review:

Sunbeam is one of the oldest brands in the market and it not only produces electric blankets but also produces heated mattresses and heater throws. None the less, everything it produces comes with exceptional quality and that too at a great price point.

The heated blanket that we are reviewing today is a soft and cuddly blanket with Sherpa 250GSM on one side and Royal Mink 200GSM on the other side. The blanket comes with 3 different heating modes, switches for which are present on the remote added to the blanket itself.

On the remote, you also get a button to turn on the 3-hour auto turn off timer. This means that once this feature is turned on from the remote, the heating will automatically stop after 3 hours from the moment the electric blanket is turned on. This will make sure that there is no overheating and no discomfort is caused to the person sleeping.

Some of the electric blankets also come with automatic temperature control that automatically senses when the blanket starts overheating and turn down the heat or completely cuts it down depending on the level of overheating it has sensed.

We highly recommend going with the blanket that atleast has the switch to auto turn off the heating.

Getting back to our Sunbeam blanket, the Sherpa and Royal mink fiber used on the blanket is super soft, on top of that the overall weight of the blanket is only 3.5 pounds which overall makes the blanket extremely comfortable to use. And since the blanket is made up of polyester, it is washer and dryer safe.

The one thing that is weird about the blanket is the placement of the plug. We would recommend keeping that end on the foot side so that it doesn’t come in between often. If the placement of the plug has been at the center then that would have been made this electric blanket an even better choice.
The blanket comes with the thermofine technology that auto-adjusts the temperature through the night so that you do not feel overheating. This is a different feature than the 3-hour auto-off features than comes along with the blanket.


  • The blanket could be used from both sides.
  • Auto shut off and auto-adjust.
  • Built of high-quality polyester.
  • Ultra soft fabric.


  • The placement of the plug.


Sunbeam electric blanket comes with some really soft fabric, and the option to use it from both the sides is another great option to consider it. Looking at what you pay for it, we think this could be a great option for those who want all the features at a decent price point.

2. iTeknic Electric Blanket – With 10 Heating Modes

iTeknic Electric Blanket Heated Throw with Fast Heating Technology, 10 Temperature Settings, Overheating Protection and Auto Shut Off 61"x 50" (Royal Blue)-Washable Heated Blanket This is one of those electric blankets that do not come with standard 3 heating modes instead comes with 10 heating settings which means the probability of you getting your perfect temperature setting is high.

The blanket is ELT certified and comes with auto turn off timer settings from anywhere between 60 to 180 minutes to prevent overheating and providing safety to the user.

The price of this blanket is a little higher as compared to some of the other electric blankets, but looking at the extra advanced features that you get with it, the extra price you pay is completely worth it.

  • Automatic and manual switch-off timer.
  • 10 Temperature settings.
  • 4.3 pounds overall in weight.
  • Soft and comfortable fabric.

Our In-Depth Review:

We would like to start off the review by talking about the feature that is most important and which is thankfully integrated into this blanket in the best way possible, which is Auto turn off heating.

While most of the blankets come with the option to set a timer to turn off the heating after a few hours, the iTeknic blanket automatic turns off the heating after 240 minutes so that just in case you forget to set the timer the heating is still paused after some time.

The button to set the auto-off timer is present on the remote that comes along. Talking about the remote that comes along, its detachable, which makes washing the blanket much easy.

The remote other than the buttons to change the heating modes and setting auto turn off the timer, also has a digital screen integrated that tells the temperature setting at which the blanket is running and also if the auto turns off timer is set or not.

Getting to the second feature that we absolutely love about this blanket and we are sure that every user would love it is the option to choose from the 10 temperature settings. The settings start from 68 degrees F at Temperature 1 and go up to 122 degrees F at Temperature 10. This makes the blanket suitable for the places with extreme cold.

Also unlike other electric blankets, this one almost takes no time to heat up.

Unlike other electric blankets, this one is not available in multiple sizes, instead, it just comes in one large size. Now, this might be sufficient for an average human, but if you are taller than an average human then you are going to face some issues with the size.

Talking about the fabric quality on this electric blanket, its soft as it could ever be. And then that is complemented by the overall weight of the blanket which is just 4.3 pounds.


  • A lot of heating modes to choose form.
  • The digital screen on the remote.
  • Heats up in no time.
  • Automatic turn off after 240 minutes.


  • Available in only one size that could be small for few peoples.


You just can not go wrong with the iTeknic electric blanket. It has one of the highest temperature settings in the market, is built of some really soft fabric, and also comes with the functionality to auto turn off the heating after several hours. Although the size of the blanket is a little bit small for taller people, if you have normal height, everything would work perfectly for you.

3. Maxcare Sherpa – Light Weight Electric Blanket

MaxKare Electric Blanket Heated Throw Flannel & Sherpa Reversible Fast Heating Blanket 50" x 60", ETL Certification with 4 Heating Levels & 3 Hours Auto Off, Home Office Use & Machine Washable Maxcare is a very renowned brand when it comes to electric blankets.

