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Must have accessories for DSLR cameras

Once you have got yourself a great camera, you’d next be in the hunt for the perfect accessories to pair it with. Camera accessories can be a great investment in improving your photography skills and assisting you in clicking better pictures.

Every great photographer has a toolbox that ensemble his closely used accessories. While getting yourself an array of it isn’t always the most economical choice, this guide helps you in choosing the necessary accessories to couple with your prized camera.

A camera bag

Camera bag with camera and strapIf you have gotten yourself a great camera but not a bag to house your investment, you are doing yourself a great injustice. So rush ahead and get a camera bag, yes, you heard that right! A reliable carrier will not only protect your camera but also help you carry it from place to place. A good sack is an outlay you will never regret.

It could be a simple, compact backpack or a sling bag. One must make sure it is big enough to roof your camera and the delicate lenses that come with it.

A good number of people prefer carrying their laptops alongside the camera, so choose a bag that effortlessly checks all your needs. A carrier that comes with weather-guard would be ideal. Instead of changing the bags from time to time, choosing a bag that is exact to your requirements would make it easy on your pockets.

Additional Batteries

You could never go wrong with a number of extra batteries in your arsenal. They may especially come in handy while traveling. Batteries are bound to drop charge faster while shooting in cold environments, so a pair of additional batteries are indispensable if you are planning to shoot in the cold areas. Don’t hesitate to buy them before your next holidays, you’ve been cautioned.


Camera placed on a tripodAlthough one of the simplest of accessories, a tripod can belt a colossal difference in your photos. Investing in a good tripod that is marked for its value is preferred. While choosing a tripod, be definite to pick one that is light-weight and easy to hold around. Any other would simply defeat its purpose. Getting a mini and regular tripod is best.

Regular tripods come with favorable extensions that swivel and tilt, quick-release mounting plate and a very good quality carrying case. Mini tripods generally come with maximum safe load and are lightweight, convenient and facilitate strapping.

LCD Protector

Although most DSLRs come equipped with plastic protectors for the camera LCD, the rear LCD must be protected with a regular screen shield.  Your camera chamber is prone to dust and scratches. Sometimes the grime might get between the plastic protector and the screen causing unwarranted scratches.

To avoid that, do consider adding an LCD protector to your list of accessories.  They furnish to any size to fit flawlessly with your screen. You have to be watchful to put back your plastic protector back in place once you have gotten the LCD guard.

External Flash

camera flashThe flash that comes with your camera might not be the best you could get. It is certain to fall short in performing up to the standards. The already appalling performance is sure to get worse while shooting in low-light conditions; especially indoors.

So, What’s the solution? get an external flash.

A flash that is portable would be preferred. It could either support hot-shoe or wireless operations. A full pivoting head that turns 180 degrees is worth the steal. Flashes that allow for zoom and addition of color gelatin filters are ideal.

UV Filters

When buying a lens, be sure to get along with its UV filters. They not only protect the lens from detrimental UV rays, but also from accidental bangs and scratches. They have additional benefits to offer including protection against damages that arise from cleaning lenses. They facilitate easy wiping when fontal elements stick up in the round form.

If you already don’t have one, hasten and get these. Although a diminutive set of photographers allege that these filters debase the quality of images captured, it has been attested that they have no negative impact whatsoever. When choosing a UV lens, be sure to pick a one that offers good coverage.

Battery grip holder

This would append huge benefits to your accessory kit by acting as a vertical camera clutch. A battery grip holder will conveniently operate as a supplementary battery holder to double DSLR’s battery competence. Some of them even receive extra AA batteries.

With the newest advancements, battery holders now come up with a shutter release button, signal transmitting cable with shutter release, main and sub-command dials, AE/AF lock button, multi selectors among many exceptional features.

SD Cards

Memory cardSD cards are a requisite item that you must not miss. It can make a huge differentiation to your camera’s performance. They come in handy, particularly while shooting in burst mode.

