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7 Advantages of Having A Dashboard Camera in Your Car

Dashcam car cameraSo, you’ve probably heard of forwarding and rear-facing cameras installed in cars. These cameras have been installed for better and safer parking with spatial detectors to make a better driving experience.

This was once quite an expensive feature in cars but thanks to heavy competition and industrial growth, these features have been implemented in almost all the cars that are being introduced into the market.

But a comparatively newer favorite in the market is something known as a Dashboard Camera. As the name suggests, dashboard cameras are cameras that are mounted onto your dashboard (duh) and record all on-road and in-car moments.

Initially, these pieces of wonder were only used all around the world by regular drivers, driving instructors, taxi and bus drivers, now they are also installed on law enforcement forces vehicles.

They now come at affordable prices that range from $50 to $100 which is well below their initial prices. So why should you, the average consumer, invest in a good dashboard camera for yourself?

Here are the 7 reasons why  you should get a dashcam for your car

First Evidence in car accidents:

car crashThis is honestly one of the most important reasons for having a dashboard camera.

These days it’s easy to cover up a crime or retell an accident such that the wrong person gets blamed. Installing a dashboard camera makes sure that all the events within your travel are taken into the footage.

The camera begins its recording as soon as the car is started and as with most cameras, it records on loop. What that means is once the car is restarted, all the previous footage is erased, and new footage starts being recorded. Of course, there are a good number of cameras that do not follow the same function and keep a copy of all the footage it records – this can be seen with most law enforcement vehicles.

So, if your car is involved in an accident, there is real-time proof of the entire series of events in case there are serious allegations and you are not at fault. It can help in justifying your case in front of the court of law. This also saves you tons of time, money and stops you from engaging in the blame game and allows for a clean job by the law.

Capture Crimes on the go:

police on a crime sceneSome advanced dashboard cameras or the higher end cameras tend to have a vastly unique feature. This feature works like that of a car alarm and allows the camera to stay on standby. This standby then turns into action if there is any detection of movement in or around the car.

We cannot stress enough about how important this feature is in identifying individuals behind car thefts.
It helps in keeping you secure and ready for anything, especially for crimes that could occur without your presence or knowledge.

It makes it easy to go through your footage and identify any car that could possibly crash into yours at the shopping mall parking lot or if anybody breaks into your car. More so, if you cannot identify the individual due to whatever reason, you can use it to claim your car insurance. Furthermore, you can also send in this video footage to the police department so they can track down and capture the individual who broke the law in the first place.

Insurance Fraud buster:

A lot of fraudsters plan on gaining their bucks by creating staged and very deliberate accidents. With a lack of proof, poor victims are leached of their money. When you play a hard-reverse card on them, you can get them into severe legalities by having a solid amount of proof that shows their scamming techniques and mechanisms. Furthermore, you can help in pressing charges since you’ll have them caught in the act – you could help bring down very large amounts of scammers with the help of the police!

Enough about security, where’s the fun?

There are multiple moments when you are road tripping with your friends or family and miss out on capturing some of the highlights of your time together. You don’t have to worry about that anymore with the dashboard camera as it captures all that is in and around the car as soon as the car is switched on.

That means you can easily capture all your silly antics, horrible off-key singing and some of the best times of your life!

An added advantage you ask? Guess what, most of the cameras that are now for sale in the market also include GPS features which mean no more asking around for directions or unnecessarily getting lost because someone can’t figure out the navigations!

Better control of your teen:

rash driving with dash camTeenagers these days usually are given quite a lot of freedom, both by their parents and by the law. With the legal driving age slowly becoming lower, we see an increased amount of youth getting into vehicles to go to school and college. As parents, it can be difficult to keep track of your child when they are not under your constant supervision; that’s when the dashboard camera comes as your savior.

This gadget keeps an eye on your teenager, recording all their driving habits, the routes they take on a day-to-day and all the passengers that go in and out of the car. This helps in the long run as the parents can be more aware of their child’s whereabouts, the people their child hangs out with and bad driving habits that the child may have. Early knowledge can create an early intervention, making the roads a safer space for the youth and the vast public that may be affected by rash or rowdy driving.

Since we’re talking bad driving:

As a driver, I’m sure you’ve experienced a wild spectrum of the kinds of drivers you find on the road. It’s saddening but a true reality that there can be very undisciplined drivers on the road who religiously engage in drunk driving or speeding that can cause inconvenience to a lot of the general public.

So, why don’t you become the superhero that this world needs and help the police tackle these troublesome drivers by providing solid proof of disturbance? You can also help other people who get into accidents if your camera captures anything that could be of some use as evidence. Imagine being THAT superhero driver!

Last, but not least:

Daschcam on windshieldYou never know what your camera will capture. It’s often the most unexpected occurrences where we wish we could have a camera to capture the moment. So, having a dashboard camera does that handy job for you. Dashboard cameras are known to capture pretty unexpected moments in history like the meteors in Russia (which by the way, also has the highest number of dashboard camera users), a random Kangaroo encounter in Australia or capturing a mother duck hustling her little ducklings across the interstate.

All in all, we hope that these 7 points help you go ahead and invest yourself with a really good dashboard camera. You never know when the simple device will save you a ton of money, time and effort.

There is a wide range of dashboard cameras that come at affordable prices with a huge variety of models, specifications, and features that can better suit your needs from the gadget. Before you go ahead, however, make sure you check your countries laws and see if there is any ban on dashboard cameras, for example, dashboard cameras are banned in Austria. If not a ban, there may exist some basic rules that you may need to follow so that you don’t get fined.

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