The one over here about which we are going to talk today is a sherpa reversible blanket that comes with 4 heating levels and 3 hours auto-off functionality.

The price of the blanket is a little higher than the sunbeam blanket, and the blanket is slightly softer than the sunbeam.

Lets have a look at some of its spefications below:

  • Automatic 3 hour shut off.
  • It could be washed in the washing machine.
  • The controller is detachable.
  • It only weighs at around 3.25 pounds.

Our In-Depth Review:

If we have to rate this blanket based on how it feels on the body then we will surely give it a 10 out of 10. Unlike most of the other electric blankets in the market, this one is quite thick and you won’t feel any wires inside which is usually the case with most of the blankets.

Also like we discussed with one of the blankets where the plug was at the center and the only way to get less distracted by it was to keep that end on the side of feet. Well, with the Maxcare sherpa over here, the plug is present on the side so there is no chance of it coming into the way and causing any kind of inconvenience to you.

One thing that we absolutely loved about this specific Maxcare was its color combination. The blanket comes in red and white color which looks really beautiful. Yes, we know that the white color will get dirty quite easily, but hey, you lose something to gain something.

And its not just about the looks of the blanket, it is extremely comfortable too. Its soft, fluffy, and large enough to cover your whole body without any size issues.

As compared to some of the other electric blankets that come with 3 heat settings, the maxcare sherpa comes with 4 settings, just a smaller addition but quite significant. The four temperature modes are high, medium, low, and warm, the individual buttons to all of these are present on the remote itself.

The remote do not have a button for the auto shut off timer because the blanket do not come with that feature. Instead, they have set up everything automatically. The automated setup turns off the heat automatically after every 3 hours from when it was turned on.

For those who are wondering if the blanket could be washed in the machine, then yes it could be. The remote control is detachable, and once you have detached it, you are free to wash the blanket in whatever way you want, washing machine being one of the ways.

But not everything is good with this electric blanket. Although the heating is good and fast, the heating is uneven. Not all the parts of the blanket are heated evenly, only a few parts of the blankets are heated and some parts are slightly warmer than the others.


  • Turns off automatically after 3 hours.
  • Fast Heating.
  • It comes in a beautiful color combination.
  • Soft and comfortable.


  • Uneven Heating.


This is a really great blanket from one of the most popular electric blanket manufacturers in the market. The 4 temperature settings, the excellent fabric, and the fast heating technology make this an excellent choice for almost anyone.

4. Sunbeam Channeled – Available in Multiple Colors

Sunbeam Channeled Soft Microplush Electric Heated Warming Blanket Full Royal Blue Washable Auto Shut Off 10 Heat Settings Made up of 100% polyester, the Sunbeam channeled is available in four different sizes, King, Queen, Full, and Twin.

We already have one Sunbeam electric blanket on this list before. This one is slightly more pricey than the other one but comes with some really great improvements.

For instance, the Sunbeam channeled comes with 10 Heat settings while the blanket mentioned above comes with only 3 temperature settings.

  • 10 temperature settings.
  • Auto shut off feature.
  • It could be washed in a washing machine.
  • Available in six different colors.

Our In-Depth Review:

Sunbeam channeled is one of those blankets about which you can never go wrong. Although we would not call it the most beautiful looking blanket, but the features packed in it are pretty solid.

One of the features that really impressed us is the 10 temperature settings.

Normally the blankets come with only 3 heat settings or 4 in some cases. With 10 temp settings in hand, the probability of you getting that sweet temp for yourself is way too high. Also on top of that, the blanket comes with the auto turn off features that make sure no overheating happens and you remain safe and comfortable.

Another thing that is good about the blanket is that even the lowest heat setting is warm enough to keep you warm during cold weather which means you save some electricity units since you do not have to switch to higher temp settings.

The blanket is available in 4 different sizes and the micro plush fabric used on all the variants is extremely soft and feels really good on the skin. Unfortunately, this blanket is not reversible so you have to stick to one side only.

The washing and drying for this blanket are going to be super easy for you since the blanket is washer and dryer safe. But make sure to remove the controller plug before going in for the wash.

The Full and the Twin size variant comes with one controller while the kind and the Queen size come with two controllers. So if you are a couple sharing the blanket the both of you can set the desired temperature for your individual side.

Talking about the heating, its even and fast. Some of the electric blankets are known to have uneven heating which makes the user feel a little weird inside it. Thankfully this is not the case with Sunbeam Channeled.

Some people have complained that the King and the Queen size blankets have too many cords since they come with two controllers. But we think if two people are using at the same time then it is very convenient since both the users can set the temperature as per their likings.


  • It comes with a lot of temperature settings.
  • It automatically shuts down after 10 hours.
  • Weighs at around 5.25 pounds.
  • The material is very soft.


  • Wires are quite noticeable.


Surely not the cheapest electric blanket in the market, but looking at the features like 10 heat settings and the auto turn off funtionality, we think we are getting a good deal for the price that we are paying for it.