The last thing any photographer wants is for their SD card to downplay them. So be convinced to get the best of its kind in the marketplace. Reliability and performance are two aspects that ought to be considered while deciding on an SD card.

Lens hood

When shooting outside during the daytime, be quick to use a lens hood. This will help you avoid the drifting light, lens flaring, and ghosting. This is also bound to keep away the tiny circle of glow in your pictures that arise once a strong light source is in attendance outside the frame. It may also be used to evade lens scraping and dings.

Wireless remote cable

These additions can be put to use when you have to steer clear of vibrations while mounting your DSLR onto the tripod. They can be utilized to its best use while clicking group pictures. With this wireless remote cable, one can slightly press the shutter release whenever geared up for the picture.

There are cables now obtainable in the market that come configured for delay, instant picture, or mirror up features.

Remote Flash Trigger

These remote flash triggers primarily control the remote flash. It performs the function of both wired and wireless remote control. Although there are considerably good selections of remote shutter relapses, pick one that proffers ‘Bulb mode’ with an exposure padlock.

This becomes all the more imperative while working with a tipsy tripod and slow shutter speeds where every vibration leads up to a camera shake.

Camera Lens

A good lens that caters to all your requirements must be favored to being in receipt of a number of lenses that can be used interchangeably. This not only adds to the handiness but also is cost-effective.

Cleaning Kit

Any lens that you mount into your DSLR is prone to dust and dirt, so it must be cleaned periodically. A camera cleaning kit must thus frequent your accessory clutch.

Newer add-ons are being included in this dynamic collection of accessories. Be sure to get a retractable brush to clean your lens. The use of high-quality microfiber cloth will also work just as fine. Air-blasters that quickly wisp the dirt from the camera body are an exciting preference. A screen protector will also get the work done.

External Microphone

gray microphoneWhile using your DSLRs to record videos, it is always recommended to use an external microphone. The in-built microphones are infamous for its stumpy performance. So adding this external addition to your accessories would not be wasteful.

Furthermore, a great microphone will make or break your game and adds a striking difference to the quality of videos you record.

There are microphones that come with a windscreen to lessen the wind noise while recording in the open. Wireless Bluetooth microphone systems would indeed be a boisterous addition to your armory.

Lens Cap

A lens cap is something that easily gets lost or misplaced during our everyday course. This is heightened while traveling so don’t shy away from getting a few spare lens caps for your exacting lenses. You will never know when you need that additional replacement lens tops.


This is an excellent advancement to your camera’s eyepiece. They rotate to upgrade and lodge your camera’s left and right eye. This puts off the redundant light-blocking your view on the viewfinder.  This renders your eyes at ease as opposed to the customary eyecups that come doubled with your DSLR.

Polarizing filters

They are another buildup that you must resort to if you fancy shooting at reduced reflections that come up from glass or water. They are exceedingly useful while capturing landscapes and architecture. It can effortlessly make the ambiance more lively and vivid.

One concern that you must bear in mind before the use of a polarizing filter is that the continuous use of it is dubbed to make your cameras perform slower. It is supposed to trim down the amount of light passing through your camera. So please don’t keep them on your camera at all times.


camera strapWhen you carry around your hefty camera and lens combo, be sure to make use of a neck strap that offers indispensable comfort without straining your collar so much. This is very imperative as the use of a bad neck strap will leave you with aching bruises and leaves the skin sore.

A supple and comfy strap that holds your camera along with the accessories must be favored. Don’t be indecisive to ditch the neck-straps that come with DSLRs if they do not provide you with the desired soothing.

One Last word

Procuring an excellent set of accessories to duo with your DSLR is as essential as getting a great camera. It must be noted that the only way to ensure the durability and longevity of your camera is by methodically taking care of it. Being sluggish in your approach towards the maintenance of your camera is sure to land you in trouble. So don’t be diffident from expending on these accessories. Now that you are acquainted with them, have a cheery shopping.

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