5. Tefici Blanket – With 4 Hour Auto Turn OFF

Tefici Electric Blanket Heated Throw with Fast Heating Technology,3 Heating Levels & 4 Hours Auto Off,Home Office Use,50" x 60" Camel If you are looking to get an electric blanket that comes with auto turn off technology at that too at a lower price point then this is the blanket you must be looking at.

And its not just the auto turn off a feature that’s great about this blanket, its also very soft and lightweight.

The blanket is available in two different patterns: Moose pattern and Camel pattern. The one that we took into consideration was one with the moose pattern.

  • 3 temperature settings.
  • 4 hours auto turn off mechanisn.
  • Soft and cozy.

Our In-Depth Review:

As said earlier, this blanket would be perfect for those who want to have all the features at a lower price tag.

Even the customers say that with this electric blanket they get all the features of the expensive blanket at a cheaper price point.

Now getting into the actual review of the electric blanket, everything is almost perfect on it. The three-level heat settings work great. In fact, level one is going to be more than enough for most of the people since it produces so much warmth at the lowest level. The blanket do not get hot on the high level which is a good thing.

The blanket is made up of flannel which is super soft and anyone would love to cuddle in it. If you are especially looking for an electric blanket that can ease the body pain then this electric blanket would come as very handy for you.

According to some of the user reviews on Amazon, this electric blanket actually helps with body pain and problems like endometriosis.

The last but not least, the blanket could be washed in a machine and the durability of the heating pad inside does not get affected by the washes. PS: Remove the controller/remote before going in for the wash.


  • Heats quickly but not too much.
  • LED lights for different heating modes.
  • Extremely soft fabric.


  • Size could be a little small for some people.


You do not want to spend much but still want to get the expensive features, well then this electric blanket would be perfect for you. One thing that we specially want to say for this electric blanket is that it comes with some really soft fabric that would surely make you feel good.

6. Pure Warmth Blanket – Extremely Comfortable

Pure Warmth Microplush Sherpa Heated Electric Blanket Full Cloud Blue Another blanket that comes with 10 heat settings so that you can find that perfect heat level for you.

The blanket is available in multiple color options and 4 sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King.

The blanket is UL certified and comes with all the advanced features that you get to see in the high-end blankets.

  • 10 temperature settings.
  • Auto shut off timer.
  • Made up of micro plush sherpa.
  • Machine washable.

Our In-Depth Review:

Let’s start with the price of the blanket. Its not cheap, and with that we don’t mean that it is super expensive but it comes at a similar price point as some other high-end electric blankets from popular brands.

So you are not going to save any money buying this, but one thing that we can promise you with this electric blanket is a high satisfaction rate.

Talking about build and comfort quality of the blanket, its pretty nice. The microplush sherpa used on the blanket is super soft and inside it, there are thin wires that are hard to fee unless you are actually trying to find them, they are not going to cause any kind of distraction to you.

The best thing about the blanket is the 10 heat settings option. As compared to most of the electric blankets in the market, with this blanket you do not get buttons to choose the different temp settings, instead, you get a rotatory dial to do that.

The blanket heats really quickly and starts to show its capability right from the first heat level. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the blanket and combining it with the softness of the fabric, its really cozy to sit in the blanket.

For safety purposes, the electric blanket is equipped with a 10 hour shut off timer so that there is no overheating. This one of those important features that every electric blanket must come equipped with.

If you are wondering if you can wash this blanket in a machine, yes you can. There is no need to hand wash it, just unplug the remote and you are good to throw it into the washing machine.

Although the blanket can be washed in a machine, you can not dry it in a dryer. The manufacturer has clearly stated to not put it in the dryer.


  • A lot of heat settings to choose from.
  • Heats up in no time.
  • Heats up well even in lower settings.
  • You could wash it in the machine.


  • No Cons.


Just another electric blanket that is made up of 100% polyster and comes wtih all the advanced feature that we get to see with the other brands. The heating is quick and the freedom to choose between 10 heat settings makes it a good choice for almost anyone.

7. Beautyrest Blanket – With 20 Heat Levels

Beautyrest Microlight to Berber Elect Electric Blanket with Two 20 Heat Level Setting Controllers, Full, Grey This is by far the most advanced electric blanket that we have ever reviewed.

But its also expensive, let’s not shy away with that.

The blanket is made up of microlight plush and sherpa Berber and comes with  20 temperature levels to choose from.

If you can spend a couple of dollars extra as compared to the other premium blankets then you would get some really advanced features for that price.

  • 20 Temperature level settings.
  • Reversible blanket.
  • Automatic shut off after 10 hours.
  • It could be washed in a machine.

Our In-Depth Review:

Let’s start with the feature that is truly exceptional on this electric blanket, 20 heat levels. The maximum levels that we got to see before this were 10 temp settings, but with the 20 levels, the chances of getting that precise heating that you want are way too high.

Also as compared to another blanket, this one comes with much softer fabric, microlight plush. This makes sure that you are getting the most comfortable experience while using this electric blanket. The blanket is also reversible and has the sherpa on the other side which makes the other side comfortable too.

The electric blanket also comes with the preheating feature, that warms the electric blanket before you snuggle into it. This is actually one of those features that you do not get to see in a lot of electric blankets.

The blanket is not just machine washable but is also reversible which means you can actually use them from both the side.

So that was everything that is good with this electric blanket, let’s talk about the things that are not good about the blanket. First thing first, the heat on the blanket is not evenly distributed, and also the temperature readings on the controller are not easy to read.


  • A lot of heat settings.
  • It could be used from both sides.
  • Long remote control wire.


  • Uneven heating.
  • Temperature readings are hard to read.


Although the 20 heat level settings and the pre heat options are great, there are some issues with the blanket too that could not be overloooked. Also the price of the blanket is quite high, so we recommend you to think wisely.

8. Wapaneus Blanket – With Long Power Cable

WAPANEUS Electric Heated Blanket with 3 Heating Levels and Auto Shut Off, Soft Plush Heated Throw Blanket with Fast-Heating and Machine Washable Fabrics For Couch or Bed Use Full Size 72" x 84" The WAPANEUS Electric heated blanket is an ETL certified electric heated blanket that has 3 heat settings to choose from.

It’s made of skin-friendly material on both sides, just to ensure extra warmth and comfort.

It also has a quick-heating feature that can help you fight back the cold and ensure your comfort in a short time. In this Winter season, considering getting one of these might be a good idea.

  • 3 heating levels (95F – 1133F).
  • Auto Shut off technology Made for Bed size 72” x 84”.
  • 9.8 feet long power cable.
  • Machine washable fabric.

Our In-Depth Review:

Warming up yourself when it`s cold outside might require more than just a blanket. The WAPANEUS Electric heated blanket is designed such that the temperature setting is of three levels with one button. Its quick heating design will ensure that you get a comfortable situation to win a very short time against the cold weather.

It also has skin-friendly flannel fabric that ensures warmth and comfort request. Even if your bed was covered with the best brushed-cotton sheets around, they’re definitely not effective as this.

One of the many attractive features of this blanket is its machine-washable design. Customers can attest to this fact. You might wonder how this blanket will be dry-cleaned with its electric feature, but the upgraded machine-washable design make the maintains the heated throw very and extends its life span. When it`s time for washing, just simply take off the heating controller and have the blanket placed in the washing machine.

It is important to be sure of the safety of any product you are buying. When it comes to buying an electric blanket, safety is a key concern to most buyers.

Nobody wants to be a victim of tragedy as a result of an accident with one electric blanket and that is why it is crucial to check whether a blanket has the UL MARK OR THE ETL mark on it. UL is a company specializing in safety regulations for electrical bedding as well as ETL.

Both have similar safety requirements, which ensures that it is safe to use if your blanket has these markings. If you don’t have these markings on the blanket you’re looking to purchase, note that this blanket is likely to be dangerous to use.

Now, do you want to hear the good news? The WAPANEUS Electric heated blanket is ETL certified, which means you don’t need to worry about overheating. As a matter of fact, this blanket will shut off automatically after 8 hours of continuous heating. So tell me, who doesn’t want to use something that can be trusted?

The flexibility and versatility of this blanket can also be vouched for with its 9.8 feet long power cable that allows the blanket to be used in a larger room. Funny enough, the electric blanket can be converted to a regular blanket by just removing the controller. Sounds cool, yeah?


  • Fast heat-up function.
  • ETL certified (ensures its safety).
  • Soft and comfortable material.
  • Machine washable design.


  • No cons.


The WAPANEUS heated blanket is especially for comfort and style. Its fast heating feature and machine washable fabric make it stand out from the rest. When next you are shopping for a heated blanket, just know that the WAPANEUS heated blanket is a good choice to make.

9.  Pure Enrichment PureRelief – With Fast Heating

Pure Enrichment PureRelief Plush Heated Throw - Fast-Heating 50" x 60" Electric Blanket with 4 Heat Settings, Storage Bag and Soft, Machine-Washable Micromink and Sherpa for Cozy Couch or Bed Use The Pure Enrichment PureRelief Electric Blanket is one of the most recommended electric blankets not just because of the comfort it provides, but also because of its durability too.

The 50 by 60-ich product is made from a Sherpa and micro mink material that makes it soft and cozy on all sides.

One of the features that attract Pure Enchrichment PureRelief Electric blanket to customers is it’s inbuilt LED controller.

This feature helps its users to control heat settings, as well as program the auto-shutoff feature that helps to shut off the blanket after two working hours, preventing it from overheating and unnecessary energy usage.

  • Fast Heating feature.
  • 50” x 60” Size.
  • 4 heat levels In-built LED controller.
  • Machine washable fabric.

Our In-Depth Review:

The Pure Enrichment PureRelief Electric Blanket is a large, comfortable and also durable blanket that you can clean when needed. The blanket features 4 heat settings range in temperature from 90 degrees F on the warm setting up to 105 degrees F on high, which makes it the perfect way to warm up during the cold winter nights or to share living spaces with someone who prefers cooler weather. The snuggle-friendly size makes it perfect to sit on the sofa, snooze on your favorite chair, and relax anywhere.

To be frank, this is a very important feature because users won’t have to worry about turning off the blanket when the heat generated is at an optimal level.

If you are looking for luxury, then you’ve come to the right place. The Pure Enrichment PureRelief Electric blanket with luxurious micro mink Sherpa has a reversible design that offers super-soft, warm comfort on both sides.

Let me tell you one fascinating fact about this electric blanket, its therapeutic heat setting is an effective remedy for back pain because it boosts blood circulation, which allows nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints and muscles. Simply say, it enhances blood circulation. Isn`t that amazing?

Like in most electric blankets, the Pure Enrichment PureRelief is made with silky anti-pill micro mink and super-soft Sherpa that are machine-washable to help preserve the product`s beauty and softness for a long time.


  • Reversible sides.
  • Machine washable fabric.
  • Built-in LED controller.
  • Therapeutic heat settings.


  • Not a large blanket.


Pure Enrichment PureRelief Electric Blanket is not only durable, but very comfortable too, and it’s also easy to clean when necessary. Cheaper blankets tend to be created with materials that are unsuitable or uncomfortable, but if you are looking for something more on the comfortable side, you should consider Pure Enrichment PureRelief Electric Blanket.

10. Hokeki Electric Blanket – With 6 Heat Settings

HOKEKI Electric Blanket Throw, Fast Heating Blanket Full Size with 3 Hours Auto Off & 6 Heat Settings, Flannel & Sherpa Reversible Heated Bed Comforter with ETL Certification Machine Washable The HOKEKI Electric Blanket is a 3 in 1 Electric Throw that has been made popular through its versatility and has been made the People`s choice.

The HOKEKI Electric blanket is widely chosen by many customers due to its versatility and the reversible feature of its Sherpa fabric.

Furthermore, the luxuriously soft and warm reversible heated throw blanket has micro-mink on one side and sherpa on the other, making it perfect for cold nights.

Use with or without heat is actually warm enough.

  • 6 heat settings (86F – 131F).
  • 3-hour auto-off.
  • Fast heating blanket.
  • Sherpa reversible heated bed comforter.
  • ETL certified.

Our In-Depth Review:

Most heated throw blankets are made of polyester microfiber. They’re soft, plush, and all right to toss in the washer and dryer. However, higher maintenance options such as a sherpa or even a micro mink winter blanket will keep you extra warm on really cold nights.

The HOKEKI Electric Blanket is designed to have 3 heat settings and an automatic, 3-hour shut-off feature which makes this heated throw blanket distinct. This blanket distributes heat evenly so your entire body will experience the same level of warmth.

It holds up well in the washer and dryer and comes in 11 mostly-neutral colors, with one fun zebra print thrown in for good measure. Also on Amazon, this heated throw has thousands of five-star reviews. “The throw I love,” reads a glowing review. “It’s heating up and cradling me in comfort and safety all while looking sleek, sophisticated and elegant, and it’s soft and silky, of course.”

So tell me why you wouldn`t like to opt-in for one of these?

In addition to a 3-hour auto shut-off timer, this throw has six heat settings that can be changed via a digital controller. It is also a washable machine and secure dryer with an extra-long 13-foot cord to allow you even more freedom to move. You may begin to think that HOKEKI Electric Blanket must be an expensive electric heated blanket considering the amazing features it has to offer. Surprisingly, this HOKEKI Electric Blanket is cheaper than other options on the list.

We cannot fail to overemphasize its machine washable feature also. The detachable controller, power cord and washable fabric material can be washed directly into water to keep the blanket clean and soft which makes it more conducive to human health.

You want to get something that can give you peace of mind, right? Good. You’ve come to the right place. The HOKEKI Electric Blanket comes with a certification by ETL  which means you don’t have to worry about overheating the blanket as it has an overheat protection system that automatically shuts down after 3 hours of continuous use that ensure better and safer user experience.


  • 3 in 1 Electric Throw.
  • Safety assurance Machine.
  • washable fabric Full size.
  • 6 heat settings.


  • It comes in assorted color options.


You can grab a heated throw blanket with several heat settings or go for a streamlined design that still works, depending on your budget and what you’re looking for. Most have an auto shut-off feature that’s essential for protection, especially if you think you’re snuggled up asleep. As far as materials go, the HOKEKI Electric Blanket is soft, plush, and OK to toss in washer and dryer. Grab one of the best-heated throw blankets, put it on your couch or bed over you, and get ready to feel the warmth. Trust me, you’re not gonna regret investing in this accessory for cold weather.

Electric Blankets – Buyer’s Guide

What are electric blankets?

For those who live in the cold, temperate regions of the world, getting sound sleep is a problem due to the low temperatures that mark these areas. The most common method of providing some form of heat involves the use of fabric material as blankets and covers. But even then, these might prove to be ineffective in extremely chilly weather.

Consequently, you have to find an alternative, more efficient means of warming yourself so you can sleep well at night. It is in this case, that an electric blanket proves particularly useful.

Electric blankets are heated beddings made from incorporating electrical cables into a regular bedding cover. These blankets usually have a power cable, which, when plugged into an energy outlet, draws electric current, which is then regulated and distributed into the wires to achieve a heating effect.

Heated beddings are mainly designed for those who experience problems sleeping due to low temperatures or general discomfort. They also help reduce tension and alleviate pains for those suffering from certain medical conditions such as arthritis.

Most electric blankets come in three heating levels – low, medium, and high – which enable users to regulate temperature. The heat level is typically remote controlled via the simple push of a button – how comfortable!

How do electric blankets work?

To understand the workings of an electric blanket, you first need to get familiar with how it is built. A typical electric blanket consists of a series of heat-resistant, thin plastic wire coils that run through the fabric of the quilt. Recent electric blanket models feature the use of lightweight carbon heating elements to provide greater user comfort.

Most times, these wires are covered with filler material, so you don’t feel them while sleeping. Most electric blanket models also feature large connectors that work to direct electricity from power outlets into the wires located in the blanket. You don’t have to worry, however, as this electric current is perfectly safe.

Once you plug in the electric blanket to the power outlet, a current passes from the outlet to the temperature control unit of the sheet, which is typically located between the blanket and the outlet. It is this control that steps down the current to an acceptably safe level before passing it into the heating elements located within the blanket.

Although they are termed blankets, electric covers fall under the category of domestic appliances because they are plugged into power outlets to draw electricity to work. Recent models of electric blankets also feature an automatic temperature sensor that gauges your body temperature to provide the appropriate level of heating.


Ever wondered how you manage to stay warm most times, even when you are not using any heating device(s), and are putting on the lightest of clothing? Well, this is due to an internal body process known as thermoregulation.

Simply put, thermoregulation is a process carried out by your body, which assists it to keep internal body temperature within the acceptable range, regardless of the situation outside. Generally, the internal body temperature of a human ranges between 37°C to 38°C per day.

Anything below that, and you are at risk of suffering hypothermia, which could lead to cardiac arrest, brain damage, and in extreme cases, death. For internal temperatures above 38°C, you are at a heightened risk of brain damage and death.

Your body employs some measures and processes to keep the internal temperature at an optimal level. These measures include:

  • Sweating, and
  • Widening of the blood vessels under the skin to facilitate blood flow to colder regions of your body.

Although an electric blanket works basically to regulate external body temperature, it also assists your body with thermoregulation. And this is particularly true for those who live in cold regions, and experience difficulties while trying to sleep at night.

Freezing bedroom temperature might lead to a corresponding drop in internal temperature, and you are well aware of the dangers of that by now. An electric blanket helps to combat this by providing the right amount of warmth needed for your body to control the inner temperature. What’s more, you get to enjoy a great night’s rest.

Pros and cons of an electric blanket

Electric blankets are a fantastic innovation, and they undeniably provide greater sleeping comfort to the users, particularly those who live in cold regions. However, as with every other good thing, there are several disadvantages associated with the use of electric blankets.

Go through the bulleted list of pros and cons below to learn more about what you stand to gain, and potential difficulties you’ll experience when using an electric blanket.


  • Heated beddings ensure comfortable sleeping sessions by keeping you warm throughout the night.
  • An electric blanket conserves electricity; hence, it is typically cheaper to use one compared to other heating methods.
  • Electrical beddings are useful for soothing away muscular pains and general discomfort. They also have the added advantage of relieving certain medical conditions such as menstrual cramps, arthritis, among others.
  • You can regulate the heat level, which translates to an overall better sleeping experience.
  • Electric blankets with different heat distributions are perfect for couples who have different warming requirements when sleeping.
  • The auto shut-off feature used in the majority of the electric blanket models means you can sleep without having to worry about turning off the device.


  • Electric blankets are unsuitable for use with children and the elderly. Also, people with pets need to be extra careful when using heated beddings as scratching and chewing from these animals might cause damage.
  • Low-quality heating beds tend to start malfunctioning over time.
    Electric blanks are not ideal for use on certain types of beds. These include bunk beds, water beds, and mechanical beds.
  • Using electrical appliances heightens the risk of a fire outbreak, and an electric blanket is no different. Even if the quilt is made of high-quality materials, issues might arise with the heat levels.
  • It generally costs more to buy and use an electric blanket, compared to the regular duvet cover.

Electric blanket safety and maintenance

Electric blankets are delicate materials; hence, they should be handled with care to ensure you keep getting warm nights. Also, as they are electrical devices, you should exercise a certain amount of caution when using them to be on the safer side.

Some safety tips and maintenance activities you can practice to keep your electric blanket in top shape include:

Regular washing and cleaning

Electric blankets can handle machine washing, but that doesn’t mean you should lump them in there with the rest of the clothes. Each model typically comes with instructions from the manufacturer on how to clean. Hence, consult the instruction manual before attempting to wash the electric blanket.

Always disconnect your electric blanket from the power source before washing

Regardless of the electric blanket model, you are to unplug the device from the power outlet before attempting to wash it. This is to so as to prevent electrical shocks while washing and also to avoid damaging the electric blanket.

Also, once the electric blanket has been washed and dried, ensure it is completely dry before connecting to a power source.

Do not use electric blankets for babies and children

By all means, try not to use electric blankets for your kids’ beds, and the reason for this is quite simple. Children and babies tend to have softer kids than adults, and the heat coming from the electric blanket might prove to be too much for them to handle. This might result in burns and bruises on their skins.

Store electric blankets properly

As much as possible, avoid folding up your electric blankets as this will cause irregularities in heat delivery. You can roll or hang them up instead. Also, do not place the sheets under heavy objects as they might damage the wires. Do not store your heated bedding in compression bags, or try to vacuum seal it.

When using the electric blanket, minimize the number of sheets and pillows you use along with it. Stuffing your bed with duvets and pillows while using an electric blanket can lead to overheating, which subsequently causes burns on your skin.

Examine your blankets for loose wiring and faults

Once in a while, you should carry out comprehensive checks on your electric blanket to ascertain if the wires are correctly connected. Also, if you notice irregularities in the heat supply from your cover, it might be due to a disconnection somewhere, and you might have no other option than to replace the entire blanket.

Replace the blankets as soon as you notice signs of tear and wear.

How much electricity do electric blankets consume?

Electric blankets are specially built to use up lesser energy, compared to other common home appliances. They are a great alternative to using a central home heating system and are generally cheaper to run.

However, determining the exact amount of electricity consumed by an electric blanket can prove to be tasking due to the varying heat levels.

To get a rough estimate of the amount of power your blanket is using up, turn off ALL the electrical appliances in your home, including the electric blanket and go have a look at your electric meter. Once the meter reads zero, go turn on the electric blanket and come back to check the new reading. This new reading gives you a rough idea of your electric blanket’s power consumption.

Amazing features of electric blankets

Electric blankets are quite cool, and they boast several remarkable features that give users a refreshing and safe sleeping experience. Some of the qualities of an electric blanket that are most likely to amaze you include:

Auto shut-off feature

You can set your electric blanket to automatically turn itself off after working for a specified number of minutes when you are comfortably asleep. Leaving the sheet on for long hours is not an ideal thing to do as an electrical fault could quickly arise. Hence, this automatic shut-off feature helps guarantee your safety to an extent. It also means you don’t have to interrupt your sleep to turn off the blanket.

Dual heating

You might feel extremely cold, while your partner is slightly warm while sleeping on the bed at night. In this case, using a regular electric blanket with uniform heating just won’t cut it, as your partner does not require the same warmth level as you.

To combat this, some electric blanket models employ a dual heating method which is capable of supplying varying heat levels to opposite sides of the cover. Each side of the blanket typically has its own remote for controlling heat supply levels – cool, right?

Temperature sensors

Electric blankets come fitted with sensors that can detect your body temperature once you climb into your bed, and make adjustments to the heating level accordingly. Some high-class models can track these readings and settle on an average temperature level you’ll always be comfortable sleeping in.

Variable heat adjustment

Alongside the temperature sensors, comes the option to tinker with the heat settings of your electric blanket. People have different temperature requirements, and preferences and electric blanket manufacturers take advantage of this knowledge to create products with heat control settings.

You can set your blanket’s heat delivery to low, medium, or high based on what you need at that point.

Types of electric blankets

There are lots of electric blankets designs out there, with each designed to cater to specific needs. When shopping for an electric blanket, you are going to have to choose between buying:

Heated Electric Under-Cover

These type of blankets work as a cover for your bed, typically under a base sheet, and are held in place using either ties, cord or elastic straps. For those who toss and turn a lot while sleeping, a heated under-cover is an ideal choice as it stays put throughout the night, efficiently keeping you warm in the process.

Heated under-cover blankets heat up the surface of your bed, thereby producing a warm area for you to sleep on. As a result, an under-cover sheet must be big enough to cover up your entire mattress, including the pillows.

Heated electric under-covers are typically available in a wide range of materials, which includes polyester and fleece.

Heated Electric Over-Cover

For those who love cozying up in a duvet, a heated electric over-cover is the best choice. Most times, this type of electric blanket is interwoven into an existing duvet cover so that you won’t have to deal with wires while sleeping. Other models employ a more direct approach where you wrap up yourself with the electric over-cover directly, without the interference of a third party.

Electric over-blankets help maintains a constant temperature throughout the night, ensuring you don’t have to toss and turn to adjust your body to temperature fluctuations. As a result, you enjoy a great night’s rest and wake up in the morning feeling quite refreshed.

Heated Throws

Heated throws combine features of both an electric under-cover, and an electric over-cover, and can be used efficiently in both capacities.

You can use a heated throw as a cover for your bed, and in the same way, you can switch things up, and employ it as a duvet to wrap around yourself.

Heated throws are typically attractive as well, and are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs to suit the needs of users.

Heated Mattress Protectors or Covers

These work in a similar manner as the under-covers, but the elastic bands fit snugly on the edges of the bed to prevent movement while you sleep. Also, heated mattress covers focus on warming up the bed alone, with no wiring in the place where the pillows are meant to be. This smart wiring feature is safer to use, and it helps conserve energy as well.

Heated Pads

These look more like a hot water bottle and are designed to heat up specific areas of your bed, with greater control over temperature and timing. Heated pads are generally available as an electric device, while there are models that adopt a foot warmer design.

Things to look out for when choosing an electric blanket to buy

To assist you in purchasing an electric blanket that is capable of comfortably keeping you warm through the night, there are several qualities you need to observe at the point of purchase. Some of these features include:

Blanket material

The kind of fabric employed in building electric blankets plays a significant role in the amount of comfort and satisfaction you’ll derive from using it. For greater succor, choose an electric blanket made of a soft, silky material.

Most electric blankets are made of either cotton, polyester, or a mixture of both materials. Cotton allows seamless airflow through it and is suitable for dealing with the build-up of sweat in the blanket. Polyester materials are stretchier, and they have a softer texture, compared to the cotton blankets.

Nature of the heating element

Most electric blankets feature thin wires meshed within the fabric of the cover material. It can get uncomfortable having to feel these wires while sleeping; hence, you’d be best served going for a blanket with thinner cables. If you must buy a blanket with thick wires, make sure it has a sufficient amount of filler material, which serves as a cushion.

Some electric blanket models use tubes filled with hot water as the heating element, and if you have reservations about sleeping on a bed of wires, the warm water blankets might be the best option for you.

Control options

When buying a heated blanket, you must go for one that gives you a substantial amount of control over the amount of heat produced. Most electric blankets come with a remote control that serves this purpose. Other models work with a smartphone app with which you can regulate the temperature of the sheet. Find the one which works best for you and subsequently make a purchase.

Some king-size electric blanket models can achieve varying temperatures on either side, with separate controllers – perfect for couples with different heating requirements.

Ease of cleaning

Electric blankets are more complicated, compared to typical duvets, and this is understandable because of the presence of wires. If you don’t mind putting in some work, you can manually wash the blankets with your hands, but for greater user comfort, some models are compatible with machine washing.

However, if you are to wash electric blankets with a washing machine, a quick, cold wash will do the job. Do not wash the sheets longer than is necessary, as repeated squeezing might distort the wiring system.

Safety measures

Before buying an electric blanket, take time out to check it for defects or loose wiring. Some models have an auto-off feature, which automatically turns off the blanket after a specified amount of time.

It would also be helpful if you could take time out to check reviews of a product before buying it to determine faults that are most commonly associated with it. Also, make sure to test the electric blanket before buying to ensure it works fine.

FAQs related to the electric blankets

Can you leave the electric blankets on all night?

While it is possible to do so, it is not advisable to leave an electric blanket on all night as you have absolutely no idea of what goes on when you’re sleeping. Most models come with an auto shut-off feature anyways, so they go off minutes after you fall asleep. Also, I’d recommend you warm your bed with an electric blanket and make sure to turn it off before climbing the mattress to sleep.

Is sleeping on an electric blanket bad for you?

No, sleeping on an electric blanket is not bad for you. On the contrary, there are several benefits associated with using one. Electric blankets create the optimal temperature to help you sleep blissfully, and they also help soothe body pains.

Does an electric blanket use a lot of electricity?

No, most electric blanket models are energy-conservative products designed to take up as little power as possible. Additionally, it costs less to use an electric blanket than run a central home heating system. And if you're going to bed at night, you can turn off your home's heating system and use just your sleep in your electric blanket to cut costs.

Are electric blankets good for arthritis?

The warm temperatures produced by electric blankets have a general soothing effect on people who have arthritis. These heated beddings ease joint pains typically associated with arthritis and help patients sleep better.

Can you put an electric blanket on top of an electric blanket?

While you can put an electric blanket on another electric blanket – it’s a free world after all – your body might not be able to deal with the resulting high temperatures, resulting in burns on your skin. Therefore, you shouldn't use two electric blankets at once. One heated bedding can generate sufficient heat to keep you warm throughout the night.

Can electric blankets catch fire?

Heating blankets contain electrical components; hence, there is a heightened risk of fire outbreaks, the same with all electrical appliances out there. To avoid cases of fire while using electric blankets, appropriately use them, and store them correctly.

Do electric blankets dry your skin?

While electric blankets undeniably keep you warm and cozy, using one for an extended period can result in dry and scaly skin.

How long do electric blankets take to heat?

Electric blankets are very efficient heaters and take only seconds to begin warming up. Generally, your bed will be warm enough to sleep in between ten to twenty minutes after turning on the electric blanket.

Are electric blankets safe to use during pregnancy

While there are no known side effects of using electric blankets during pregnancy, it would be better to find alternative means of heating to be on the safer side. That said, it is hugely unlikely that an electric blanket will raise your body temperature to levels high enough to endanger your child.

What happens if an electric blanket gets wet?

A wet electric blanket is an invitation to electrical shocks, and you should avoid using one by all means. If you discover that your heated cover is wet, or even has slight traces of water, spread it out and ensure it is completely dry before using.

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